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Since May is Asian Heritage Month, we came together as a community to celebrate the various Asian cultures! This was the time to acknowledge the beautiful and rich history of the Asian Canadians. The cultural diversity that Canada is known for, comes a long way and strengthens the country immensely. I had an absolutely phenomenal time this past weekend at The Forks being a Co-MC for an outstanding showcase that was put together by multiple talented groups! As the weekend went on, I had the chance to meet many new faces and learn more about my own culture.I also happened to run into Tanya, Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2014! I got the chance to watch her perform and see her represent her culture so beautifully. It was really nice being in such a happy environment and having everyone’s good vibe to feed off of. These Asian Heritage festivities have been going on for 13 years in Manitoba, but sadly it is coming to an end as the month of May is almost over. This experience was unforgettable and I hope to see you all next year celebrating with us! Here are some pictures to give you a little taste of all the fun ūüôā




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Hi everyone! It is a huge blessing to have been crowned the title of Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2015, I am extremely proud to respectfully represent my beautiful hometown! I can’t wait to share this journey of mine to Nationals with each and every one of you for the next year.

I am a young motivated woman who has the intentions of inspiring others to live by who they truly are. We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by social media and the influence it can have on just one person is huge. With a strong passion, I want to encourage young adults not to let social media establish who they are because as a human being we all have the right to live the life we’re given as we choose to. The definition of beauty is within each and every one of you reading this blog, and that is simply being yourself and loving who you have grown to be.

Family is the key to nearly everything that comes my way. I come from a very loving family of eight, who includes my three younger sisters, two younger brothers, and of course, my mom and dad. We are a busy bunch, but never fail to support one another in whatever it may be. We continuously love and care for each other as we believe that it is important to be reminded that neither of us will ever be alone. As for that, I will never stop cherishing this great blessing that I been given.

My academics and my athletics play a huge role in my life as I steadily push myself to improve on every aspect. Throughout the past two years I have been enrolled at Garden City Collegiate Institute, I have managed to make the honor roll each year. As for my athletics, I have been dancing since the age of five and have built an incredibly strong passion over the years. I have experienced a variation of dance styles such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, and tap. I now specialize in hip-hop and have grown to love my dance family, The Project Company, Reality Check and The Empire. The improvement of our skills and talent is endless as we will continue to grow individually and as a team.

For the near future I would like to use my title to raise awareness for¬†poverty, as it is the platform that I have chosen. Not many may be aware, but nearly half the world is living in poverty. We might not see it in our daily lives, but it is happening everywhere on the face of this earth. I want to put the time and effort into making a change in the world for the better and lessen the amount of individuals, or families living in poverty. I plan on volunteering my time to help out in my community as I believe that it is extremely important to be involved. I am also aiming to boost the amount of young adults who believe in themselves and to reassure them that being yourself is acceptable! ¬†Keep motivated and strive for what you believe in, stay updated as this is only the first of many blogs to come! Lastly, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my generous sponsors; Macdon Industries, Pam Godfredsen Photography, ¬†Jill Ma of Promise Fitness, Vickar Community Chevrolet, Jimel’s International Cuisine, ¬†and¬†Salon 28.

Yours  truly,

Mikaela Hope xo

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Ever dreamed of bring a model?Ever dreamed of making yourself known in the industry or strutting down a national runway?
Well you are in the right place! Now introducing Top Model Search Canada sister competition of Miss Teenage Canada (http://www.missteenagecanada.com).Top Model search of Canada is in the search of a passionate young lady who will represent at Canada at Miss Supernational? Top Model chooses the finest 40 talented girls across the Nation and a life time chance to meet with agents across the world!!!so do u got what it takes!!??

