Wife fucking a homeless guy

Wife fucking a homeless guy
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I came up with her new "task" I made her drink a big glass of water before going to work in the morning, and that sometime during the day she would have to go to the bathroom, she would intentionally get Mark's attention by just giving him a look, not having to say anything, and walking into the men's bathroom, and that's it…she'd have to go along with whatever happened, and as proof I wanted to see at least one hickie or bite mark somewhere under her clothes, and I wanted him to actually cum on her or something she can bring home to me, doesn't matter what or where, as long as I could see that sticky cum stain on her or something, be it her skin, the inside of her clothes when she slips them back on, I told her it couldn't be something like paper towels or toilet paper though, I wanted to see it.

When I told her this she was very very nervous, but the first question she asked was "what if there are other people in the men's room when I walk in?" (not IF, but WHEN) and I told her to say that the women's room was messy, broken, whatever bullshit it took to make it a little more normal. I just wanted her to target Mark, no other guys. Carol said she wasn't ready for this, afraid it would lead to something beyond third base with Mark, and I said that's fine, as long as she pleases him somehow.

I told her I wanted her to cum too, so her arousal gets rewarded. I made her promise and she said she would. Thursday morning, before she even got up for her job, I was getting up for mine. I filled a tall glass of water and put it next to her purse, and went to work.

When I got home in the afternoon, the glass was about ¾ empty, in the same spot, with her lipstick on it. I grew a boner almost instantly! I had to totally resist the urge to jerk it, call her up, everything, I had to wait for her to call me or just get home, whatever it took, it tore me up waiting.

When she came home, her face was beet red, which meant one of two things: a)things didn't work out or b)things worked out very well. She wasn't unhappy, which is good. First thing she said, though, was "I'm hungry, can I eat first?" I figured out fast that she didn't eat on her lunch, for semi-obvious reasons. So we ate, I waited for her to start telling me how it went.

She stood up from the table and unbuttoned her shirt, had me unhook her bra, when she turned to face me I saw MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! A huge, I mean huge, cum stain was on the inside of her pink bra, the right cup, and her whole right breast was obviously the target of hot mom step son xxx story moneyshot.

The nipple and surrounding area was sticky to the touch. I told her to suck her nipple, and she did, then I sucked it too. I didn't mind the salty taste, in fact it turned me on big time.

It turns me on like crazy to see cum fingers and fucks taut asian japanese and hardcore her, since I know she doesn't really care about cum, it doesn't turn her on really, she doesn't like the taste, your typical girl with it.

She must put up with it just for me. So she had the cum part down, and on her left breast she showed me a hickie. It didn't turn out very well but it was an obvious one.

Carol was going to talk about it but I told her to start from the very beginning. My wife, sure enough, had to pee earlier than her lunch, so she took it early. Mark apparently made a few comments to her hours before that, nothing too lewd, just joking that "you remembered your panties this time" and "let me know what you're doing for lunch".

Carol doesn't really flirt, never has, so she just stayed calm. At lunch, she had to go really bad, but Mark was on the other side of the building. She tells me that she considered just going, but just went along with it anyway.

When she finally got to Mark, she had to go so bad, she told him "I'm on lunch, but I can't talk, I have to pee really bad" (so eloquent) and she stayed a second and looked right at him.

Mark said "okaaay?" and didn't do anything about it.

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She ran to the restrooms anyway, waited at blond teen slut weed party and threesome sex on the couch door to see if he was coming, and god do I love my wife she quickly sent this text message on her cellphone to Mark, which she had saved, timestamped, all the proof I needed to know what happened: "watch me go" She entered the men's restroom, no one was inside, she ran to the last stall and started doing her business.

The restroom door opened, the stranger walked straight to the last stall and opened it, it was Mark. He had a huge grin on his face, shut the stall door, locked it, and undid his belt and zipper while watching my wife pee. Carol said when he came into the stall she felt a rush of excitement and nerves but lifted up her skirt to show him what he came for. While she was wiping and flushing, his stiff dick was already out and he walked to her while she was still sitting and told her "you've become a big tease".

Carol sat there with her skirt still held up, watching him stroke his cock. Mark edged his cock closer toward her body. She asked him "you like watching me pee?" and he said that was his big turn-on. She was trembling a little bit, but asked him "since I'm done peeing, what now?" and he replied "you didn't get me hard for nothing." She grabbed his cock and brought him closer to her face, she saw cum forming on the tip of his purple blood-swollen head, and placed the gooey head on her lips, and eased the cock in.

My wife sucked on that cock, starting slowly, and working up speed. Her tongue was massaging that head, tasting that eager cum. She started playing with his balls, which she was being too gentle with them (like mine, she always is afraid of hurting them). Mark just stood there watching her, Carol kept her eyes closed.

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He told her more than once to "go deep", but her gag reflex won't let her take an entire cock, not even a normal-sized one. He commented on her wedding ring holding his dick, asked her while she was blowing him whether or not her husband would care to know that she was a slut.

