British amateur milf and white master my peeping playfellows step son

British amateur milf and white master my peeping playfellows step son
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Yuko is a beautiful single Chinese woman, 33 years old seeking a older American man for a husband. A Chinese business associate talked to me about these young Chinese women. The business associate arranged for Yuko's legal documents including her visa.

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Yuko flew to New York where she was meant at the airport and taken to my Long Island estate. I love Asia, women there are so gullible and willing to believe a stranger. Always a kind smile and a gracious host, China is a country full of neive virgins and horny women. The average young Chinese woman is single, a virgin and usually completely ignorant of her own body, and has never experienced seduction, foreplay, love making, and intercourse.

Asian women have very small slits, once penetrated their vaginal canal is small and extremely tight. First time penetration usually takes 3 or 4 attempts before successfully sinking the cock head inside the vagina. I found that successful penetration of four inches of my shaft takes ten minutes of continuely thrusting. Yuko is a actress that is very popular and had a brief scandal in 2004 over nude scenes in a Korean movie.

Yuko is frightened as the last brat blonde teen whipped in prison cell hours have been scary for her. Leaving China, flying to the United States to meet a stranger and stay with him for a week. It's been 24 hours since I last had spoken with Yuko reassuring her. My jeans are tight thanks to a granite like erection. It's painfully hard and throbbing and is boy rap vingir fuck japnes girls for her, it's been ready since I woke up.

Taking my morning shower imagining my cock buried deep in Yuko. I want her, I want to taste her, I want to feel her, and I don't want to wait any longer. I open the door and step in, I audibly gasp and my cock surges at the sight. Yuko pulls the covers of the bed down, lying on her side facing the door. Dressed in a soft blue teddy with white thigh high nylons and teasingly in the middle. She strokes her hands up and down her body, cupping her breast and squeezing it gently before sliding down over her stomach to her thigh that are stretched out together all the time watching me standing at the foot of the bed.

No words are spoken as I begin undressing, stepping out of my clothes and as she watches my every move as I get closer to being naked, she rolls on her back spreading her legs wide. Her knees out to the side on the bed as she pulls them up beside her so wide that her swollen lips of her pussy open on their own showing me how aroused she is. Yuko's breathing quickens as she runs one hand down over her stomach then down between her wide spread legs, her eyes locked on me, watching me soak her in and she feels her wetness increasing in her swollen pussy, feeling her lips and clit swelling, nipples hard and standing tall, her sexual hunger growing.

My breath quickens seeing how Yuko shows her body off to me in an incredibly sexual way. Yuko gasps seeing my monster cock jutting out, bobbing up and down with large hairy balls beneath it.

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She continued staring at my huge cock, her body shaking as she realized just how big I was. I stood at the side of the bed stroking my fully erect cock. Telling her to relax that my 9 inch long with a girth of 7, cock will be painful stretching her. Completely naked, I get onto the bed beside her and start stroking the insides of her thighs, so soft and smooth.

Stroking higher up her thighs until I'm stroking down the juncture between her thighs and her thick swelling lips of her pussy. Yuko is waiting, just waiting until her pussy gets attention. I kneel forward getting closer to her sweet small tight opening, herr lips are swollen open so I can see her wetness, her clit is hard and throbbing all are a deep pink showing me how ready she is.

Using my thumbs I stroke slowly up and down on her lips, just taking time to let the inner need in her build. Her juices are seeping out as I rub them over her lips making them slippery.

I smell her sweet scent and I need to taste her. Bending closer I take the tip of my tongue, barely touching her lips I stroke slowly up and down one and then the other.

Again and again I do it as her breathing deepens and the heat rises deep inside her. Yuko lets out a soft moan, feeling me starting to eat her, feeling my tongue on her pussy. Yuko brings her hands to her breasts, pulling on her hard nipples gently as she relaxes into the bed knowing that I'm going to be between her legs.

Sexual heat is building up inside her slowly, taking my time to bring her to her first orgasm after orgasm. I'm licking her deeper, licking up between her lips, tasting more and more of her sweet cream. I slide my tongue inside her, her hips bucking as I suck gently and that's all it takes for another orgasm to roll through her body.

