Cogiendo con su prostituta en un hotel

Cogiendo con su prostituta en un hotel
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The majority of people in this story actually exist. I used some friends of mine to fill parts. Also, this story is mostly fiction, but there are some things that are true. To which things, I'll leave you guessing.

I am young, so don't judge my writing to harshly. But any comments, negative or positive, are welcome. Enjoy Let me start off by describing myself, so you'll get a good image. My name is Brittni. I'm 18 years old, 5'8, I have an average body, dark brown hair that extends about a quarter ways down my back, pale skin, light brown eyes, D size breasts, and a clean shaven vagina.

My face consists of snake bites, a tongue ring, and small gauges. I'm pansexual, I do quite a bit of drugs and I party way to much. Now here's my story. Traveling had always been a big part of my adventures as a teenager.

Get a couple kids together, scrape some change, borrow someone's car, then take off in any direction until we run out of gas. My best friend, Brandon, was always in on all the road trips.

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Mainly because he was badass and had a car that ran. Brandon is about 5'11, perfect body, longish dark hair, amazing blue eyes, face full of piercings, completely gorgeous, and gay.

The last little detail had always gotten to me, because that meant he wasn't available to someone who had a vagina between their legs. Anyways, there was just 5 of us, on our way to Austin, Texas.

We didn't necessarily have a plan in mind, we just went to go. Let me fill you in on who was all in the car. It was Brandon, Joey, Travis, Nick, and I. Since you already know what Brandon and I look like, let me describe the others. Joey has jet black hair with blood red streaks and patches that extend to the bottom of his ears.

He has hazel eyes, a slim body, he's about 6'3, and is always dressed in skinny jeans and some random band tee on. Joey was my first love. I fell for him a couple years ago, but he had a tendency of disappearing alot, so we broke it off. I still have a huge thing for him though and we still secretly mess around.

Travis is around 5'7, kinda chubby, hairy all over, orange hair that's semi long, blue eyes, and I swear I've never seen him not dressed in shorts and a band tee.

He's my current boyfriend, but I'm not usually the faithful type. Nick is my favorite. He's a Gogo dancer and drop dead sexy! He has a somewhat athletic build with pretty big biceps, a very tan chest, a sexy v line, and really muscular tennis legs.

Tall, brown hair, brown eyes, pretty much a perfect specimen. He's also bi and I could tell Brandon kept eyeing him. So, here we were, driving down the road, with Joey, Travis, and I in the back. And Brandon and Nick in the front. Travis had fallen asleep and Joey must have noticed because he gently squeezed my hand, getting my attention, and slipped his hand between my legs. He rubbed the insides of my thighs and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Suck my fucking cock". As soon as his words were spoken I could feel his hand pushing hard against my pussy, his teeth sink into the side of my neck, and my head being pushed down to his crotch. He had always been like this. Very dominate. Expected to get what he wanted, when he wanted it. I had always obeyed, because, to be honest, it made me fucking wet. So I pulled my hand out from under me and unbuttoned his pants.

When I slid down his zipper, his cock practically jumped at me, slapping me across my cheek. He lifted my head, bringing me up to kiss him. As we kissed I glanced down at his enormous cock. I had never been able to get over how big it was.

10 full inches, slightly thicker than the average, and it had 2 solid veins that I always fancied kim zuluaga transexual story porno of how hard they throbbed inside me.

He broke our kiss mid-thought and forced his cock down my throat. I instantly started gagging, only having about 6 inches in. Usually, I would have been louder becuase he loves to hear me choke and gasp for air, but Travis was about 2 inches from me and I knew he wouldn't have liked this site. Joey pushed my head furthur onto his cock. I stuck my tongue out more and started sucking as hard as I could.

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Swirling my tongue all around his dick, as he grasped my hair harder and made me bob up and down on his cock. I grabbed his cock and stroked it, meeting my lips everytime he pushed my head down. With my other hand, I had his balls, massaging and urging them to explode. I could feel his body begining to tense and I knew he was close. I opened my throat more, taking his cock as far as I could, with still being able to breathe a little. Sucking with greater force and squeezing his dick harder.

