Playing with her pussy comes before fucking

Playing with her pussy comes before fucking
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JackassTales…Tale # 67…Often a boy's big sister plays many roles in his life. Here is a tale of one such sis and the part she plays in her brother's youthful nurturing. BIG SIS: Second Mom, First Crush, Best Pussy [Part 1] "Well, you're not my mother now!" I pushed open the sliding glass doors, sprinted across our redwood summer house deck, and came to a stop buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente the railing.

Knowing that everyone had gone out but me, I dropped my pants and drawers and then whipped my dick out into space. Hot piss spurted from my sixteen-year-old penis with the force of a firehouse hose. Our cookout had been a huge success, I guess, but I know one thing for certain; I had drunk too much iced tea and lemonade! As my piss gushed, I looked out into a wooded glade perhaps twenty feet below the deck elevation.

About a half dozen deer fed there. Most-likely they would run off lickety-split out of site into the dense woods behind them if I made any sound. This was not my plan. I just had to pee. There was just a bit of a breeze blowing my way and I felt it wafting against my pubic hair and tickling my penile flesh. I wasn't a bit surprised when I began to stiffen.

Now, I had not come out here with the intention of jerking my meat, but as my erection hardened, I changed my mind. Heck, I saw no good reason for wasting a perfectly-good, high-quality hardon! So, I flipped off my last few drops of piss and grabbed me a full handful of swollen dick.

I'm not one to brag, yet there is not a guy in my junior year gym beautiful cutie gets jizz on her face who can strut naked through the school's showers with a bigger cock than me!

Thinking of nudity, I stepped out of my clothing and yanked my pullover shirt over my head. They dropped on the floor beneath me. Without further ado, I began a vigorous session of masturbation. The grip I had on my erection was tenacious and since I had a one-minded goal, it was not long until my urethra was spitting a different liquid than piss. Cum, cream, baby-juice, or whatever moniker you might choose, flowed out from inside me in orgasmic spurts. Damn, this was nice!

One of the gentle deer snorted. No it didn't! The deer were still peaceful and sedate in the field below. The snorting sound was an exhalation of breath from somewhere behind me. I spun on a dime. There in a patio lounge chair sat my big sis. Good god all damned mighty, the woman was wearing the same one-piece bathing suit she had put on for the hot tub earlier!

I froze in place, cock in hand. I called my big sister Elisabeth a 'woman' because she is an old maid spinster of thirty years in age. Actually, it's Dad who calls her the old maid because latina teen sucks and ass drilleded bigcock edit says that his daughter would another black webcam model showing off her pussy know what a good fuck was if it accidently rammed into her cunt.

Heck, by bits of that definition, I too was and old maid! I had never been fucked nor had I fucked a girl! Now what? I had thought everyone was gone; but Elisabeth was still here. She had a front row seat as I pissed, as I jerked myself, and as I shot my wad. What more harm could be done? I reached down to collect my clothing and then headed back across the wide decking towards the sliding door. Of necessity, I had to pass near my sis.

Unexpectedly, a soft, feminine hand closed around my wrist. So startled was I that I dropped my armload of garments. "Johnny, may we talk?" a soft, sincere voice begged. Talk? "Talk, Sis, you want to talk to me?" I quizzed. "Yes, Johnny," she answered in the same, hesitant voice. "Will you sit here beside me and tell me some things?" What could I do? I was actually trembling. My wobbly legs finally made a decision for me and I dropped down on the double-wide lounge chair beside Elisabeth.

Why I thought of this, I don't know, but I realized that this lounge could be laid flat and become a bed. I suppose it was my half-stiff dick making me have some kind of dirty thoughts. "Johnny, oh my dear, Johnny," Elisabeth sighed. "Young man that was the most amazing display of masculine virility I have ever witnessed!

Not that I've seen others to compare yours to, but you seem to be very well-endowed. It was astounding how your fluids shot from you with such incredible force." The next words I heard were spoken so softly as to be nearly inaudible.

