This year I have been blessed with many opportunities to follow my dreams and inspire others as being the Miss Teenage Winnipeg of 2015! I would not have been able to take on this roller coaster without the love and support from my family and friends. Throughout this experience I have made plenty of friends and we have been side by side watching each other bloom into the inspiring and caring girls we are today. I will always remember the memories we created and our bonds that grew stronger each time. This has been an amazing journey and I can only imagine what the future holds.

Taken at the Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016 pageant!

Taken at the Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016 pageant!

       Being Miss Teenage Winnipeg is not only a title, but also a responsibility. I have learnt that the duties of a title holder takes up a lot of time and effort, but I have also learnt that it is always worth it in the end. I have been able to share my platform and stand for what I believe in. Since my platform was poverty, I continuously donated my clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. to the Salvation Army to help those in need. It felt great knowing that I made a difference in the lives of others and put a smile on their face. Raising awareness for my platform was extremely important and much needed, I was able to reach out in the lives if others and make a change. Other than my platform, I have been able to overcome my weaknesses and seek new challenges in life. Growing up I was never shy, but more so self conscious. I would always worry about the opinion of othmikaelaers, however I have learnt that there are better things to worry about and that the opinions of others don’t matter if you’re 100% happy with yourself.

       The best part of this experience was Nationals in Toronto!! I competed against 80 other girls across Canada and lived my dream with them all. We made appearances at several places like the Eaton Centre, we went dragon boating, visited Niagara Falls, and did a whole bunch of other fun stuff. I will never forget the good times I spent with my pageant sister’s. We have all grown as a unity and also had the privilege to get to know each other.

       To the next Miss Teenage Winnipeg, I hope you continue to inspire others and to live your dream the way I did. This title is an amazing privilege and I encourage you to use this to meet new people, explore, and also to use your voice and make a difference in the world. I wish you the best of luck at Nationals!!

Much love xox -Miss Teenage Winnipeg

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