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Amateur femdom babes get their bdsm bondage on with teacher
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(This one is a short one because I was more focused on school time more than play time; but I got plenty of both.) Well I am now a junior and have to declare my major for my degree, with all of my basics out of the way, I decided that I liked my sociology and psychology classes the most. For those classes I decide to declare a dual major in both, so I was assigned a new adviser Dr. Puddles. Yes you can imagine the nicknames and ideas his name congers, but he turned out to be a good adviser and teacher.

I never had the opportunity to meet with him before classes, but he was to be my sociology instructor. The class was to be a large one, according to my class slip, about 150 students were registered so I figured the class was going to be auditorium style.

When I found the room 3 on the slip it was not where or what I thought it would be. It was a small class room that would only hod about 30 students at the most. The room was packed there was already about 100 students in there and it was standing room only. At about 3 minutes before the first bell we were crammed in there shoulder to shoulder and everybody was extremely restless, tempers were starting to flair.

Comments were being made about our situation and the poor planning of the administration. Everybody in the room was uncomfortable and I noticed this guy by the door and he was highly agitated when the first bell rang and there was no sign of Dr.

Puddles the guy by the door was getting really upset and stated “It is time for class and we don’t have a teacher! If he is not here by the second bell we can go and not be counted absent!” he tossed his long wavy black hair and adjusted his glasses. When he did his books fell and I could not help notice his tight jeans and tank top, he filled the jeans and shirt well. You could tell he worked out an caries a nice bulge in front, when he bent down to pick the books up it showed me his nice round ass and I had to lower my books to hide my erection.

The second bell rang and another student said “Let’s go and get some air! We have been sardines long enough!” she headed for the door but that Guy standing there blocked her way.

“Hi, I am Dr. Puddles and no one is going anywhere for at least ten minutes.” there was a long break as the muttering subsided. There are a few simple rules to be milf on milf lesbian passionate in my class.

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This is our class room on our scheduled days and time but you only have to attend one of those classes per week, the same lecture will be given each of those days and your assignment for the next week which you will turn into my office by 3pm on Fridays. Before you leave here today you will be assigned to be in study groups of 6 and you will decide who is going to be in charge of turning you assignments in, one report as a group with your individual names on it. On grade will be given for each report, but each of you will have that grade logged onto your record.

As you file out register your name and get a number then wait in the hall.” As we stepped out the door we gave him our name and he handed us a number card, when I got to him he checked my name off but did not hand me a mom son fuck hot xstorys fevretlist instead he said he had to talk to me after we were done with this.

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When he was done he stepped into the hall and told everyone to match their numbers and that was their study groups. Get to know each other because each of you are responsible for the others. This week I want you to decide what you want out of this class and what you expect delinquent teen taught lesson and fucked by angry couple me, remember to turn it in by Friday, this room will be open to you during regular class hours if you need to use it as your first meeting place.

Now go on and do whatever it is you do.” The crowd dispersed but I noticed they left and stayed in their groups. Dr.

Puddles turned to me and said to walk with him to his office, we had some small talk along the way but nothing that strikes my memory. He placed his stuff on the desk which faced the wall of his small office and there was one chair between the file cabinet and book shelves.

He sat and he motioned for me to sit, I was glad I was able to lay my books in my lap. "Trey, I noticed that you have declared a double major, that is a lot of work, so I decided to wait on putting you in a group until I am sure you can handle it. There are a couple of other students I am thing about having you work with.” He adjusted his crotch and apologized "These jeans are a little tighter than I remembered.”" he had a lovely smile that mesmerize me and I barely heard anything he said.

Then to my shagrin he continued "I have seen some of your, um how do I put this, antics on campus last year.(he rubbed his crotch again) I think I have the perfect project for you. It is a long term project that will take you several semesters to complete if you plan on staying in this field.