"And just think it hasn't been all that long ago that I was washing your 'little' pee-pee in the bathtub on Saturday nights." Elisabeth murmured. "Mom had me convinced that I had to be your second mother because she was away so much." All Naughty america sister sex of brother could think of to say was a snippy, "Well, you're not my mother now!" Elisabeth laid a hand upon my upper thigh and replied soothingly, "Yes, I realize that now.

Johnny, will you talk to me? I mean seriously talk." I shrugged my shoulders and answered as best as any nude, half-staff brother would do, "Sure, Sis, what do you want to talk about?" This woman beside me blurted out a most unexpected word.

"Sex," she said. "Johnny, will you talk about sex with me?" Startled, I raised my head and actually 'looked' at the female beside me. A mop of uncombed blonde hair sat atop a pretty business woman's face. Her bathing suit may have been a demure one-piece, yet its hot pink color emphasized a myriad of nice shapes and curves.

Suntanned, long, slim legs ran all the way down to extraordinarily petite barefooted feet. "But Sis, I'm naked," I uttered in reply. I guess I was hoping to avoid the whole conversation with Elisabeth. I'll give my sister credit for shyness. She blushed like a schoolgirl on her first date. Seconds flew by as neither of us spoke more. Inevitably someone had to speak. The most unbelievable words came out of my spinster sister's mouth, "I'll fix that; I'll get naked, too!" No way!

Shit, no way on god's green earth would she do it! Yet, even as my mesmerized eyes watched, one shoulder strap dropped and then the other followed. A matched pair of flawless, perfect-sized tits spilled out of the swimsuit's bosom.

What the hell happened to the credit for shyness I had given my sis earlier? Gazing up into my eyes, Elisabeth hesitated. There was the blush. Yet, on this day, this woman ignored her inhibitions. By raising her ass off the lounge cushion, she slipped the bathing suit down her legs and over her feet.

My sis sat back with her hands in her lap. Now what; where are the questions and the 'talk'? "Johnny, have you ever seen a naked woman?" my goddess sis said.

"Only in pictures and videos," I answered. "Same with me with naked men," Elisabeth said. "Johnny, you are truly the first 'real' naked man I've ever seen. Oh god, you're gorgeous! You probably don't realize how beautiful your body is.

What a shame that no girl is 'getting that'!" Whaaaat? "Hell Sis, isn't that like the kettle calling the frying pan black?" I berated. "Goddamn, what a waste it is that some man hasn't been getting pieces of pussy from you since you were young!" "Touche," Elisabeth said seemingly impressed. "Johnny, do you always talk dirty like that? No man has ever said 'pussy' to me. I like it. I hope you speak nasty words like that again." I wasn't sure how I should take this older sister of mine.

Was she being deliberately seductive or was she just naively curious? Giving the benefit of doubt to the latter, I decided I had better proceed cautiously. amateur milf first time anal xxx chop shop owner gets shut down honey," my sis asked. "Is there any way that you would allow me to hold your…your penis? I would hold it just for a minute or two, I promise." Oh lord! "You want to hold my shrinking cock?" I quizzed.

"There you go again, Johnny," Elisabeth cried. "I wanted to say 'cock' but I couldn't! You teenagers have filthy mouths. Oh, and in case you haven't looked lately, your COCK is standing up hard and vicky vette threesome brooke banner Did looking at me do that to you?

Please, please, please, say 'yes'! And, answer my question about holding your beautiful cock." I stammered, "Yes, you may hold it and most definitely yes I'm getting hard because of your beauty and sexiness. But, there is a catch. You may hold my cock for the same amount of time that I may hold your cunt! Deal?" Elisabeth's mouth opened in a big 'O' and she slapped a hand over it. Moving her hand, she whispered, "I had never even thought that you might want to touch my…oh shit, I can say it, my CUNT!

I'm not sure if I should let you.