I feel her pussy pulsing on my tongue as I'm flooded by a wave of her cum and I drink it, sucking on the opening to her pussy for more of that sweet liquid. I keep sliding my tongue back and forth in her pussy, gently and softy fucking her with it as she softly moans with pleasure. Another orgasm rolls through her as I lick hungrily on more of her cum, she tastes so good, like sweet nectar.

I move up to her swollen clit, so hard and desperate for attention. Using the softness of my lips I bbc fuck china wife front her husband up and down on it, barely touching it and she lets out a loud moan as she arches her back and twists her hips in complete arousal.

Pulling the hood back off her clit I part my lips around it, giving it soft gentle butterfly sucks. Over and over I gently suck on her clit as I stroke her swollen lips with my fingers, keeping a slow gentle pace that makes her body tremble. Yuko feels another orgasm growing in her, from deep down it flows through her body, a wave of pure ecstasy. The sheer thought of having me between her obscenely wide spread legs focusing totally on the most intimate part of her body, devouring her swollen, heated pussy the way she always dreamed, makes her dripping wet with desire, feeling my lips lock around her clit brings out her heat as she moans loudly and shudders through another orgasm.

For the longest time I suck gently on her swollen clit, letting her ride wave after wave of orgasms. After a while I slide two fingers between her dark red lips, barely sliding inside, feeling her wet tightness grabbing them like a cock. I slowly push them in deeper, then curl my finger tips finding her g spot, wildly writhing as shivers run through her body as I tease the doorway to her soul.

It takes 4 strokes on her g spot and the continual sucking of her clit for her to cum again, moaning loudly and shuddering through a massive orgasm.

I keep stroking and sucking as she cums, her sexually charged body shaking and bucking as she cums, then as it starts to subside she explodes again, letting out a deep breath before tensing up through another one, this one longer, more intense than the one before it. On and on it goes until she begins to come down. Yuko suddenly realizes that I'm still between her legs, still pleasing her, worshiping her inflamed, dripping with desire pussy.

Then she feels a change in the way I'm eating her, my lips on her clit as my soft slow sucking changes to a constant sucking as she feels something soft, slippery wet and squirmy move over her clit in slow teasing movements.

My tongue on her clit, she lets out a chorus of moans as she feels her arousal for the first time in her life, her sexual hunger deepens, her body becoming more charged and open for passion than she ever imagined. I'm working on her clit and g spot and can't get enough of her pussy, and her sweet creamy cum. As she eases off her orgasm I continue my slow teasing letting another build in her.

It's not long before her breath catches, her body tenses up and cums, her legs spread wide, pushing her pussy out at me for more attention. I can read her, her body, knowing what she wants and needs as I speed kimonjapanese milf with a gun my tongue on her clit, increasing the speed and pressure of my fingers on her g spot.

Her orgasm growing stronger, and it goes on and on, rippling through her body like electricity. Yuko finally relaxes from her long orgasm I go back to a soft gentle teasing of her swollen, throbbing clit, my fingers gently stroking back and forth inside her in slow motion as I wait for her sexy small titted brunette on web cam build again.

The signs are there and I feel the energy from her body old crock cant live without youthful bodies oldvsyoung hardcore she comes up to heat quickly. I'm between her wide spread legs, with complete access to everything and hiding nothing. Her scent, her sweet juices are intoxicating as I focus to give her erotic pleasures and sensations, she has needed for a long time. Her body is flush with a sheen of sweat from cumming.

Her hands at her hard nipples, pulling and twisting them big dick young teen anal fatherly alterations they turn a lush deep red. Orgasms roll into another orgasm without fading as she rides the waves, opening her body completely for unbelievable ecstasy that is surging through her. He body is so taut, her thighs squeezing around me, her hands are nonstop on her hard nipples and on my head, holding me to her clit, begging me silently to never stop what I'm doing.

I continue as she flows into another orgasm, gasping and breathing deep, she moans loudly as it ripples up and down her spine, to her breasts and her hard sensitive nipples, and down her soft smooth legs.

I change the strokes of my tongue from using the soft underneath to the rough side and begin rolling my tongue around and around it as I suck harder. Yuko lets out a long deep moan as a massive orgasm slams into her, my tonguing and fingering keeps her on that pretty brunette maya bijou in a steamy sex session for a long time. Her back arching up again as her thighs clamp on me tighter as she shakes and squirms.

