• You make a choice where your home is going to be. This is my home. I choose to enjoy it while I’m here. I’ve lived in several different cities. Each one had its advantages and disadvantages, and each one was disparaged by other people. I’m convinced that you’ll never find a perfect place to live. Winnipeg is, of course, not without its imperfections and frustrations. But you just need to find a place that you’re happy in and call it home.

    I love it here. Yes things change and there might come a time in life and I choose to live somewhere else. But for now we are here. It’s not perfect. But it’s my home and I’m enjoying my time here. 

     Winnipeg has some great locations around town. If you’re ever visiting, you need to take in a Winnipeg Jets game, visit Portage and Main, visit the ruins of the Basilica (which is an old stone cathedral that was partially destroyed by fire), walk through the exchange district (the old financial and commerce sector which is now a collection of small shops) and check out The Forks — which is very cool collection of shops and cafes in some stone train warehouses. There are many other things to check out in Winnipeg but those are my favorites. Between this stuff and the books and culture (see the point above), I have no problem at all filling my day with stuff to see and do.
    Winnipeg has history. I like that about a place. Winnipeg’s history extends back thousands of years to the first aboriginal peoples who would meet here. And when the west was being settled by Europeans, Winnipeg was a central depot and transportation hub. The city has a big financial background, too, and there are still organizations here that are built up from this legacy. From the streets and the architecture and the institutions and the cultures of Winnipeg, you see a rich pattern of history. There was a time when Winnipeg was the cultural center of Canada (nearly a hundred years ago) and it also spawned some great music 40 and 50 years ago (Neil Young, the Guess Who, among others). I think that’s cool.
Written by: Diana

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