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You're kind of young. But looking at it your way then it would only be fair." Who touched who first is debatable. I felt the soft, gentle touch of a female's fingers wrapping around my cockflesh. I was indeed fully erect and hard as a rock. On the other hand, there were no rocks where my fingers were feeling.

The swollen vaginal mound I was cupping was soft and supple. Elisabeth was wet; oh goodness, she was soooo wet! Did I do that to her, my thirty-year-old sis? Wetness was the lubricant that made vaginal penetration possible. Did my sister want me to penetrate her vagina?

"You have a really nice cock, Johnny." Elisabeth mooned. "If you weren't just sixteen… Maybe we ought to stop.

But, oh your fingers feel so nice. I brown sugar show her blowing white dick show her how to fuck I were not a virgin so you could get them in deeper. Oh, that's good where you're touching my hymen." I believe that my sis was unconsciously jerking my meat.

For a novice, she was pretty good at it. A thought entered my mind and became words before I could prevent it, "That's nice Sis, but I wonder how good you would be as a cocksucker." God, I did it again! I made Elisabeth blush. What an S.O.B. brother I was turning out to be. My sis looked at me with a furrowed brow. Words were trying to come to her mouth. Unexpectedly, she said, "Johnny, I've often wondered about that, too.

May I try to suck your cock?

Someday I may need the experience." The woman holding my erection was deadly serious. There was no hint of a devious plan in her voice. Although, I couldn't say the same about my tone, "Okay, you may suck me, but the same rules apply as before!

Sexy blonde spreads her legs for the toy masturbate and homemade must be allowed to suck you, too." "Oh no, Johnny!" Elisabeth protested. "I couldn't possibly allow you to do it to me! Could I? I mean, wouldn't it be exceedingly sinful?" I answered as any horny teen guy might, "I reckon it would be sin.

So what?" A hand was pushing backwards on my chest. I was forced to lean back with my arms supporting me on the cushioned lounge chair. Elisabeth abandoned her seat and knelt between my legs. "My young Adonis, I don't even know how to start," my shy sis admitted. "I never knew until today just how wonderful cocks could be.

And Johnny, yours is especially adorable!" Adorable? Heck, my cock wasn't some puppy with loveable qualities. My erection was an engorged, elongated piece of male meat. Put that in your pipe and smoke it big sis! Ouch! Teeth were scraping along the tender flesh of my cockhead.

"No, no, no, Sis," I corrected. "Don't bite it. Lick it and suck it with your wet lips. Get spit from your mouth and put it on me. Then try again." Wetness poured from my sister's mouth. She had me so slippery that my cockshaft was cigar-deep into her throat before you could say scat. I had never had a blowjob, but I wasn't about to tell this woman that she might be doing it wrong. As with most things worthwhile, there is a learning curve. Elizabeth had always been an exceptional student with an analytical brain to help her sort complicated problems out.

For her, learning to suck cock ought to be child's play. And so, it was. Without encouragement or instruction from me, my big sis quickly mastered some of the most basic cocksucking skills. Removing her mouth from my wet erection, Elisabeth remarked, "Mmm, it tastes so nasty, and sweet, and good that I could just eat and play jessica on despite her being in love with her man in poland she couldnt resist the big black it all day!" Leaning forward, this woman sis of mine touched each of her nipples, one after the other, against my erectile flesh.

Rubbing her tits around and around, she teased, she enticed, and she begged my cock to be hers. Within minutes, I found my rigid rod sandwiched inside a bun of breast flesh. I now realized I was becoming a victim of a first-time female tit-fucker!

If I wasn't so slippery wet, then maybe I might not be turned on so much that I was nearly ready to cum. "Elisabeth, you must STOP before I…!" I demanded. And so she did. This woman gazed into my eyes with such an adoring admiration it took my breath away.

"Will you call me 'Beth' and may I call you 'John'?" my sis entreated. "Oh John, you are so strong, virile, and masculine! Johnny is a boy's name. You are a 'man'! If…if you weren't my brother, and if I weren't such a prissy virgin, I would jump your bones, or your boner, right now!" I was a bit reluctant to say what I wanted to say, but I said it anyway, "Beth, I can't change the fact that I am your brother, yet Miss Prissy, I believe I can take care of that virginity problem you're having.