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What is Miss Teenage Canada?
As most of you know that I have received an honourable opportunity to compete as a Finalist at one of the largest Canadian teen pageants know as Miss Teenage Canada! (www.missteenagecanada.com) Which is probably most familiar to you as Miss Teen Canada. well what’s that suppose to mean? what…confused!?
Well let me help you clear up the confusion up a bit! Well this goes back in time in 1969 the when the original all time favourite adored beauty pageant was Miss Teen Canada. Which was known home to the country’s beautiful and talented young ladies across the nation. Where women aged 14-17 got the chance to display there bold and graceful personality’s. Which was aired on CTV to all. In 1972 the well known pageant was renamed to Miss Teen Canada. Then In 1990 the pageant was discontinued due to many finical concerns. Later on a new idea was born in 2008 Michelle Weswaldi began the largest Teen Competition in Canada which is well recognized and known as Miss Teenage Canada. Well what makes this pageant any different then another you might say. Well this isn’t your typical beauty pageant. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful as it is Miss Teenage Canada’s moto. MTC has high standards and expectations of all there respected delegates to show your beauty within, brains and many different talents. MTC is open to every girl and has no specific requirements for specific body measurements or height requirement in order to compete . It is also gives out the most prize money compared to many other competing pageants, which is always a benefit. As you win the grand title of winning you will be given the honourable opportunity to represent our proud country. Also how could you forget the amazing and talented panel of judges and celebrity hosts. To be trained and mentor under them being a privilege on its know. well know personality’s such as Shawn cuffie, Rob Campbell, Alison Stephens Belinda Kiriakou and many innumerable others. These are only some of the few highlights what Miss Teenage Canada has to offer and what stands out form many others! One of my personal favourite parts about the MTC is the charity they support called Free The Children and how all the delegates get an opportunity to fundraise for such a humble cause. It has always been a dream of mine to go on a ME to WE trip and that possibly come true through MTC if you have the highest fundraising done for Free The Children. Which has kept me motivated to keep fundraising in my local community along from lots of support from my family and friends. There has been many ups and downs but they key is to never give up and my determination has kept me going. To fundraise for Free The Children I hosted a event at Wheelies Roller Rink which is an indoor skating rink with HD lights and an awesome lively DJ. Despise the horrible weather during the event I had a great trun out and everyone had a blast.It was a family event and I had evryone from young and old to wise and old attend. My youngest skater was 2 and my oldest was 65! Which shows your never to old to have fun!!
Speaking of fun,I can’t wait to take on this journey of competing in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant!To get the opportunity to compete against talented girls across the country!

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Welcome everyone!  My name is Tanya and I would like to invite you to join me as I blog about my incredible journey towards becoming Miss Teen Canada 2014.


Tanya Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2014Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.¬† I am seventeen years old and live in the city of Winnipeg, in ‚Äėfriendly‚Äô Manitoba.¬† My parents are originally from the beautiful town of Shimla in India, but moved to Canada when I was 4 because my father was offered a new and exciting job opportunity as a Chef.

I am a Gold Honor Roll student at The King School.  Although I like to study, I also like to have fun and participate in all kinds of sports, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and do track and field. I enjoy long distance run the most!  I am also very passionate about dance, and do jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, Bollywood and have training in classical dancing.

Taking part in many school and extra-curricular activities helped me create a sense of leadership. Then again, I have always thought it came naturally to me because I love being around and leading large groups of people. This has helped me achieve awards such Women’s League Leadership, MVP for volleyball had the honor of being team captain. ¬†I have also organized events like school sports pep rally, talent shows and am a social representative for the Student Council. And, just between you and me, I am secretly hoping to work my way up to Student Council Vice President. ūüôā

Amazingly enough, I do have spare time, so I volunteer at Concordia Hospital and at Bethania Nursing Home three times a week.   I also volunteer at various yearly events and fundraisers.  I enjoy working and helping people.  The best part of my day is seeing a smile on their faces and knowing that one tiny little detail made a big difference. This job has taught me many life lessons on who I want to be and what I would like to do in the future.  I want to inspire and dedicate my free time to others. I want to be a role model to all young girls and encourage them to achieve their dreams; I want to show that a person’s true beauty is from within.

For this reason, I am very blessed and honored to be chosen as a finalist for the National pageant Miss Teenage Canada 2014. I am very excited to have received this once in a life time opportunity and cannot wait to make the most throughout my year of reign.

Stay tuned for more,

Tanya, Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2014

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Official Photo from Miss Teen Canada World Photo Shoot

This has been an absolutely amazing year serving as Miss Teen Winnipeg World 2013! Good-byes are always the hardest, so instead of saying good bye this is my final farewell to this blog and to the reigning title but it’s not forever, this is my ‘Until Next Time’ blog. It has been a dream come true being a title holder but above all a role model! I would like to say thank you to all my family and friends that have loved and supported me in every way and I would like to give a huge thank you to my amazing sponsors that made my dream a reality.

