Hottie horny couples baby and jordi in a hot threesome sex with milf ashley

Hottie horny couples baby and jordi in a hot threesome sex with milf ashley
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Its 3:00 am, and Phil and Clair Dunfy are sitting at home worried sick about their 16 year old daughter Haley. She went out earlier in the night with one of her friends that everyone knows is a slut, named Jenna. Clair was wearing her wooly nightgown pants, and a white tank top.

Her ass was so nice you could see it bounce side to side in the baggy pants as she paced across the living room floor waiting for Haley to arrive home.

Finally, Haley stumbles in petite teen whore smalltits and group sex front door, looking sexy as ever. Phil had been noticing his daughters newly found body, and can't help but imagine fucking her fit little ass. She is wearing a tube top with no bra, but since she has such nice small round perky tits, she looks just fine in it.

Her skirt is pulled up so high her pink thong underwear is showing, but she's too drunk to notice. "Where have you been young lady?!

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We've been worried sick about you!" says Claire "UGH leave me alone! I was out with Jenna and we met some cute guys. I am grown up now mom, I can do what I want!

She drunkenly yells back. Phil can't get a word in. He can't stop looking at how sexy Haley has become. Now he knows she is sexually active, and all he can picture is ripping that tube top off her, bending her over and fucking her right there on the spot.

"You are not grown up, you are 16 years old! You are still a child. You don't know enough about boys to be out all night with them", says Claire "Well what I do know is that you and dad don't have sex a lot anymore, and I don't know why because dad has a huge dick. From what I remember you guys use to have amazing sex." Said Haley with a drunken smile "WHAT?!

How do you know about your dad's dick? You are sick, he is your father for Christ sake!" "Well I can't help but notice the bulge in his pants when he sees me in a bra and panties when I come down for breakfast in the mornings." "Phil!" yells Claire, " you look at Haley when she's in her underwear, that's disgusting!" What Phil and Claire didn't know was that Haley had been spying on them have sex ever since she found the pleasure her pussy could give her.

Starting when she was ten, Haley could overhear her mother moaning on the other side of her bedroom wall. She would get naked and walk down the hall to her parent's room. Opening the door just a crack and ever so quietly so not to disturb them, she would sit in the hall rubbing her clit and fingering her tight preteen hole to the sight and sounds of her sexy blond mother being fucked senseless by Phil's massive cock.

Watching her father give her mother orgasm after orgasm made Haley soaking wet. Sometimes she would bring things to fuck herself with while she watched, usually the handle of her hairbrush. It fit nice and snug in her virgin cunt. She wanted to feel like her mom was feeling. Haley secretly longed to fuck her father, but wouldn't ever admit it. "Claire, I can't help it. Haley has quite the little body, and she prances around in basically nothing.

Its not my fault", said Phil This sparked an idea in Claire's head. She licked her lips, and turned to Haley. Walking up to her slowly, looking her up and down as she said, "You know, she does have a sexy little rack doesn't she." As she ripped Haley's tub top off her tits exposing her daughters perfect 34 B cups. She had pink little nipples, which were already erect from the cool outside. The instant Haley's tits were out, Phil felt his dick tingle. This was a wet dream come true for him.

"You've become quite the young woman, but you probably don't know the first thing about pleasing a man, do you?", says Claire. "Um mom, I don't feel comfortable being naked in front of you guys" Claire looked back at Phil with that sexy smile she gives him when she's super horny. Turning back to her topless daughter she said "well you better get comfortable, because we are going to teach you a few things tonight.

Look at you dressed up like such a little slut, and probably don't know what you are doing with a dick." Haley was nervous but excited. She was really horny too, as the guy she was with had just been fingering her in the car on the way home, and she just wanted to get off so badly. "First things first, I think you need to be punished for coming home so late", said Phil "That is a fantastic idea Phil", said Claire as she grabbed her topless daughters arm and horny veronica has her wet snatch drilled her forcefully over to Phil.

He sat down on a chair and then bent Haley over his knee. With her tube top around her waist, and her ass up in the air so her pink thong was the only thing covering her ass, she was ready to be punished. The sight of his sexy daughter bent over his knee practically naked was making Phil so hard. He could cum right there on the spot. But he had better plans. "Dad please don't hurt me. I'm sorry ill do anything. Anything you want!" Cried Haley Phil smiled and put his hand on her soft ass cheek.

She looked back at him with a look of anticipation, almost like she actually wanted to be spanked. Phil lifted his arm and slapped his daughter's ass with authority. "OW FUCK" She screamed. Haley was spanked as a child, and she always loved it. He alternated cheeks, ruthlessly spanking her sexy little ass until it was bright red. After a few minutes she started to say "OHH Mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen GODD Yesssssss, spank me daddy.

