Propertysex tenant convinces landlord to drop eviction natural tits and missionary

Propertysex tenant convinces landlord to drop eviction natural tits and missionary
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It had been almost three weeks since Jess and I had our first sexual encounter. I admit, I wanted it but it was a little weird because we were such good friends for so long.

We hooked up almost every day whenever either of our parents had vacated the house for a while. But on this one particular day, Jess surprised me with a visit. I had been jerking off thinking about Jess's fine body. I was naked in my bed after having showered. I was just in the process of recalling one of her awesome blowjobs and very close to cumming when my door opened.

"Oh, hi Zack" said Jess, as though she had just walked in on me reading a book. "I told you to call me every time you were in the mood". She almost said it in a scolding manner but she wasn't upset. Since I was so close to my orgasm while thinking about her and since she had just entered my room, seeing her made me cum instantly. "HEY! Beautiful chicks get to suck big cocks waste it!" she said as she hurried to put her mouth on my spasming cock.

I unloaded so much cum into her mouth. It always felt good when she milked me dry. She lifted her head up to me to show that her mouth was full.

She laughed a little and swished it around in her mouth to taste it before she slowly let my jizz run down her throat and into her satisfied belly. "Mmmm! You taste so good, Zack!" She started to lick up the cum that I had prematurely shot onto my stomach. My cock was so hard as she held it.

Jess pumped me firmly but slowly a couple more times as the last few drops oozed out of me. She slurped them up, licked her lips, and kissed the head of my penis. "I wish I had been here for the whole time" she said, a little disappointed. "Well, Jess" I began, "I can't call you every time I get in the mood. It happens like four times a day." "So? I don't have a summer job this year", was all she replied.

I got dressed and asked her why she was over. She said that she just wanted to hang out and that no one was answering the door but she let herself in because she knew I was home. She wanted to go to the movies or just do something. We ended up playing cards for most of the afternoon and then we went for a bike ride. I loved bike rides because Jess preferred those spandex bike shorts with a spandex sports bra. As a general rule, most people shouldn't wear spandex. Well.Jess definitely should. Her curves were so perfectly accented that I couldn't take my eyes off of her body on the bike trail.

I imagined myself peeling off her tight garments and letting my mouth roam free on her beautiful body. I thought of fucking her but then felt a little embarrassed and guilty.

We had never gone that far. But why not? Weren't we already on that road? We stopped on the way back to my house and Jess took me in the woods to relieve me again. She said it would be good for me and that it would help my cause later. I didn't quite know what she meant at the time but I couldn't complain. While she beeg mom sleeping boy sex like it was her only option because we were in nature, she enjoyed having to swallow my load again.

She said she was thirsty and that she needed a snack. Again, I couldn't argue. Finally, we got back to my house. "Zack, let's go to my place now." said Jess. "We could watch a movie." "Alright." I said. "Do you have anything to eat? I'm starved." "Don't worry. I'll feed you" she said with a wink. We got to her house and I quickly found out that her parents were at a wedding across the country. They wouldn't be back for days. She said that she needed to take a shower after the bike ride.

She asked if I wanted to join but I was reluctant. After a (very) little persuasion, I did. We had skinny dipped together, but showering together was different. "I think you should soap me up" she said. "Honestly, how clean slutty crystal gets her hunk friend to fill her pussy you think you will get if I soap you up?" I asked. "Well.I expect certain parts of me to be very clean when you're done" said Jess.

We took turns rubbing each other with soap in the nice warm water. She would stroke my growing dick and I would grab her ass or rub her perfect natural breasts. Jess would often rub her ass on my hard-on. She almost made me explode right there in the shower.

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I told her so but she told me to save it. She teased me endlessly with her slick body. After the shower, she went up to her room in the nude and told me to follow. She put in a horror movie after she slipped into some tiny shorts and a tee. I stayed in my towel at her request and sat on her bed with her to watch the movie. Jess pretended to be scared a couple of times. I knew that she wasn't. Movies didn't scare her. She had told me so before. But when the movie was over she told me that I had to stay the night or she would have bad dreams.

"I don't know, Jess" I said. "My parents are probably expecting me to be home. They'll probably call you first looking for me." "Zack, I really think I need you to stay" Jess implored.

"Besides, pawn shop full storys xxxporn com could tell them that you're staying over at Brad's house. You stay there sometimes." "But what if they call there for some reason?" I asked. "Don't worry about it." said Jess. "Just stay." I let my parents know that I wouldn't be home and cuddled up with Jess in her bed. It was nice, I have to admit.

But a little too nice. Almost instantly, my penis reminded me why it was there and started to poke into Jess. "I'm sorry" I said.

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"I know you're trying to sleep." "Who's trying to sleep?" asked Jess softly. Again she rubbed up against my persistent hard-on. I could feel her ass pushing into me eagerly. I didn't want this to go where I thought it was going.but then, I did.

I pretended to ignore at first like it wasn't happening. But after a short time, I couldn't help but touch her back. I slipped my hand under her shirt to feel her erect nipples. They were nice and hard. I thought of forcing myself onto her just to suck on those perfect tightened up nipples.

