While only 15, but going into Grade 11 in September (the joys of being a late December baby, always being the youngest, Aghhhhh..), not having settled on one exact career aspiration does frustrate me somewhat. There are so many possibilities, and I have so many interests…as my platform of choice, “access to sports for all youths”supports, pursuing higher education in the field of physiotherapy, or physical education certainly places high on my list.

A good competition!

Finally the last pose of the routine…can’t catch my breath after those back handsprings!


Not only would it build on the skills and abilities I already possess owing to my many years as a competitive gymnast and cheer tumbler but as well as my time spent coaching an assistant and junior coach.

How to chose one path only…

A passion of mine however continues to be in the Arts with interest either in the field of Architecture or Interior Designing, this too competes with my love for make-up/hairstyling and fashion. Opportunities are endless, so are the challenges and dreams ahead!

And now to talk about what MTC has offered me so far? Wow, social media, one would think that most of us teenagers are “wizes”; well yes, and no….the time spent using such tools for me and I’m sure as with most other delegates, is to connect with friends. Communicating and promoting myself publicly is however something totally new to me. You guessed it, this makes my number 1 goal, “to develop in the use of social media tools, and learn about its potential. This I can see an absolute asset to have in today’s business world!

What else? Well, friendships rank high on my list. Already, I see that the MTC truly carefully selects their National Delegates as the website commits to. Reading through the various biographies is quite humbling to say the least, doctors, models, athletes, artists, WOW…an incredible group of young women, to which I am proud to be a part of. This would make my number 2 goal, “to use this opportunity to learn to know and develop from each other’s strengths, and foster healthy relationships within an otherwise competitive forum” let’s support each other, and use this experience to grow together into the accomplished women we have within us. This message I feel can be a powerful one to convey to young girls who may be struggling with self image and confidence. Furthermore, my hope is that it helps remove the stigma associated with pageants…and rather emphasize that the delegates each in their own way, represent brains, beauty and strength, all in one amazing package!

Beautiful prairies girls celebrating the night’s event!

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