Milf emily is shy but despearte for her orgasm

Milf emily is shy but despearte for her orgasm
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Well it all started when my brother and I became latchkey kids.

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We found dads old Penthouse mags and then the porn tapes, then we found each other! One nonevent full day in the hot as hell heartland of Kansas we put in the original copy of Taboo with Kay Parker and watched it from start to finish. He looked at me. "I'm as hard as a rock.its not gay if you do it with your brother is it?" And with that bro and I were naked in bed exploring each others body's!

I'm the older one of the two of the time i was 15 and he was 13. he was hitting puberty and I was taking every chance to rub a load out i could! We were stroking each other and chatting about Kay's massive tits and the mega hot black chick in the movie.

He made the comment: "I wonder what cum taste like? The blond girl spit it out after Paul put it in her mouth." I said " How bout you suck my dick and ill cum in your mouth?" he thought for a second and said "Why don't we suck another at the same time and see who cums first?" we that was it!

he got on top of me and we went at each other cocks like we knew what we were doing.

And in about 5 mins he shot his first load ever in my mouth which in turn made me shoot off like a rocket! he swallowed every drop. He looked at me and said."I don't know why she spit it tasted fine." Well we were jerkin and sucking each other off for a few weeks. then he invited a friend over to spend the weekend.He said that he likes to suck cock too! After a day of fun at the city pool we were back home and our parents left us and said they would be back around midnight since they were going dancing at the club!

Dads porn tape came out and we went to our bed room.In 5 mins we were naked and doing a triangle Blow job.Nick.the friend says i want to hump you.I didn't know what he meant but I just smiled. he pushed me on my back and spit a lugie on my cock and rocked his ass up and down his crack!

It felt great but it was dry quick.needing bro ran out the room and came back with a sandwich bag with clear stuff .he said it was some of the KY from the bathroom and we wouldn't forget to put it back if he had it in a kid!

Nick put some on my cock and went back to riding my cock and i was stroking his.i moved my hips a little bit and the head of my cock slipped in his sex games amaze adorable chick very much His eyes got as big as dinner plates.but he slid back and slowly took more in.

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my brother said "Is your cock in side him?" i smiled and said "Yep it feels great!?" he proceeded to ride my cock slowly, taking deep breaths with every stroke. My Bro put his cock to my mouth and i started sucking him with the intentions of making him cum as fast as i could.

Which wasn't long. Nick had a pace that was getting me ready to blow off soon.My Bro asked him how it felt."ITS AMAZING!" he blurted out! Bro looked at me and said i think i want to try it too! I told him to lube up and lay on the floor.i look at Nick and told him.its time for u to get sum.he mounted and slowly pushed in his cock in my bros ass.he was stroking slowly and i asked if he liked it.he looked up at me and smiled and said "This feels better then anything ever!" I said "Wait till you get to fuck some ass too!" Nick was keeping a pace that Ron Jeremy would envy!

I slid around behind him and put some lube on my cock and tried to slide in Nicks ass.the position was wrong and wouldn't work. so Bro layed on his side and Nick put his cock in and i got behind and slid in my cock in Nicks ass.this chain was awesome!! we fucked for about 5 more mins and my Bro said i want to fuck too.I said well i guess its my turn come on around behind me. Well that was my first time fucking.fist time anal sex.Now I was about to let my little brother plumb my ass.I don't know how those two took it in so easy but it hurt like a first!

In no time. I Rolled off Nick and got in a dogie position and told him to fuck my ass it felt soo good!! Shortly after he said he was going to cum.i said don't cum in me!! he pulled out and run to the bathroom.i asked nick if he wanted to pound me to finish.with out a word he slid around behind me and proceeded to fuck my ass as wild as you can believe.That little fucker shot his load in my ass!!

i thought well you will pay for that. i pulled him down on his back and put his knees on my cute girl loves to masturbate on webcam fingering and homemade fucked him missionary style till i was going to cum.i got to the brink and i was going to fill him full.but i pulled out and bathed him in hot sticky spunk! This was a regular thing with my and my little brother all the way threw high school.

I let him read this last week, for reasons unknown.he said he got with Nick recently and fucked like old times.we all are married and have kids.and you would never know it. He said that they talked about getting me involved next time but didn't know how to approached me about it.

To be continued!!