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Akari hoshinuncensored miss lady professor
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My sweet little wife's name is Eli, short for Elaine. She is twenty eight years old and we had been married for six years when the incident took place.

I Had to go out of town for two days for my company. I didn't like to do it and neither did Eli, but someone has to pay the bills. The story starts when Gloria came over to go shopping with my wife. Now I don't like Gloria.

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She's a slut and as dirty as can be. Why Eli likes her I don't know but i have told Eli time and time again that Gloria will not be happy till she makes her a slut just like her. You know the misery loves company concept. Before I left I let Eli have it, "Maybe what you want is for Gloria to talk you into being a slut like her, I can't think of any other reason but let me tell you this.

If I do find out that Gloria succeeded and you became just like her and fucked other men I will beat you black and blue and if I catch you with any men I will half kill them too.do you understand me?" Eli looked at me with fearful eyes, "How can you talk this way to me if you love me.I am not a slut and I love you.

I just like Gloria." "Get this into your head right now," I said mad as hell, " If Gloria comes into this house both of you will get the bums rush.you can go live with the whore in the local whorehouse for all I care." Eli cried and said that I didn't love her to talk that way to her.

I said that I did love her and i wouldn't be honoring my vow to protect her if I didn't try and get rid of ? Gloria. She kept crying and university of panjab lahore xxx last sound as I threw my hand's up and left for my trip.

As luck would have it I drove seven hours and the meeting was called off. Oh well at least the company was paying me for all the time. I decided not to stay over night and rest up before driving back. I guess the fight with Eli had me wide awake. The following is what I found out later as to how things happened. Gloria did come into my house and Eli told her that this was the last time that she could see her. She said that her marriage meant more than a friend anyway.

Gloria poo pooed every thing I had said and the two women went shopping. The trouble happened while they were out shopping. Gloria talked Eli into going to a nearby bar with her for a few drinks. The bar tender later told me that Gloria tried to get Eli drunk. It wasn't until seven large blacks that were on some basket ball team or other came in that Gloria read started hard to get Eli fucked up. Ben, the bartender said that he tried to call me but that my phone wasn't working.

Damn thing took a dump on perfect teen tits cam and passion hd blonde first time fighting for affection about two hours of the return trip.

He later said that Tyler Scoggings, a so called star, gave Gloria a packet and she put it in my wife's drink while she went to the bathroom. That's when he called me and couldn't get me. He then called the police to talk to a buddy of his who just happened to be away out of town also. Ben said that the police that didn't know him told him that they had to wait till a crime had been committed before they could act. If they had came to the bar then, it would have all been over before it started.

Ben went back just in time to see Eli being ledstaggeringaway by Gloria and the seven niggers. Might as well call them what they are.

Most .no make that ninety percent of the black people I know are as upstanding as I am. But these were niggers.

Maybe it was their Mandingo blood or something but they thought they were hot shit and hated the white man although the white men had never did anything to them except to maybe give them the upper hand with money at the expense of white men, Their hatred for white didn't extend to white women.

They all wanted one thing and one thing only: to fuck them and establish their superiority over them. Old mister Higgings saw them when they pulled up to my house.

He saw Gloria and my wife being driven in her car by three blacks who were kissing her and had her mostly undressed and that other woman."You know the slut that comes over to see your wife". That's how he put it. He didn't like Gloria at all. She teased him a lot and Higgings was a vet with a shot off leg too.

Any way Higgings went to the side of the house where there was a large picture window and saw what went on. This is is what he later told me. By the time Tyler and the others had gotten a drugged and wildly tipsy Ali in the living room. Not that easy sucking a huge dick brunette and big cock swept away our pictures of our wedding and my mother and Father and her family on the floor and proceeded to open bags after bags of a white powder.

Higgings wasn't stupid, it was cocaine. A couple of the picture frames broke and punctured the precious pictures. Higgings said that he saw the other nigger that I later identified as Saquene Rogers, Take a picture of Eli's dead mother and father and tear off a piece of it and roll it up to snort coke with.

Eli tried to protest but she was under the influence of some kind of drug or other. The polled up pic was stuck in her nostril and she had her mouth held closed by Reginald Tailor till she got a large amount of the coke down and then Higgings said she kinda went all glassy eyed. Then she started clawing the cloths off of the closest nigger.

Higgings took his cell and called the police. The police asked if Eli was being forced. he looked back in to see my wife kissing one nigger and grabbing at the cocks of two more. He told the police what she was doing but started to say that she was under the influence of drugs. The police asked him if he were a doctor and could identify the drugs, Higgings said that they were snorting a white powder that looked like cocaine to him. The police asked him where he was at and he told them.

the police said that he was guilty of being a peeping tom which was illegal. Higgings said that he watched Eli take a big black in her mouth and suck it while another nigger got behind her and rammed his monster cock in her cunt. he said the only sound she made was to yell back at the nigger to, "come on fuck me harder you black bastard.i thought you had a cock on you and not a little pee pee like my husband has," I have nine inches sometimes when i am exceptionally horny but normally it's a little over eight.

He said that he was glad he had went back and grabbed his camera and now he went back to get his shotgun. When he got it out of where he had hidden sex xxx story full uae away in his storage and loaded up all ten shells he started back. He said he went into the house and Eli was being fucked in ultra classic verbotene pornozeit 1930 ass and was sitting on two other big black cocks.

they looked to him like they were both in her cunt. She was screaming for them to fuck her harder and give her more cock. Two niggers stuck their cocks into her mouth. Gloria was naked and sucking off the other two niggers, actually she was fluffing them so the could be ready to fuck my wife.

He told me that when he pointed the shotgun at them and told them to stop he didn't count on Gloria. She had come behind him with a large butcher knife and stabbed him in the back of his left shoulder. It hurt so much that he dropped the shotgun. He actually threw it to just inside the door. Gloria came and started to stab him with the butcher knife in his good leg.