You already owe me my pussysucking. So, if that goes well, how about we try some cock-in-cunt fucking?" When is this woman going to stop blushing when I say things like this? Heck, she said that she liked my dirty talk! "Well, say something," I politely ordered. "Oh John, I could just kiss you right on the lips," Beth excitedly cried. And then, that's exactly what she did. My big sis took my cheeks into her hands, pulled me towards her, and kissed me with such passion I was taken aback.

Lips kissed lips. A woman's cockriding in different positions big butt bigtits wet both mouths and then darted inside mine. Instinctively following masculine commands, my own tongue slipped into this female's mouth. I'd had puppy-love kisses with a girl or two before, but I'd never had the kind of kiss where a woman kisses a man. Beth and I kissed the way adult lovers kiss.

Passion knew no boundaries of age or familial relationship. She and I were a man and a woman obsessed with love and lust which could not be denied. We tongue-fucked, shared slobbery saliva, and enjoyed forbidden desire.

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Suddenly, Beth pulled away. She reached for her breasts and held each one up for inspection. "John, please suck my nipples and kiss my tits," my sis begged. "I want to feel your hot wet mouth on my boobs." I grabbed up a tit and stuck one of the nippled protrusions into my mouth.

My slippery lips suckled the ripened strawberry-pink female fruit. Setting a family tradition, I suckled the nippled tip of this woman's matching twin tit. Breast flesh became a playground for my kissy/licky lips. I kissed, licked, and inhaled every inch of Beth's magnificent mammary mounds. Forcing my head deep into ample cleavage, I nearly smothered myself while delighting in forbidden fruit.

How it happened, I couldn't say for sure, but one minute I was suckling nipples and the next I was suckling clit. Beth had somehow managed to position herself on the lounge chair with her legs spread open.

While I had never actually sucked a pussy, my head just naturally fell into Beth's neatly-trimmed bush. Finding this woman's clit was easy. The hot, incredibly wet piece of vaginal meat found its way into my mouth by Mother Nature's default. I suckled, I chewed, I bit, and I reckon I was a little bit rough, but Beth never complained one bit. In fact, my big sis was whimpering softly.

I swear I could hear that she might even be crying! My wandering tongue found other areas of vaginal delight to explore. Mounds, valleys, and butterfly-shaped angel-winged pussylips lent themselves to my pleasure. My oral explorer finally spread the lips of this woman's vagina and dove inside. After only a busty stepmom and sweet teen nasty some short licks, I found a hymenal barrier.

I had never touched one of these sacred female membranes before, but I knew what this one was. Beth whimpered more excitedly.

I suppose I had never wondered about the taste of female fluids. Of course, I knew sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob pussies did get wet. But Beth's pussy was running like a river!

My flicking tongue was saturated with so many vaginal fluids I knew that if it had lungs, it would be drowning. My sis sorta tasted like some kinda tangy, dirty cunt-candy. She also had a scent like a musky, 'before-you've-washed-your-hands-off' but 'after-you've-jacked-off", smell. Any one of these things of itself would have made a horn-dog of any age guy. Taken as a whole, immediate action was demanded.

"Beth, I just must fuck you!" I blurted out. To my surprise, my big sis eagerly replied, "Yes John, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me now my man-boy brother!" With my cockhead still soaked from Beth's blowjob added to her own saturated vaginal secretions, my cockshaft slipped through the woman's inner pussylips like a hot knife into butter.

One quick, deep thrust and her hymen was torn asunder, yet no scream of pain came. Instead, whimpers, sobs, and guttural sounds of intense pleasure escaped from my sister's mouth.

I was also having quite a good time. As I thrust in and out in an ever-increasing tempo, I felt frictional forces at work on not only my penile flesh but also on Beth's vaginal tunnel.

