Milf in black lingerie fingering slippery pussy

Milf in black lingerie fingering slippery pussy
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It all started at the very young age of about 9 or 10, just before I moved to my current residence. I had a cute cousin named Sara (I will call her Sara, I won't use her real name) who I horsed around with at that ripe age, she being 2 years younger than I. Neither of us knew anything about sex, besides that a guy has a cock and that a girl has a pussy (Obviously we didn't use that lingo). But anyways. I had Sara over for a friendly sleepover one night, and since I was an only child she had to sleep in my bed with me.

The night crept on and it seemed like forever, I couldn't fall asleep. I don't know why, but I had extreme best mates aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south florida urge to uncover ourselves to see Sara's bare feet. I remember this. she had the most perfect little toes and arches, the cutest small feet I've ever seen.

I had found my new love. I couldn't help myself but to take her right foot in my hand and bury my face in it, taking in the aroma. It was too late now, I started licking up and down her arch, and sucking on each individual toe. I couldn't believe what I was doing, I was so young and never experienced something like this before.

To my surprise, Sara never woke up during this whole ordeal, so I continued the same procedure with her left foot. Moments later I stopped myself, tucked her legs back into bed and went to sleep as if nothing ever happened.

I did this every time she came to sleep over, and she eventually caught me in the act.

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She couldn't think of what to say besides why I would do something so "Disgusting" like that. I simply told her "I don't know".

She told me in the end, that she actually liked it, which made my heart race. From that time on she would let me do the same thing to her feet that I did that one night, every chance we got. Not only that, we finally got to the point where we would she each other our "goods", I would show her my cock, and she would show me her pussy.

We didn't do much other than that, besides cuddle in bed together and she would often dress up for me.

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8 years later I am now 18, she 16. Dwelling in the back of our minds we still knew what went on when we were kids. I drove Sara to school everyday (me a senior, she a sophomore.) We always had great conversations and we never had any problems or quarrels. Every morning, especially during the late spring/coming summer, I would pull up to the side of her house to pick her up for school.

She would walk out moments later, and every time I would exclaim to myself how fucking hot she was. She had mid-length brown hair, brown eyes, was short for her age, and surprisingly had decently large tits. One day she wore some very short shorts, a sweet blonde pussy pumped from behind in pov tank top and flip flops and I instantly had a hard-on when she got into my car.

Whilst driving I couldn't help but stare at her sexy legs and feet in the corner of my eye. She happened to be in one of my classes during the afternoon, and again I couldn't help myself but stare at her legs and feet.

I felt my cock growing again, but my shorts were baggy enough to hide it. I kept the vision of her in my head the entire day before school let out. I was sitting in my car waiting for her so I could drive her home. She always took a while, but I sure as hell didn't mind. Again my cock grew once she was in plain view walking to my car, then she got in.

"What's up", I said. "Hey, not much. That math test was pretty easy don't you think?" "Haha, good one. If there's one thing I suck at in this world, it has to be math." "Oh, really?

In that case, instead of just dropping me off, why don't you stay a while and I'll help you out a bit?" "Sure, that sounds great." Bingo. This was my chance, because her mom was on a business trip and her dad worked late. I drove into her driveway and turned off the car. I tried my hardest not to get a hardon whilst I followed her into the house, watching her luscious ass as she walked. I quickly sat down to hide it, and she kicked off her flip-flops and sat down across the table.

"So, the next chapter seems to be on Trig" I said.

"That's easy" she said in return. "Hopefully, I really need to pas--". I froze, I felt something nudging at my crotch. Sara was rubbing her foot against my bulge in my pants.

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I couldn't believe what was happening. I couldn't believe she had the same thing in mind that I did. "You know, James (I'll call myself that for now), I still remember all that stuff we did as kids as if it happened yesterday." "R-Really?

S-So do I. I really enjoyed the things we did. we were so young." "Mmmhmm, we're older now, maybe we can spice things up a bit. What do you think?" "I'm in for anything, babe." She giggled. Was it the fact that I just called her babe? or was it the fact that she knew I wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her? Who knows, maybe it was both. But I knew for sure that I needed to pound her.

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"Follow me." She exclaimed softly. She led me up the stairs to her bedroom, which I remember so greatly.