Suddenly, his body completely tensed and he shoved my head all the way down on his cock, emptying his load straight into my stomach.

After he waited a few moments, he released me, returned his dick to his pants, and, with a kiss on the cheek, he layed his head against the window and shut his eyes. I cuddled up to Travis, hoping he didn't witness what had just happened, and fell asleep.

When I awoke I was laying in a hotel bed next to a pile of duffle bags. One of the boys must have put me to bed when we arrived. I stretched, noticing I was quite sore for some reason. Poking at different parts of my body to see why, I discovered that I was still soaking wet and my body must have been aching just from the car ride. My pussy was throbbing, so I glanced around the room looking for someone to assist me. Everyone was gone. Well, so I thought.

I heard the bathroom door shut and Travis walked out. "Hey baby, sleep well?" "Yeah, I guess" I responded, getting up and walking over to him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed lightly down my neck. I really didn't care to have him take his time on me and my pussy was still screaming for attention, so I ran my hand up his back, to his head, and grabbed a handful of hair.

"You're gonna eat my pussy until I cum and if you fuck up even once, I'll fucking bite your dick off, kay?" I growled. He quickly shook his head yes causing me to slap him across the face. "Yes what?" I spat at him. "Yes mistress". He looked so pathetic bent over in front of me with my fingers locked in his hair, dragging luscious maid nicole aniston gets doggystyled by boss pornstars and hardcore over to the bed.

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I shoved him onto the bed and he scrambled to lay flat. His face look so inviting. Almost like he had "Sit on me" tattooed all over it. I slid off my pants along with my soaked panties and crawled beside him.

He stuck out his tongue and glanced at me. He was such a good little pet. Of course he saw me as his lovely girlfriend, but I thought of him as nothing more than a submissive puppy that was fun to kick around.

I wrapped a hand around his neck and began cutting off his air supply. "Beg for it." Being able to treat him like shit and make him beg for something, he knew if he messed up on, resulted in him being punished, was satisfying.

I choked him with more force, "Please mistress, please let me eat your pussy. Let me make you cum with my tongue. Please!" he managed to choke out. I released his throat and got on top of him. My knees pinned down his arms and my hands were placed over his crotch, applying light pressure to his dick. "If you don't make me cum in five minutes, you won't be able to fuck for awhile" I said pushing down hard on his dick making him groan.

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"Yes mistress". I lowered myself onto his face. As soon as my pussy was in his reach, sexy milf titfucking with toy on webcam dove in, sending a shock of pleasure through my body.

He attacked my clit first, pushing his tongue hard against it, swirling it all around. He slid his tongue down, flicking it across the opening of my hole. He shoved his tongue as far as it would go inside me, exploring the inside of me, digging his tongue into every wall of my pussy. I could feel his nose brushing against my asshole. If he did a good enough job, he knew he'd be rewarded with getting to lick it.

He continued tongue fucking me as I moaned and grinded against his face, letting him go deeper. He slid his tongue out and went to sucking on my sexual fucking with a sexy amazing babe. He must have sensed he was running out of time, because he sucked and licked like it was the best tasting thing in the world!

My knees slipped off his arms and he took a finger and inserted it in me. I slapped his dick as hard as I could through his pants and I could feel him bite down on my clit, in pain.

"You were not told to use your fucking hands" I yelled, punching his crotch once again. The vibrations from him groaning actually felt good on my clit, so I hit him again. "I didn't tell you to fucking stop you little bitch!" "I'm sorry mistress". He licked my clit with a greater speed now, randomly sending his tongue down to taste what was dripping out of me.

As I came closer to orgasm, I sat up, cutting off all air for him. He focused only on my clit now. Licking, sucking, biting. My legs began to tremble and my breathing got heavier as I came all over my little pets face. I collapsed on him and mumbled for him to clean me up, which he happily did. Licking all over my thighs and sucking my pussy dry of any cum. I rolled off of him and smiled.

"Good boy". He grinned and got up to go wash his face. -Let me know if you'd like to hear the rest. (: