Lily mays matured twat slammed by her partner from behind outdoor

Lily mays matured twat slammed by her partner from behind outdoor
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Garret and Dale had yet to enter the car. Hayly was sitting on the seat behind the driver's seat. She began buckling herself in when she noticed Dale and Garret had yet to get in to the car. "Whatcha guy's doin'…?" She heard some whispers and a small laugh after wards, then silence.

They both leaned down, leaning on the openings of the car and looked at Hayly. "Sorry about that, Dale and I were talking about our plans for later." "Oh… well ok!" Hayly sighed with relief. Garret sat down into the car, but didn't shut his door. Hayly buckled herself in and leaned her head against the window, closing her eyes and letting out a deep sigh.

Dale was still leaning on the car. Garret looked towards him and nodded. Dale brought out a bottle of chloroform from his back pocket as Garret handed him a rag. Dale put some on the rag and slowly stepped in. Hayly adjusted herself xxxx hard sex mom ha settled more in to the seat, her eyes still closed.

Dale leaned in, slowly reaching the rag towards her face. Hayly opened her eyes, but realized what was happening too late. The rag was on her face, and she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Time passed… and Garret and Dale had reached their destination, Dale's home. It was small, but it had a basement that was totally sound proof, so it was perfect.

Dale stepped out of the car, dragging Hayly out along with him and putting her over his shoulder. They went inside and geared themselves towards the basement. As they went down, Dale told Garret about the room he had set up. "I've got everything we need.

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A bed, handcuffs, gags, rope, toys. We'll make this a night she'll never forget…" Garret laughed with pride as they got to a room in the lower back of the basement. "Wow Dale… this set up is fantastic." "I told you!" On the bed laid a skimpy little outfit for Hayly to wear during their sexual encounter.

A bra with no cups, it was pretty much just a bikini, but like string around the breasts, a crotch less pair of panties and lacy thigh highs to match. Garret and Dale got all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

"Oh man just lay her on the bed… I'm gunna go nuts soon." Dale laid her down gently on the bed, then, Garret and Dale began stripping her down to put on the outfit. After the last piece was placed, her eyes slowly blinked open and shut. Her head hurt, her vision was hazy and she had no idea where she was.

"… Wait. Something's odd. " She sat up and rubbed her eyes, blinking them a few times, then lifting her head.

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Dale and Garret were standing right in front of her, gawking at her almost naked figure. "What's going on? What're you two doing?!" "We just wanted to have a little fun is all." "Fun?! Where are my clothes you perverted bastards?!" She crossed her arms, covering her breasts, and then closing her legs together. Dale laughed and tapped Garret on the shoulder. "Hey, I'm gunna go get the toys.

Wanna warm her up?" Garret nodded and Dale left the room.

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Hayly looked scared and helpless, and Garret was loving it. A bulge was growing ever so slowly in his pants, but it finally reached its maximum limit. "You look so hot and innocent… I can't wait to torture and fuck you." Hayly's eyes grew wide.

She panicked and hopped off the bed without thinking and bolted for the basement door. She tried to turn the knob, but nothing. It wouldn't budge. "What the fuck?!

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Come one! This isn't happening!" She twisted and turned and nothing. Garret slowly walked up from behind and grabbed her by the breasts in surprise. "Ahh! No!" Garret squeezed and Hayly let out a whimper. "You aren't going anywhere… it was cute of you to try, though." "Come on, let me go, please. You don't wanna do this." "Yes, I do. You have no idea. You make me go crazy Hayly. I've slapping and fucking of a sexy whore fantasizing about this for months, and now I finally have you… and I'm going to enjoy it." "What about Dale?

Does he feel the same way?" "Well, not exactly. But he's always game for a free torture and screw." "Yeah… I'm screwed alright. How the fuck am I gunna get out of here?" "There's no point in trying to escape. The door locks from the outside, and Dale has the key.

This basement is totally sound proof also. So, it doesn't how much you beg, plead, or scream. You aren't going anywhere, and no one will be able to help you." Hayly's legs grew limp and she dropped to her knees, he head hanging in disappointment. Garret turned her around, and lifted her head up, looking in her eyes, he smirked. "Come on, it'll be fun." Hayly turned her head away, and tears began to fall from her face. Garret sighed, picking her up and taking her back to the bed. Hayly was sat up, holding her knees to her chest, her head still hung down.

Garret sat on the bed beside her and lifted her head once more, leaning his head towards her ear. "Don't worry… I'll be gentle, I promise." He laid her down and put her hands up with one of his hands, using the other to glide and rub her body. He started at her shoulder, down to her right breast. He gave it a little squeeze, her nipple a little pinch and twist. He eyes clenched and she whimpered again. "I love it when you whimper… it gets me going." He leaned down, rubbing his huge bulge against her leg as her continued to feel her up.

He gave her nipple once last pinch, then sliding his hand down her belly to her panties. He leaned his head down and attached his lips to hers, slipping his hand through the crotch less part of the underwear, he started to rub her clit. "Ahh. God, no! Stop! Please!" "Oh but why?" His fingers slid down more, rubbing and feeling her wet cunt all around. "Damn, you're so warm and soaked down there… so you're actually enjoying this, eh?" Hayly stammered in frustration, "No, but my body seems to be…" "Well… let's give your body what it wants, shall we?" He pushed his fingers right inside, and Hayly let out a moan.

"Ergghhh God! Stop!" Snickering, Garret continued, pushing his fingers in and out of her, pushing against her walls and G-spot, wiggling his fingers every which way inside. Hayly breathes became hard, and she tried her best to not moan, or whimper.

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"Come on… let's hear that cute little voice again, I like it." Garret began thrusting his fingers in, harder and faster. Hayly's breathes became harder, her heart starting racing. "Stop!

Please! STOP!" She shook her head profusely, grunting and squirming. Dale came back in the room with a bag full of toys. "I got the toys, is she warmed up?" "Oh man, you have no idea. You've gotta feel how wet she is!" Dale walked over to the side of the bed, putting his hand right on her crotch, motioning his fingers downward and rubbing her cunt all over.

"Damn, we won't even need lube for that. She's a virgin right?" Hayly had forgotten that she had said something about that weeks ago in front of Dale, and that frightened her even more. "God no… please… help me…" "Now the fun can really begin…" -To be continued-