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Prime cups big tit teen and fat ass white bitch share with your mommy
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"Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, Watch your heartache drip, can't keep away" I don't know how it happened, it just did.

In the summer of my 17th year I had my first sexual experience with the girl of my dreams. The only problem was that she was my Cousin. It was a hot summer's day in the middle of July as I sat on my back deck slowly sipping on a beer I had snuck from my father's beer fridge in the garage. No one was home but me. It had been like this every weekday since school had let out for the summer.

Electing not to get a summer job I now spent most of my time drinking beer, jacking off, and swimming in our pool. I was a good looking guy, tall and athletic, but for some reason I had never gotten around to having sex. Sure I had had girlfriends, but none of them for long enough to do anything other than make out and receive the occasional hand job. That was all fine and dandy up until recently, the occasional hand job, and the multiple jack-off sessions were just not doing it for me anymore.

I needed something more real, more tangible. I checked my watch, 5:15; my parents would be home from work soon. Deciding to take a quick dip in the pool before heading inside, I quickly gulped down the last few mouthfuls of Guinness, and dived into our in-ground pool. I resurfaced and swam to the other end.

Jumping out I dried off, disposed of the empty beer bottle, and was just heading in the sliding patio door as I heard my mom's corolla pull into the drive way. I quickly darted down the stairs to the solitude that was my basement bedroom. In the right corner was my bed, on the left a couch and TV, and on the far wall was my computer. It was a powerful machine; Intel quad core processor, 4 gigs of ram, the latest nvidia graphics card, and a spacious terabyte of hard drive to boot. The sad thing about it was, I only used the damned thing to watch porn, a waste of technology if I ever saw one.

After having a quick jack session to some bimbo getting banged by some guy with a big dick and a thin moustache, I cleaned up my mess and decided to watch a few sports highlights.

I sat down on the cool leather couch and watched TSN until I was called up for supper. Dinner was quiet as usual. Aside from the usual interrogative question from my mom or dad, I was able to eat my spaghetti in relative peace.

"What are your plans for tonight?" my mother asked as she scraped the last bit of sauce from her plate. "I don't know," I replied through the last bite of my second helping. "Me and some of the guys might go and see a band down at the guild." The guild was a local spot to kimonjapanese milf with a gun some pretty good local bands outside of bars, which my friends and I couldn't get into due to the fact that we were minors.

"Well whatever you do cougar and stepteen making teen guy cum be out to late, you have to pick your cousin Jenna up at the airport tomorrow morning. She's staying here for the next few weeks." "And you were going to tell me when." "I didn't know she was coming until yesterday," mom retorted. "Please try to be nice to her, maybe show her around." Well there goes my privacy for the next few weeks I thought as I put away my dishes in the dishwasher.

I would be stuck chauffeuring my cousin around to different places like the mall, and the boardwalk.

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Jenna was a year younger than me and I hadn't seen her since I was 6 at the last big reunion. She was from England, where my grandparents and mother twmen one women xxx story from. It was going to be an annoying few weeks. "Fine," I finally said reluctance. "Thanks, dear," my mom said as I ran down stairs to my room. I set about getting ready for the show, slipping on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Spraying on my old spice body spray I headed out for the show still dreading the day to come. The next morning I woke up and drove my shitty old Honda to the airport. Inside the lobby I waited for the plane to land.

Sipping on a Pepsi I had bought from the vending machine, I held my sign that read "Jenna Smith" hoping it wouldn't take too long for her to notice it.

A steady stream of passengers filed through the doors marked "International- Port 2" I looked for any signs of a teenage girl, but it was mostly old people coming from England to the Maritimes for vacation. I waited, and finally the last passenger to file through the door was a teenage girl indeed. My cock almost lurched at the sight.

She had beautiful brown hair in a cute pony tail, piercing blue eyes searching lobby for my sign. She wore a tight "Rolling Stones" T-shirt over her well developed breasts. Her belly button was visible, pierced with a little metal stud. I continued to gaze at her letting my eyes slip down to her perfect waste line and hips. Her blue jeans conformed to her shapely hips and legs, giving a new meaning to the word sexy.

Maybe these next few weeks wouldn't be so bad after all I thought to myself as I watched her walk. towards me! My eyes darted up and I met her gaze, she had seen my sign and was hurrying towards me, backpack swung across her back. Had she seen me looking at her, I hope not it wouldn't be a very good first impression especially for a cousin. She reached me and put out her hand. "Hi, you must be John," she said in a surprisingly sexy English accent, her luscious lips forming a smile on her pretty face.

"You must be Jenna," I managed, still shocked at her appearance. Most of the females in the family, with the exception of my mother, were complete dogs.

Jenna was clearly another of those exceptions. "You like the Stones to?" she asked. "Wha." "I saw you looking at my shirt," she continued.

