In a previous post, I’d outlined my first two personal goals.  The next very much fits within the pageant’s mandate and commitment made by the delegates.  That is to represent the title with pride, and commitment to social responsibility. Certainly I’m sure this is something that most of us delegates have done to a certain extent, however for me, it’s not really that I’d ever classified my actions in that category.  For instance, as high school students much volunteer for a certain amount of hours (40 for ours) to obtain their graduating credit.  On the other hand, how often have we helped a friend in need, participated in putting together fundraisers with our sports teams, etc. Those in my opinions fit into the social responsibility “bucket”…what MTC is teaching me however is to think bigger, and challenge myself in “leading” those efforts.  So for that reason, I feel that already in only a few months as Miss Teenage Winnipeg, I’ve developed in my own confidence, reaching out to businesses to promote my platform in lieu of volunteer hours or participation.  This certainly takes me out of my “comfort zone”, most of us teenagers would rather hide in our shells…however, seeing the benefits of these efforts, for instance my sponsoring individuals and businesses, the Nite Hawk Café highlighted in my previous post, and B.B. Artistery for helping me getting ready for this week. A shout out to Out of the Blue boutique..what wonderfully unique clothing you have – and talk about a example of social commitment. I’m hoping for possibilities to join in some of their upcoming community events. Check out their website

As far as promoting my platform, several contacts have been made already with a local athlete, seeking interest again in participating in events organized by her foundation, as well as with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart  for permission to identify their organization as the “charity of choice” for any funds raised in support of my platform. Many thanks to Rebecca Sandiford for helping me through this. What an organization, according to their latest stats, they have helped 1,661,145 kids gain access to sports to date. Incredible!



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