What is Miss Teenage Canada?
As most of you know that I have received an honourable opportunity to compete as a Finalist at one of the largest Canadian teen pageants know as Miss Teenage Canada! (www.missteenagecanada.com) Which is probably most familiar to you as Miss Teen Canada. well what’s that suppose to mean? what…confused!?
Well let me help you clear up the confusion up a bit! Well this goes back in time in 1969 the when the original all time favourite adored beauty pageant was Miss Teen Canada. Which was known home to the country’s beautiful and talented young ladies across the nation. Where women aged 14-17 got the chance to display there bold and graceful personality’s. Which was aired on CTV to all. In 1972 the well known pageant was renamed to Miss Teen Canada. Then In 1990 the pageant was discontinued due to many finical concerns. Later on a new idea was born in 2008 Michelle Weswaldi began the largest Teen Competition in Canada which is well recognized and known as Miss Teenage Canada. Well what makes this pageant any different then another you might say. Well this isn’t your typical beauty pageant. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful as it is Miss Teenage Canada’s moto. MTC has high standards and expectations of all there respected delegates to show your beauty within, brains and many different talents. MTC is open to every girl and has no specific requirements for specific body measurements or height requirement in order to compete . It is also gives out the most prize money compared to many other competing pageants, which is always a benefit. As you win the grand title of winning you will be given the honourable opportunity to represent our proud country. Also how could you forget the amazing and talented panel of judges and celebrity hosts. To be trained and mentor under them being a privilege on its know. well know personality’s such as Shawn cuffie, Rob Campbell, Alison Stephens Belinda Kiriakou and many innumerable others. These are only some of the few highlights what Miss Teenage Canada has to offer and what stands out form many others! One of my personal favourite parts about the MTC is the charity they support called Free The Children and how all the delegates get an opportunity to fundraise for such a humble cause. It has always been a dream of mine to go on a ME to WE trip and that possibly come true through MTC if you have the highest fundraising done for Free The Children. Which has kept me motivated to keep fundraising in my local community along from lots of support from my family and friends. There has been many ups and downs but they key is to never give up and my determination has kept me going. To fundraise for Free The Children I hosted a event at Wheelies Roller Rink which is an indoor skating rink with HD lights and an awesome lively DJ. Despise the horrible weather during the event I had a great trun out and everyone had a blast.It was a family event and I had evryone from young and old to wise and old attend. My youngest skater was 2 and my oldest was 65! Which shows your never to old to have fun!!
Speaking of fun,I can’t wait to take on this journey of competing in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant!To get the opportunity to compete against talented girls across the country!

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