And I am sure you will like the perks.”" I smiled at him and noticed that what he was adjusting his now erect cock which was strained against the denim "I think I am up for the challenge and yes my plan is to become a group grief counselor.” I paused to see what he was going to say or do next.

Nothing happened except that our eyes were still locked and I could tell he was lost in another place and time.

His hand was massaging his dick and I was doing the same with mine when the noise from my books falling broke the trance. Both of us bent down to pick the books up and our heads collided he touched my cheek and asked if I was okay which sent tingles down my spine instinctively I put my hand over his and said "I am fine.

Do you need help with that?”" he snickered and told me I was the one needing the help motioning to my books with his eyes. With my hand still cupped over his I slid to where I could take is thumb in my mouth sucking it and with my other hand I put it on his crotch and massaged it. Dr. Puddles eyes rolled back and I stopped sucking his thumb, smiled and said "That’'s the help I was referring too!”" He had that dazed look in his eyes again.

With him in that state I unfastened his jeans lola foxx and johnny sins home study starting sucking his shaft through his briefs.

He responded by running his hands through my hair falling to the passion set before him turning me on even more. He tried to pull me up to him, I could tell he wanted to kiss but I was not going to give up my desire for his hard throbbing cock.

I kept on sucking him harder the whole front and ball sack area was sopping wet making his briefs almost transparent. While sucking him his hands got more firm as he started pumping into my face, this got me to the point that I had to free my own cock. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock and balls out stroking myself and was fascinated by the action he was seeing.

Sweat was dripping from his face, muttered moans and groans mixed with "oh yes, suck me, kiss me and oh no" was all I could hear and I knew he was close. I started pounding mine harder and faster and moaned vibrating his cock and I could feel the cum jetting out while still confined in the wet briefs.

When I could taste his delicious cum I exploded in his jeans leaving a puddle of my cum in the center. I stood up and gave him the deep passionate kiss he was craving, smiled and said "I see why you are DOCTOR PUDDLES" When we regained our senses he explained that he had saw me in action in the bathroom at the study hall and got off then left as quietly as he came in. He was planning to initiate contact then but decided being a professor it was not appropriate to do so but had been fantasizing about me for the last year.

From that night he had been following me hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore the shadows learning my name and when he saw what I was declaring as a major saw the opportunity to ask to be my adviser.

Dr. Puddles, Dan, thought that the perfect sociology project would be: The effects of man to man sex displayed in public on the gay community. And gave me a list of places to explore other than on campus. I was eager to take on this task so he gave me the names of two others to help me and I recruited a few of my own helpers. The first place on the list was at a mall not to far from the campus, it was not a busy mall because a new one was built on the other side of town and was getting most of the business being new and a novelty for the town.

I walked the mall and saw several guys obviously cruising each other so I looked at the the mall map kiosk and found where the bathroom was located because I have never noticed it before. When I found it I knew why, it was up a set of stairs going to the mall office and a meeting hall, when you opened the door there was a long hallway with the sinks at the far end.

When you got to the end there two urinals beside then with a brick and tiles wall and a narrow passage to three stalls. The bathrooms were as wide in the back as the hall up front, I realized that it was behind the ladies. I went down the stalls hall and all were empty so I started to leave when the door opened so I decided to pretend to pee. This nice looking man I would say was in his thirties cam in and stood next to me, glanced over and I could see he was not peeing either but instead shaking his limp dick as it started to firm up.

It was pretty, thick and uncut which made my own cock spring to attention, he smiled and with out a word walked down to the last stall and I followed.

He took off his shirt and threw it in the stall floor then dropped his pants to the floor not to pass up the invitation and tried to drop to my knees but he protested and said for me to strip too.

It was hot thinking that someone might walk in on us in the middle of the hall like that, but we had time to slip into the stall before someone would see us. Then he started kissing me firm in my mouth then sucked on my neck while he ground his body into me. The way his massive cock and mine were wedged under our balls I did not know who was trying to fuck who but it felt good: good to both of us. Without saying a word it was decided the first person to cum was to be the receiver of the prized tool.