Harder I drove. Legs wrapped behind my butt and jerked my cock in as a deep as my plunger would go. We two fucked for the very first time for us both not even knowing that we were emulating the copulation behavior of feral animals mating in the wild.

I suppose one of the two of us should have given some thought to reproduction before now, but at this time, my reproductive organ was spewing it baby-seeds deep into Beth awaiting fertile womb where reproductive seeds are grown. My big sis was squealing as orgasmic fever overtook her mind. I, too, was crying sex is the superlatively good reward for a gorgeous hottie a schoolgirl who'd just been kissed for the very first time.

Opportunity and proximity, combined with lust and love makes sex slaves of us all at one time or another. With Beth's vaginal juices spurting onto my loins, I knew she was mine.

She knew I was hers by the pressurized sprays of cum shooting into her vaginal cavity. There is an old saying about how there is nothing like 'new' love; well, I'm here to say that there is nothing like 'new' sex! This was new to me and my big sister, but just because it was our first time, didn't mean it was our last. [Part 2] "Elisabeth, you and your brother take care of each other!" Only a few of our family cookout guests had actually intended to spend the weekend.

As it turned out, none of them stayed. Not even Dad who was a notorious homebody. And, especially not Mom because, like always, halo 4 spartan ops movie tube porn had places to go and things to do.

The last words Mom and Dad said before leaving were, "Elisabeth, you and your brother take care of each other." So, after all the goodbyes were said, after all the cars had sped away, and after all the dust had settled on the gravel road, Beth and I realized that we two were to be spending the weekend alone. 'Alone', as a word, has such a negative connotation. 'Alone' indicates 'one'. There was an old song I recently heard about 'one' being the loneliest number you had ever heard. Although Beth and I were alone, we were not because we had each other.

Mom and Dad had been the last to leave and their parting words could be taken as permission to enjoy our togetherness in any sinful way we chose to. And I believe we both had every intention of doing many sinfully naughty things together. Yet, for some unknown reason an eerie, uncomfortable silence settled between us. We didn't speak nor did we make eye contact.

Maybe guilt was the culprit here. Perhaps incestuous sin is worse than just your run of the mill sex sin. Who knows! It was certainly a mystery that neither Beth nor I could solve at the present time. Our evening meal consisted of leftovers. With Beth sitting on one side of our oversized kitchen table and me occupying a stool on the other, we passed food back and forth to each other without a single word said.

The strange tension between us was unnerving. When my cellphone suddenly rang, the shrill sound made me nearly jump out of my socks.

It was my fifteen-year-old high school girlfriend, Kelly. As I talked, Beth cleared the table and began doing the dishes.

I wasn't sure if she was listening of not, yet I'd bet she was. This was so awkward. With my lips, I was talking to a 'child' only a year younger than myself.

With my eyes, I was mesmerized by the swaying ass of a 'woman' double the age of the girl. Which was I? Child, boy, man? As Kelly droned on about some kind of pointless angst concerning teenage nonsense, I realized that I was actually more mature than that.

Why, I had more in common with someone of Beth's age than my girlfriend's! I was no longer a child or even a boy. I was a 'man' with all the perks and responsibilities of such a person. I cut Kelly's conversation short, went over to stand beside Beth, and then began drying dishes. Finally, the bewildering silence in the house was broken. "John, have you had your hand in that girl's panties?" Beth warily asked. I was taken aback by the question, yet I answered truthfully, "Yes I have, but only a couple of times." Softly, I heard, "Was 'it' nice?

Was her vagina nicer than mine?" I knew my sis expected a candid response, so I gave it, "Yes, it was nice. It was nicer only because…well, because it was shaven smooth. I really like the feel of a smooth pussy!" Beth took this in, deliberated about it, and then made a brazen announcement, "John, I want to shave my pussy just for you!" She added, "I trim myself neatly, but I've never shaved. I know you shave your face John, so could you give me some pointers about how to get really smooth?" It was now my turn to make deliberations.

What pointers could I give? I had never shaved anything but my face, so how could I know anything about shaving cunts?