My hope and wish for the next Miss Teenager Winnipeg and all contestants competing in the pageant this up coming weekend is that you beautiful ladies enjoy yourself to the fullest!

National Pre-Liminations

I can’t wait to meet all of you wonderful ladies and share this once in a lifetime journey with you! To all contestants, you are a winner already, this experience is not easy but just having the courage to step out into the spotlight and be different is an accomplishment to be extremely proud of! To the next¬†Miss Teenager Winnipeg, I will proudly and humbly pass on my crown to you with joy and I hope that you will embrace this opportunity that you have been given with open arms and do with it the most you possibly can! It’s not about filling the past title holders shoes, it is about wanting to show the world your talent, stand for something you whole heartedly believe in and are passionate about, and being an honest and admirable role model to everyone you meet!

Manitoba Representatives at the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 Pageant

I have grown to learn that this is not just a pageant, but a sisterhood of lifelong friends that become your support and community. This journey over the past year did not come easy, it had its ups and downs, from knee surgery to stepping out on a national stage and representing my Province, to promoting my platform, sharing my story and traveling the world.

I don’t have a stamp on my forehead that reads ‘Pageant Queen’ I am just¬†a normal girl that has big hopes and dreams for my future! I decided to take a leap of faith, step out of my comfort zone into the world and see the changes I could make. I encourage anyone that has a dream, no matter how crazy or far fetched it may seem, it is possible to do anything you put your mind too!

This is not the end, rather the beginning. If you would like to keep watching my journey unfold follow me via Twitter (@missteenwpg2013) or Facebook (facebook.com/MissTeenWinnipeg2013).

I am honored and grateful to have been able to take part in such a wonderful adventure with so many amazing people! Thank you once again to everyone that was by my side since day-one! I can never fully show my gratitude for what the support has meant to me!

I cannot wait to see and meet all of you beautiful and remarkable ladies this Saturday! Watch for the Manitoba Title Holders Advice video, coming soon! Good luck and just have fun with this whole experience because it will go by too quickly!

Until Next Time,

Harlee Ostash
Miss Teen Winnipeg World 2013
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Myself and Alyssa, another fellow MTCW lady from Manitoba!

I arrived here in the beautiful city Toronto, on Saturday at noon. The fight was great and it was amazing to meet all of the ladies for the first time as I have been talking to them on Facebook, texting, and or Twitter! I arrived at the hotel and started to get to know my great and totally down to earth roommate, Hannah. Instantly we clicked and have some much to talk about our similarities and difference which is great because there is always something new to talk about! Just before dinner all of the delegates for the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 Pageant were welcomed by a party and we got to meet and

Myself and Miss Teen Canada World 2012!

talk to lots of our great and amazing sponsors for this years pageant! The one’s in¬†which we met with and talked to on Saturday night were Hi-Tech, Golden Glamour Goddesses, Me to We, PS by Pretty Sweet, and Schwarzkopf Professional. I also got to meet for the first time ever, the reigning Miss Teen Canada World 2012, Megha!

Sunday, this was our first full day and it was very packed full and exciting. We got spoiled and pampered, hair and make up was done for us to complete the high energy video and photo shoots.

Hair and Make up done for Interview

For both I wore my bright yellow dress from the provincial pageant! I loved it so much I had to wear it one more time! After this long afternoon we had interviews with judges, had dinner and off to bed to a very early start to my morning!

Bright and early, and I quite literally mean BRIGHT

Breakfast Television!!

AND EARLY! My roommate and I woke early in the morning at 4 am to start this day packed full of great events! We hopped on the bus and drove to Breakfast Television Toronto for an interview with all the girls and a few ladies got to talk about their great and interesting facts. My roommate was chosen to speak because she comes from a family of 10 children! We went for breakfast in a beautiful forested area in Toronto called High Park and had a quick bite before heading off to the Distillery District for a great scavenger hunt full of amazing prizes. I got the honor of finding the tickets that allowed me to enjoy a

Laying more than 100 feet up from the ground on a glass floor in the CN Tower!

