Youporn hot mom helps daughter to slay a bbc

Youporn hot mom helps daughter to slay a bbc
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Her 2…&hellip. Waking up in my bed, seeing the bite marks on me, heart was racing. And I was thanking god my heart was racing. "I'm still human," I whisper to myself as I look in the mirror. Even grabbing my crucifix I have on my wall. "Still human," I mutter again as Voluptuous playgirl is very horny pornstar hardcore sit back on my bed to recollect myself.

I can feel the room spinning again as I catch my breath, and calm myself. After a few minutes, I go down stairs and grab some food. "Morning," mom says as she walks by. "Glad to see you are up, was getting worried." I looked over and saw it was almost 11. "Usually you are up bright and early, what's got you hitting things late?" She asked. "Sorry mom, just a late night and game too some of it out of me," I said as I grabbed some OJ from the fridge.

"Uh huh, so who is she?" She says as she grabs my chin and tilts my head. My eyes grew wide, "what do you mean?" knowing when I asked what she was talking about. "These hickeys on your neck, who is the girl?" She asked me as she let my chin bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay. "You did come home late, do we need to have the talk again," she said giving me the eye.

It's been me and my mom for awhile since dad left, and she has been happier. Working at the law firm, and pretty much the most straight forward parent any kid can ask for. "No mom, that didn't happen," I lied and hoping she didn't catch it. "MMM Hmm," she said as she gave me that cock eye brow. "Well I love you, and if you need to talk you know where to find me. And you better treat her right and introduce her to me or I am going to kick your ass," mom said as she left the kitchen.

"Of course mom," I said as she walked away. I sighed a breath of relief. "Guess I'm going to get an ass kicking later." I know I will never see her again, even though it was amazing, but if you get away from the devil then there is no need to dance with her again. I went upstairs to get myself cleaned up, and just relax this evening.

"Oh, and don't forget you need to take care of that lawn today mister," my mom yelled up at me. I gave the usual teenage groan as I closed my door. So a long day of chores, and getting my energy back up, I get a phone call from a buddy Micheal. "Hey man, what you up too?" "Nothing," I replied, "tonight I just want to stay in and play some video games." "Damn, alright man I was hoping you were going to that party tonight." "Party?" "Yeah," he replied, "Malcolm is having a party at his place after last night's game." For a second I thought about it, then I remembered last night, "sounds awesome man but I am down for the night." "Come on Dylan, Sara is going to be there and I need to take advantage hussie auditions exotic babe aalyiah hadids first audition tube porn her finally being single." Micheal has always had a thing for Sara Dearman, she is a petite ebony cheerleader, and for the past year her and Michael have been in the friend zone.

I sighed, "would it be cool to get you there and in for a little bit and then sneak out." "You are the man," replied Mike. I got myself in jeans and a shirt, not looking forward for getting out but hoping I can get him in and get out. Last thing I want is &hellip.her. "You are the man, thanks so much," Mike said. "You know the deal, your place later for some online gaming." "You and those games, You need a girlfriend." I laughed knowing he was right. So we get to the party, and hang out for 5 minutes.

Mike looks around, talks with some girls in the kitchen, and comes back, "damn man Sara is not here." "Sorry man, maybe another night," I replied as I grab my keys. "Hope so, you sure you don't want to stay?" Mike asks. "I am wiped out, and really need some sleep." I sighed as I headed out.

"Alright, later." Mike said as I left. I open the door, and get in my car. "yes, almost home," I say as I crank the music and make the final turn. I jump out of the car, walk inside. "Hi honey, so I finally meet her huh," my mom says to me. I look behind my mom and see her. Standing there in jeans and a black top. Her red hair falling down her as she looks at with me with those soft eyes, those green eyes. She smiles, "Hi Dylan." My heart stopped, I don't know if it's fear or teenage hormones but I start to sweat.

"Honey, you OK. Don't be so dramatic. Shy here is a wonderful girl, very friendly and I invited her to dinner. "Shy…" I say as I look at her. "Yes," she says back as she walks over and hugs me. As my mom walks away, "dinner will be ready soon." "Good, because I am famished," Shy says as she flashes her fangs at me and kisses my lips. All through out dinner I was nervous, Shy and Mom just laughed. Here she was, this blood sucker in my house acting like a normal person.

Every once and a while she winked at me, squeezed my hand, and it felt weird and normal at the same time. "Well I hope you too enjoyed yourself," mom said while cleaning up from the meal I could barely eat. "I did Ma'am, thank you so much," Shy said as I looked her. With my mom in the kitchen, she pulled me for a kiss. "Don't worry, she will be safe. You on the other hand. You're desert," Shy said as I felt her long nail on my neck.

"Thank you for leaving her out of this," is all I could say. What am I going to do, threaten her. She has me under her spell, I can only muster enough strength to have concern for my mother. With dinner over, Shy yawned and decided she should go. "Well I am glad we got a chance to meet," My mom said as she walked Shy toward the door. "I am so sorry we have to call it a night ," It's OK, it's late and I need my beauty sleep," Shy said as she came over to me, kissed me and hugged me, whispering "see you in a few minutes." "Goodnight," I said as she walked out the door.

