Myself and Alyssa, another fellow MTCW lady from Manitoba!

I arrived here in the beautiful city Toronto, on Saturday at noon. The fight was great and it was amazing to meet all of the ladies for the first time as I have been talking to them on Facebook, texting, and or Twitter! I arrived at the hotel and started to get to know my great and totally down to earth roommate, Hannah. Instantly we clicked and have some much to talk about our similarities and difference which is great because there is always something new to talk about! Just before dinner all of the delegates for the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 Pageant were welcomed by a party and we got to meet and

Myself and Miss Teen Canada World 2012!

talk to lots of our great and amazing sponsors for this years pageant! The one’s in which we met with and talked to on Saturday night were Hi-Tech, Golden Glamour Goddesses, Me to We, PS by Pretty Sweet, and Schwarzkopf Professional. I also got to meet for the first time ever, the reigning Miss Teen Canada World 2012, Megha!

Sunday, this was our first full day and it was very packed full and exciting. We got spoiled and pampered, hair and make up was done for us to complete the high energy video and photo shoots.

Hair and Make up done for Interview

For both I wore my bright yellow dress from the provincial pageant! I loved it so much I had to wear it one more time! After this long afternoon we had interviews with judges, had dinner and off to bed to a very early start to my morning!

Bright and early, and I quite literally mean BRIGHT

Breakfast Television!!

AND EARLY! My roommate and I woke early in the morning at 4 am to start this day packed full of great events! We hopped on the bus and drove to Breakfast Television Toronto for an interview with all the girls and a few ladies got to talk about their great and interesting facts. My roommate was chosen to speak because she comes from a family of 10 children! We went for breakfast in a beautiful forested area in Toronto called High Park and had a quick bite before heading off to the Distillery District for a great scavenger hunt full of amazing prizes. I got the honor of finding the tickets that allowed me to enjoy a

Laying more than 100 feet up from the ground on a glass floor in the CN Tower!

piece of chocolate and a fresh cookie! Very yummy! We got to visit the CN Tower. This was my first time seeing the CN Tower from the ground level (I have flown over and stayed in Toronto’s airport more than once). Going up in an elevator and 1000 feet in less than a minute is not only amazing but an experience of a lifetime! Learning the history behind the building that is world famous was nice because I had done a project on it for school many years ago! Time for a SHOPPING SPREE!! Costa Blanca gave each of us $50 to spend as we pleased, I spent it all on an adorable necklace and a dress that I wanted to bring to the pageant as I saw it in Winnipeg and the opportunity came to buy it and I wasn’t going to let it pass me by this tim! My dress and blazer for my pageant interview are from Costa Blanca! It is a great store that is affordable if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe! Finally to end off a packed and filled day we went to

Chloe Wilde the newest VJ on Much Music!

Much Music to be in their live crowd of New Music Live! It was very unique to be in an audience for a live broadcast and I will never forget it! Chloe Wilde is the newest recruit to the Much Music VJ (host) team. Every year Much Music makes a TV show as they travel the country to search for the next new fresh TV host and personality. When this show was airing I had been recovering from surgery and was staying at home. This was a show that I got involved with and enjoyed to watch, live tweet, vote and talk to the VJ’s. From the start I cheered Chloe on as there are similarities between us and meeting her was an amazing treat!

Myself and my bus buddy, Amy before yoga!

Today was also an earlier morning packed with fun events! To started off the day getting some great energy. We went to High Park for breakfast again, as it was so delicious! We than attended a great and fun yoga class and got their walking in our brand new shoes from Hi-Tec!! The yoga class was very motivational and fun to part take in as I am still recovering from my knee surgery but it was a painless way to exercise. This was a great surprise and indication that the hard physio training is working and paying off. A room filled with 65 beautiful ladies that are passionate about fitness and full of high energy, was like no other class I’ve ever attended! We then came back to the hotel to start rehearsals for the final show!

Garage Shopping Spree!

Dancing is one of my biggest passions and it is exciting to start dancing again! To finish off another great and long day… SHOPPING SPREE!! This time at Garage!! I bought a comfy sweater for the cold winter nights in Winterpeg and a very cute sundress that I am planning to wear here!

Thank you for reading as I am going to bed to get up for another day packed full of goodness! Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!

