The Aveda Institute Winnipeg`s Best Hair School Grand Opening in Winnipeg was quite an exciting event. I attended this one month ago. I decided to wait to blog about it, because to my surprise, I was offered to come back after the grand opening. My visit  that evening

Winnipeg Grand Opening

would not be my last. I found out that night, I would be back at the institute sooner than I expected. I wanted to share the entire experience once it was over. Since that awesome evening, I don’t think my relationship with Aveda will ever be over :).  Oh the products, the service…. I must go back!!  When I was offered the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening and attend the Aveda- Born to Style competition, I was excited. To see some of the best hair talent in Winnipeg thrilled me. Five finalists competed for a full scholarship to the school in Winnipeg`s downtown area.  This was my first invitation from Miss Teen Canada World MTCW to attend an event and I have to admit I was nervous, excited but nervous. This is one thing about me you must know, I get excited and nervous all at the same time.  I can`t imagine how nervous the five finalists in the competition felt, knowing that one of them would be receiving a full scholarship and be one step closer to their dream in less than a few hours.   Well,  Monday May 14th, turned out to be quite an exciting evening for me.  This “red carpet” event as Miss Teen Winnipeg-World provided me an exciting opportunity.  My parents drive by the 80 Rorie Street building downtown on their way to work every day, so it was really neat to be able to go in and see exactly how this beautiful huge building was transformed. Being able to invite a few friends to the event, I chose my mom, grandmother and world’s best friend, my sister Martina. If only you could have seen the look on Martina`s  face when we walked in.

Miss Teen Winnipeg World 2012 & Martina Cubela

Aveda Grand Opening May 2012

It was very `posh`in there. Our names on a VIP list, then the “paparazzi” took photos on us on the red carpet. I think Martina was more excited than me, actually saying “Bela, has Rob  told you what else we can attend”… when I think back on it,  I am laughing out loud. It was breathtaking inside and felt like we were in a movie. Staff were serving drinks, food and all sorts of yummy goodies.  I was very welcome by staff and students from Winnipeg and Toronto. The lovely Nan Campbell of Aveda Institute was something else. The aura and kindness of that lady is something that is hard to describe. She immediately took me

Miss Teen Winnipeg World 2012 & Nan Campbell

Make Up Time !!

Window Seat

My hair appointment window seat




by the hand, sat me down and provided complimentary make up session. Then she did the same for Martina.  If I ever felt like a celebrity it was this night.   I was then escorted to another area of the school and scheduled in for a return visit for a complimentary hair service. I had my appointment

Our hair appointment

yesterday, June 16. It was booked earlier, but since my `tractor incident`I was unable to attend.  WOW.. it was nice, again nothing but the royal treatment.I kept thinking, is this for real.   It doesn’t stop there. My mom was planning on waiting for me and reading a book,

Professional Make up advice from the Best

but the wonderful staff again surprised us and took care of my mother as well. Providing a complimentary color  and a hand massage for her. She was very touched with their generosity and well that`s my mom, she is just a very grateful person. You have to admit that was super nice of them.

I have a few friends who are interested in becoming stylists and Aveda Institute, in my opinion is definitely the way to go.  I highly recommend it. The experience, the natural products, the on site products that are available for purchase….what can I say we have already booked our next appointments!! Thank you Miss Teen Canada- World and Aveda Institute for this fabulous experience.

Robyn Thompson- Aveda 2012 Winnipeg Scholarship Recipient

Best wishes to Robin who won the scholarship. Good luck and enjoy your education.

Written by: Gabriela Ćubela
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