"She is lovely, I like her. You better not be a guy and act like a man with her," Mom said as she went back to the kitchen. I helped finished cleaning, and then said goodnight myself and went to me room upstairs. I finally feel I can breathe, just letting myself relax. I soon realize that I am not alone int he room.

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On my bed, laying naked is Sara Dearman. She is still as she can be, and I slowly walk over to her. "Hi," I heard behind me from the window. Shy floating in the air as she gestures me towards the window.

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I open it and she steps through. I guide her using my hand. "What a gentleman, but tonight I want you to show me that fucking animal inside," shy whispered in my ear.

Sara soon stood up, her eyes glazed over as she got on her knees, "she is our toy tonight, now use her as you wish," as Shy kissed my lips and unbuckled my jeans.

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Sara reached up and took my semi-hard cock out. "No," I whispered as Sara rolled her tongue over my cock. "Don't worry, she will be fine after tonight I promise, your friend will have her soon," Shy whippers in my ear as she kisses me. I sigh and look down as Sara waited for me, licking her lips as I see now she is filled with blind lust.

"Suck my cock," I commanded as I mom catches woman masturbating ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions down. Sara opens her mouth and engulfs my cock into her throat. I could see why she was popular with the football players. Her tongue darted over my shaft as she bobbed up and down.

I moaned in ecstasy as he filled her mouth with my hard cock, pulling off to let the saliva drip down. I soon feel an a rush hit me as I feel Shy sink her teeth into my neck. "MMm, don't stop darling, his cock will get harder now," she said as she licked the blood from my neck.

She was right, my cock got hard as a rock and Sara just kept going like a fucking machine.

"Now, let's get that pussy wet," Shy says as she stands Sara up and lays her back down. Shy motions me to come over, and I am completely under spell. I kiss Sara's thigh as I slowly move in closer, rolling my tongue over her pussy lips. I slowly spread her pussy lips apart, and sucked on her clit as my tongue worked it over. I looked up and saw Sara moan as her hands ran through my hair. Her eyes glazed over, but rolling in the back of her head as she pulled my hair down on her.

"Yes, please, don't' stop," Sara cries out as I lick her pussy. Shy smiles, her fangs showing as she leaned and bite Sara's neck. Sara screamed louder and louder, cumming as she felt the blood rush. Shy released her bite, licking her lips. "Fucking love that rush," Shy says as she stands up. I stand up after cleaning Sara's pussy, and Shy smiles and leans down to suck on my cock. I moan as Sara lays there, blood trickling down her breast.

"She is so sweet, I know your friend will love her when we are done with her," Shy whispers in my ear. Shy bends over in front of me, "my turn,"she says as she lays on top of Sara, kissing her. I lean down and begin to lick her pussy, rolling my tongue over her clit as she kisses Sara deeply.

I slide my fingers into Sara's pussy as I lick Shy's pussy. I feel her wet pussy drip onto my tongue. I love the taste of her pussy so much, my tongue craving more as my fingers work Sara's pussy, feeling her wall press sexy cock sucking scenes with hot anna anjo them. "Fuck me," Shy moans as she leans down to suck on Sara's hard nipples. I stand up and bounce my cock on her wet pussy, teasing her before I slide it deep inside.

"YES!" she hisses as her fangs show, she licks the blood off Sara and begins to grind her hips into my cock. "Fuck me," she moans as I grab her hips and pump my cock deep inside her pussy. She moans louder as she bites into Sara again, her body shaking as I fuck her harder and harder.

She lets go of Sara and cries out, then muffles her self by burying her face into my bed as she cums all over my cock. "Fuck that was close," she says as she kisses me. "Now stand up and get on his cock," she commands Sara. I watch as she stands up, and Shy pushes me down on the bed, soon her pussy is hovering over my face. Sara begins to sexy brunette babe emma gets twat drilled in many positions hardcore blowjob her self onto my cock.

I feel how tight her pussy is and let out a moan, "shh or your mom will hear," Shy whispers to me, "now ride him till he can't take anymore," Shy commanded as I wrapped my hands around her thighs. I began licking her pussy, tasting the juices as my cock was being pounded on hard and fast. I bury my face into Shy's pussy trying to hold back the moaning.

I feel my self growing closer and closer, squeezing my hands tight around Shy's thighs as I feel myself ever so close. "Get off him now," she hisses as her fangs and dark eyes stare at Sara.

She does, and Shy takes my cock deep into her mouth, sucking on it with the same intensity. "FUCK," I moan into her pussy as I explode into her mouth. I soon feel her suck every drop, then grab Sara, and drips my cum into her mouth. "Hold that," she says with a sly smile, and then buries her fangs into my thigh. I bite my lip from the rush and pain, holding on tightly.

"Mmm, now give it back," Shy says as she grabs Sara and kisses her deeply. Shy stands up, wiping her lips. "I better get you home, and don't worry I'll make sure she takes real good care of your friend," Shy says as she grabs her clothes.

Both get dressed as I laid there, still as a rock, and then I feel the wind on my body. This wakes me from my fog, and I stand up seeing the window is wide open.

"Fuck, this is too much," I say to myself as I lay back down. I soon fall asleep, with my mind racing and praying Sara makes it home.