In a previous post, I’d outlined my first two personal goals.  The next very much fits within the pageant’s mandate and commitment made by the delegates.  That is to represent the title with pride, and commitment to social responsibility. Certainly I’m sure this is something that most of us delegates have done to a certain extent, however for me, it’s not really that I’d ever classified my actions in that category.  For instance, as high school students much volunteer for a certain amount of hours (40 for ours) to obtain their graduating credit.  On the other hand, how often have we helped a friend in need, participated in putting together fundraisers with our sports teams, etc. Those in my opinions fit into the social responsibility “bucket”…what MTC is teaching me however is to think bigger, and challenge myself in “leading” those efforts.  So for that reason, I feel that already in only a few months as Miss Teenage Winnipeg, I’ve developed in my own confidence, reaching out to businesses to promote my platform in lieu of volunteer hours or participation.  This certainly takes me out of my “comfort zone”, most of us teenagers would rather hide in our shells…however, seeing the benefits of these efforts, for instance my sponsoring individuals and businesses, the Nite Hawk Café highlighted in my previous post, and B.B. Artistery for helping me getting ready for this week. A shout out to Out of the Blue boutique..what wonderfully unique clothing you have – and talk about a example of social commitment. I’m hoping for possibilities to join in some of their upcoming community events. Check out their website

As far as promoting my platform, several contacts have been made already with a local athlete, seeking interest again in participating in events organized by her foundation, as well as with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart  for permission to identify their organization as the “charity of choice” for any funds raised in support of my platform. Many thanks to Rebecca Sandiford for helping me through this. What an organization, according to their latest stats, they have helped 1,661,145 kids gain access to sports to date. Incredible!



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Why I’m proud to be Miss Winnipeg 2018, one may ask?  That’s an easy question to answer. For as long as I can remember my summers in Winnipeg have been spent travelling around, or enjoying the beautiful landscape this prairies’ city and its surrounding communities it has to offer. Specifically for me, that meant Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial park which offers rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield…”Rushing rivers, clear deep lakes, warm sandy beaches and the fresh scent of jack pine”. My two favourite lakes are Falcon and West Hawk.

Where did that come from??

Did you know?….that the two lakes to which my family and I call ourselves “seasonal residents”, are known not only for their fishing, and simple outdoor enjoyment but also are home to Manitoba’s premier golf course, beautiful ranch, and ski resort areas. Those sure are interesting facts but I’m saving the best for last….
What else is Falcon Lake Famous for you ask? UFOs. WHAT?? Yes, it for sure is, read about it if you don’t believe,_Falcon_Lake,_Manitoba_incident

Even 50 years later the Falcon Lake UFO is still being discussed, and read about in the above CBC article by Darren Bernhardt, featured in TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries” series and in a book written about the incident and the ongoing mystery. Only separated by a few kilometers, West Hawk’s story is just as interesting. The Lake is believed by scientists to have been formed by a Meteorite, over 20 Million years ago, the “impact” listed as a “World Terrestrial Impact Structure”, but don’t worry, while I seadoo, boat and swim the lake, never have I caught a glimpse of any of it’s crust…it is so deep, that it is not exposed. At its deepest, the lake is 377 Feet deep and clear, which makes it a favourite for divers….

Again many thanks to the Nite Hawk café for their generous donatio/sponsorship…a favourite place to meet and enjoy quality time with friends and family, and their food – WOW, what’s not to like, but my favourite is absolutely their ice cream…you can’t visit without tasting any one of their expansive selection…

Yummm, can’t wait for an ice cream when back from MTC!,

On to a bit of a geography/ cartology test now – Longitudinal coordinate 96°48’35″W,  want to take a guess where?  Alright, here’s another clue below

You got it!

Outside of Winnipeg, about 30 minutes, is the longitudinal Centre of Canada!


What else makes Winnipeg great, is that it is known as a supportive community which offers wide cultural diversity, bilingual representation (I am part European French and  Ukrainian ).

It’s official!

“Winnipeggers” are not only know for their socials but also as a super friendly. That’s right, it says so on our licence plates

As an example, it is the largest Filipino immigration point – kinda cool, I say! Check it out…

Famous Canadian celebrities…to name a few; singers Neil Young, Chantal Kreviazuk ( of the Krevco company), Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman of the “Guess Who”, Tyler Brulé a Journalist, and of course the “Crash Test Dummies” band. So who wouldn’t be proud to represent such a great City and what its community stands for. Thank you to MTC for allowing me this incredible, life changing opportunity.

