Today we made an appearance at the Toronto Eaton Centre and had the privilege to have lunch at one of the mostest unique taco busses. The design and layout of the truck was very appealing to the eye and it made me that much more excited when I was in line waiting to order. Their were more than enough options to choose from, I had a chicken burrito and it was delicious! It was also my very first burrito I’ve had and this place makes me want to eat burritos all the time.

Kaylyn and I enjoying our burritos

Kaylyn and I enjoying our burritos

Other than the tasty food, the staff were welcoming and made this experience super enjoyable, the friendly environment was also one of the reasons why we were able to enjoy this memorable experience. The speedy service was very much needed and well succeeded considering there were only four servers and 82 of us girls! A huge thank you goes out to the Richtree Maimage-2rket for providing us with their kindimage service and making us feel so welcome, your generosity will not go unrecognized.

Feel free to check out their social media accounts if you want more information about this outstanding taco bus:

Facebook: /Richtreemarket

Twitter: @Richtreemarket

Instagram: Richtreemarket

Make sure to insert #Richetreefiesta if you ever post one of your visits at the taco bus.

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Poverty iimages a topic that has been thrown to the side and has grown nationwide. Statistically, 1 in 7 people in Canada suffer and live in poverty. Whilesome families are able to enjoy three meals a day, 1 in 8 families struggle to put food on the table each day. The 546 000 children under the age of 18 who live in conditions of poverty do not deserve to do so.

I chose this topic because the subject itself has disappeared over the years. I would like to bring awareness to our society and educate the generations to come about poverty. Not many are aware of the huge affect that poverty has across the world and I want to strongly encourage others to stay educated and aware. Another reason I have chose this topic is because I am an extremely caring person and despise seeing human beings live an unstable life. I am willing to take on the leadership and responsibility to make a difference and make sure to minimize the poverty in my very own country.

This means a lot because it is a sentimental subject and I want to use my generosity to help out those in need. I am very passionate and enjoy helping others, giving has always been better than receiving. My grand parents come from a third world country and I have been exposed to many aspects of poverty, since then I have learned to be grateful for everything that has been given to me. We often forget how hard our families work to put clothes on our back and food on the table so words will never describe how blessed I am with the life I live.

As a title holder it is my job to raise awareness for my chosen platform. Since I have chosen poverty, I have been collecting clothes, toys, books, etc. that are in no use from my family and cousins to donate to the Salvation Army. I have collected two large garbage bags and multiple other bags of different sizes filled with all the donations given by myself, my family and cousins. To promote my platform I would visit classrooms at my school and educate them about poverty and remind them that any sort of donation would be appreciated no matter how big or small because it’ll still benefit those in need. I would also be more than glad to start food drives or donation boxes within my community and encourage my surroundings to learn more about such a huge topic. These events will give the subject a lot of exposure and educate others to be aware of how much poverty has taken over  numerous parts of our world.

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This weekend seemed like one of the most hottest weekends here in Winnipeg! It was the perfect weather for an outdoor fundraiser for Free The Children. lucky1On July 26th I held a hotdog and bake sale outside of one of our local grocery stores, Lucky Supermarket, who was kind enough to sponsor the fundraising event. lucky2It was an all day event so luckily we were able to stay away from the sun and hide under a roof for some useful shade. There were plenty of people who stopped by and grabbed a hotdog and pop for only $2! We also sold baked goods provided by my Auntie Grace who has her own small personal at home business and sells to those who demand for her baked goods. I had the help from my wonderful family as well as some of the candidates from the search for the Queen of the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival. lucky3The customers were very helpful by supporting the event and purchasing a hotdog and pop, as well as some baked goods! lucky4It was indeed the perfect day to hold such a successful fundraising event for Free The Children.

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On July 4th, I hosted a fundraising event to help raise funds for the pageant as well as Free The Children! It was held at Jimel’s International Cuisine, with just over 120 guests who attended! This event went from 6pm until 11:30pm.