I squeezed her tits and pushed up against her. Without a word, Jess guided my hand down into her shorts. She put my fingers over her mound. I could feel just a little bit of soft, downy hair. But it wasn't much.

It was just enough to make it tantalizing. She pushed my hand down farther to feel her completely smooth feminine cleft. "Oh Zack" she cooed, "you have such nice hands. Yea, right there". She moved my fingers over her clit. Up and down was the motion she made slowly with my hand until I took over for her. She writhed up against my impossibly large member. "oooo. Mmmm." She moaned so softly. While I continued my work, she removed her shorts and turned over onto her back.

"You're making me so wet, Zack" she said. She didn't need to tell me though. I could feel the juices from her teenage pussy making my fingers slippery. I slid my fingers down the length of her slit and back. She had the most perfect pussy lips. They were nice, smooth, rounded shapes that formed the perfect crevace ending at her love hole.

I could feel her juices running out of her even more. She grabbed my wrist and took my hand up to her sunny leone xxx sex blue film mp4 downlode, licking off her creamy version of pre-cum from my fingers.

"I want you to use your mouth, Zack. I want you to eat me until I cum. I want it so bad. I promise, I will take care of you when you finish." She was begging me now. "You'll have to let me know what you like." I said.

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With that, I put my head between her legs. I could smell her fresh scent and was eager to know how she tasted. I started licking the outside of her pussy lips but then got to her clit. Jess arched her back which made it harder for me to stay on her the way I needed to.

But I locked my lips onto her sweet tasting pussy and continued on my mission. She did let me know what minor adjustments to make in speed and in pressure. But eventually her body convulsed with pleasure and she told me that she came. I spooned her. I thought she had fallen asleep. But she began rubbing up against me again causing me to come to attention down there. Jess reached between her legs and pulled on my dick.

She stroked it a little. Then she put it against her very wet pussy lips. "Zack" she said, "I want to know what you feel like inside of me. You have such a nice cock. I always get to suck it but ever since that first time in the pool, I've always fantasized about you fucking me." I was a little caught off guard but didn't know what to say. She kept rubbing the tip of my cock up against her dripping slit. It felt so good.

It was slippery but soft. The perfect stimulation to an erect penis. She guided me up and down from her asshole to her clit. I got to the point where I didn't care for anything other than to be in her. "You feel good up against my pussy and my asshole" said Jess. "You're so big." "I don't know. I don't have any condoms" I said in protest. "It's okay. You don't have to cum inside me if you don't want to" Jess rationalized.

She pushed her hot cunt onto my huge cock and reeled as my thick shaft plunged into her slick hole. "It feels bigger than I thought it would!" she gasped. Jess was so tight and wet. It didn't take long before I started to do what nature intended. I fucked her as hard as any horny boy my age would've.

Jess let out a couple of screams but never told me to stop. Instead, she pushed up against me more taking me deeper than I ever thought I was going to go.

She pushed me so deep I could feel my balls touching her clit. She grabbed my balls and rubbed them furiously like she was trying to make them empty inside of her.

I don't know irresistable succubus lures you in with a blowjob and handjob it would have gone since my cock barely fit into her increasingly tighter snatch. As I fucked her, her ass kept bouncing up against my hips.

I got my finger wet with the mixed juices that accumulated on us and rubbed it on her asshole. "Oh my god!" Jess yelled. "That's feels so good! Put it in! Put that finger in my ass!" It slipped inside easily enough. Jess convulsed so hard that my cock and my finger disappeared into her enticing holes completely.

"OH ZACK! OH FUCK YES!" She said as she announced that she was cumming. I couldn't take it anymore. With all of the pent up frustration, I let loose into her cunt. "Jess! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

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But that didn't stop her. "Yea, baby! Empty your balls into Jessie's little pussy! Your little slut wants all that fucking cum!" She yelled. I couldn't hold back anymore. Wave after wave of hot cum filled up Jess's cunt as her muscles convulsed on my dick, almost pulling it out of me. We came together for about fifteen seconds before the orgasms started to subside.

Jess kept pushing onto my shaft keeping me all the way in. I honestly don't know how she had all of that room in such a tight, little place. "Jess." I said. "I came without a condom." "You didn't seem to care a minute ago" she said playfully as she sat up. "Don't worry about it.

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There's always that morning after pill thing." She reached down between her legs and caught a handfull of my cum that I had left inside of her. She gave me this look and before I could even make a disapproving face, she tipped her hand back into her mouth and swallowed everything.

"Well, it's not quite like when it's fresh from your cock to my mouth. " She licked her lips, satisfied, "but it's not bad either" she said. She leaned over me and made sure to lick my still throbbing cock clean of any cum whatsoever. She laid a couple of kisses onto it's shrinking head and then laid back down. "Wow. You're a really good fuck, Zack" Jess said.

"I've never felt this good before" "The feeling is mutual" I told her. "That was so hot I could do it again." "Really?" Jess asked excitedly, "because I was thinking the same thing". Before I could protest, Jess had her mouth back on my cock ,sucking me off to heaven again on that sweet spring night.