Canada Day was a great success all over Winnipeg, the weather cooperated very well! I was able to make appearances at numerous places to enjoy all the festivities.

My first visit was the Sunova Centre located in the West St. Paul area. Miss Teen Manitoba and I met up and gave away goodies to all the kids!canday1 I had a full bucket of treats and candies and Devon (Miss Teen Manitoba) had a load of stuff such as bubbles, stickers, tattoos, erasers, etc! canday3It was such a great feeling seeing all the kids with smiles on their faces and enjoying their time just as much as we were!

My second visit was Osbourne Village, the whole street was blocked off because of all the festivities that were going on. I took pictures with many people, met a lot of new faces and saw all  the booths that were dispersed along the street.canday5canday4

Lastly, I spent the rest of the night at Tyndall Park where I got to perform with one of my dance teams, The Empire. Aside from our performance, their was a variety of other performances such as cultural dances, cultural activities, singing, etc!canday6 There were many familiar faces and also new faces that I had the chance to mingle with. I also had the opportunity to introduce myself and meet Kevin Lamoureux, who is the MLA for the Tydnall area. canday7He continues to set up the great festivities every year at Tyndall Park, he has a wonderful personality and it was a pleasure getting to meet him.


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