Snapping a quick selfie with my two cousins, Katrina and Hannah

It was a sit down dinner with entertainment from many performers that included some local stars. April Llave, Richelle Lynne and Tiffany Ponce are amazing singers who were the three performers for the night. There was also a very talented band called 12/21 who performed, there are three members and they are all siblings. jims1I had the candidates from the search for the Manitoba Filipino Queen of the Street Festival  who volunteered to host my event, they kept the crowd engaged and entertained. Aside from dinner and performances, there were small games that required interacting with the audience!

My supportive grand parents

My supportive grand parents

Each game had a prize, donated by some of my generous sponsors who also attended that night. Some of the prizes were tickets for Winnipeg Speedfest and a numerous amount of gift cards. After the program was done, the dance floor was open so I had the chance to dance with some friends and family who stayed until the very end. This event would not have been able to happen without all the supporters, family, and friends who came out that night. Thank you to all of you for joining me throughout my reign and supporting me through every single step of my journey, your love and support will never go unrecognized.

In the middle of the 12/21 band as they do their thing

In the middle of the 12/21 band as they do their thing

I would like to take this time to give out special thank yous to the following:

Imelda from Jimel’s International Cuisine

Mark Alberto for being my photographer for the event

My hair stylist: Kim from Salon 28

My personal makeup artist: Ginelle Char

Sponsors: Marby John Aguilar from Speedfest and Larry Vickar



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Here is another blog so you can get to know me a little more than you already do! Some of you may not be aware of the fact that I am the eldest of six siblings, but it is 110% true. Being the eldest gets a little hectic because of all the responsibilities that come with, and also all the life lessons that you have to teach them. You start to feel like a parent once you grow older and take on more and more of the responsibility, but being one of the people to raise them and watching them grow up makes you feel extremely proud and overjoyed. The bond we all share is indescribable and the laughs and giggles we share is like no other. My siblings are the reason why I had joined this pageant, they inspire me to do better and bigger things. I want to set a good example and show them that you have no limits when it comes to dreaming big. Let us start by introducing the second eldest and going on from there!

Second eldest also known as Kaleigh Faith 

She is 14 years old and her birthday is November 2nd! She has a huge obsession over Beyoncé and enjoys to sing on her own time. We often get mistaken for twins although we are two years apart. She has grown to be my other half and I can always rely on her for anything and everything because she knows me inside and out. Aside from being my sister, she also plays the role of my best friend.

Third eldest also known as Kalvin Jay

He is 13 years old and his birthday is September 5th! He spends countless amount of hours towards basketball, his passion for the sport never stops growing. I have the pleasure to witness him get better each and every year. He can be the biggest handful out of the bunch to deal with, but you learn to love them more and more as the time goes by.

Kalvin and Kaleigh!

Fourth eldest also known as Kalynne Reigne

She is 9 years old and her birthday is June 12th! She is a growing athlete who plays basketball, does cross country as well as dancing. During her spare time she enjoys singing karaoke in our basement and playing with the other two younger siblings. She adores interacting with others and meeting new people, she isn’t afraid to put herself out there which is why her presence brings me joy and courage. 

Fifth eldest also known as Malaiya June

She is 7 years old and her birthday is January 20th! She is also a growing athlete who plays basketball and dances. She wishes to take gymnastic lessons so she can do a bunch of different flips and tricks. Her and I coincidentally have the same dream job, we are both inspired to be paleontologists because of our love for dinosaurs! She constantly spreads her love and care to the people around her, she is very lovable.

Malaiya and Kalynne!

The youngest of us all also known as Malakai Jai

He is 2 years old and shares the same birthday as my other brother Kalvin! What a coincidence that both of my brother’s share the same birthday. Malakai is the baby of the family which means he is often the most spoiled. He looks up to Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles and enjoys pretending to act like each of them. He is the most lovable of us all and he uses his charm to get out of any trouble that he causes.

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I definitely do not know a thing about cars, but they are absolutely beautiful! Winnipeg Speed Fest was founded by Marby John Aguilar in 2011. It is held at the RBC Convention Center located in downtown Winnipeg. It is a car show that goes from 10am-8pm and is brought to you by the Pinoy Tribe Entertainment and Bomex Graphics.

