Lets be honest, we have to meet people in order to be successful. Beauty pageants are an excellent way to meet new people. From the producers, to the photographers, to the venue director, to the other contestants and of course the sponsors.  Networking is vital in today’s society if you want to succeed in business and/or in your personal life. Pageantry gives you a window of opportunities, this world ties in with the entertainment world! So, it opens doors to modeling, acting, hosting, advertising, fundraising, performing, and much more! Even if you want to speak out about things you are passionate about for philanthropy points of views as well! However the main reason why I join the pageant because it would give me opportunity to help people I never put my self in front first I put others than myself I don’t know why but I think I was born for helping people I know it might sound silly but I have a feeling because I can give up everything for someone who needs help that’s the main reason why I join the pageant. I’m not a showing off person when I good something good for people I never take it out side I’m not sharing with anyone because I think it needs to be from your heart not only for posting on Instagram or tweeting or posting on Facebook. I don’t do that much of social media because of it’s not like I don’t like anyone to do know I just do it from my the heart and I think posting is not the main thing and not nessary.

The most important of a million reasons to enter a beauty pageant is to build self-confidence. Even if one does not win the contest, the act of participation itself might be quite a way to boost your confidence, if not taken to the extremes. After all, despite the claims made by various groups, everyone likes to know that they are somehow appreciated, be it for their intelligence or their looks. As with most things in life, if taken to the extreme, one could base their whole self-esteem on what others may think but we are talking here about positive life changing experience! I don’t think I’m pretty or beautiful or I deserve to win but i know that if I’m in now and I’m Miss Teenage Winnipeg that means a lot competing for the main crown gives me a lot of power i want to show other girls who has low self esteem and don’t think that they are beautiful as well as girls who are coming from others parts of the planet that they can do something like this and they are derisive and prove it to everyone else that they are strong and confident girls who know what they want from life. 

Beauty pageant are fun. There is nothing like getting dressed up and being seen by other people. Girls, we all love the long evening gowns worn at pageants. As a young child, most of our favorite pastimes was playing dress-up, pretending to be a princess or a singer onstage. The glitzier, the better: velvet, taffeta, and silk, trimmed with beads, sequins and rhinestones. Pageants give you a time to dress to the nines, wear the sparkly jewelry, put your hair in an up-do, and enjoy the spotlight.Taking this interest a step further, you can research the colors which work best with your hair, skin and eye color. Then analyze your figure to find the most flattering styles to accentuate your good points. Take modeling courses to help you walk gracefully and with good posture. This could also lead to paying modeling jobs. 


Written by: Diana

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