She shook her head with the cock still in her mouth. Mark slowly worked his hands onto her head, and took control of his cock's pleasure. My wife always gagged on cock, so I am not surprised that she wouldn't let him do that for long. He asked if she had to pee again, she shook her head again. He told her to start sucking his balls, which are bigger than mine she says. She didn't really suck, she more just licked and kissed while jerking him.

"I want to see those big boobs", he said, and she blondie teen babe alina west pussy slammed and creampied pleasuring his balls and stood up. He started unbuttoning her pink shirt, she took the shirt and put it on the handicap rail. He undid her bra, and while she was turned around he started working on her skirt's buttons too, which she tried to stop him asking "why do you need to take that off?" and he said "it's going to get in my way", she got very nervous hearing that.

He got her skirt off and pushed it down her legs, she still gave up and lifted her legs out of it, put it with her shirt on the rail. My wife was totally naked in front of him, except her glasses and shoes. Mark turned her around, her arms were folded over her body she got defensive and nervous.

He was confused, and asked "what's wrong with you?" and she said "just nervous." He sat on the toilet, his cock pointing up at her, and he started kissing Carol on the stomach.

She's kinda chubby, but that turns me on. If that doesn't turn you on, I'm sorry folks! Mark's hands kept going back and forth from stroking his cock, rubbing her pussy lips and clit, and grabbing her breasts and ass. She stood in front of him, her hands holding his whenever they were passing over her body.

He then told her "kiss me like you want it", and she stooped down and gave him a huge tongue kiss. She was breathing heavily, he started kissing down her face, neck, he started sucking on her nipples hard, which look AWESOME when they're cold (she told me it was cold in there). My wife pushed his head into her breasts, telling him to "bite me hard, mark me, make those tits yours" and he did, evidently.

He started rubbing her pussy almost too roughly and she told him to "slow down, be gentle", he apologized, turned her around and started kissing and biting her ass, he said "your ass is great". Carol said "thank you". Someone came into the bathroom, and Mark grabbed Carol by the hips and pushed her on his lap.

His cock was in between her legs, he pulled her legs somewhat upward, so they wouldn't be seen below the stall.

It was some coworker using a urinal. Carol wasn't comfortable, and started putting her feet down when the man started peeing, then Mark blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole adjusted Carol on his lap and his cock about an inch or two into her ready, unsuspecting pussy.

My wife tried to get up reflexively, probably didn't realize immediately what was happening, but then Mark whispered "wow" and thrust his unit into her further. She fought for a little bit but was forced to keep it inside her due to the silence when the pissing coworker was leaving.

When they were alone again she told him to "take it out, I'm not ready for that", Mark let her stand and they talked. He apologized, said he thought she wanted that, said he should have brought a condom.

My wife told him that she was on the ring and didn't need a condom, but was just not prepared to do that. Mark said he didn't feel the ring inside her when he was fingerfucking her days ago, Carol told him that she had it out, was going to start her period in a few days (this is normal). He told her that he didn't have any diseases or anything, but Carol insisted that they try something else.

She got on her knees and held up her big tits, saying "I can still fuck you with these", so Mark got to the edge of the toilet seat and placed his hard dick in between my wife's tits and let her do her thing.

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She started massaging her breasts against his sticky cock, and it took only a minute for him to get to the point of no return, he said "get ready" and she just pushed his cock right into her right nipple, and used her other hand to start beating her clit, and told him to cover her chest in jizz.

He had a huge globby load, which splattered along her breast and oozed down on his jeans and her leg.

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It must have felt great for him, but it felt really good for Carol, feeling hot cum erupt on her sensitive nipples. She was rubbing herself furiously while Mark was cleaning himself and getting dressed. While he grabbed a wad of toilet paper she started cumming, he quickly grabbed her head and shoved his messy cock down her mouth and told her to taste his cum and her pussy all over it.

She sucked it, breathing furiously, kept pleasing her lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam and practically losing balance on her knees. When she was done, he took his cock out from her lips, helped her up, gave her a kiss, and started trying to clean his cum off of her chest.

Carol stopped him and Mark was confused, she told him "I want to wear it for the rest of the day" and took her bra and put it over the slimy patch of sperm. He said "wow, you are a fucking slut" and she said nothing, got dressed. He went to the door, saw it was home free, so they both left and he slapped her ass while they went back to work. I once again was making her masturbate while telling me this, asking her how it felt to get penetrated.

She said she was overwhelmed but when she had to sit there for about ten seconds with his cock inside of her, it wasn't that bad, but just wasn't ready.

I asked her if she's ready to get fucked or not, and she didn't really have an answer for me. I told her she has time to think about things, since her period was starting soon anyway. I wasn't going to wait for her period to start and finish, though I was already thinking of ways to test my girl out.