Spy vid of housewife caroline fingering in bedroom masturbation and masturbate

Spy vid of housewife caroline fingering in bedroom masturbation and masturbate
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As my fingers plunge in and out of my hot dripping pussy, stroking that pleasure spot deep inside, my thumb was rolling around a sensitively engorge clit.

Laying face down my hips buck wildly towards the mattress while muscles clamp down, gripping, trying to entrap those stimulating digits. A spark jumps from my pussy, turning into a massive jolt running up my spine to end in an explosion in my fever brain. The bright searing light burns away any thought. Wave upon hot wave floods from my groin, washing through my abdomen, to break upon my rock hard nipples and aching breasts. With my face buried in the pillow, muffling my voice as I scream, "I… 'mmm… ccuuummmmiiinngg… Aaaahhhh." A shattering shutter racks my body as I gush out my slightly viscous nectar into the fluffy towel waiting beneath me.

Since the first time I came in my bed and had everyone except my sister, who knew the truth, thinking I had accidentally wet my bed in my sleep, a towel has been a part of my bedding. Like an earthquake with after shocks, the powerful orgasm gave way to ever decreasing orgasms slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome finally I became aware my sister Carol's soft moans as she masturbated in her bed.

Normally, as our nightly custom, I would turn away from her pretending not to hear her and fall asleep enjoying the whimpering gasps of her orgasms. But not to night. I'm just too turned on from the sounds of her enjoyment, knowing that she's turned on and horny because I was playing with myself. Naked, I stealthily creep over to her bed. In the dim light I see she is on her back with her eyes squeezed shut. Her pajama bottoms are down around her knees and her right hand resting on her auburn patch with the middle finger disappearing in glistening school madam and student xxxx story. Her pajama top is unbuttoned and her left hand squeezing and kneading the soft firm globe of her left breast, the index finger rolling and toying with the hard rubbery nipple.

I stood there a few moments, enraptured at the magnificent vista of my beautiful sister in the throws of pleasure. Then leaning over her bed, I simultaneously put my mouth over her opened gasping mouth and with right hand pushed her hand away taking over the care of her slippery wet pussy.

My finger diving in immediately found her sweet spot at which point her eye flew open and a shocked looked broke upon her face. Her hands grabbed my shoulders and pushed my up just enough to free her from my kiss. "Wwwhhhaat are you doing," she stammers.

"I would have thought that was obvious." "Nnnoo, I I mmeeaann I I why?" I wiggle my two fingers that are inside her while my thumb strokes her swollen clit. "Nnnggaaaahhhhhhh," she squeals. "Do you want me to stop? I will.

Just say the word." And with that I stop moving my hand ." "Nnnnooooooo! Dddoon't sssttoppp! Feeelsss ggoooodd," she cries out as her left hand grabs my hand trying to get me to move it again. She moans as I start administering to her needs. Her eye closed again and a satisfying smile brandished her luscious lips.

"You know Carol, I've been every mean to you. I sorry that I hadn't realized it sooner. I actually thought teasingly showing myself off to you would make you happy. I didn't know how much it tormented you.

You see for a long time now I've known that you like girls. And when you started looking at me the way the boys do, well it got me excited that my sister, who's three years older then me, was getting as hot over me as our big brother Billy and his friends.

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I thought of my being naked in front you as a reward for you finding your skinny almost shapeless sister so attractive. And I teased you and Billy by dressing kind of sexy, though I really do like wearing those clothes, just to see your nipple get hard and a bulge in Billy's pants. But now I can't stop thinking about sex.

I look at a guy crotch first before looking at the rest of him. And since the first time I licked my fingers after cumming I've been drinking my own cum so now when I look at a pretty girl, I find my self wondering how her cum might taste. I must be a sicko." My sister pulled my hand away. And while she was pulling it towards our faces she says in a husky lust laden voice, "I don't think it strange since I think the same way when I see an attractive girl.

So here see what you think of my taste." With that she sticks my fingers, coated with her juice, into my mouth. "Well what do you think? Is it good?" "Mmmmm… Dewishes." Carol laughed. "Don't talk with your mouth full. Babygirl." By the way I think I should mention that my name is Nancy, but everyone calls me Babygirl because when I was born my original birth certificate registered my name as Baby Girl.

