Today we made an appearance at the Toronto Eaton Centre and had the privilege to have lunch at one of the mostest unique taco busses. The design and layout of the truck was very appealing to the eye and it made me that much more excited when I was in line waiting to order. Their were more than enough options to choose from, I had a chicken burrito and it was delicious! It was also my very first burrito I’ve had and this place makes me want to eat burritos all the time.

Kaylyn and I enjoying our burritos

Kaylyn and I enjoying our burritos

Other than the tasty food, the staff were welcoming and made this experience super enjoyable, the friendly environment was also one of the reasons why we were able to enjoy this memorable experience. The speedy service was very much needed and well succeeded considering there were only four servers and 82 of us girls! A huge thank you goes out to the Richtree Maimage-2rket for providing us with their kindimage service and making us feel so welcome, your generosity will not go unrecognized.

Feel free to check out their social media accounts if you want more information about this outstanding taco bus:

Facebook: /Richtreemarket

Twitter: @Richtreemarket

Instagram: Richtreemarket

Make sure to insert #Richetreefiesta if you ever post one of your visits at the taco bus.

Written by: Mikaela
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