Yours Truly <3

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On June 19th and 21st, I volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Every year they hold a Big Bike race and all of the money raised goes to help end heart disease, conditions and strokes once and for all! This bike is quite literally a Big Bike, it seats 30 passengers including a driver. There are 8 bikes that travel this country every year in support of the Heart and Stoke Foundation. They do not only travel to the biggest cities but they go where ever someone is passionate about giving back to the Heart and Stoke Foundation.

In 2007, 4.7% of all Manitobans had heart disease. Each and every year in Canada there are an estimated 70,000 heart attacks each year. That’s 1 heart attack every 7 seconds! In 2013, strokes are the third leading cause of death in Canada. On average 14,000 Canadians die each year due to strokes.

Aorta is the red vein at the top on the diagram

Every time I vounteer I always have a reason. The Heart and Stroke Foundation have touched my life and my families life in a very profound way. December 21st, 2011, I got a call from the hospital saying my Father would not live if they didn’t get him into surgery immediately. I rushed to the hospital to say my goodbyes and after 10 hours of open-heart, life saving surgery he was in ICCU (Intensive Cardiac Care Unit). By God’s grace he’s still here! We now know that my Father’s aorta split and was leaking blood inside his chest. He has been diagnosed with heart disease and is working through it. Heart Disease is hereditary, so there is a possibility that I could develop heart problems. Eating healthy with a low sodium diet and exercise, is what I am doing to fight against heart disease. Without the necessary funds to do research in treating heart problems, my Father, short of a miracle, wouldn’t be here today. This is why it means so much to me to volunteer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The time that I spent helping the different teams get organized to go on the Big Bike for a ride was very meaningful and time well spent! I helped take team pictures with the front banner held by the team captains typically, then I put the banner on the front of the bike for all by passers to see who was supporting such a great cause.

This event was so touching to be a part of! If you are look for your risk factors, health low sodium diet ideas, or wanting to donate please visit The Heart and Stoke Foundation’s website!

Yours Truly,                                                                                                            Harlee Ostash


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From left to right. Myself, Quintana, Corina, and Jacky.

My dream grad trip is to go to Dubai with my 3 best friends! We all go to school together and have been since grade 6 and 7. If I were to win this trip and become the Social Media Queen, there is no one better to share this prize with than my three best friends!

For over 35 years S-Trip! Has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! Travelers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates located in the Persian Gulf. Only 20% of the population are locals. Some cool and interesting facts about Dubai:

  • In spring and fall more than 300 different species of birds make the long travel to Dubai.
  • Has the most world famous shopping malls for many reasons, such as types of stores, amount of stores etc.
  • Has the world’s largest malls.
  • The Rose Tower, the tallest hotel in Dubai is 1 092 feet tall.
  • Does not have street addresses.
  • Islands are in the shape of the world!

Visiting Dubai is and always will be on my “bucket list” of things to do in my life time. My friends and I have talked about going to Dubai in light conversation, as a dream or far in the future. Dubai has so much to offer,  the rich culture that is much different than Canada, one of a kind architecture, and unique nature of the landscape. I want to go to Dubai because I have traveled all over North and Central America, and Europe but never the Middle East.

The Burj Khalifa

While on this trip there are things that I want to do and see… of course! I would like to visit the world’s tallest building called the The Burj Khalifa it has a needle point as you get higher. Topping 134 stories it’s not easily missed nor forgettable. While taking in the scenery of the beautiful waters, I would take a walk along the Jumeirah Beach Walk with my 3 best friends. Not only is there great scenery of the waters, behind us would be 34 skyscrapers with beach side cafes, shops and restaurants. Take a ride on

a camel’s back into the sunset. Having some absolutely fabulous dining experiences that are once in a life time and over the top in all ways possible I would start with coffee at the Burj Al Arab (the world’s only seven-star hotel) and brunch at Al Qasr Hotel (known for it’s world class buffet with the most elaborate dishes and drinks) and finish it off with

Dubai Mall

a delicious Japanese dinner at the Zuba (open kitchen areas where staff makes food in front of your eyes with the craziest presentations). To complete a once in a life time trip, a girl has to get in a once in a life time shopping trip! Visiting stores like Bebe, BCBG, Nina Ricci, Michael Kors, Valentino, and Oscar de la Ranta. While at the mall you can’t say no to a quick ski trip right?! Taking in the a 1,300 foot run down the slopes.