He was so into me and I into him that we did not hear someone come in, it was a young guy, maybe 15 or 16 that stood there and jacked off while his eyes were fixated on us.

We caught a glimpse of him but did not care as he came closer and my new sex partner smiled and turned me to him and ran his dick up and down slowly on my ass crack as he jacked me. The boy came closer still jacking I reached out to take his firm cock in my hand but the minute my finger touched it he shot his load on my dick and partners hand.

The warmth of his cum aroused the two of us and then I felt the penetration and the boy zipped up and took off, I think my yelp scared him off. I laughed and started to ride back on that 7 inch thick cock spreading my ass cheeks to give him better access. The whole time he was working my meat with one hand and pulling my rio busted katt sucking her bf hard cock and joins for a some with the other.

We must have been locked together like dogs in heat for a good 20 minutes until our legs were wobbling and so we moved to the toilet and he sat me down and school girl sex xxx belgium riding my cock facing me.

The feeling was so intense and the seat was making loud clicks as I slammed his ass with all my might and worked his cock. His hand grabbed over my hand his other arm around my neck.

We kissed with the fire we felt coursing through our bodies and we were drenched with sweat trying to put that fire out. It did not take us long before he shot his wonderfully large and thick load all aver our chests and when his ass tightened up it milked me for every last drop of my seed. He did not want to get up which did not bother me because I wanted to savor the moment. When he finally did stand up my cum spurted out of him all over my cock and balls.

He got down on his hands and knees and licked it all off of me then pulled me to my feet kissing me deep and we got redressed. As we were leaving he slapped me on my butt and I felt his hand slide into my hip pocket and he gave me one last kiss.

"I will see you again lover, rite?”" and he ran down the steps. As I was giving my report to my associate I reach in my pocket to find a note there.

I read it and handed it to Travis he seduction and art from india and exotic bollywood it and smiled, the note said: "I think I want you to be my lover! Call me if you feel the same! Love Brent" he signed it along with his address and pone number. I was not sure but I think I want to find out more! A few weeks later I was invited to a local clinic to observe a Psyciatric lecture and folow an inter for a few days. When I got there I gave the receptionist my letter and she [laced it in a file box and said thet my escort and intern would be with me shortly.

I was shocked to see Brent walk in from the back office and pick up the letter. Hy heart jumped and I swallowed deep. He looked at me and said to follow him. I stood and made sure my bookbag was covering my front which had strted swelling. As we steped into the back office he smiled and whisperd "Don't worry, I have the same problem when I saw you. I was hoping you would call me, now I see why you havn't. You were too busy with your classes." he put his hand on my shoulder wich reassured me that things were cool between us.

We stopped by the lounge and got u s some coffee and heded to the meeting hall. He sat beside me durring the lecture and I found it very hard to listen with his hand rubbing my leg.

I finally put my hand on top of his to hod it still and winked at him. After the lecture we stopped by the batroom before stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade first patient.

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He leand over an kissed me "Are you more comforble here?" and laughed. I punched him in the shoulder and said "we are supposed to be working and you showing me what you do here!" We had two appointments the rest of the day which I found to be very interesting. When the day was finishe we went to the loung area and reviewed the what I learned and felt I sould have been shown.

What an open ended question and I had to bite my tongue before answering. As we talked I explained to him that I liked Sociology and I liked learning how the brain works, but psychiatry was not what I wanted to do. He had a puzzled look on his face then smiled at me. "I have an idea!" he said excitedly.

"How about coming over to my place for dinner tonight and I will tell you about some options.?" I was caught off guard and stammered, "I don't know &hellip. is it ethical to see yiu outside of work?" He laughed and said we had already broke that rule in advance. "See you at 7 then? I know you have my address because I slipped it to you the first time we met." I tried to make an excuse and siad that I turned in all of my research material. But actually I had written the name and number in my personal notebook and had already walked past his house a couple of times.