Marby Aguilar and Julienne Reyes

Marby Aguilar and Julienne Reyes

There are plenty of car owners who register their car hoping to win one of the many prizes or even winning the number one car overall.  There is also entertainment such as singing, dancing, games, and photo booth fun!

I was the MC for the entire day and made sure the crowd was well entertained. I was accompanied by Julienne Reyes, who is the Queen of the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2014. Being an MC can be nerve-racking, but I’ve learned that there will always be fans in the crowd supporting you. I was able to be on the stage with multiple DJ’s and had the chance to watch them do their thing! SF3

On top of all that fun stuff, I was asked to do a mini photo shoot with Henry Balanial who is the photographer of HB Digiphoto. I have never in my life modeled cars or bikes because I didn’t feel that I was capable of pulling it off. Henry did an amazing job with the photos and also helped me come out of my comfort zone because as a title holder, it doesn’t hurt to go past your limits. This event was a huge success and I am so happy to have been able to be a part of it!

Photo Courtesy: HB Digiphoto

Photo Courtesy: HB Digiphoto

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Hello world! Today I am going to go on a rant about why Canada is great!

I am proud to be Canadian and to live in such a diverse community. Canadians are known for their friendliness and I like to continue that trend. We are a very welcoming country that is open to many things. For example, Canada legalized  same-sex marriage 10 years ago while other countries were still unsure of their decision. The official date of when same-sex marriage was legalized is July 20, 2005, becoming the fourth country to do so.

My first ever Blue Bomber's game!

My first ever Blue Bomber’s game! My sister and I supporting one of Canada’s talented and skilled sports teams

Another thing about Canada is that our Health Care is FREE! I mean, who doesn’t love anything free? We are blessed to have free Health Care all over Canada while other countries do not have the privilege. Every Canadian citizen has the privilege of protective care, medical treatments, as well as access to hospitals, dental surgery and more additional services. We are very determined to keep all our Canadian citizens healthy and in good condition.

My bestfriend and I at Boo at the Zoo, one of Winnipeg's traditional events

My best friend and I at Boo at the Zoo, one of Winnipeg’s traditional events that is unique to Canada

Canada also has freedom to offer! We are a very free living country who has the opportunity to live our life the way we choose to. I am very passionate about teaching others to live by who they are and not to let anyone influence the way they live their life, so freedom is an extreme element that I am proud to say that Canada has!

We are also surrounded by the beauty of nature, from the rocky mountains to the open prairies. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see here in Canada such as the Niagara Falls, Banff, Lake Louise, the CN Tower and much more! Not only are there wonderful sights to see, but also amusement parks to enjoy yourself. We have Canada’s Wonderland, La Ronde, Galaxyland and many many more! If you are ever in need of a destination place for vacation, anywhere in Canada would be your greatest bet, I guarantee you!

Waiting for my favorite ride to start up at the Red River Exhibition

Waiting for my favorite ride to start up at the Red River Exhibition, one of Canada’s many amusement parks

Canada has grown to be a very talented community! We take pride in our sports aspect, as well as our musical aspect. Basketball, Lacrosse and Hockey were creatively invented here in our very own country. It’s amazing to see how far our country has come being involved in sports and representing Canada the right way. We have athletes who travel the world doing what they love and making sure the world knows how much talent we have. Aside from all the sports business, we are lucky enough to have many many musical artists born and raised here in Canada. From all different genres of music we have Drake, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé and a whole lot more who also proudly represent our wonderful country.

Fun in the sun enjoying Canada's wonderful weather

Fun in the sun enjoying Canada’s wonderful weather

Last but not the least.. FOOD! We have an enormous variety of foods that Canada is well known for. From that salty savory taste to the sweet goodies you can’t get enough of! Without a doubt, every single human being has a huge love for food because I know I do. Maple syrup, bacon, and poutines are the famous foods that Canada is known for and they have all proudly become a part of our culture.

Did you know that there are certain treats that Canada has, but America doesn’t?