"Sure I do, I like mostly their mid-period stuff with Mick Taylor on guitar, you know "Sticky Fingers," "Exile on Main St." All that good stuff." "I know what you mean," she replied. "Ron Wood just doesn't do Mick T. any justice." "That's what I always say, Mick T. is a better guitarist hands down," I was glad that we had found a common ground with our musical tastes. If she weren't my cousin I probably would have asked her out right there.

"Anyways, we better get back to my house," I continued. "Okay," she said turning towards the luggage pick up area . I followed her over to the area determined to carry her luggage for her (who says chauvinism is dead.)I couldn't help but steal a few glances at her amazingly sexy ass beneath her tight jeans. We waited for her luggage. When it came I picked it up and was amazed at the fact that it was just one relatively small suitcase. "Are you sure you're a girl," I asked nodding at the bag in my hand.

She giggled. "I like to travel light," she answered placing her hand on my shoulder for a second. Her hand sent a jolt of exclusive she got two huge cocks to ride electricity through my body; somehow her just brushing her hand against my shoulder had excited me. I remembered back to junior high and the tingly feeling I used to get just holding a girls hand on the bus.

This was something similar. "What a piece of junk," she had said at the sight of my rusty little Honda. "She may not look like much but she's got it where it counts kid," I retorted, quoting one of my favourite movie characters. "She'll make point five past light speed." She stared at me a smirk across her face. I was suddenly worried that I had weirded her out with my nerdy out lash.

"That's okay. But let's just say I'd like to avoid any imperial entanglements," she said her smile widening until it finally burst out into a laugh.

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We talked about music on the way home finding out that we both enjoyed a lot of the same music. She made a few sarcastic comments about my shitty little car, but I didn't mind, I even laughed at them. We even made plans to go down to the guild for the blues festival on Saturday. I popped "Zeppelin II" into the CD player and we listened to it as we chatted about alternate guitar tunings.

She was perfect she was a rock and blues loving, guitar playing, Guinness drinking, incredibly hot chick. The only problem is that she was my cousin and I would probably have been condemned to hell for thinking the thoughts I was thinking about her. (If I was religious) We continued to chat as I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car.

Popping the trunk, I opened the door and went to retrieve her suitcase. Just outside the car I bent to tie a shoe lace that had gone loose. I could see her glancing and smiling at me in the cars mirror. I pretended that I hadn't caught her.

Picking her suitcase back up I started for the house with her following sextury redhead teen gets assfucked and facialed behind. Once inside, I showed her to the spare bedroom upstairs. Placing her suitcase on her bed for her I began to head out the door. "Where are you going you douche," she called. I turned around surprised at her statement.

"I thought you would want some time alone to unpack." "I could use some help." "Okay," I replied, glad for the chance to spend more time with her.

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Spend more time with my COUSIN I thought to myself, emphasizing the word cousin. Why did the perfect girl for me have to be my cousin? A blood relative, I must be a pervert for thinking about her in this manner, but with an ass like that, and an amazing personality, who couldn't.

My cock lurched at the thought of her ass, luckily it was in a position that I could easily hide my erection if need be. The unpacking went fairly smoothly. There just simply wasn't a lot of stuff to unpack, a few pairs of jeans, a skirt, a few t-shirts, a couple of tank tops. It did get a little awkward when it came time to unpack her under garments. She giggled at the site of me neatly packing her panties in the dresser drawer. I smiled back; I could feel my cheeks turning a little big booty mandy muse massage and fucked. The remainder of the first week was pretty much the same.

We got along really well and had a great time at the blues festival that Saturday. I had introduced her to my friends, who all took an immediate liking to her that I quickly warded off with a warning stair. Luckily they took it as a big brother type thing and didn't see through my quiet desire for my cousin. It wasn't until the second week that she started flirting with me. Nothing big, the occasional ass-brush against me in the hall, her playfulness in the pool, her playful punches to my arm, and most prominent of all was the half coy smile on her face in all of our interactions.

I'm not stupid, and can usually tell when a girl has the hots for me. And let me tell you, all feelings were mutual. She almost caught me masturbating twice, and I have a feeling that she knew I had been. The irony was that I was jacking-off pretending that she was the girl in the porn vids.

I even started to look for girls that looked similar to her, but it was hard to find any that were even close to being that sexy.

A considerably amount of sexual tension started to build up between us. It all boiled down on Friday of the second week. It was afternoon and we were watching some action movie I hadn't seen before. We sat on the couch in the family room together, we leaned against opposite arms, our feet just almost touching.

Anyways, the film looked to be straight out of a nineteen eighties made for TV collection (The things you watch when you're bored) and it was about some cop trying to solve some murder involving a hooker and two crime families. Things took a turn between us when it got to a sex scene in the movie; the cop was having gentle romantic sex with his sexy female partner. Jenna began to rub her lovely teen lesbian babes play with fake penis girlfriend and homemade against mine, caressing it with her toes.

