Why I’m proud to be Miss Winnipeg 2018, one may ask?  That’s an easy question to answer. For as long as I can remember my summers in Winnipeg have been spent travelling around, or enjoying the beautiful landscape this prairies’ city and its surrounding communities it has to offer. Specifically for me, that meant Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial park which offers rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield…”Rushing rivers, clear deep lakes, warm sandy beaches and the fresh scent of jack pine”. My two favourite lakes are Falcon and West Hawk.

Where did that come from??

Did you know?….that the two lakes to which my family and I call ourselves “seasonal residents”, are known not only for their fishing, and simple outdoor enjoyment but also are home to Manitoba’s premier golf course, beautiful ranch, and ski resort areas. Those sure are interesting facts but I’m saving the best for last….
What else is Falcon Lake Famous for you ask? UFOs. WHAT?? Yes, it for sure is, read about it if you don’t believe


https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/falcon-lake-incident-book-anniversary-1.4121639 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QOpNXqJ2UI

Even 50 years later the Falcon Lake UFO is still being discussed, and read about in the above CBC article by Darren Bernhardt, featured in TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries” series and in a book written about the incident and the ongoing mystery. Only separated by a few kilometers, West Hawk’s story is just as interesting. The Lake is believed by scientists to have been formed by a Meteorite, over 20 Million years ago, the “impact” listed as a “World Terrestrial Impact Structure”, but don’t worry, while I seadoo, boat and swim the lake, never have I caught a glimpse of any of it’s crust…it is so deep, that it is not exposed. At its deepest, the lake is 377 Feet deep and clear, which makes it a favourite for divers….

Again many thanks to the Nite Hawk café for their generous donatio/sponsorship…a favourite place to meet and enjoy quality time with friends and family, and their food – WOW, what’s not to like, but my favourite is absolutely their ice cream…you can’t visit without tasting any one of their expansive selection…

Yummm, can’t wait for an ice cream when back from MTC!

http://www.nitehawkcafe.ca/, https://www.instagram.com/nitehawkcafe/#

On to a bit of a geography/ cartology test now – Longitudinal coordinate 96°48’35″W,  want to take a guess where?  Alright, here’s another clue below

You got it!

Outside of Winnipeg, about 30 minutes, is the longitudinal Centre of Canada!


What else makes Winnipeg great, is that it is known as a supportive community which offers wide cultural diversity, bilingual representation (I am part European French and  Ukrainian ).

It’s official!

“Winnipeggers” are not only know for their socials but also as a super friendly. That’s right, it says so on our licence plates

As an example, it is the largest Filipino immigration point – kinda cool, I say! Check it out…

Famous Canadian celebrities…to name a few; singers Neil Young, Chantal Kreviazuk ( of the Krevco company), Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman of the “Guess Who”, Tyler Brulé a Journalist, and of course the “Crash Test Dummies” band. So who wouldn’t be proud to represent such a great City and what its community stands for. Thank you to MTC for allowing me this incredible, life changing opportunity.

Written by: Ariele
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