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I am incredibly honored to have been selected to represent Manitoba. Representing my province really is a privilege that I do not take for granted. I’m quite surprised, to say the least! I intend to share with all of you the beauty within Manitoba that I have the pleasure of experiencing every day. However, before all, I will share a little bit about myself?

My name is Diana Originally I’m from Ukraine I lived there for most of my life however second part of my life I spend in Canada. I am new Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017, I am a high school student Fair, Honest, and Intelligent 17 year old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I absolutely love life! Although, I love learning new things about life and all kinds of people’s life stories within I love helping other people to believe in themselves and improve their confidence. I learn from experience and all of the experience I had in my life taught me a lot for me it’s a big pleasure if I can help someone who is having a hard time in life.

After moving to Canada I had a lot of struggles with learning new language, meeting new people, stay away from my father and my other family in Ukraine I had a really difficult

time living in Canada for fist 2 years, I was crying almost every day giving my mom a hard time because I wanted to go back home. However, I put my hands together and told myself that I will try my best to love this country and enjoy every day being here. I understand if I won’t try anything will happen my major motivation was my mother I would give everything I had just to make her happy she had a hard time seeing me crying and being depressed every day I wanted her to be happy and don’t feel like she did the wrong thing by bringing me to Canada. Ever since I have been a proving on my English and getting to know different people. I live in Canada for 7 years I’m a citizen now I never thought that I would ever say this but Canada becomes my home and country that I would like to live in and develop in.

Having the opportunity to compete for the chance to represent Canada internationally and actually feel that you did something for this country even tho you weren’t born here is a dream come true. I am extremely proud to say where I live and where I will be spenof my life. Canada I a great place to live and study. I think a responsibility that comes with the honor of being crowned Miss Teenage Canada, is representing something larger than yourself. Miss Teenage Canada represents the powerful young girl who wasn’t raised here but still considers herself as Canadian. You will be given an unbelievable experience, meeting different girls from others provinces gives operativity to feel that province without even going there.

Having a title given me an opportunity to help children My platform is about raising awareness for less fortunate children: no child should go through their life without appropriate clothing, toys and most importantly love. I want to be that person that will reach out to them and offer these things to them. I want them to feel that they are loved and that they are needed in this world!” Half of the money will go to less fortunate children. I have raised $400 for less fortunate children it gives my opportunity to buy some toys and cloth for them.

I am extremely honored and excited to be your Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017. This year will be nothing short of amazing. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible. From my family, friends, you all are the reason I am able to partake in such unbelievable experiences like this one. I hope to make you all proud as I begin my journey to become Miss Teenage Canada.

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Diana, Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017


Written by: Diana

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