She feels bolts of electricity coming from her pussy and rolling through her body over and over, as it feels like her pussy is melting as she cums uncontrollably from my tongue. Knowing her first man has a craving for her taste sends shivers down her spine, she holds her legs wide open, her lips opening up with them as she surrenders her womanhood to me. Yuko whispers to me what I know she wants, what she knows is coming to her, what she needs desperately, " I need you inside me.

please fuck me. please." Yuko moans loudly as my cock touches her pussy, her clit buzzing now, painfully throbbing as she is so close to having a cock inside her for the first time in her life. I stroke her swollen pussy lips until she moves her legs restlessly, bucking her hips up at me. I look up and ask her " Are you ready baby?" Her reply is, " Oh god yes." " Its time for me to split and ruin her tight pussy." Yuko begins to protest but I never give her a chance.

Next thing she knows, she is on her back and my body is between her spread legs hovering over her. I pull baby oil from the bedside table and begin to massage it into her hot wet pussy.

I put a generous amount on my big throbbing pole too. Yuko feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down on her labia. It looks huge against her little slit. Yuko whimpers as I push against her. No way she thought. It will never fit. " Oh Yuko this is going to change your life. This will be very painful at first." I lean forward putting my weight against her small petite body. I slide my cock up spreading her lips slightly. Yuko feels the pressure building. My eyes are closed in effort and concentration.

I growl low and menacing as I push harder, her pussy refusing to open. I pull back then lean forward again sliding my cock up spreading her lips again slightly. Again Yuko feels the pressure building then she feels her small tight pussy stretch.

Yuko has never had a cock inside her, she has never seen a huge cock like mine. Her pussy is still resisting but it is stretching and I freaks of boobs babes with huge boobs getting fucked video not ease up giving her virgin pussy constant pressure with minimal penetration.

Not even all the head has entered her. Yuko thought she was going to be torn apart. Yuko is screaming for me to stop, I shove a cloth in her mouth muffling her screams.

Tears are streaming down her face. " Fuck you are extremely tight." I grunted as I jerk my hips forward.

Something in her tore. Something gave way. A deep burn filling her entire pelvis as my hot throbbing monster cock forces its way into her small tender virgin pussy. A split second ago the tip of my cock barely entered her then all of a sudden my head forced her pussy open. Yuko screamed a high pitch muffled painful noise. Tears streaming down her face again.

My growls give way to grunts as I push my hips forward again. I push deeper as her pussy struggles to stretch. Yuko reaches up pushing against my belly wanting me out of her and I complied until I was almost out. Yuko tries to push me the rest of the way out as I grab her hands pinning them at her side.

With a laugh I thrust back into her. Deeper this time. Yuko screams again as my cock hit places never touched. I hold her hands down so she can't stop me from thrusting into her. Each thrust touching her deeper and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. Eventually Mom and daughter and dad sex let go of her wrists as my mouth found her neck and I bit her.

I growled in her ear. All Yuko can do is whimper as her lungs burned. I'm slamming into her a pile driver, my hands find her breasts pulling her nipples. Her face is red as she feels sensations never imagined, feeling my cock buried inside of her. Her hands find my ass and she squeezes my cheeks as my cock slides in and out of her pussy. My cock forcefully thrusting deeper inside her.

Soon Yuko feels my cock hitting her cervix as she came again moaning and squirming against me. My balls slapping her ass as I call her my slut, my whore, my bitch. I said she is a virgin cunt who needed to have her pussy taken. Yuko came two more times while I fucked her even though she is torn, bleeding and sore. Shortly after she came on my cock the second time my body stiffened and I came inside of her unprotected pussy. I push my cock all the way in stretching her tunnel wide and deep as she screams feeling my cock jerking inside her.

Yuko feels my hot cum filling her pussy so full it is oozing out of her. I pull out my cock covered with a mixture of blood and cum. I roll over breathless. Yuko's pussy aches, is so sore and her inner thighs streaked with blood and cum. " Go get cleaned up then rest. I'm not done with you yet." Yuko dazed on unsteady legs, she stood up limping over to the bathroom. When Yuko woke up later, I'm sitting on a chair with an erection. My white, long, uncut and thick shaft, with a thick capsule of bulbous head.

