Big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy

Big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy
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Boy's Sweet Boy-friend by huskarl3010 Introduction : This is a fantasy based on some true initiations which never got going.

This is actually the way I hope things would have gone. It all started when I was in ninth grade - the age of getting into everything just because of curiosity. There was this boy - Mike - in my class, who was extremely cute, a bit shy and whose body I had desperately wanted to see, touch and feel.

Of course, I always hoped that someone wanted to do just that to me but again, I was not that cute and I felt that nobody would love me even if I were a girl. So what I wanted then was to try and seduce Mike, to fulfil my boy-love desire. That was the last day of our term, so many students were out of their classrooms and teachers did not care to come and do lessons for the very few numbers left in the classes. I knew this was my chance, since only I and Mike were in the classroom. "How do I get this done?" was what kept my mind busy for a few minutes and finally I gathered all my courage and asked him, "Hey, Mike".

He turned his eyes from the book he was reading and said, "Yes, Dave?". "I was wondering whether." I paused hesitantly for a moment. ".whether what?", he asked. ".whether you would get upset if I suggested something" "Upset?!, oh, come on Dave, why should Amazing teen beauties trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians get upset?" "Can you keep this a secret, Mike?" "A secret?

Surely I can keep a secret with you, Dave. You are my friend. But what kind of thing are you talking about, Dave?" he asked with an innocent smile. "OK, let me tell you straight" I said looking around to make sure nobody was observing.

"If I show you my dick, would you do the same for me?" I whispered it out. He stood for a moment staring at me. "Oh! No. I'm finished", I thought. "What would he do? Shout for help? Push me aside and run away?

Slap me?" I kept looking at his eyes in a mixed feeling of fear and confusion. "OK" came the word, sending pulses of ecstasy over my entire body. He said "OK"! "But where?", he asked. This stunned me even more as he was now taking the lead.

"Are you sure, Mike?", I had to ask him to get confirmed what I heard him asking. "Of course, Dave.

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But I also have to tell you something. I also was hoping that someone would ask me this but I never thought it would be you. I'm even more excited that you managed to ask this, Dave. I'll happily do it for you, for my friend", he kept on saying, taking my mind to a level of enjoyment that I have no words to explain. "Let's go there", I pointed to a corner in the classroom which was covered with curtains and a partition board so no one could see from outside. I took his hand and walked him into the hideout.

"OK, but I don't know how to start", he said with that innocent smile again. "Will you do what I say?", I asked. "Sure". "OK, then show me your dick first", I said. We both had removed our shoes, so Mike unzipped his shorts and pulled them down together with is underpants in one move to expose his semi-erect petite blonde elsa jean stuffs her pussy with toy which was about 4 inches long. "It's beautiful. What a nice dick you have, Mike.

Can I touch it?" "Of course, go on". I gently touched it with my fingertips and just as I did that, his whole body shook in excitement and he said, "that feels very good, Dave".

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"Have you masturbated, Mike?" "Ya, I recently got into it and I have done it a couple of times". "Can I do it for you?" "That's a great idea, Dave, But why don't you take your thing out also, so that both of us can masturbate each other at the same time", he was giving very naughty suggestions which I had entirely forgotten due to the heat of the moment.

So I also removed my pants and got my dick out which was about 6 inches in length, fully-erect by now. "That's big!", exclaimed Mike, as he moved his hand to touch it. By now, both of us were sitting on the floor and I nodded my head to Mike to proceed with his hand.

His touch on my dick sent waves of pleasure over my entire body brazzers 20sex stories 20full 20length 20free 20dp 20storys first time without any warning, he started to move his grip up and down over my shaft. "I had loved to touch a big dick and this is really BIG for me!", he claimed.

He was giving me a real nice handjob and I also grabbed his now-hard dick and started to return the treat I was getting, a first for both of us. Soon, I felt that it was starting to build up inside me and just then, Mike whispered, "I'm going to cum, Dave". "Me too, Mike", I said and in a few seconds, I shot my load out, part on the floor and the rest on his hand.

As I looked at his still smiling face, I felt hot cum of my boy-friend on my hand. As we were relaxing after our exciting first-time adventure, I licked his cum from my hand, which was really tasty. Seeing that, he said, "I want to taste your cum too" and licked his palm. "Mmm, That's yummy". After that, I said, "it was the most pleasurable time I had ever had, thank you, Mike" "Don't mention, Dave.

Anyway, can we have more pleasure next time?" "Sure", I said, dreaming about that next time. After this secret initiation, we shared a number of other experiences, some just between us and some.! Well, let's keep them for another time.