Here is another blog so you can get to know me a little more than you already do! Some of you may not be aware of the fact that I am the eldest of six siblings, but it is 110% true. Being the eldest gets a little hectic because of all the responsibilities that come with, and also all the life lessons that you have to teach them. You start to feel like a parent once you grow older and take on more and more of the responsibility, but being one of the people to raise them and watching them grow up makes you feel extremely proud and overjoyed. The bond we all share is indescribable and the laughs and giggles we share is like no other. My siblings are the reason why I had joined this pageant, they inspire me to do better and bigger things. I want to set a good example and show them that you have no limits when it comes to dreaming big. Let us start by introducing the second eldest and going on from there!

Second eldest also known as Kaleigh Faith 

She is 14 years old and her birthday is November 2nd! She has a huge obsession over Beyoncé and enjoys to sing on her own time. We often get mistaken for twins although we are two years apart. She has grown to be my other half and I can always rely on her for anything and everything because she knows me inside and out. Aside from being my sister, she also plays the role of my best friend.

Third eldest also known as Kalvin Jay

He is 13 years old and his birthday is September 5th! He spends countless amount of hours towards basketball, his passion for the sport never stops growing. I have the pleasure to witness him get better each and every year. He can be the biggest handful out of the bunch to deal with, but you learn to love them more and more as the time goes by.

Kalvin and Kaleigh!

Fourth eldest also known as Kalynne Reigne

She is 9 years old and her birthday is June 12th! She is a growing athlete who plays basketball, does cross country as well as dancing. During her spare time she enjoys singing karaoke in our basement and playing with the other two younger siblings. She adores interacting with others and meeting new people, she isn’t afraid to put herself out there which is why her presence brings me joy and courage. 

Fifth eldest also known as Malaiya June

She is 7 years old and her birthday is January 20th! She is also a growing athlete who plays basketball and dances. She wishes to take gymnastic lessons so she can do a bunch of different flips and tricks. Her and I coincidentally have the same dream job, we are both inspired to be paleontologists because of our love for dinosaurs! She constantly spreads her love and care to the people around her, she is very lovable.

Malaiya and Kalynne!

The youngest of us all also known as Malakai Jai

He is 2 years old and shares the same birthday as my other brother Kalvin! What a coincidence that both of my brother’s share the same birthday. Malakai is the baby of the family which means he is often the most spoiled. He looks up to Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles and enjoys pretending to act like each of them. He is the most lovable of us all and he uses his charm to get out of any trouble that he causes.

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