She stared at my huge cock with a cob web of blue veins around it, she realized just how big I was, as her pussy was still aching, her pussy was very sore and her body ached.

My penis is on the bed, fully erect waiting for her to wake up. I climbed on the bed beside her, my hand forcefully spreading her legs.

I growled when my finger again found her sore womanhood and the wetness and heat it held. " Fuck you are wet." I whisper the words in her ear, making her shiver in fear, she feels my hard rod sticking her in her back. My lust is undeniable as my hand is opening her folds to again explore her scorching center again.

" You are so fucking tight." I push a thick finger inside of her and is rewarded with a whimper. I start to slowly piston my index finger in and out of her tight sore hole, trying to loosen her up. Sliding my arm around her, folding her closer to me, my other hand is free to fondle and pinch her nipples.

The combined pleasure has her mewing softly and her body shaking. I add another finger after a few minutes as I feel her body shaking so much she is vibrating. Then with a rearing ofw pinay sex story on kuwait her hips and a strangled cry, I feel wetness splash against my hand and thighs. My other hand manipulating her breast, rolling the nipple in between my fingers.

Her moaning is louder as I realize that she is going to be one of those loud fucks you wish you had a bit of privacy to truly enjoy. My other hand pulls her ass towards me, pulling her dripping wet hole closer and higher. Preparing to impale her again, I position my cock at her core. Pushing in slowly, he quickly hear "Oh God," as her hand flies to her pussy, trying to pull out my cock from going into her sore pussy again.

My hand on her breast flew to her mouth to quiet her, while my other hand pulled her hand to her clit. " Rub her, it will make it easier to take me again. You will get used to him, I will give you time to adjust." Yuko involuntarily squeezes the head of my cock like a vice.

" Fuck, teen creampie on amateur threesome webcam sex show do that or I am going to lose control." I'm gritting my teeth, trying to push my way through her tight glove again. Yuko is being ripped apart again, she tries to pull away from my cock.

She feels the smooth texture of the head trying to enter her, she is afraid that I'm going to rip her apart again. She feels herself being stretched wide, she feels my thick soda can shaft as I keep pushing into her, her scream muffled by my hand over her mouth.

Unable to help herself, she continues to milk the tip of my cock. She can't help the spasm as she came again, her wetness flowing over my hard rod. I'm not a third of the way in and she cums again. The new rush of fluid and her muffled scream is my undoing. The constant milking of my strangled cock head, I cannot hold back. I slam into her as far as the position allows, not quite all the way, but enough for temporary satisfaction.

I pull out almost completely, her soft inner wall slides out with me. I push back into her again, trying to bottom out, but unable to. Lifting her leg up, I'm able to go deeper. Slamming into her, like a pile driver in and out.

Her whimpers are becoming higher pitched and I know she is cumming again. I pull out all the way for a moment, letting her juices squirt onto me, turning me on further. Pushing back into her, I suddenly bottom out. Pistoning in and out of her, my pace quickens as I feel my lust coming to a head. Her juices make squishing sound as my balls slap against her ass, her pussy is squishing louder with each stroke. I came hard deep inside of her. I push so hard, I feel my cock head against her cervix.

Grunts and grimaces emanate from her as I impose my will upon her like no man has ever done. The palms of her small hands beat against my chest as an outlet to my forceful impalement. I roll onto my back, Yuko sitting suspended on top me, the full weight of her small body bearing down on my nine inches of throbbing cock. My feet curl as her labia chokes down the remainder of my girth, then lands warmly on my pubic bone. With her lips stretched tightly around the base of my cock, I feel the rear wall of her vagina cavity around my brutal insertion.

The immense sense of fullness creates a heavy stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout our bodies. Again and again she slowly raises herself up and plummets herself down, forcefully and relentlessly driving me to the back wall of her honey pot.

Yuko swirls and rotates her pelvis as she rides me, directing my monster rod to erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below us my hairy balls dripping with her milky cum. The lubrication helps us build a rhythm that only increases the erotic pleasures. Each consecutive downward thrust she makes pulverizes her pussy, loosening her extremely tight passage into a sopping mess. Such insatiable desire makes our hearts race as we fuck each other with an unrivaled passion. After continued abusive injections from my steamy piston she finds herself craving something more unusual and exotic.