I've been a bad little girl!" "Claire, I think she likes this too much." He said Phil leaned back and spread Haley's ass cheeks to take a peek at her panty-covered pussy. He saw that she had gotten so wet that she had soaked her sexy pink panties!

Claire was standing in front of them watching. She loved watching her husband be so cruel to her half naked slut daughter. Claire couldn't wait to whip out Phil's dick and suck it. She was getting wet, and couldn't handle it any more.

Claire grabbed her daughter and stood her up, grabbed her face and instinctively kissed her. She started rubbing Haley's pussy, only to find that she was already dripping wet.

By this point, Phil was hard as rock. He stood up and pushed Haley and Claire down on to their knees in front of him. He dropped his pants to his ankles exposing his 10-inch hard dick right in front of his wife and daughters face. "Ok honey, now let mommy show you how to give a blow black beauty and hot bethany benz gets her holes destroyed by lex masturbation interracial. Watch and learn ok?" said Claire, as she looked up at Phil with those gorgeous green eyes.

She grabbed the base of his cock and started stroking it as she got into position. She then lifted it up and licked from bellow the balls, along the bottom of the shaft, to the tip. She then twirled her tongue around the tip for a few seconds, before she engulfed all ten inches of his hard dick into her throat. Haley was shocked how far her mom could take that dick. Claire slid the dick almost all the way out and back in like a professional for a few minutes, before she stopped to give Haley an opportunity to suck off her dad before he blew his load.

Haley's mouth was watering with anticipation. She couldn't wait to wrap her lips around her dads beautiful dick. She couldn't take her eyes off of it, and couldn't wait any longer. "Ok honey, now don't worry if you cant get it all in your mouth&hellip." Without waiting for her mom to finish the sentence, Haley started licking her dad's dick all along the sides.

She then put the tip in her mouth. Without hesitation, she then deep throated as best she could. Phil's head snapped back as Haley took his entire dick into her throat! Just like her mother, Haley didn't have a gag reflex, which had now come into handy.

Watching his sexy brunette daughters head bob up and down on his dick was incredible. She had saliva dripping down her chin on to her tits, and was rubbing her nipples with it. She gave an amazing blowjob, she like it like her mother and was a natural.

She was rubbing his balls, and used no teeth. Phil then grabbed the sides of Haley's head, keeping it still, and started to fuck it.

Haley was able to handle this, and seemed to like it as she was looking up at her dad with her pretty brown eyes without blinking as she got face fucked by his huge cock.

Claire then ripped off her shirt revealing her perky tits. They weren't big, but they were beautifully shaped and had perfect pink nipples what were as hard as Phil's cock. She then got under Phil and started licking and sucking on his balls while Haley sucked the shaft. Having both his wife's and daughters mouths on his dick felt incredible, he knew couldn't last much longer like this.

Sensing her dad was close to an cock hungry babe gets what she wants, Haley picked up her speed and started to slurp down his dick with a goal in mind. She wanted to taste her dads warm cum more than anything in the world.

The two worked as a team, and sucked his dick and balls like it was their job. Phil was about to burst as his balls shriveled up, and his dick got harder. He kicked his head back and shot his load into Haley's mouth.

She didn't miss a step as she swallowed it all down like a pro. Clair and Haley kept sucking his dick and balls for about 10 seconds after he had cum, and this felt incredible. His legs eventually buckled from the most amazing blowjob he had ever had, and he fell back on the couch behind him.

He then opened his eyes to see his daughter and wife both getting completely naked in front of him, both looking at him with a look of intense lust.

His dick, which was starting to go soft, immediately got harder than ever at the sight of Haley's completely shaved wet pussy.

"Ok Haley, now it's your turn. Lay down on your back." Said Claire She got down on the carpet in the living room, ready for whatever happened next. Her dad got down on his knees and spread her legs and looked down at her moist pink teenage pussy.

It was so cute he was hard as diamond. "Haley you have the nicest little cunt, it looks just like your mothers" Phil bent down and licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top of her clit. "Ohhhhh goddd" she moaned Phil massaged her clit with his tongue, going around in circles. He used the same technique he uses on Claire, figuring that his daughter would also like it. And he was right. She was bucking her hips into his face as he tongue fucked his daughter. She was squirming and arched her back, loosing control of her body.

"Ohh daddy lick my pussy. I love your mouth on my pussy please don't stop. OHHH my goooooddd YEESSS" she yelled Phil then slipped his middle finger up her pussy as he licked her clit. She screamed even louder.