She was screaming like a crazed woman. later tock screens would show that she had enough PCP for a horse in her. That was when i came in. Actually I ran and fell in the door. The shotgun was right in front of me and I picked it up and shot Gloria in her stomach.

She still didn't fall she was so full of angel dust. She turned and came for me then. her belly was a bloody mess with entrails spilling out but the crazed woman still came for me. This time i raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger. her head disapeared in a spray of blood and gore and she ceased to be. her body still held the knife and laid on the floorher legs moving like she was trying to run at me.

The sound of the shotgun got only the attention of the two niggers that she was sucking on. they came at me. One held a poker and the other held another knife snatched up off the floor. it was still dripping with Higging's blood. I didn't want to kill them.Ok yes i did but i wanted to really hurt them more and I fired twice real fast and blew their long monster cocks off their stinking bodies.

The niggers that were fucking Eli was another story. The one in her ass popped his cock out and charged me screaming like a madman. I blew his head off and made a large hole where the cocks were ot ther other two niggers. Eli then saw me and to my suprise she tried to attack me. She jumped up at me and the two big 18 virgins raped forced or drporn storys cocks were so tight in her cunt that with amazonian strength she pulled the two niggers with her.

I I reversed the gun and clobbered Eli in the head with the gun stock. Then Cocksucking euros having fun at sex party fired at her cunt where the two black cocks were being stretched out to about twice their length.The one shot caught both cocks just below their heads and Eli's cunt took a couple of minor buckshot blast.

Higgings had loaded a shell of bird shot in his haste. It was lucky for Eli or her cunt would have been ruined.it looked like it was anyway.

When she fell back her legs were wide open and the raw red hole looked like a tunnel of mangled flesh. What caught my eyes were her cunt lips. they looked like they were extended to her knees. About then the police arrived. You can always count on them to never be there when you need them.

Gloria was dead and Eli was unconscious. The niggers I wasn't sure. The cops had me laying face down on the floor as the cuffed my hands.

I heard that four of the niggers were dead and the other three had lost a lot of blood. I saw Higgings being taken away by a gurney. He was ok except he was bloody all over.

Damn bitch had grabbed the one dull knife that I had there. Of course she was inhumanly strong and she did some damage but Higgings was alright. "Did I do ok Paul.did I," He asked me as he was being lifted out. I told him that I would never worry about anything as long as he was around. I never saw a happier eighty year old in my life. The cops finally released me after they found the camera still running sitting on the window sill.

It even captured their inept bumbling way of handling me. Everyone was finally taken to the hospital. Eli and all her fucking niggers. two more died at the hospital and only one lived.if you can call it that.

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His pride and joy was gone. Blasted in to a thousand little pices. Damn Higgings adrianna luna cumshot black suspect taken on a tough ride loaded the shot gun with police load 00 shot. Damn that made the buckshot about half again as heavy as normal. The shots were meant to take a man to the happy hunting grounds and then some. Eli stayed in the hospital for a week. The doctors said that they couldn't fix her sex organs up for a normal man.

I heard one doctor make a joke about horses. I was sick. I had saved her but at the same time she had condemned herself. When she got home I told her that i should divorce her. the camera showed that she was a willing participant and any court would have given me one. "You made the choice over my objections about seeing Gloria and you made the choice to start to drink with her.

None of this would have happened if you had only listened to me." You didn't and now you have to pay the price. No normal man will have you and i loved you a great deal but I'll never touch you again. You can still live here and take care of the house. I will section off the house where you can have some privacy or rather I can." "If I marry I will have you leave and give you plenty of notice but that's what you are to me now a ruined white women who is only good for niggers and if I ever see you talk to one I will kill you .like I should have done when you attacked me.now are you listening to me yet Eli.are.

you.?" Eli looked at me with real fear in her eyes. She knew that her husband was right. She wanted to be a slut just like Gloria and she had caused everything to happen. She had thought that the black men would act civilized. What she failed to realize is that a nigger doesn't know how to be civilized. Black and white people do but not niggers. She now knew that she had lost the love of her life and that things would never be the same to them.

Her husband treated her like the piece of shit she was and would continue doing it forever. Paul moved away after that. He took Higgings with them. He bought a horse ranch where he sold horse sperm for breeding. He finally found a good use for Eli so she wouldn't be a charity case. he made her a collector of horse sperm.

It was well known that a horse shot off more sperm when he fucked a mare that the old fashion way of collecting it. Eli would lay on a bench underneath the horse and one of the workers would place the large monster horse cock into Eli's cunt. The horse fakeagentuk british girls demonstrate amazing blowjob skills fuck her till he shot his load of sperm in her cunt. She would then sit over a pan as the sperm dripped out of her.

On a good day she collected the sperm from over a dozen horses. It looked to Paul like the niggers that he had killed had did him a favor by making Eli's cunt so large that she did the job easily. The only problem was that Paul's new girlfriend that he planned on marrying loved to fuck her future husband while Eli fucked the horses.

Eli watched ,as she was fucked by a huge horse cock, with tears in her eyes and she realized the enormity of what she had done. Paul had divorced her finally after she had the twin black babies that she had become pregnant with.

Higgings had wanted to toss the babies in the air and catch them on the tines of a pitchfork but Paul instead let them be adopted by deserving black friends.

he knew they would raise the two boys to not become like their father, whoever he was. Eli carried the twins to full term and she was not allowed to be a horse sperm collector after her sixth month.

She cried at night in her little room next to the collection barn as all the workers fucked her. They had to get two of three cocks in her at a time for them to feel anything. Paul and Lisa finally got married and Eli still fucked the horses.