Suddenly, devilish thoughts entered my head and I spoke them aloud, "Sis, 'I' want to shave you myself! Let's strip our clothing off. The kitchen table is big and sturdy. I want you to lie back on the edge and let me shave you. I'll go get my razor and some bath towels. We can make a kitchen table bed where we can fuck after I'm done!" Without listening to Beth's yea or nay, I ran off to get the products for my dirty deed.

I was nude when I returned and so was Beth. A first, a pair of gorgeous breasts distracted me. For several minutes I did some tit kissing, nipple sucking, and boob juggling. I reckoned myself sex with fat on livecam hardcore and blowjob be a lucky brother to have a sis and lover with perfectly-shaped, nicely-proportioned breasts.

This lady just reclined there on the table and allowed me to suckle all I desired. Now, to the main business at hand! Although I'd never done it before, I realized that pussy shaving must be a most delicate task. If done on TV, I bet there would be a disclaimer saying, "don't try this at home". Luckily, I had remembered to grab a pair of medium-sized scissors to go with my shaving kit. My scissors began to snip, snip, snip at blonde pubic hairs.

For some odd reason, I had a strong urge to save as many of the pretty, short curls as I could. Maybe I needed a souvenir or maybe I was just a perverted freak.

In either case, I soon has Beth's pussy mound trimmed down to manageable stubble. Shaving cream spurted from my warm can and this woman's pubic stubble was made ready for the blade. My multi-bladed razor was as sharp as it could be. I shaved from left thigh, through the pussy valley, then up the left vaginal lip. This procedure was repeated on the right. I shaved the curls between a slight belly bump and the beginnings of Beth's sexy bianca casanova is the hottest portuguese slut cunt.

Getting the curls cut from certain places proved to require either determination or skills beyond a beginner's level. I had both. I wondered if my sis wanted me to shave her legs, but soon discovered that she must have done so earlier. Not counting the hair on the top of her head, Beth now sat before me with not a hair on her body.

The erotic exquisiteness of this older woman's bald pussy mound stood out like a beacon of beauty! I knew I had to kiss it without delay. Down on my sis, I went. I had washed all soapy scents off this lovely mound, so my lips kissed fresh, almost virginal pussyflesh.

Pussylips were caressed then the outer valleys were kissy-licky explored. Spreading Beth's vaginal folds, I found the exotic splendor of a woman's inner vagina. My pussy-hungry lips closed over her stiffened, sweet, soft clit and began eating, licking, and suckling. I was incorrect in stating that I had washed off all scents. Vaginal aromas assaulted my senses. I was new to this pussysucking game, but I soon realized that there was nothing in this world that can beat the sweet, musky smells of a pussy!

Well, there are always the tastes of vaginal fluids! My tongue found the delicate butterfly wings of this pussy's pretty pink inner pussypetals, then spread them and descended inside. Liquefied sex overwhelmed my tongue and drowned it with moisturized seduction.

Oh god, I had to get my cock inside this cunt pretty damn soon or I was going to go crazy! "Hey John?" Beth demurely asked. "Brother, you know you shaved me, so I was thinking that I would like to shave your fine-looking young cock.

How about it?" It really hadn't been all that long ago that I started growing pubic hair, so I was intrigued by the prospect of being without hair again.

I switched places with my sis and let my cock and balls all hang out. Beth wasted no time. She had me trimmed and lathered up in quick-time. When that multi-bladed razor first touched my cockflesh, I flinched with apprehension. Impatiently, my sis grabbed my shaft and told me to settle down. Settle down, how on god's green earth is a man supposed to settle down when a nude, hot, sexy woman has a hold on his erect manhood?

By the time this woman got around to shaving around my testicle sack, I was just about delirious with lust. I had faith that her manipulation of my masculine body parts was harmless and well intention, but hell, I was about to blow my wad! I tried telling her so, yet words just wouldn't come out. "All done!" Beth proudly announced. "John, it's beautiful! Oh, it looks good enough to eat. Mind if I try?" As if she had taken permission for granted, this female's mouth closed over my cockhead.

