Hi everyone! It is a huge blessing to have been crowned the title of Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2015, I am extremely proud to respectfully represent my beautiful hometown! I can’t wait to share this journey of mine to Nationals with each and every one of you for the next year.

I am a young motivated woman who has the intentions of inspiring others to live by who they truly are. We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by social media and the influence it can have on just one person is huge. With a strong passion, I want to encourage young adults not to let social media establish who they are because as a human being we all have the right to live the life we’re given as we choose to. The definition of beauty is within each and every one of you reading this blog, and that is simply being yourself and loving who you have grown to be.

Family is the key to nearly everything that comes my way. I come from a very loving family of eight, who includes my three younger sisters, two younger brothers, and of course, my mom and dad. We are a busy bunch, but never fail to support one another in whatever it may be. We continuously love and care for each other as we believe that it is important to be reminded that neither of us will ever be alone. As for that, I will never stop cherishing this great blessing that I been given.

My academics and my athletics play a huge role in my life as I steadily push myself to improve on every aspect. Throughout the past two years I have been enrolled at Garden City Collegiate Institute, I have managed to make the honor roll each year. As for my athletics, I have been dancing since the age of five and have built an incredibly strong passion over the years. I have experienced a variation of dance styles such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, and tap. I now specialize in hip-hop and have grown to love my dance family, The Project Company, Reality Check and The Empire. The improvement of our skills and talent is endless as we will continue to grow individually and as a team.

For the near future I would like to use my title to raise awareness for poverty, as it is the platform that I have chosen. Not many may be aware, but nearly half the world is living in poverty. We might not see it in our daily lives, but it is happening everywhere on the face of this earth. I want to put the time and effort into making a change in the world for the better and lessen the amount of individuals, or families living in poverty. I plan on volunteering my time to help out in my community as I believe that it is extremely important to be involved. I am also aiming to boost the amount of young adults who believe in themselves and to reassure them that being yourself is acceptable!  Keep motivated and strive for what you believe in, stay updated as this is only the first of many blogs to come! Lastly, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my generous sponsors; Macdon Industries, Pam Godfredsen Photography,  Jill Ma of Promise Fitness, Vickar Community Chevrolet, Jimel’s International Cuisine,  and Salon 28.

Yours  truly,

Mikaela Hope xo

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