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While only 15, but going into Grade 11 in September (the joys of being a late December baby, always being the youngest, Aghhhhh..), not having settled on one exact career aspiration does frustrate me somewhat. There are so many possibilities, and I have so many interests…as my platform of choice, “access to sports for all youths”supports, pursuing higher education in the field of physiotherapy, or physical education certainly places high on my list.

A good competition!

Finally the last pose of the routine…can’t catch my breath after those back handsprings!


Not only would it build on the skills and abilities I already possess owing to my many years as a competitive gymnast and cheer tumbler but as well as my time spent coaching an assistant and junior coach.

How to chose one path only…

A passion of mine however continues to be in the Arts with interest either in the field of Architecture or Interior Designing, this too competes with my love for make-up/hairstyling and fashion. Opportunities are endless, so are the challenges and dreams ahead!

And now to talk about what MTC has offered me so far? Wow, social media, one would think that most of us teenagers are “wizes”; well yes, and no….the time spent using such tools for me and I’m sure as with most other delegates, is to connect with friends. Communicating and promoting myself publicly is however something totally new to me. You guessed it, this makes my number 1 goal, “to develop in the use of social media tools, and learn about its potential. This I can see an absolute asset to have in today’s business world!

What else? Well, friendships rank high on my list. Already, I see that the MTC truly carefully selects their National Delegates as the website commits to. Reading through the various biographies is quite humbling to say the least, doctors, models, athletes, artists, WOW…an incredible group of young women, to which I am proud to be a part of. This would make my number 2 goal, “to use this opportunity to learn to know and develop from each other’s strengths, and foster healthy relationships within an otherwise competitive forum” let’s support each other, and use this experience to grow together into the accomplished women we have within us. This message I feel can be a powerful one to convey to young girls who may be struggling with self image and confidence. Furthermore, my hope is that it helps remove the stigma associated with pageants…and rather emphasize that the delegates each in their own way, represent brains, beauty and strength, all in one amazing package!

Beautiful prairies girls celebrating the night’s event!

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The 2017 Miss Teenage Canada finally began with amazing night with fifty seven regional girls from other provinces thank you for welcoming 60 loud girls Edward Village Hotel.

Such a pleasure to meet all of the girls from other provinces. To get to know them better is the best thing that ever happened to me. The night wouldn’t be that great with out are sponsors a huge thank you to all of the sponsors that are supporting us and giving us amazing prices.

UptotheTime Watches an amazing watch company that provide us with package that included necklaces and printed cards offering motivational phrases and overall best wishes.

Chokers and bracelets from Super Adorbs

jewellery for women available online across CanadaSuper Adorbs jewellery and fashion accessories thank you for beautiful for  jewellery and cute little gift bags. That would match all of our outfits thank you so much for your present it was a pleasure to meet you.



We got shoes from Nine West

The shoes from Nine West were on display and we were encouraged to try on the shoes and get our shoe sizes recorded. Amazing style that would always match any kind of outfits,thank Nine West for sponsoring us with the gorgeous shoes.

As well as we got bags from the Archer Dental booth and staff were giving away dental supplies, Now all girls will have stunning smile we got satchel containing toothbrush and toothpaste thank you Archer Dental for taking care of our teeth.



And like a pageant girls we ended up our night with cake.

Samantha P cuts the cake at the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada - Opening Night party



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  • You make a choice where your home is going to be. This is my home. I choose to enjoy it while I’m here. I’ve lived in several different cities. Each one had its advantages and disadvantages, and each one was disparaged by other people. I’m convinced that you’ll never find a perfect place to live. Winnipeg is, of course, not without its imperfections and frustrations. But you just need to find a place that you’re happy in and call it home.

    I love it here. Yes things change and there might come a time in life and I choose to live somewhere else. But for now we are here. It’s not perfect. But it’s my home and I’m enjoying my time here. 