The only thing that can gratify this carnal desire is to mate in the most intimate of primal ways. Yuko begins by angling platinum blond milf double fisted in her twat hips into a position that makes penetration more shallow.

At first I'm slightly confused as I watch her bite her lip and carefully position her hips in dedicated concentration. Then I feel the ring of her cervix glide up over and rest upon the tip of my penis.

Now I understand her intention and impure wish to have the sanctity of her virgin womb violated by my searing manhood. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my large engorged head. After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates appropriately, relinquishing it's guardianship of your sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within.

Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering. As Yuko advances me into her womb's canal I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The ache causes me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed tunnel, making passage very difficult. Yuko pushes me deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my dick.

The clenched sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her undefiled abyss. With continuous gentle nuzzling and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted. Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, ever so slowly creeping the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of your internal cervical orifice grips me like a taught circular band that clamps around my throbbing, bulbous penis head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus.

Experiencing the phenomenon leaves me amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her chaste womb. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy.

Then I feel her clench down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a poweful internal orgasm.

Deep mom and son first date emanates from her as she writhes and squirms on top of my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body.

As the ecstasy consumes her, she wraps her arms around my neck while looking deep into my eyes. Playfully she flicks the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock.

Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. There the creamy tight cavity stretches around my swollen head, pulsing the tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm. As she looks into my eyes with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or might ever be again. Though unnecessary, she softly bounces her body up and down over the impaled tip, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she milks an orgasm from me which is building.

A whirlwind of pleasure starts to overcome my body as she sucks on my lower lip. The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Below the deep penetration Yuko reaches her hand down to massage my tightening scrotum.

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Inside, four hours of pent up testosterone is readying a torrent of semen inside my achingly full testicles. Yuko squeezes and massages my balls, rolling them through her fingers in order to make me aware of just how desperate she is to drain every last drop of cum from them. All the gentle pulling on the skin and kneading of the sac makes the load inside more voluminous.

An intent stare from her eyes as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder. The tugging grip is more than I can bare pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks and throbs under the grip of her slimy, penetrated cavern.

The engorged tip of my cock swells uncontrollably inside the confines of the scintillating chamber. I let out a deep groan as I feel my prostate suck copious amounts of sperm from my testicles, then fire it up my shaft to her waiting chalice. Clenched around the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my intense orgasm and the delivery of my sperm as it rockets up my shaft.

At the tip of my cock, the small lips open up depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenched, virginal womb. It squirts against the roof of her cervix, splashing into her fallopian tubes, then cascades down around the buried tip. Immediately following is a thunderous hot lesbian pussy licking with two blondes of warm thick cum that deposits deep inside her.

A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of erupting cum paint the interior walls of her waiting womb. I briefly hear her exclaim " Fill me up baby!" as yet another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of the warm pearlescent molasses.

I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my milky seed inside her. Finally, I fire the last creamy charge of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her waiting uterus. My heavy orgasm fills her with the most bountiful load of sperm I've ever shot.

The feeling is so overwhelming she collapses onto me and kisses me deeply as I quiver in the aftershocks of a violent orgasm. As I start to cool down, her uterus pushes my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing quickly behind me in order to seal the inseminated cavity. A hand guided to just below her stomach tells me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her now clenched uterus. Ever so slowly I feel my softening cock retract into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix.

There inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking erection. An aching heat that seems to thank me for depositing all that gooey sperm inside her. A little nibble on my lower lip becomes a French kiss as we both glow in the blissful aftermath of our orgasms.

We giggle for a moment as Yuko lays on top me, her pussy dislodges all nine inches of my spent cock and it flops out into my lap. I had expected a viscous discharge of my semen to leak out from her cervix, then drip its way down her vagina before gushing forth from her flared labia, but I witnessed none.

In fact, not a single drop of cum is released. Her uterus has swallowed the entire milky ejaculation and would not release so much as a single drop. She attests to that fact by telling me, she can feel the warmth of my cum as it swishes around, deep inside her. Luckily I know Yuko is on the pill and therefore have no concerns with letting her keep some of my cum.

Moments later we fall asleep in the grand euphoria we have created for each other.