The sex scene was becoming awkwardly long and it was making me a little horny too. Jenna continued to caress my foot with her toes, moving up to my ankle. I pretended to not notice as I continued to watch the movie. Was this more flirting, or was it something a little more. It sure felt like it.

Was my cousin initiating something highly taboo? Part of me longed for it; the other part was reluctant to even think about it.

By now she was rubbing her foot up and down my bare leg, from my ankle to my knee and back down. Yep she was definitely getting at something. I finally turned and met her gaze. Her eyes looked as if she longed for attention, attention that for some reason only I could give. I extended my hand for her. She took it, and I pulled her closer. Wrapping my arm around her I gently caressed her bare shoulder and started to rub her stomach with my other hand.

She smiled at me as I rubbed. "I have a bad feeling about this," I said, no longer shy of my nerdy side. She giggled in response, as she rubbed my upper leg with her hand. "It's okay baby," she said coyly. "I won't bite." I gazed into her piercing blue eyes; she abruptly closed them and leaned towards me expectantly. I did not disappoint, our lips met with the gentle passion of two lovers kissing for the first time.

The kiss felt like an eternity on its own. My tongue rolled around hers as they danced together. If you want to know how to hold your breath for a record amount of time, all you have to do is kiss my cousin Jenna. When she finally but reluctantly released me letting my lower lip slide between her teeth, I realized that we were both sweating heavily and I was caressing her left breast. Her nipples were hard through her shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra.

She tugged at my shirt and I held up my arms for her to take it off. She pulled it off and turned her attention to my stomach and lucy li 2019 toy boy xxx new story. She kissed my abs, working her way up with a trail of gentle kisses and licks to my nipples.

Gently nibbling and licking them, she continued up until she met my lips in a more forceful kiss this time. It was my turn to take her shirt off. She held her arms up as I slowly pulled the bottom of her tank top up. I watched intently as the fabric pulled away from her smooth skin. My cock stood at full attention as her average sized but shapely breasts bounced out of her top.

They looked nice and firm, a trait I admired. Her eraser tip nipples were perfect extruding from her quarter sized areolas. Her shirt pulled away from her head, and I threw it to the floor. I began to massage both breasts. She let out a soft moan as my thumbs began to rub against her nipples.

Once again our gaze met, and on her face was a look of pure ecstasy. I continued to knead her breasts until I could not take it anymore. I had to give those nipples a taste. Getting on my knees in front of her, I began to rub her breasts once more.

She moaned, a little more powerfully this time as I took her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it, xxxxxxx sex stories story 2019 xxx it with my tongue, enjoying the salty taste of her sweat. I continued to suck on her right breast, as I went back to massaging her left. "That's it babe," she said, running her fingers through my hair.

"Suck on my tits." I shifted positions, now sucking her left nipple, and rubbing the small of her back. I reluctantly decided that that had been enough and left a trail of gentle kisses and licks up to her neck until I reached her mouth. Locked in a passionate kiss once again, she began to rub my stiff cock through my shorts. I was in heaven. The feeling of her feminine hand, considerably smaller than mine was incredible.

A jolt of sexual energy shot through my body at her touch, and it was my turn to moan. Still locked in a kiss, I placed my hands firmly under her jean covered ass and stood up, lifting her with me. Turning around, I sat back on the couch. Now in a straddle position, she began to rub my chest, stomach, and more importantly she continued to pay some much needed attention to the stiff member beneath my shorts. I continued to rub my hands against her smooth soft skin, this time electing to rub the small of her back.

Occasionally I would slip my hands down into her jean pockets and massage her soft but cheeks, enjoying the feeling of her warm and sweaty skin. Releasing my mouth from hers, she leaned forward her breasts rubbing against my chest. She turned her attention to my ear, taking it between her teeth and nibbling on it. Man this was great. It was her next remark that I would remember my whole life. From now on, every time I would think of these words, my cock would lurch to attention from the pure taboo pleasure they made me feel.

"Cousin John want his cock sucked?" she asked, a stifling sound to her voice. Just those words alone sent shivers down my spine. This was so inconceivably wrong, but it felt so right. For those few seconds we were both there, living in the moment. Nothing else existed, just us and our cousinly lust. Somehow I had justified the kissing and rubbing as just plain old fun experimentation, happens all the time I thought, thinking of the stories you here about cousins down in the more southern areas of the US.

I didn't know how my mind could justify what was about to happen. My conscience, and my cock, were always in a constant battle. A battle my conscience rarely one, and this time was no exception. "Yes," I finally responded. "Please, I need your lips wrapped around it." Kneeling down in front of me, she smiled as she tugged at my shorts.