     Winnipeg has some great locations around town. If you’re ever visiting, you need to take in a Winnipeg Jets game, visit Portage and Main, visit the ruins of the Basilica (which is an old stone cathedral that was partially destroyed by fire), walk through the exchange district (the old financial and commerce sector which is now a collection of small shops) and check out The Forks — which is very cool collection of shops and cafes in some stone train warehouses. There are many other things to check out in Winnipeg but those are my favorites. Between this stuff and the books and culture (see the point above), I have no problem at all filling my day with stuff to see and do.
    Winnipeg has history. I like that about a place. Winnipeg’s history extends back thousands of years to the first aboriginal peoples who would meet here. And when the west was being settled by Europeans, Winnipeg was a central depot and transportation hub. The city has a big financial background, too, and there are still organizations here that are built up from this legacy. From the streets and the architecture and the institutions and the cultures of Winnipeg, you see a rich pattern of history. There was a time when Winnipeg was the cultural center of Canada (nearly a hundred years ago) and it also spawned some great music 40 and 50 years ago (Neil Young, the Guess Who, among others). I think that’s cool.
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Lets be honest, we have to meet people in order to be successful. Beauty pageants are an excellent way to meet new people. From the producers, to the photographers, to the venue director, to the other contestants and of course the sponsors.  Networking is vital in today’s society if you want to succeed in business and/or in your personal life. Pageantry gives you a window of opportunities, this world ties in with the entertainment world! So, it opens doors to modeling, acting, hosting, advertising, fundraising, performing, and much more! Even if you want to speak out about things you are passionate about for philanthropy points of views as well! However the main reason why I join the pageant because it would give me opportunity to help people I never put my self in front first I put others than myself I don’t know why but I think I was born for helping people I know it might sound silly but I have a feeling because I can give up everything for someone who needs help that’s the main reason why I join the pageant. I’m not a showing off person when I good something good for people I never take it out side I’m not sharing with anyone because I think it needs to be from your heart not only for posting on Instagram or tweeting or posting on Facebook. I don’t do that much of social media because of it’s not like I don’t like anyone to do know I just do it from my the heart and I think posting is not the main thing and not nessary.

The most important of a million reasons to enter a beauty pageant is to build self-confidence. Even if one does not win the contest, the act of participation itself might be quite a way to boost your confidence, if not taken to the extremes. After all, despite the claims made by various groups, everyone likes to know that they are somehow appreciated, be it for their intelligence or their looks. As with most things in life, if taken to the extreme, one could base their whole self-esteem on what others may think but we are talking here about positive life changing experience! I don’t think I’m pretty or beautiful or I deserve to win but i know that if I’m in now and I’m Miss Teenage Winnipeg that means a lot competing for the main crown gives me a lot of power i want to show other girls who has low self esteem and don’t think that they are beautiful as well as girls who are coming from others parts of the planet that they can do something like this and they are derisive and prove it to everyone else that they are strong and confident girls who know what they want from life. 

Beauty pageant are fun. There is nothing like getting dressed up and being seen by other people. Girls, we all love the long evening gowns worn at pageants. As a young child, most of our favorite pastimes was playing dress-up, pretending to be a princess or a singer onstage. The glitzier, the better: velvet, taffeta, and silk, trimmed with beads, sequins and rhinestones. Pageants give you a time to dress to the nines, wear the sparkly jewelry, put your hair in an up-do, and enjoy the spotlight.Taking this interest a step further, you can research the colors which work best with your hair, skin and eye color. Then analyze your figure to find the most flattering styles to accentuate your good points. Take modeling courses to help you walk gracefully and with good posture. This could also lead to paying modeling jobs. 


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I was born in the beautiful small town of Ukraine I’m the oldest in whole my family the first child in the family always a big deal everyone was taking care of like I’m a princess no surprise why my family named me Diana. When I was a child my mom had to work really hard to get enough money for living my mother was 18 years old when she had me my father was 26 years old he was 8 years older than my mom. My dad always shown that he loves me but he never taken care of me like my mom did basically I can say that I grow up without father when I was 3 years old my mom had to leave to Poland for her it was a hard decision because she had to go there for 2 months and she had to leave me home she didn’t trust my dad because at that time he was not responsible. My mom decided to leave me to her older brother who was only 19 at the time he was with me for 3 months and never.complained that it was hard to babysit me he became like my dad because he showed that loves and care about me compare to my real dad. When I was 7 years old God decided to take my uncle, he died in the horrible car accident right after his engagement I always told him that I will be taking care of your kids like you take care of me but life is not fair. He didn’t have a chance to do that this incident had a huge impact on me I lost my speech for 3 months I closed up and the only thing I did it was taking to him though the picture and going to his favorite place. One day I heard my parents conversation that I am still children and I will forget everything but that is not how it works I remember every single moment I spend with him. Every day after school I didn’t go straight home I always went to his grave and spend all day there I did my homework there I always felt like he was beside me and he is helping me. 