This trip is perfect for myself and my friends because of it’s uniqueness and all the parts of the trip have a meaning to our lives and make it special and personalized in many ways. We all love adventure, seeing and experiencing new things. Jacky, loves to ski as she is active with many sports in and outside of school. Corina, loves the beach and getting a great sun kissed look any time of the year. Quintana, adores to shop, fashion is her specialty and she always puts her personal touch on her outfits. For myself I love all of the above and more. Architecture is something that I have always been interested in, it is truly amazing what people can do when they have a passion for what they love.

S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit

Thank you to :

S-Trip! for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant and giving one lucky girl, Social Media Queen and her friends, a fabulous grad trip to remember forever!

For the great pictures and information!

Yours Truly,                                                                                                     Harlee Ostash

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Today, I am starting the 20-day abdominal challenge known as the 20-day fab ab challenge! As I get ready for nationals doing last minute stuff, packing, appearances, I am also getting a bikini ready body for the final show night when I compete for the Miss Teen Canada Crown! In march, I had done the 30 day challenge to get ready for the provincial pageant. After knee surgery this past April, I was physically unable to workout. Everyday I work on getting better and re-gaining the strength that I lost. Doing what I can without hurting what I got surgery to fix. It is really IMPORTANT that I tell you, if you are going to do the 2 week ab challenge alongside myself, there are a few questions you must answer:

  • Do you feel chest discomfort when doing physical activity?
  • Have you ever lost your balance because of dizziness or light-headedness?
  • Do you have bone or joint problems that could be made worse by physical activity?

Did you answered yes to any of these questions? If so, please consult your doctor before doing this challenge. This is for your safety!

Right now I will explain to you what it is that I am doing on top of all my exercises that are specifically for my knee. 25 is the magic number for this workout remember that you always need days of rest! Take rest days every 4 days! If you start today, Thursday, June 27th 2013 your rest days will be July 2nd, 7th, and the 12th, these days are just as important as the days you workout! When you workout you are creating teeny-tiny tears in your muscles and when you rest them they are able to heal and create that strong and more defined muscles that you are looking for! On these days you can work on different muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, or quads. This can be done by going for a jog and lifting weights.

On the July 16th, the last day, push yourself and see how much you can do. Then look back and be proud of what you accomplished!

While doing this think about shortening your torso as you “crunch” and remember drink lots of WATER!! Keep yourself hydrated at all times! All the best and I hope you find that this is something that you want to do to stay healthy!

Follow me on twitter @missteenwpg2013 for updates on my progress!

Yours Truly,

Harlee Ostash


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When I was 4 years old my family and I started attending church and I still continue to attend the same church. There is a kids program at The Meeting Place Church called Kids Core, “Growing up from the inside out”, I went through this program from kindergarten to grade 6. I had always volunteered in different parts of the church with mission trips to the Dominican Republic, serving coffee on Sunday mornings, fundraisers and re-stalking supply bins for Kids Core. When I turned 13 I started volunteering with kids, teaching and sharing the story of God.

This past year I have volunteered as a group leader for the Grade 2 girls on Sunday mornings. Sharing my faith, personal real life stories and teaching these wonderful ladies about the grace of God. In January, I shared with them that I had a dream, which was to be in my first pageant. That next weekend after being crowned Miss Teen Winnipeg – World 2013, I came to Church very proud and honored to show these young ladies my crown and tell them that they can achieve anything they put their mind too!

Every year when summer rolls along, the leaders have a break so I don’t get to be with this beautiful group of girls for awhile. Two weeks ago it was the last time I was their leader until September. I gave crowns to my group of God’s Little  Princesses and a few goodies. I wanted them to know what it feels like to wear a crown of their own and that everyone on this earth who is a child of the King of Kings, and most high God is a Princess or Prince!

It was an absolute honor to be volunteering with these girls and can’t wait until fall to continue to have even more fun! I also want to thank everyone for the support thus far in my journey, I really appreciate it so much. As summer is upon us, my wish for everyone is to have lots of fun and be safe!