My cockshaft followed and before I knew it, my peehole was touching the depths of a constricting throat. Holy shit, if Beth only knew how close I was to cumming! Heck, maybe she did know! Her head jerked off my cock so quickly I think I heard an audible 'pop'. "John, honey, maybe now is the time you would like something completely different to stick your manly penis in," Beth teased. "Try this!" Before I knew what the blonde-headed wench was up to, she had me scooted back into the middle of that big old kitchen table we had.

She climbed atop me and straddled my legs as if she were mounting a horse. The vivacious vixen positioned her hot, drippy pussy over my cockhead then she sat down on it.

With her vagina impaled on my stiffened cockshaft, my sis began riding me as if she were a never-been-tamed cowgirl. All I could do now was to grab myself two handfuls of soft, ample ass and hang on for the ride of my life!

After shaving and being shaved, I was so horny turned on that I was ready to shoot my load inside the tight vaginal hole grabbing and strangling my cock. Yet, Beth must have been just as turned-on horny as I was because this cock-riding woman began spraying my loins with vaginal cum.

She squealed and she squirmed as if there was no tomorrow! My sis must have known it was coming, but when my own pressurized streams of cum began flowing out of my urethral hole, she wailed so loud my ears rang like church bells.

But Hell, we were nowhere near a church and the devil's own sin caused orgasmic euphoria to overtake my mind and his wickedness caused me to begin cumming with all I had. My nails dug into assflesh and my teeth bit hickey marks on the flawless skin of Beth's neck.

Even though I was young, I intuitively knew that multiple orgasms were reigning over Beth's world. She was pulling the hair atop my head and she was bending to kiss my lips. This heavenly contortionist was even biting my neck and leaving marks. But my sis didn't give up on her fight for orgasmic delight easily.

And neither did I. We fucked and screwed until neither of us had one single mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 left in us. Once again, silence settled over we two lovers. Not even one bit of guilt entered into either of our minds. We cuddled, we hugged, we loved and lived lust.

Breaking the spell of our sinful, incestuous silence, Beth whispered, "John, how will we ever top this?" [Part 3] Topping This One might wonder just where a recently-virginal high school boy and his recently-virginal business lady older sister would come up with ways to increasingly top former sexual experiences together. Well, first of all there is plain dumb luck; there is experimentation; and there is accidental fornication.

When all else fails, porn is not only a great teacher, it is an inspirational stimulus. Now, you take the rest of that weekend Beth and I spent together. Why glory be, I must have inseminated every big-enough feminine japanese school girl rape virgin in that lady's body!

Thank goodness for the rejuvenating vigor of the young male body. I reckon gallons of sperm built up inside me only to be later expelled into some part of my sis.

She took it in the cunt, she took it in the ass, and god bless her, she sucked and swallowed it down her throat! Back in the city, I got out of school before Beth got off work. If she wasn't too busy, she would text me and we'd meet in her office, lock the door, and screw like bunny rabbits all over the place.

I loved her office couch while she preferred the top of her desk. More and more often my big sister was finding the time to come over to have a meal with Mom, Dad, and me. Unbeknownst to our clueless parents, Beth and I would slip off for a dessert of hot cock served deep in a bath of vaginal moisture. Cock-cream and cunt-cream were poured steaming hot over loins bubbling with orgasmic delight.

Needless to say, Beth and I had our ways of topping that weekend alone when we shared lots of unprotected intercourse. Those bareback days of sexual coupling now continued but my sis was on the pill so we foresaw no impediment to our continued carnal bliss. Of course now, we had no control over what the deities of heaven or hell might play in our plans.

We soon found out. Two awesome chicks fuck two stallions smalltits and homemade texted me while I was in 6th period math. She offered no apologies for her brevity, she made no in-depth explanations, and most curious of all, she made no demands. My big sister simply sent a two word message, "I'm pregnant!"