One of my favourite attractions in Manitoba is Aurora Farm! I had just left a strawberry farm one day when I noticed some alpacas on the side of the road. Because of my recent obsession with alpacas, I decided to turn in the driveway and realized it was a cute little farm. I got to take pictures with alpacas, goats, donkeys, dogs, the biggest horse I had ever seen, and more! There was also a little store beside the owners’ house where they sold home-made, organic products such as goat-milk soap, tooth paste, bug spray, body cream, lip balm, and more. They sold cute hats made out of their alpaca’s fur, and home-made ice cream! (Which I tried by the way, and it was amazing!!) They do a lot more at Aurora Farm than just that. For more information, visit their website. Come to Manitoba and see it for yourself! 1234567

Written by: Abigail
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