My folks got it changed to Nancy but as a joke they called me Babygirl and it became my nickname. "I said delicious," I repeated after pulling my fingers from my mouth. Suddenly something touched my pussy and looking down I see my sister's right hand between my legs.

After rolling her hand around my still wet pussy, coating it from wrist to tip, front and back she sticks it in her mouth. "Fuway, woor foody fafey foo." I pull her hand out of her mouth. "And you talk about me? What did you just say," I laughed. "I said 'say, you're pretty tasty too.'" She chuckled. She reached up and pulled me down on top of her.

Her right hand again between my legs as mine dives into her pussy. With her left hand pulls my head to hers to partake in a long passionate kiss as our tongues explored each others mouths and we shared our moans of pleasure. After a while I broke the kiss and started a trail of every wet licking kisses down her chin along her throat, then around each of her firm round breasts pausing to play and nip at those rubbery nipples before heading farther south across the flat plane of her abdomen, though the forest of auburn curls then ending up falling into the savory flow trickling from the canyon between two long curvaceous legs.

I straddled Carol's face and lowered myself onto her hungry mouth. Our tongues and mouths explored and exploited each others juicy slots until I felt the start of another intense orgasm. Then… "Oh god… Oh god, Babygirllll, I I I goooiinngg tooooo cccuuummm!!!" "Mmmmmeeeee ttttooooooo." "Let's cccuuummm ttooogeeetherrrrrr." "Aaaahhhh" "Ooohhhh fuck yessssss" "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Gggguuuuhhhhh" Carol was gurgling as I gushed into her mouth. Afraid of drowning my sister I pulled away from her mouth and sprayed her neck, breast, chest and stomach. As I was showering me sister with cum I heard the 'snick' of the door to the bathroom that we share with our brother. Was our brother watching?

And how are we going to explain the round ass lass with red stockings on rides the dudes shaft bed.

Well that can wait until morning for right now I licked my sister clean of my cum. She removed her PJ's and we laid naked in my bed caressing each other until we fell asleep. ************ The next morning the door knob rattled followed by a soft knock. "Girls time to wake up. Breakfast will be ready in a half hour," coo my dad. "We're up daddy. We'll be down soon," I cheerfully chimed back.

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"Babygirl are you already up? Are you feeling OK? Is something wrong?" "Daddy!! Really!! I don't always sleep in." OK, so most of the time I do. He doesn't have to be so mean. As our dad's footsteps diminished down the hall I went back to lapping up my sister juices from between her legs. "Carol." Shlrup.

"I suppose…" flick, lick. "We should…" shlurp. "Aaaahhh… Yyeeaahhh." "Is that 'ah yeah' an agreement to get ready or your enjoyment of my mouth?" "HUH?" "Carol, daddy said breakfast will be ready soon. Should we get ready?" "He did? When?" "While you were moaning in my crotch. And it's a good thing you locked the door." "Why?" "Because daddy try to open the door?" "Oh. I see. Well thanks to you Babygirl I need a shower." "Me too." A fun thought struck me.

"Uh… sis how about taking a shower together?" "OK" I grabbed my 'Cum Cup' off the dresser and head for the bathroom.

As I'm sitting on the toilet, I start to pee in the plastic Halloween Vampire goblet that I use to catch my cum so I can drink it. I think I'm addicted to my own cum though I do like my sister's its just that she doesn't produce much. My sister joins me in the bathroom just in time to see me pull the pee filled cup away and bring it to my lips.

"Wwwhhaattt are you doing???" she cries out in a horrified look. "It's OK. I already went earlier so this is the second time." I said in a mater-of fact way. She look torn between gagging and a terrified, confused look. "Why? I take it back you are a certifiable sicko!!" "I read that drinking pee is good for your health. But it should be the second time you pee and you should drink a lot of water first." "That's disgusting, Babygirl, how can you?

Gggaaagghh." "At first I couldn't but I remember reading about a hypnotist that gave a subject an onion and told them it was an apple. The person ate the onion like it was an apple and when they woke up they could still taste the apple not an onion." "So what." "I made a self hypnosis tape telling me pee tastes like apple juice." "And it worked?" Without a word I drank deep the golden elixir from the goblet.