She was a screamer like her mother. As he fucked her with his finger he noticed that she was able to take more. So he added his index finger and she freaked out in lust. "ohhhhhhh fuuuuck dad! I love you ohhh goooddd yesss!" Claire felt left out, so she walked around behind Phil, who was bent over, and licked from his balls up to his asshole. She buried her face in his ass and licked it clean. Claire was a dirty girl. She would do anything slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore please her husband.

Phil then rolled onto his back "Sit on my face honey" he said to Haley. She immediately stood up, straddled his face and lowered her virgin cunt into his mouth. Claire wrapped her mouth around his throbbing cock, deep throating and choking on it.

Haley tasted so amazing in his mouth, and his wife was giving him the best blowjob she'd ever given him. It was so slopped and she was working so hard.

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Then the two girls switched. Claire sat on his face, as Haley worked his cock in her mouth. Claire fucked her husbands face rubbing her pussy juice all over his mouth. Haley stopped sucking her dad's dick to look up at her mother riding his face. She was amazed, never had she been so up close when they were naked, and her mother had such an amazing body. Watching her have an orgasm on her dads face was the hottest thing she'd ever seen. She was so fucking horny but felt weird to say something.

After Claire had her orgasm, she got off her husband, and watched her baby sucking off her husband's huge dick. She was so small and cute, and she clearly was a fast learner, as Phil loved her mouth around his dick. Phil stopped her as he was dying to fuck his daughter's virgin pussy. "Get up, now its time for the real learning to happen" he said to his daughter.

He took his daughter and laid her on her back onto Claire's, who was already sitting on the couch. With the back of his daughter's head lying on Claire's chest, Claire was in the perfect place to play with and hold Haley's perfect tits.

Phil then spread Haley's legs and opened up her pink pussy. "I don't know if you will fit in there daddy. I'm nervous you'll rip me." Said Haley "Don't you worry, ill make it fit. You just lay there and enjoy" he position his cock at his daughters entrance. He was about to stick his dick into her when Claire said to him, "honey, I want you to fuck her just like you fuck me.

She's a dirty little whore, she can handle it. I want to watch her cum on your dick" Phil then took his saliva covered dick and pushed into his daughter tight puss "AHHH FUCK" she yelped He knew she was in pain, but he continued to pull out and push in a littler harder each time.

After 6 pumps, He was balls deep inside his daughter, and she was soaking wet. "OHHH DADDDDYYY FUCKKK MY PUSSY.

Fuck me hard! I want you to fuck me hard like you fuck mom! Hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats her knees against her body, Phil slammed his daughter's pussy relentlessly.

She was so tight. Claire was behind her rubbing her hard pink nipples. Haley just lay there as her parents gave her the most amazing pleasure she'd ever know. Phil fucked her like a machine for about 3 minutes, before she started so bounce back with all his thrusts. She was looking him in the eye, screaming, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me.

FUCK ME HARDERRRR Daddy" He knew she was close to coming as her eyes were rolling back into her head and she could barley breath. Clair also noticed this as she reached down and started rubbing Haley's little clit, as Phil picked up the speed. Haley stopped moving or a few seconds, before she started to squirm on his dick. She had an amazing feeling building up inside of her and it was about to burst.

She had never felt this ever in her whole life. "I THINK IM CUUUMMMMIIIINNNNNNGG" she screamed She tightened up and came all over her dad's huge cock, spewing her juiced all over his dick. She was in completely heaven. She didn't want it to be over. That was the best orgasm she had ever had, and she could barely open her eyes. Phil then pulled his cock out of Haley, and stood her up. "Ok baby, your turn. He took Claire, and bent her over the arm of the couch. Her perfect ass was up in the air, with her clean butt hole looking him in the eye.

Clair looked back without saying a word, and spread her cheeks, giving Phil a perfect look at her pink insides. He grabbed her hips and slammed his whole cock into her already wet pussy. "OHH YESS BABYY, give it to me, make me cum in front of Teen bath hd poor tiny jade jantzen she just wanted to have a fun vacation with her had fucked his sexy blonde wife in front of his daughter before (without knowing) but this was by far the most intense sex they'd ever had.

He fucked her ruthlessly, ever time he thrusted the SLAP of her ass was so loud they ran the risk of waking up the other two children. This was not sensual sex, it was aggressive and instinctive sex. "Fuck my slutty pussy. Fuck me harder. I neeeed to cum, im gunna explode", she yelled.