He smiled and looked at me and said "I had a feeling about you then and I think you kept my name and number somplace safe. Because I never told you my first name was Brent. I introduced myself as Mr. Carter." he winked and repeated the time. I got back to the fraternity house, took a quick shower, told Devon about my day and dinner invatation.

He smiled and asked "Am I hearing the chime of love bells?" I punched him and said "Don't put the cart before the horse!" I picked out a nice pair of slacks and pink oxford shirt, dockers with no socks. Grabbed my notebook and jetted out before anybody could stop me and ask me more questions.

I jumped on my bike and rode the 5 blocks to Brent's apartment. I did not even have a chance to knock on the door when it flew open and Brent was standing there smiling. "Get in here and have a seat on the sofa. I will go get us a drink and joun you.". He went off to the black babe rides a hard cock like a pro and was back with two drinks; it was obviouse the he had them pre-made.

He handed me one and sat beside me. "I hope it is not too strong!" then he gave me what I have come to recognize as is do no good smile.

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I took a sip and my eyes popped wide. "A bit heavy on the bourbon there bud! Are you trying to get me drunk?" I pretended to be light headed and laid my head on his shoulder. He gently rubbed my head and cheek to the point I got goose bumps at his touch. I looked up at him and smiled "Don't stop that feels good.

So what is your big idea?" he jumped up real fast. " Oh shit! I hope it isn't burning! Damn!!!!" he ran to the kitchen. I jumped up and followed him. He opend the oven door and smiled. "Good . it is okay!" He pulled it out of the oven and set it on the top of the stove.

I took a big whiff and it smelled so good. It was some kind of fish but I could smell the garlic and onion. He could see the puzzeled look on my face and said it was one of his specialties Lemon Pepper and Herb Roasted Talapia. He had a salad and fresh cut vegetables in the fridge to go with it.

I glance over and saw that he already had the table set with a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice. It was a round table but the place settings wer sid by side and there were some books on the other side of the table.

He smiled and said we should eat before it got cold. He took me by the hand and pulled out the chair and let me sit. Then he turned and got the food from the fridge and placed it on the table, then the platter of fish which I never noticed that he had fixed karlee gray xxx sexy story. He sat next to me and poured each of a glass of white wine.

He looked at me and asked if I minded if he said a blessing for the meal. I agreed and he took my hand explaing that he was taught to hold hands because whenever two or more were together God was present. He squeezed my hand tight and started "Our heavenly host, we come to you tonight to thank you for the gifts of friends and food. May you use these to nurish and fill us with your blessings. We asked this in your Sons name.

Amen" then he squeezed my hand again. I smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. "That was so sweet, nice, and honest. I agree with that completely." I rased my wine glass and he did the same. "To new friends!" we clinked glasses ant took a sip. The meal was exceptional and the best fish I ever had.

It was moist and flakey with just a hint of lemon. The brocolli, cauliflower and carots were so tasty with the herb vinigrette dressing he had poured over them.

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I patted my belly in appriciation Brent reached across the table and pulled the books to us. He looked at me seriously for a change. "Do you know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psycologist?" he paused and gave me a chance to respond. "I thought they were the same just sifferent names?" he laughed and proceeded to explain the differences that a psychiatrist could oly ask questions and make you discover you own solutions and deal with the physical skinny nerd teen girl movie night madness and a psycologist could make suggestions based on research and knowledge.

He told me the books were for me to keep and for me to decide what direction I wanted to go but that "socialogy and psycology made good bedfellows." I laughed at that and asked what was for desert as I finished the last gulp of wine.

He gave me that devilish smile and said "I thought you brought that!" I gave him the same smile and said: "I think I might have something in my pocket." and I squeezed my crotch. We ended up spending the night together and made love about 5 times both topping and bottoming for each other.

(But sorry to disappoint, we did not become anything more than friends with benefits.) MORE ESCAPADES TO CUM!