When I was 8 years old my mom applies for a work visa in Canada I understand really clear that there is no way she can take me with her. My mom left me with my grandmother I was living with her for 2 years my mom always came to Ukraine in summers for 1 month but it wasn’t enough for me I always needed someone who will understand me, I love my grandma but the best is from the mother and no one can sub it. For me, it was difficult because since childhood I was taught that I need to be strong and deal with everything myself. However it never happened I grow up as a really responsible person and the person that everyone can rely on but I never learned how to be strong emotionality it’s super easy to hurt me emotionally but the best thing out it I can deal with it I know how to not giving up on something that is important to me. When I was 11 years old my mom did student visa for me so I can come to Canada and live with her I was super excited not for moving or going to a different country I was excited that I can finally be with my mother. It was not easy to move to Canada I had all of my family in Ukraine and all of my friends there it was super difficult to learn the language because it’s the third one it was not easy to make friends it took me 3 years to make friends but the reason why I wanted to stay in Canada because of my mom so she can give me better life. After 3 years living in Canada, I understood that it is my country and I want to live here for ever I loved this country with all of my heat. But I never forgot where my roots from 5 years have the past and I never went back to Ukraine to visit my family it was difficult my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a ticket and I understand that because she working hard to give me everything. When I was 15 years old I made decision to go work I got the job at pizza place I started working in January and in June I saved up money enough money to buy my self a ticket I was working really hard 5 to 7 days a week I never asked anything from my parents because I know how it’s not easy to make money I felt it on my self I was working and going to school at the same time. But I know why I was doing that I wanted to go back to Ukraine to visit my family and make them happy I made enough money, I brought some money with me and most my money I donated to War zone and kids who had to run to a different city because go the War. After Ukraine I understood how hard is it to live there and how hard it is to survive there I came back and I went full out working the money I was making I donate there and I was helping my grandmother and my uncle in Ukraine they never asked me but I knew how hard it is for them to get that money. That experience bright me to different level it given me more strength and my boss offered me manager position I was working every day going to school and I always trying to find time to spend with my family that made me really independent and prepared for real life but my mom blames herself that I never had children and that I grew up so fast but it’s not her fault it’s only my but I know the things I did not wrong it’s all right. That whole experience made me be wanted to be successful and being successful doesn’t mean to me being available making a lot of money to spend only on myself and entertainment the reason is I want to be available to help my family and other people who need the help and can’t afford something I know from my own experience that there are almost 0 people on earth that can do those things and I want to be the one.

Written by: Diana
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Hello and welcome!

I am incredibly honored to have been selected to represent Manitoba. Representing my province really is a privilege that I do not take for granted. I’m quite surprised, to say the least! I intend to share with all of you the beauty within Manitoba that I have the pleasure of experiencing every day. However, before all, I will share a little bit about myself?

My name is Diana Originally I’m from Ukraine I lived there for most of my life however second part of my life I spend in Canada. I am new Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017, I am a high school student Fair, Honest, and Intelligent 17 year old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I absolutely love life! Although, I love learning new things about life and all kinds of people’s life stories within I love helping other people to believe in themselves and improve their confidence. I learn from experience and all of the experience I had in my life taught me a lot for me it’s a big pleasure if I can help someone who is having a hard time in life.

After moving to Canada I had a lot of struggles with learning new language, meeting new people, stay away from my father and my other family in Ukraine I had a really difficult

time living in Canada for fist 2 years, I was crying almost every day giving my mom a hard time because I wanted to go back home. However, I put my hands together and told myself that I will try my best to love this country and enjoy every day being here. I understand if I won’t try anything will happen my major motivation was my mother I would give everything I had just to make her happy she had a hard time seeing me crying and being depressed every day I wanted her to be happy and don’t feel like she did the wrong thing by bringing me to Canada. Ever since I have been a proving on my English and getting to know different people. I live in Canada for 7 years I’m a citizen now I never thought that I would ever say this but Canada becomes my home and country that I would like to live in and develop in.

Having the opportunity to compete for the chance to represent Canada internationally and actually feel that you did something for this country even tho you weren’t born here is a dream come true. I am extremely proud to say where I live and where I will be spenof my life. Canada I a great place to live and study. I think a responsibility that comes with the honor of being crowned Miss Teenage Canada, is representing something larger than yourself. Miss Teenage Canada represents the powerful young girl who wasn’t raised here but still considers herself as Canadian. You will be given an unbelievable experience, meeting different girls from others provinces gives operativity to feel that province without even going there.

Having a title given me an opportunity to help children My platform is about raising awareness for less fortunate children: no child should go through their life without appropriate clothing, toys and most importantly love. I want to be that person that will reach out to them and offer these things to them. I want them to feel that they are loved and that they are needed in this world!” Half of the money will go to less fortunate children. I have raised $400 for less fortunate children it gives my opportunity to buy some toys and cloth for them.

I am extremely honored and excited to be your Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017. This year will be nothing short of amazing. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible. From my family, friends, you all are the reason I am able to partake in such unbelievable experiences like this one. I hope to make you all proud as I begin my journey to become Miss Teenage Canada.

You can follow me on Facebook, and Instagram

Diana, Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017


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For some of us girls, it was our first time eating Indian food! I personally thought it was delicious! If you’re ever in Toronto, check out Nirvana Flavours.

#nervanaflavours #missteenagecanada2016 @nirvanaflavours

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