I was born in the beautiful small town of Ukraine I’m the oldest in whole my family the first child in the family always a big deal everyone was taking care of like I’m a princess no surprise why my family named me Diana. When I was a child my mom had to work really hard to get enough money for living my mother was 18 years old when she had me my father was 26 years old he was 8 years older than my mom. My dad always shown that he loves me but he never taken care of me like my mom did basically I can say that I grow up without father when I was 3 years old my mom had to leave to Poland for her it was a hard decision because she had to go there for 2 months and she had to leave me home she didn’t trust my dad because at that time he was not responsible. My mom decided to leave me to her older brother who was only 19 at the time he was with me for 3 months and never.complained that it was hard to babysit me he became like my dad because he showed that loves and care about me compare to my real dad. When I was 7 years old God decided to take my uncle, he died in the horrible car accident right after his engagement I always told him that I will be taking care of your kids like you take care of me but life is not fair. He didn’t have a chance to do that this incident had a huge impact on me I lost my speech for 3 months I closed up and the only thing I did it was taking to him though the picture and going to his favorite place. One day I heard my parents conversation that I am still children and I will forget everything but that is not how it works I remember every single moment I spend with him. Every day after school I didn’t go straight home I always went to his grave and spend all day there I did my homework there I always felt like he was beside me and he is helping me. 

When I was 8 years old my mom applies for a work visa in Canada I understand really clear that there is no way she can take me with her. My mom left me with my grandmother I was living with her for 2 years my mom always came to Ukraine in summers for 1 month but it wasn’t enough for me I always needed someone who will understand me, I love my grandma but the best is from the mother and no one can sub it. For me, it was difficult because since childhood I was taught that I need to be strong and deal with everything myself. However it never happened I grow up as a really responsible person and the person that everyone can rely on but I never learned how to be strong emotionality it’s super easy to hurt me emotionally but the best thing out it I can deal with it I know how to not giving up on something that is important to me. When I was 11 years old my mom did student visa for me so I can come to Canada and live with her I was super excited not for moving or going to a different country I was excited that I can finally be with my mother. It was not easy to move to Canada I had all of my family in Ukraine and all of my friends there it was super difficult to learn the language because it’s the third one it was not easy to make friends it took me 3 years to make friends but the reason why I wanted to stay in Canada because of my mom so she can give me better life. After 3 years living in Canada, I understood that it is my country and I want to live here for ever I loved this country with all of my heat. But I never forgot where my roots from 5 years have the past and I never went back to Ukraine to visit my family it was difficult my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a ticket and I understand that because she working hard to give me everything. When I was 15 years old I made decision to go work I got the job at pizza place I started working in January and in June I saved up money enough money to buy my self a ticket I was working really hard 5 to 7 days a week I never asked anything from my parents because I know how it’s not easy to make money I felt it on my self I was working and going to school at the same time. But I know why I was doing that I wanted to go back to Ukraine to visit my family and make them happy I made enough money, I brought some money with me and most my money I donated to War zone and kids who had to run to a different city because go the War. After Ukraine I understood how hard is it to live there and how hard it is to survive there I came back and I went full out working the money I was making I donate there and I was helping my grandmother and my uncle in Ukraine they never asked me but I knew how hard it is for them to get that money. That experience bright me to different level it given me more strength and my boss offered me manager position I was working every day going to school and I always trying to find time to spend with my family that made me really independent and prepared for real life but my mom blames herself that I never had children and that I grew up so fast but it’s not her fault it’s only my but I know the things I did not wrong it’s all right. That whole experience made me be wanted to be successful and being successful doesn’t mean to me being available making a lot of money to spend only on myself and entertainment the reason is I want to be available to help my family and other people who need the help and can’t afford something I know from my own experience that there are almost 0 people on earth that can do those things and I want to be the one.

Written by: Diana

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