When I finished I look these british grannies are blessed with a high sex drive her hazel eyes and asked, "Does that answer your question?" I wanted to laugh at the stunned expression on her face. "You might want to close your mouth. Besides looking like a fish out of water, your mouth is making such a perfect circle any guy seeing it would get hard in an instant." Her mouth slowly started to move as a puzzled look washed across her face.

"Huh… whaaa…" Mimicking her opened mouth I stuck my middle finger in and out of my mouth. The gesture sank in and she cracked up laughing. "You little perverted slut." "Don't tell me you're jealous of your baby sister now." "What? Are nuts? WHAT do you mean?" Again with the confused look. "Well you called me a perverted slut, right." "Yeah, so. That's not a compliment." "Are you sure? A pervert has a broader range of sexual enjoyments than say a prude.

And a slut or whore by the use of the term, one is acknowledging that she enjoys sexual encounters more frequently. So from a lusty standpoint it is a compliment." And with that my fingers dive deep into her pussy as I clamp down around her pubic bone from both sides. As she gasps at the harsh gesture as I blatantly say "So are we taking a shower before breakfast or not?" I pull her to the tub. She grabs a tuff of my hair and pulls my head back, hissing, "SO miss tough guy, you want breakfast huh.

Then get in the tub!" on her command I do as she orders. "Now get on your knees." I do so. "You want breakfast then open your mouth, you fuckin perverted slut." For some reason my nipples were getting hard and my pussy is getting wet.

I was getting turned on by my now dominatrix sister. God I must be a pervert. Oh well I might as well just enjoy it and see were it goes from here. "So the bad girl likes this." She says as she leans over, her face against mine. "No. I don't like it," I cried out. She licks my face and jerks on my hair. "Such a bad wittle girl, lying to your big sister like that, your body doesn't wie, see how hard those wittle nipples are?" she says in a child's pouting voice.

Sticking her fingers into pussy and pulling them out, she hold the slick coated digits in front of my face, sliding her thumb across them. "And your widdle pussy doesn't wie ether." "Are we weady fow our bweakfast?

Now open wide," she say as she stands up. "Since the wittle pervert likes 'wee wee'," she hold me so my mouth cover her pussy. "Then here breakfast. And dwink it allll up." She lets louse a steady steam of pee.

I try to drink as much as I can but there's way too much and the rest of the warm scented, golden liquid washes over my neck, breasts and body.

When she finally finished I lick her pussy clean. I was so into the golden shower that I don't even know when Carol had released me. She bent over and slipped her arms under me, helping me to struggle to my feet all the while laughing. When I was finally standing unsupported she echoed my earlier thought, "My god, Nancy, you really are perverted. You should have seen your face as my pee flooded out of your mouth. You looked like you were in heaven." Carol turn and started the shower, the real shower, and a stream of ice cold water hit my face and chest.

"Aaahhhh! That cold," I shout. "EEEEEEeeeeeee. You right." And she adjusts the temperature. 'SNICK' "I think Billy has been spying on us, Carol," I said in a conspiring whisper. "What you just now finding out about our peeping tom brother." "No I know he was watching last night." "Was that the first time?" "Ah, yeah. Why?" "Because the boy has been watching you for ages now.

I think the only reason he hasn't tried to rape you is because you're his sister. He watches you in the bathroom, when you run around naked in the bedroom; I even caught him pulling back your covers while you slept naked. You have no modesty, you shameless hussy. But ever night he watches you masturbate.

And it's your own fault Babygirl. You encourage him with what you wear or rather what you don't wear smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad the short skirts and no undies." "I didn't knowww… thank you for telling me.

Hey, big sister I got an idea. Will you help cure our big bro's problem," I said in a meek childlike voice.

"Oh, oh. Now I'm scared. I'll do what ever you need, but I don't know whether to be happy for Billy or feel sorry for him. Babygirl, what is going on in that deviously perverted, slutty mind of yours?" With that we finished washing each other, which took a little longer than normal and went down for breakfast.