This week is considered to be Philippine Independence week since June 12th is the official day of Philippine Independence! This is one of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history because it marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule on June 12, 1898. philippineblog2On June 9th there was a ceremony held at the City Hall for the raising of the flag and I was privileged to be a Co-Host for such a meaningful event. Our very own Mayor Bowman with his worship, had raised the flag with honor.philippineblog1 There was a reception to follow after the ceremony ended, so all the guests and the people involved with the event headed inside for some refreshments. There was also entertainment from Grade Three students from the Amber Trails School, they performed an amazing cultural dance. I had a phenomenal time spending my morning with such great people and of course, Mayor Bowman.philippineblog4 These kind of experiences don’t come often in life and I will continue to be grateful for these opportunities that come my way.  As a Filipino, I was extremely blessed to be a representative for the city of Winnipeg. I am a proud Filipino and I will always be willing to support my very own culture.



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