I have been extremely busy, but finding time to blog is always a must so here’s another one for you all!

I had such a busy weekend volunteering and making appearances at events. On June 20th there was an event called “Tiangge ng Bayan” which also means Community Flea Market in Filipino. It was an all day event so I was there from 9am-6pm mingling with people, learning about my culture, being an emcee and had the opportunity to be a judge for one of the competitions. bayan1There were many booths of different local businesses and many people who also attended. There was a singing competition for little kids from ages 4-10 years old and I was more than happy to be the emcee because who doesn’t love little kids! bayan3After the singing competition was over, there was a talent competition to be followed. The contestants of the talent competition are ladies who are competing in the Filipino Queen Street Festival which is a pageant for young Filipino ladies. I was one of the four judges to judge this competition and it was a blast! There were all sorts of performances such as singing, dancing, cultural activities and many more. bayan2

June 21st the following day, I volunteered and made an appearance at the Red River Exhibition! It was an early sunny morning with many energetic kids waiting for the gates to open. ex1I handed out big stacks of maps/flyers and greeted everyone coming into the amusement park from 10am-2pm! It was a very hot day, but it was very well worth it thanks to all the kind people that I was surrounded with. ex2

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