I lifted myself up a bit allowing her to pull them off with ease. She had xxx big black cock storys free b my shorts and boxers off in the same pull and as a result my rock hard 7-incher sprang out, finally released from its prison. I gazed at her pretty face as she smiled and took it in her hand, slowly examining it as if she were an art critic, judging a sculpture.

Her sultry grin grew, and she started to stroke up and down my long member. It felt so good, so much better than any of the other girls that had jacked me, and certainly better than I had ever done for myself. "That's it sexy, stroke my cock," I sighed. "You like that?" she asked licking her lips.

I nodded. "You'll like this even more." My head rolled back as she took my cock into her steamy mouth, bathing it in her warm saliva. I moaned as her tongue flicked across my head, playing with my little pee slit. Releasing her little pony tail, I watched as her gorgeous shoulder length brown hair fell.

I began to run my fingers through it, enjoying the soft feeling of her long strands. She continued to bob up and down on my cock, her tongue running back and forth as she did so. Occasionally she would let my cock out of her mouth with a glorious pop, and give my saliva slickened cock a few long strokes before going back to the sucking. At one point she held cock at the tip and licked slowly from the base up, taking it back into her mouth at the top. My balls stirred as if they were a highly efficient factory, preparing a batch of its most revered product for shipment.

I would cum soon. Perhaps sensing that I was close to blowing my load, Jenna quickened her pace, allowing more of my cock to enter her mouth. Pretty soon, it was pushing at the entry way to her throat. With the finesse of a pro, she finally took me all in. Gagging a bit, she released me, only to plunge back down pressing her nose against my pubes. She sweet looking teen dancing stripping masturbation amateur once again, this time returning to the gentle bobbing motion she had started with.

I felt her fingers caressing my scrodum, this was too much. My cum sprayed into her mouth, several powerful streams of my nectar, one after the other, filling her to the brink. To my delight she swallowed the whole load. Grinning she stood up and removed her tight jeans. Man she had a sexy waistline. She stood there topless, a black lace thong covering my prize.

I stood up and playfully pushed her on to the couch. She willingly fell down, closing her legs. I grinned.

Kneeling down before her, I spread her legs, marvelling at her glorious inner thighs. I kissed them, starting with the right, from her knee to just to the right of her pussy lips.

A sweet pungent aroma filled my nostrils as I switched to her left thigh. It was intoxicating. I pulled her little panties off throwing them to the side.

Her pussy was beautiful; to perfect sized lips surrounding a little opening that looked way to small for a cock. A thin strip of pubic hair trailed down wife being felt up by strangers in group point at it welcomingly. Her pussy was sopping wet, that much was clear. I probably could have plunged my cock in without any trouble.

I wanted a taste anyway. Gently licking her in the area surrounding her beautifully shaped lips, I teased her growing closer to my target with each passing lick. She squirmed, moaning as I teased her. I could feel her arching, trying to make her pussy meet my tongue, but I wouldn't let it.

I continued to lick her soft skin when finally I gave her slit a lick. She shuttered at the feel of my tongue. I looked up, she was biting her bottom lip, and her eyes were squinting in pleasure. I loved it, I had never pleasured a girl like this before and was surprised at the pleasure it gave me to watch her expressions of ecstasy.

Taking a pussy lip into my mouth, I sucked on it and let it pop out. Repeating the same to the other, I started to lick her slit up and down, never quite touching her clitoris.

I could feel her vibrating under my tongue, and hear her moans of pleasure as I ate her out. Finally I started to lick her clit, flicking it with my tongue. Two of my fingers began to slide in and out of her pussy, her juices flowing freely. "Have you ever had a cock in your pussy?" I asked, my turn to play with her feelings of taboo. "No," she said. "But I'm on birth control, so it's okay." "You want my cock Cousin Jenna?" "Yes John, Fuck me, Fuck me now!" she called through her pleasure. Placing her legs on my shoulders, I let her guide my stiff cock in with her hand.

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The feeling was incredible, warm, tight, and moist. It was everything I had imagined it and more. Slowly I began to push back and forth, going a little further with each gentle thrust. Pretty soon I met some resistance. Pulling back I watched her wince in anticipation.

With one quick thrust I forced my cock through her cherry and buried it to the hilt. She screamed in pain, but it soon died down giving way to the pleasure she was feeling. I began to thrust again, in and out, slowly at first but my pace quickened with each push. We both began to pant and moan heavily.

The amount of sweat pouring off of our body was immense. We gazed at each other's eyes as I began to plunge in and out with great force abandoning all attempts to be gentle. She screamed with pleasure as she shuttered into an orgasm of epic proportions, soaking my cock and balls in her silky juices. This set me off. I drained my factory, pumping my thick steamy cum into her tight love hole.

With a final moan of delight, we pulled from each other. Snuggling our naked bodies together, we fell asleep in each other's arms, a satisfied smile on our faces. To be continued in. "Cousins Forever: The chill of winter's day"