Here is a list of a few treats you won’t find anywhere else other than Canada:

  • Smarties
  • Coffee Crisp
  • Aero
  • Caramilk
  • Wunderbar
  • Maltesars
  • Lays dill pickle chips
  • Ketchup chips
  • Munchies snack mix

I am blessed and proud to call myself a Canadian. This blog still does not do my country justice, there is an endless list of things about Canada that can not all be listed. Our population continues to grow, thanks to all the Canadians that show the world what Canada is really all about.

 Your proud Canadian,

Mikaela xo

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Canada Day was a great success all over Winnipeg, the weather cooperated very well! I was able to make appearances at numerous places to enjoy all the festivities.

My first visit was the Sunova Centre located in the West St. Paul area. Miss Teen Manitoba and I met up and gave away goodies to all the kids!canday1 I had a full bucket of treats and candies and Devon (Miss Teen Manitoba) had a load of stuff such as bubbles, stickers, tattoos, erasers, etc! canday3It was such a great feeling seeing all the kids with smiles on their faces and enjoying their time just as much as we were!

My second visit was Osbourne Village, the whole street was blocked off because of all the festivities that were going on. I took pictures with many people, met a lot of new faces and saw all  the booths that were dispersed along the street.canday5canday4

Lastly, I spent the rest of the night at Tyndall Park where I got to perform with one of my dance teams, The Empire. Aside from our performance, their was a variety of other performances such as cultural dances, cultural activities, singing, etc!canday6 There were many familiar faces and also new faces that I had the chance to mingle with. I also had the opportunity to introduce myself and meet Kevin Lamoureux, who is the MLA for the Tydnall area. canday7He continues to set up the great festivities every year at Tyndall Park, he has a wonderful personality and it was a pleasure getting to meet him.


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I have been extremely busy, but finding time to blog is always a must so here’s another one for you all!

I had such a busy weekend volunteering and making appearances at events. On June 20th there was an event called “Tiangge ng Bayan” which also means Community Flea Market in Filipino. It was an all day event so I was there from 9am-6pm mingling with people, learning about my culture, being an emcee and had the opportunity to be a judge for one of the competitions. bayan1There were many booths of different local businesses and many people who also attended. There was a singing competition for little kids from ages 4-10 years old and I was more than happy to be the emcee because who doesn’t love little kids! bayan3After the singing competition was over, there was a talent competition to be followed. The contestants of the talent competition are ladies who are competing in the Filipino Queen Street Festival which is a pageant for young Filipino ladies. I was one of the four judges to judge this competition and it was a blast! There were all sorts of performances such as singing, dancing, cultural activities and many more. bayan2

June 21st the following day, I volunteered and made an appearance at the Red River Exhibition! It was an early sunny morning with many energetic kids waiting for the gates to open. ex1I handed out big stacks of maps/flyers and greeted everyone coming into the amusement park from 10am-2pm! It was a very hot day, but it was very well worth it thanks to all the kind people that I was surrounded with. ex2

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The Empire all ready to compete at the Manitoba Dance Festival


Reality Check waiting to perform at the Garden City Collegiate convocation

Hey guys! These past two months has consisted of nonstop dance, so I thought I’d share with you all a little bit about my dance life. I started dancing at the age of five years old and I have grown such an immense passion for dance. May and June are considered the busiest months for dancers as it is dance competition season. I had the privilege to compete in the Manitoba Dance Festival with one of my most supportive dance teams, we received the award of a Gold and a Gold Honors.
The Manitoba Dance Festival is a competition where you perform in categories for an adjudicator and then each group would get adjudicated live on stage in front of the audience.


Prodigy after placing 2nd at the In The Zone hip hop dance competition


Prodigy after getting our newly made costumes

June 6th was the biggest dance competition in the city called In The Zone. This was my third time competing and one of my teams worked hard and placed this year. As for my other competing team, we made an incredible impact in the dance community and marked our spot well. We will continue to train hard this summer and improve on our dance skills and create a stronger bond with one another.  Dancing on stage with such talented, humble dancers who have the same passion for dance as you do is such a great feeling. I don’t dance because I have to, I dance because I love to. I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of my dance families, we continue to provide each other with endless amount of love and support so we can grow as one.  This year has been an outstanding run and I can not wait to see what the future holds for us all.

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