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I was more than glad to have been able to attend this weekends local event that was made to raise awareness for Mental Health. This has become a huge topic in our society’s generation, we need to come to realize that it can have an affect on any human being.
Our Garden City Collegiate community has recently lost two students, who were loved by many. It is important that we are aware of Mental Health because we will not always be able to physically see what others are going through. mentalhealth2Two lovely ladies named Jasmine Deato and Loizza Aquino planned out this inspiring event and had an outstanding outcome. There were numerous things going on such as haircuts, eyebrow threading, silent auction, bakes sales, pizza sales, etc. Our community proudly contributed and $1000+ of proceeds were donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. mentalhealth4
This was a great way to expose our community and to remind them that Mental Health is something that people deal with everyday. This also showed how much support and care our community provides, you don’t ever need to feel alone because you will continuously be surrounded with love from many people. mentalhealth5It is a blessing to be a part of my community and making a change for the better, we will continue to grow together as a whole and help those in need. Telling others that they matter and deserve to live a happy life can go a long way, so don’t forget to give those friendly reminders to your friends, family, or whoever it may be!


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