Yours Truly,                                                                                                       Harlee Ostash

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It’s a crisp, cold Saturday morning in November and winter has set in. The sky is bright blue and the snow is glistening white. We zoom inside an active family home into the linen closet with 4 piles of personalized towel sets. Eight year old, Andrew picks up his personalized hand towel from his very own pile of towels in the closet and puts it in his hockey bag. Next his sister Cindy picks her personalized towel from the closet and puts it in her skating bag. The Dad, John, takes his towel from the closet and packs it in a bag while Mom carries her towel to her work out bag. We see them all getting into their car with their bags and then drive to the sportsplex where they jump out of the vehicle and go inside. Dad is watching the kids practicing on the skating rinks. Andrew is on the ice and he’s got a breakaway and is skating towards the net, sets up to shoot, and then the picture changes to Andrew Ladd captain of the Winnipeg Jets as he approaches the net and scores! The picture goes back to Andrew who is dreaming about being an awesome hockey player like his idol Andrew Ladd. We see the boy Andrew skating towards his father who is cheering him on. As young Andrew comes off the ice, he removes his helmet; his proud Dad takes Andrew’s personalized towel out of his bag and hands it to his son.  Andrew wipes his face with the satisfaction of his successful efforts on the ice. The towel is a symbol to Andrew of the hard work it takes to develop his talents and the rewards of scoring a goal. Being given a personalized gift from his loving parents, reminds Andrew of how special and unique he is. Dad and Andrew make their way over to the other rink where his daughter Cindy is being timed doing speed skating laps.  Racing around the last corner in her sleek red spandex we see the picture change to Olympian Cindy Klassen finishing her Gold medal race. Picture changes back to young Cindy proudly skating off the rink to her father and brother. The both of them cheering congratulations meet Cindy as Dad hands her a personalized towel. She wipes her face with the satisfaction of doing her best skating time ever! The towel reminds Cindy of the love and care of her parents and how much they support her in the pursuit of her dreams.
The three of them gather up their bags and head over to the gym where Mom is finishing her dance workout. As Mom is practicing she has visions of herself as the strong and graceful ballerina Evelyn Hart. She pirouettes across the floor to end her workout with her usual flare. Seeing her family is waiting, she prances off to the dressing room. She pulls out her personalized towel (with Evelyn on it) and wipes off the proof of her intense workout. Knowing her roles as a unique individual, wife, mother, and dancer she also knows how important it is to have a unified family. Buying personalized towels for the whole family to the Mom meant that everyone in the family is an important and unique individual with special gifts and talents to contribute to the family and the world in the bigger picture. The family to her is like a team and the towels are personalized for each member of the family to unite the team. She also has practical reasons for having purchased personalized towels. It helps to keep the family organized when using them; they always know which ones are theirs. Also, it is better to have personalized towels for person hygiene reasons. Next she is looking forward to enjoying some fun time with the whole family.
The family all meet in the entrance to the sportsplex and they get ready for their next outdoor adventure together. Dad pulls the toboggan out of the van and they run off to the snow hill behind the sportsplex. Dad goes down the hill with his children, they pick up speed and Dad envisions himself as Skeleton racer Jon Montgomery, and nearing the bottom of the hill he gets blasted with a cloud of snow flying off the side of the toboggan. Mom is watching taking pictures of the fun times to remember later. She is also there with Dad’s personalized towel and hands it to him to dry off with. To Dad the towel is a reminder of his wife’s nurturing ability to boost family moral, and skills as organizer. Next they go back inside the Sportsplex. They are seated in the café and Dad brings them all hot chocolate. They notice that Jon Montgomery, Evelyn Hart, Cindy Klassen and Andrew Ladd are all in the café also. They excitedly go and meet them. To the family’s surprise, all the athletes have their own personalized towels and even though they have the same names as the family members, the towels are all different, emphasizing the quality of uniqueness in the personalization. Having the famous athletes in the commercial will signify the extraordinary quality of the towels as well as the durability and effectiveness. The Signature personalized workout towels are great to have, for easy identification, no one can mistake your towel for theirs in dressing rooms but more importantly they can also have sentimental value. They are there when you’ve accomplished something and are a reminder that you are special.
The caption at the end is: let the ones you love know they are unique and special in their own way and that they have an important role in the family and purpose in the world. Do your best and make it your signature to have a positive impact on your family and then you will make a positive impression in the world.
Thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the pageant and this third blog assignment! The amazing Personalized Workout Towels for active families on the run.
Yours Truly,
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Festival du Voyageur was founded in 1969 and has brought thousands of people from all around the world to take part in this 10-day event in February, once a year. Right in the heart of Winnipeg, Saint-Boniface holds one of the richest historical festivals. This festival, that brings pride to not only the French-Canadian population but to all Winnipegers, sharing this French heritage teaches people of all ages about what it was like to live in the early 1800′s. There is plenty to learn about almost every aspect of life. While listening to stories told about the Voyageurs (by volunteers in costume) they are always entertaining, friendly and more than willing to give you answers to any questions you may have. Most activities take place in Voyageur Park where Fort Gibraltar is located. In the Fort you will visit many historic cabins such as the Blacksmith, Woods, Homemaker & Pelt, the Jail and General Store, where you can participate in a variety of different workshops. The Festival du Voyageur is educational and a lot of fun at the same time!