piece of chocolate and a fresh cookie!¬†Very yummy!¬†We got to visit the CN Tower. This was my first time seeing the CN Tower from the ground level (I have flown over and stayed in Toronto’s airport more than once). Going up¬†in an¬†elevator and 1000 feet in less than a minute is not only amazing but an experience of a lifetime! Learning the history behind the building that is world famous was nice because I had done a project on it for school many years ago! Time for a SHOPPING SPREE!! Costa Blanca gave each of us $50 to spend as we pleased, I spent it all on an adorable necklace and a dress that I wanted to bring to the pageant as I saw it in Winnipeg and the opportunity came to buy it and¬†I wasn’t going to let it pass me by this tim! My¬†dress and blazer¬†for my pageant interview are¬†from Costa Blanca! It is a great store that is affordable if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe! Finally to end off a packed and filled day we went to

Chloe Wilde the newest VJ on Much Music!

Much Music to be in their live crowd of New Music Live! It was very unique to be in an audience for a live broadcast and I will never forget it! Chloe Wilde is the newest recruit to the Much Music VJ (host) team. Every year Much Music makes a TV¬†show as they travel the country to search for the next new fresh TV host and personality. When this show was airing I had been recovering from surgery and was staying at home. This was a show that I got involved with and enjoyed to watch, live tweet, vote and talk to the VJ’s. From the start I cheered Chloe on as there are similarities between us and meeting her was an amazing treat!

Myself and my bus buddy, Amy before yoga!

Today was also an earlier morning packed with fun events! To started off the day getting some great energy. We went to High Park¬†for breakfast again, as it was so delicious! We than attended a great and fun yoga class and got their walking in our brand new shoes from Hi-Tec!! The yoga class was very motivational and fun to part take in as I am still recovering from my knee surgery but it was a painless way to exercise. This was a great surprise and indication that the hard physio training is working and paying off. A room filled with 65 beautiful ladies that are passionate about fitness and¬†full of¬†high¬†energy, was like no other class I’ve ever attended! We then came back to the hotel to start rehearsals for the final show!

Garage Shopping Spree!

Dancing is one of my biggest passions and it is exciting to start dancing again! To finish off another great and long day… SHOPPING SPREE!! This time at Garage!! I bought a comfy sweater for the cold winter nights in Winterpeg and a very cute sundress that I am planning to wear here!

Thank you for reading as I am going to bed to get up for another day packed full of goodness! Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!

Yours Truly <3

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On June 19th and 21st, I volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Every year they hold a Big Bike race and all of the money raised goes to help end heart disease, conditions and strokes once and for all! This bike is quite literally a Big Bike, it seats 30 passengers including a driver. There are 8 bikes that travel this country every year in support of the Heart and Stoke Foundation. They do not only travel to the biggest cities but they go where ever someone is passionate about giving back to the Heart and Stoke Foundation.

In 2007, 4.7% of all Manitobans had heart disease. Each and every year in Canada there are an estimated 70,000 heart attacks each year. That’s 1 heart attack every 7 seconds! In 2013, strokes are the third leading cause of death in Canada. On average 14,000 Canadians die each year due to strokes.

Aorta is the red vein at the top on the diagram

Every time I vounteer I always have a reason. The Heart and Stroke Foundation have touched my life and my families life in a very profound way.¬†December 21st, 2011, I got a call from the hospital saying my Father would not live if they didn‚Äôt get him into surgery immediately. I rushed to the hospital to say my goodbyes and after 10 hours of open-heart, life saving surgery he was in ICCU (Intensive Cardiac Care Unit). By God’s grace he‚Äôs still here!¬†We now know that my Father’s aorta split and was leaking blood inside his chest. He has been diagnosed with heart disease and is working through it. Heart Disease is hereditary, so there is a possibility that I could develop heart problems. Eating healthy with a low sodium diet and exercise, is what I am doing to fight against heart disease. Without the necessary funds to do research in treating heart problems, my Father, short of a miracle, wouldn’t be here today. This is why it means so much to me to volunteer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The time that I spent helping the different teams get organized to go on the Big Bike for a ride was very meaningful and time well spent! I helped take team pictures with the front banner held by the team captains typically, then I put the banner on the front of the bike for all by passers to see who was supporting such a great cause.

This event was so touching to be a part of! If you are look for your risk factors, health low sodium diet ideas, or wanting to donate please visit The Heart and Stoke Foundation’s website!

Yours Truly,                                                                                                            Harlee Ostash


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