Friday evening May 25th, 2012 

Free The Children

I am not sure if many of you know that Winnipeg is the only city in Canada (I’ve been told) that hosts “Socials”.  Well this was kind of like a social… but a fundraiser. Socials are events that you sell tickets for and fundraise. You can do it for different events and different causes. For example many couples have one before their wedding, some people do it to raise funds if they require medical treatments and expenses, others do it as acts of kindness to raise money to assist others in need, even when bad things happen socials are


used to help in some of the worst times and my mom swears they only have them in Manitoba!! (I think she is right) I’ve googled it. You have snacks, you have drinks for under 18 (no-alcohol) and over 18 (alcohol permitted) and at about 11pm some food comes out. Most likely cold cuts/cheese/kubasa & pickles oh …. and lots of good bread. My baba even made a lot of baking and brought it as did Janet and Vesna – thanks. Thanks Dida for running around all day and getting things to the right place in time.

My family, friends and I thought this may be a good way to raise some funds to help me  raise a donation and raise awareness about the Free The Children Charity. I am happy to report that funds were raised and it was a nice evening. Information was shared and my mom has friends who are posting the link to Free the Children on their own web pages to assist in Fundraising.   The  support was awesome.  It was fun because my very close friend &

Gabriela & Gloria

kuma Gloria turned “16” on May 25th. Our family friends the Fritzsche family (Norma & Kristyna) Claus and Derek did so much with us to make this a success. Auntie Viki always my mom and I thank you. Thank you everyone who donated prizes

Silent Auction

towards the silent auction(especially the gazebo – teta Barb) my mom really wanted it, & kuma Tanya for coming to help out since Olivia is only one month old :).  Most of all Free the Children thanks you.  About  100 people came to support and enjoyed a nice evening and a good time was had by all. It felt like a family reunion. All of the proceeds of this event will be going to Free The Children and I am very happy. What also worked out well was we had a lot of left over food and the next day I was really happy to be able to take over 3 boxes to Siloam Mission. It felt great to know that none of this would be wasted. They told us that they feed at least 350-400 people lunch and supper daily. (My mom cried when she heard that). She wonders where I got my sensitivity from.  It felt so good to bring that food to the mission and know that so many would be fed.   Siloam Mission

Thanks  again to Tara Dickenson of Sunshine photography who was there and took some “official photos” Sunshine Photography . I will be adding those very soon. Blessings to all for your generosity and time. xoxo Gabriela – This is a pic of one of my closest friends Tia. We had to get ready and look presentable after getting things ready. Thanks for being a “true blue” >3.  ps. when you see the word means Godmother.

Gabriela & Tia <3


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  1. Tanya Gadd says:

    I wouldn’t have missed it Gabriela! Congrats and good luck in TO! Get better real quick! We’ll be cheering for you, xo
    Tanya, Bill & Olivia

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