Haley was slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore on the ground fingering her pussy to her parents having sex like she did when she was a little kid. But after having her dads lick and fuck her pussy, that wasn't enough. She felt left out. She stood up and walked over to her mother. She put her pussy in front of Claire's face, grabbed her mom's hair, and yanked it back to get her attention.

Claire said " Oh god baby I want to taste your little pussy" Clair grabbed her daughter's ass cheeks, and pulled her pussy to her face. With her mouth buried in her daughters crotch, and her husband fucking her from behind she was on cloud nine. To her enjoyment, Haley's pussy tasted wonderful.

She could eat it forever. Phil fucked her so hard and her pussy started to tremble. He knew she was about cum, and he sped up, just like he always does. " OH BABY OH BABY OH BABY IM GUNNA CUMMM PLEASE DON'T STOPPPPP" He roughly fucked her, as she arched her back and grabbed her tits. After a few seconds Claire went limp, and lay there still with her ass in the air, unable to move. Claire was catching her breath, as a new idea popped into Phil's head.

He stood up and walked over to Haley, giving her a strong kiss. He stopped abruptly, and looked her in the eye. Without saying a word, he bent her over the arm of the couch, so that she was still standing, and her face was on the cushions where her mother was still recovering from a world shattering orgasm. Haley's perfect tanned ass was up in the air. Phil could see that she was still wet, as she was dripping down her leg.

He slapped her ass and she let out a scream. Phil wanted to cum inside his daughter, but he didn't want to get her pregnant. "Ok Haley, I want you to reach back, and spread you ass apart for daddy", said Phil as he took his daughter's arms behind her back and placed them in each ass cheek.

She did just as he said, unveiling her perfect little butt hole. Phil got down on his knees and buried his face in Haley's ass. She thought it was weird at first, but the feeling of her dads tongue on her asshole felt amazing, so she went with it. After he got it nice and wet, he stood up and slid a finger into her tight ass. She was Startled at this, and looked at her mom in terror.

"Don't worry honey. It feels really good, I promise you will like it." She said to her daughter as Phil fingered her asshole.

"Why don't you taste my pussy to take you mind off the pain?" said Claire as she positioned her pussy in front of Haley's face. Haley still had her hands on her ass cheeks so her face was buried in her mom's pussy, and she loved it. Nothing tasted as good as Claire's pussy. She felt jealous that Phil got to have it whenever he wanted. Phil then took his hard cock and placed it on his daughter's asshole. He rubbed it around for a second before he entered her.

Haley gave a scream of pain, but Claire's pussy muffled it. Haley loosed up really fast, and within fifteen seconds, Phil pointers on how to pound mature pussy like sarahs blowjob amateur able to fuck her asshole as he pleased. He slammed his 10-inch cock in and out of her asshole, as she moaned.

Haley was being used as a sex toy for both his mom and dad, and she loved it. Nothing felt as amazing as being fucked in the ass by her dad while eating her mom's pussy.

Phil fucked Haley's ass as hard as he could. He noticed that she liked it rough, so he took a hand full of her hair, and yanked her bead back. She lifted her mouth from Claire's pussy and was being suspended by her hair. Haley started to feel an orgasm coming on, as she started to scream louder and louder.

"OH MY GOD DADDY FUCK MY TIGHT ASS HOLE IVE BEEN SUCH A BAD GIRL. PLEASE PLEASE FUCCCK ME FUCK HARDER DADDY!" Hearing his daughter beg for his cock made Phil need to cum. He pounded his daughter's ass for another thirty seconds before he couldn't hold it any longer. "OHHHHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDD DADDYYY IM CUUMMMMINNGG!!!!!!" screamed Haley, just as her dad exploded a massive load of his cum into her ass.

Phil had never had such an amazing orgasm, not even with Claire. He pulled his dick out of his daughter ass that was still propped up on the couch arm. He saw his cum dripping out of her asshole, as she lay there unable to move, trying to catch her breath.

That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, you two are amazing." said Claire. Phil sat down on the other couch, completely drained from fucking his wife and daughter. While catching his breath, he says "That is what will happen every time you come home after curfew, ok Haley?" She turned to him red in the face and nodded.

"Ok, now go upstairs, shower, and go to bed." Without saying a word, Haley picked up her cloths off the ground and walked her fit naked ass up the stairs to her room.

Claire turns to Phil and says, "Why don't you fuck my ass like that?" "I did that to punish her, but she liked it! How was I supposed to know that she would have an orgasm?" "Ok, well why don't you brave young beautiful girl fucked by old shlong me upstairs and fuck my ass like you just fucked my daughters", says Claire as she stands up still naked and walks Phil up the stairs.

To be Continued…