Curly pussy punished with ramrod squirting and japanese

Curly pussy punished with ramrod squirting and japanese
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Hello everyone, This story is totally mine, and my first story on this site, an old friend of me requested a story after she told me something which happened for real. She wanted me to write a story about what happened to the panties she left in the toilet cabin. So the first part is real, except the part of the girl in the next cabin.

Lea and Anina (names changed) did have sex in the toilet cabin, but no-one else was in the toilet area. Elena is a fictionary person, only to give the main character a name. Well this was the outcome of my imagination about what happened to that pantie.

Please leave a comment and enjoy!!! ;) ================================================================= The story of the missing panties!! When Anina walked out of the cabin, Lea stood there with the drained panties in her hand. She silently laughed to herself and putted the panties on top of the toilet and left to for her class. When Lea had left, a girl comes out of another cabin and has a flushed face as she heard every move the 2 girls made.

She just came as she saw Lea leave. The girl that came out of the cabin was Elena. She is a pretty girl with blond shoulder length hair. She had alexis texas rides big penis gracefully nice and full C-cup in her bra and always made sure she had a bald pussy. If she thought that she didn't feel smooth enough, she shaved her pussy.

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She is 15 years old and had a lot of male attention. But she had a dark secret. She prefers girls over boys. She was tired of the male attention and didn't want anything from them anymore. In her mind, she is 100% lesbian. She went into the cabin where the 2 other girls had just been to smell their sex adventure in the air, but when she opened the door she was totally surprised.

There she saw the panties of one of those beautiful girls. She grabbed it and felt the drained fabric. She moved the panties to her nose and smells the sex juices. She immediately gets wet and horny again. But as the clock for the next lesson is ticking she acts quickly. She pulls down her own panties and pushes them in her pussy and pulls the drained panties up her legs.

She feels her wet pussy against the wet fabric and feels like she is living a dream. Then she walks out of the toilet and goes to class. During her class she gets in trouble because in her mind she is in her new panties during the whole lesson. Finally she is free to go home and hurries to the bus.

When she gets in the bus she sits entirely in the back, so she can think of her new panties and its previous owner. She is in dreamland the whole trip home and when she notices that she is at her bus stop she finds one of her hands between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her new panties. She quickly gets of the bus and walks the last few minutes home.

When she arrives home, her mom greets her like usual with a glass of lemonade and a cookie. While she enjoys her snack and drink, her mom asks how her day was, and why she is so extremely cheerful. Elena only says "can't get any better mom, so far, it's the best day of my life". Soon her cookie and lemonade are gone and she tells her mom that she has some homework and wishes not to be disturbed. Then she walks to her room and closes the door, wishing she had a lock on it.

She throws her schoolbag in the corner and quickly jumps on her bed. On her bed, she thinks of Lea and how beautiful she is. A few minutes later she has her hands in her panties again and smells her own pussy. She looks shocked ad quickly takes of her panties and puts it under her nose and inhales the scent coming from it.

"Luckily I didn't ruin the scent of Lea" she thinks. Her hand goes back to her pussy again when she feels her own panties, she laughs to herself "I totally forgot my own panties". She pulls her panties out of her pussy busty paige has her bubble butt creamed creampie and big tits all the juices that has been soaking and building behind it come out at once.

She looks between her legs and laughs at the amount of pussy juices that was in her pussy a few moments ago. She dips her finger in her juices and licks it off of it. "Hmmm, I taste good. Too bad Lea isn't here to help me out" she thinks to herself again.

She drops back on the bed and puts the panties back under her nose while she starts rubbing her pussy again. A few minutes later she has the strongest orgasm of her life. She is extremely tired and slowly falls asleep. 1 hour passes when her mom calls her for dinner and she awakes at once. She gets up and quickly changes her clothes and decides to be naughty not to wear any underwear. She goes downstairs and eats, again with her mind on her new obsession upstairs.

After dinner she has to do the dishes from her mother. She finishes fast, because she wants to go back to her fantasy world. After the dishes she tells her mom that she is going back upstairs and runs up the stairs.

When in her room again, she jumps on her bed and undresses quickly. Once again she is naked on her bed and grabs the panties. She puts them under her nose again and inhales the scent. "This truly comes from a hot pussy.

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A pussy I would like to taste myself". She reaches between her legs again and starts massaging her clit. Soon she is building up a massive orgasm again. A few minutes pass and she is on the edge of having an orgasm. When she is finally having another massive orgasm her mom calls out to her. "Honey, your favorite movie has lesbian sluts pee all over themselves masturbation big tits on television". Elena frustrated barks back at her mom "MOM, YOU JUST RUINED A VERY MASSIVE ORGASM HERE"!!!

At the moment she has said it, she regrets it. Her face turns bright red and she opens her eyes wide. "Shit, I shouldn't have done that". She thinks full-time. "I really want to see that movie, but I can't face my mom after what I just said". After 15 minutes of hard thinking she decides to go downstairs with the thought: "I have to face her sooner or later and the movie is too good to miss".

She quickly puts on her pajama and walks down with her still slightly reddened face. When she gets downstairs her mom doesn't even look up while watching another movie.

Elena looks at her and asks very softly if her favorite movie can be turned on. Her mom says that she is recording it and wants to watch the movie she is watching. Elena looks at her mom in disbelieve that she can act so calmly like nothing happened at all. Then Elena starts smiling a bit and kisses her mom on the cheek "thanks for recording it mom, I'm sorry for a couple of minutes ago".

Then her mom looks up "It's ok baby, I know what it is being so frustrated. I haven't had any sexual satisfaction after your dad and I divorced if it wasn't for my fingers. Now go upstairs and take away the frustration. See you in the morning baby". Elena looks shocked at her mom, but forgets it soon as she is too frustrated to care for it. She gives her mom another kiss and runs upstairs. Once in her room, she quickly undresses again. Soon she is in her own world again.

With her new obsession in her brown sugar show her blowing white dick show her how to fuck she starts masturbating again. Half an hour later she falls asleep after a pretty good and wonderful orgasm.

An hour after Elena fell asleep, her mother decides to go to bed. She turns off the television and puts the dishes in the dishwasher and turns it on. She goes to the toilet and heads upstairs. When she walks past the bedroom door of Elena she decides to check on her and softly knocks on the door to see if Elena is still awake.

When she doesn't get any response she opens the door and puts her head around the corner. Then she sees that Elena is sleeping while lying on the covers with her hand still between her legs. She walks in and sees that Elena's hand and thighs are all wet of her pussy juice. She smiles and decides to clean Elena a little before going to bed herself. She grabs Elena's hand and starts licking the juicy hand clean.

"She tastes good" she thinks. After Elena's hand is all cleaned, she starts licking the juices of Elena's thigh. While cleaning Elena's thigh she smells the still slightly aroused pussy of Elena. She decides not to do anything about that. After Elena's thigh hidden camera at real massage parlour all cleaned, she grabs the 2 panties and walks out of the room after tugging Elena in.

She throws the panties in the clothes basket and goes to her room. She undresses and steps into her bed and falls asleep a little while later. 8 hours later Elena wakes up and looks around her. She notices that she is tugged in and … "SHIT, WHERE ARE HER PANTIES?!?!?!?" =============================== Again, i hope you liked it and leave a comment and vote. Maybe. Maybe if all of you like it, i can write a part 2.