Growing up, going to daycare in Saint-Boniface I learned French from a very young age. I then went to a French elementary school from kindergarten to grade 5. After lots of thought, I moved to the school I am currently in. I haven’t stopped speaking French and am still fluent in the language of love. Still taking courses in school, it never ceases to amaze me that there is always so much more to learn about the French language and culture.

My family at this years Festival du Voyageur

The first time I went to the  Festival du Voyageur, my parents took me when I was 4 months old. I have faithfully been attending every year, sometimes 2 or 3 days throughout the 10-day festival. This year my sister, Tess, mother, and myself got the opportunity to volunteer at the Sugar Shack with the Saint-Pierre-Jolys Museum . Serving all French cultural food and partaking in the pea soup competition.

Bottom left is my sister and myself this past winter

The Festival du Voyageur also hosts an International Snow Sculpting Competition at Voyageur Park every year. There are many reasons why people come from near and far to experience this unique event. Many come from Guatemala, Netherlands, Nova Scotia, United States, Italy, France, Germany, and Argentina to sculpt beautiful pieces of art. People from different countries will team up and make something beautiful. In the spirit of the Festival du Voyageur many other snow sculptures can be found around Winnipeg to be enjoyed during the cold winter months. Every year it’s different art works, all unique, and all having a story or meaning. To each their own, by far one of my favorite sayings because as you look at these works of art, and it’s up to your imagination to make an interpretation.

Voyageur Park

In Voyageur Park there are many heated tents for food, shopping and entertainment for all ages and of all kinds. From French folk music to French rap. What ever you enjoy listening to and watching it’s all there. There is French Folk dance, comedy, kids entertainment, delicious food of all kinds, all day!  The park also has toboggan slides, snow maze, sleigh rides, snow shoeing, and snow mountain for kids. If you’re looking for good wholesome fun, day or evening, with your family and friends packed full of entertainment, education, food, and so much more this is the place to be in February! Thank you to

Huge thank you to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge!

Yours Truly,

Harlee Ostash

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It’s never been easier to be green. The simplest things can make the biggest difference in the world we live in! The R’s to remember, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. There are many ways that you and I can help this beautiful earth we were put on. Turn off the water in between brushing your teeth, rethink plastic water bottles, buy local, donate unwanted items, shop at secondhand stores, and carpool are some simple but important things that you and I can do everyday to help save the earth!

What is a “green” building? It is a building that from construction to its entire lifetime operations remains as resource-efficient to the environment as possible. It must be built and run in a way that is least disruptive to the land, water, energy, and resources.

How can I make my home “green”? Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFLs) ones. Don’t leave computers or printers on while they are not being used. Plant trees and shurubs around your house for shade, this reduces the amount of air conditioning needed in the summer months. Last but not least be sure that your walls and attic are insulated very well.

It is extremely important to be ecologically aware and educated. This is the one and only earth that was have to live on. We as a society have to think of the effect that we are leaving on this earth. Our children will be growing up on the earth with what’s left. Something that people don’t think about is urban sprawl or the “donut” effect. When looking for a new home it is very tempting to live in the suburbs, what is not thought about is the commute to and from home and work or school. The fuel emissions in the atmosphere increases air pollution and global warming.

The new Manitoba Hydro building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Is a break through for energy efficiency among many other things. It is known for it’s solar chimney, which tops a hight of 115 meter, under ground parking, largest geothermal system installed in Manitoba, and winter and summer gardens.

