Poverty iimages a topic that has been thrown to the side and has grown nationwide. Statistically, 1 in 7 people in Canada suffer and live in poverty. Whilesome families are able to enjoy three meals a day, 1 in 8 families struggle to put food on the table each day. The 546 000 children under the age of 18 who live in conditions of poverty do not deserve to do so.

I chose this topic because the subject itself has disappeared over the years. I would like to bring awareness to our society and educate the generations to come about poverty. Not many are aware of the huge affect that poverty has across the world and I want to strongly encourage others to stay educated and aware. Another reason I have chose this topic is because I am an extremely caring person and despise seeing human beings live an unstable life. I am willing to take on the leadership and responsibility to make a difference and make sure to minimize the poverty in my very own country.

This means a lot because it is a sentimental subject and I want to use my generosity to help out those in need. I am very passionate and enjoy helping others, giving has always been better than receiving. My grand parents come from a third world country and I have been exposed to many aspects of poverty, since then I have learned to be grateful for everything that has been given to me. We often forget how hard our families work to put clothes on our back and food on the table so words will never describe how blessed I am with the life I live.

As a title holder it is my job to raise awareness for my chosen platform. Since I have chosen poverty, I have been collecting clothes, toys, books, etc. that are in no use from my family and cousins to donate to the Salvation Army. I have collected two large garbage bags and multiple other bags of different sizes filled with all the donations given by myself, my family and cousins. To promote my platform I would visit classrooms at my school and educate them about poverty and remind them that any sort of donation would be appreciated no matter how big or small because it’ll still benefit those in need. I would also be more than glad to start food drives or donation boxes within my community and encourage my surroundings to learn more about such a huge topic. These events will give the subject a lot of exposure and educate others to be aware of how much poverty has taken over  numerous parts of our world.

Written by: Mikaela
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