  • Geothermal system is a new innovative way of taking the heat from the ground to heat the building during the winter months, during the summer months that heat is replaced. This is called a net zero energy exchange.
  • High ceilings allow for maximum light to enter building so less electric light is needed. Dimmable and programable lights are installed also.
  • The passive system in this building is the south facing winter gardens, this allows the air to precondition itself before entering the building. The air is always 100% clean and fresh and not recirculated due to the raised floor system. As the air is used, it rises to the ceiling then promptly moves to the north end and exits using the chimney.
  • In the winter gardens they have a 72-foot tall waterfall that flows from the ceiling to the floor and it humidifies and dehumidifies depending on the season. In the summer the water is cooler to allow the water to take in any additional moisture and in the winter the water is warmer to allow the water to evaporate.
  • This building uses 70% less energy than the average office building built to Canada’s regulations.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sponsored by Tiocoat flat roof solutions this company makes a white roof or rubber roof coating that is guaranteed for life of a building.

Yours Truly,

Harlee Ostash xoxo

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My grandmothers neighbor while at the care home and her daughter

My Platform is Volunteerism. I grew up as a child knowing that I have to give back to my community in anyway I can. Today I helped out with the annual Mothers day tea at the personal care home, where my Grandmother spent her last years, as she passed away just over a year ago. Volunteering today was an emotional walk down memory lane for my mom and myself. I have previously attended this Mothers day tea with my family. This year it had a Victorian Era theme. The workers at the Care Home, dressed in very gorgeous and

extravagant dresses, put on a fashion show, serving drinks and daintees. I sat at a table with my elder friend Ronny, collecting donations and door prize draw entries.

When my grandmother was still with us she made many friends with her neighbors, this is one of many. Volunteering today was more meaningful to me than it has been in a long time.

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.”  ~ Unknown

I am greatful everyday that I get to spend with my mother, and I understand what a special relationship it is and how much it means to me. My heart goes out to anyone that has not had the chance or lost a loved one with this kind of close relationship. I pray that everyone will have love, hope and light in your heart that will guide you as a mother would guide her daughter.

All the best in the upcoming week!

xoxo Harlee

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I have grown up in a loving home with two parents, a sister and a brother. My parents split up when in was very young. With my older sister always supporting me in what ever I did, I knew that I could always count on her. She set the example for me to be a loving older sibling for me so I could be an amazing older sister to my brother, as he was born when I was 7 years old. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to grow up and be a dancer, at the age of 4 I started in my first dance class and fell in love. I continued dancing for the next 10 years

Teaching a dance I personally choreographed, in the Dominican.

Teaching a dance I choreographed, in the Dominican.

of my life and I was presented with the idea of going on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic to teach dance to kids and teenagers. Provide them with something fun to do so their parents or guardians could go to work or do stuff around the house and know that their child is not getting into trouble but doing something meaningful with their time. This was the forth missions trip that I went on. When I was 7 years old my love for volenteering, helping, and going outside of my comfort zone started. In the Dominican Republic I have helped build a school and church, taught dance, provided food and medical care to people who need it. Education is a really big part of my life and something I am most passionate about. Seeing and helping with the development of a school

My first missions trip to the Dominican Republic in 2006

in a third world country at such a young age, impacted me in a big way. I came back to Canada extremely thankful for what I took  for granted every day. I learned that it’s not having lots of stuff that makes a person happy, it’s about people loving people. I was blown away by their love, joy and generosity! Having very little, they are still always ready to share. I also learned that when you see someone in need to try to the best of your abilities to help them or find someone to help. Which leads me to my platform, volunteerism. I chose this because the impact that the Dominican people left on me was life changing! I aspire everyday to see what some people may have over looked and go help with all that I have been blessed with in my life.

In grade 6, I moved to the school I am currently attending, Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute. This was a big change for me as I was so young but also my previous school was french emersion and I had to switch over to complete english. I have struggled over the years in my studies and it has been difficult. The hard work and dedication that I have put in has paid off though. I can proudly say that

Big thank you to Kevin King!

I have been on honor role for the past 5 years and will continue to put in hard work as this school year is quickly coming to an end and exams are quickly approaching also.

I am very proud to say that I was featured in the Winnipeg Sun this past monday. I was able to share some of my story with many people in my hometown! Just a quick update on my knee, all stitches are out and I am healing very nicely, my knee is starting to look like the knee I used to know!

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