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Sexy young lolita taylor gangbang fuck in old and young porn
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Hi, this is my first story. If you like it, I'll write another so just let me know. It was the 19th of July in 1992 when I first discovered sex. I was just the usual 14 year old boy, pumping with hormones. One of my most vivid memories is of me getting a hard on looking at my 9th grade maths teacher’s tits while she was bending over my desk to mark my homework, I could just see the top of her nipple, I went home that afternoon and spanked my monkey twice.

I was part of a family of 3, Me Andrew, my Mother Katelyn (who was 32 and is 5’2 with long brown hair and blue eyes and C sized tits, she worked out a lot and was about 90 pounds) and my sister Sarah. I had never spoken about sex to either my mother or sister. I never thought mom had the urge for sex as she was rarely seen with men, she never went out on dates and she hadn't had a lover since my dad left when I was 3 and my sister was 1.

It was the 16th of July and I had skipped school and come home early, It was about 2 in the afternoon and I saw mom's car was in the garage so I crept into the house looking to see if she was there. I walked up the stairs and peered into her room, she was sitting on her bed in a towel holding a brand (still in the box) new purple dildo that was about 8 inches long with another 3 inch part protruding off, she opened it and turned it on, The larger part glowed red and spun around, she let out a little playful moan when saw this.

She turned it off and hit another switch that made the smaller part vibrate at an intense pace, after studying it for awhile she put it in a draw under what looked like 20 pairs of panties with another bag that said Adult Entertainment.

I slowly backed off, crept back outside and went down to the local shops to think about what I had just seen.

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I sat there drinking a coke thinking about how I was amazingly turned on and had an insatiable lust to see my mother plunge the device into her pussy and yet how disturbed I was about the thoughts I was having. I sat and waited until 2:45 which was when my school gets let out and walked home.

When I walked in the front door I saw that mom was in the kitchen making dinner and having a glass of wine, she said “Dinner will be at 7:30 and your sister is at her friend Kelly’s house tonight so I’m going to get an early night and so should you.” At about 6:30 mom had had about half the bottle of wine and looked quite tipsy. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was just trying to let off some steam after work. We ate and watched TV until about 9:30.

Mom just sat there looking like time was going extra slow and she just wanted to get to her room, I knew she wanted to have some fun with her new sex toy so I decided to play a little game and see if it worked.

I got up off the couch and told mum that I was going to bed because I was tired from school, she said ok and that she would be heading off soon to. I walked into my room which was the complete opposite end of the hallway from hers and shut the door. I sat on the end of my bed listening for when she came upstairs.

After awhile I lay on my bed and after about another 30 minutes of waiting I heard her creep up the stairs and walk into her bedroom. After another 5 minutes the shower in her room went on. I hopped out of bed and tip toed down the hallway to her door.

Her door was ajar by about 4 inches and I looked in. My mother was in the shower soaping herself, I saw her rub her pussy and squeeze her nipples every now and again while she was washing herself, meanwhile I had my 6 inch cock out stroking it slowly, I felt a tingling in my loins I had never felt, I was in an insane state of lust.

After about 5 minutes she hopped out of the shower and stood in front of her full body size mirror towelling herself down, she was acting a little clumsy so I figured she was still drunk, while standing in front of her mirror she pushed her hips forward and with her left hand pulled her pussy lips apart and frigged her clit. I heard her moaning quietly, this only made my cock harder and harder, I thought it was going to explode.

She stopped frigging her clit and put her index finger up her pussy, pulled it out and examined her finger and licked it. I was so amazed at what I had just seen that I came, I caught the cum in my hand and tried to make absolutely no noise. I tiptoed back to my bathroom and wiped my hands off with some tissues and put them in the toilet.

I crept back to my mom's bedroom door and peered through. Now she was sitting on the corner of the bed with her legs wide open facing directly at me, I could completely see her pussy, it was shaven and it looked absolutely delicious.

She picked up the “Adult Entertainment” bag that was next to her on the bed and pulled out a small bottle, she opened the bottle and poured a small amount of liquid onto her hand and began rubbing her pussy with it, after watching this my cock had sprung straight back to life, I wanted to watch this to the climax so I wanked my cock slowly. After her cunt was completely wet and gooey from the liquid, she picked the purple dildo up off her bed and started sucking it, deep throating it in fact, I was so turned on by this I increased my pumping speed intensely but had the brains to slow down again.

After the dildo was coated in a layer of her saliva she slowly pressed the knob of the dildo into her cunt, her legs opened wider and I could clearly see her pussy and how her hips were rolling into russian redhead pays a debt with her body purple dildo as it went deeper, when the dildo was pushed in to the hilt she moaned in ecstasy and pulled it out and started sucking it again.

I wanted to go in there and fuck my mother right there. She pulled the dildo back out of her mouth and pushed it back into her cunt with force, she turned on the switch that made the 8 inch part of the dildo twist and move, she giggled and moaned as it entered her cunt, I could clearly see her juices leaking out after 5 minutes of her continuous fucking.

She fucked herself harder with the dildo, in and out faster and faster, her hand was a blur and all I could hear were fast but quiet squelching sounds and her lustful moans. When she came a small stream of what looked like pussy juice trickled down between her legs onto her bed, she turned the dildo off and I thought she was going to finish so I started tip toeing back to my room when I heard a dull buzzing sound I turned back and looked in. Mom had the 3 Inch part of the xxx american rap in bus pressed against her clit, her face was contorting, I could see the waves of intense pleasure passing over her body, she pushed her pelvis upward off the bed quickly grabbed a pillow and screamed into it with passion.

She slumped down spent after the intense orgasm, turned the dildo off wiped it with 3 tissues and lay on her bed puffing. I just wanted to walk in with my cock out and start fucking the shit out of her, I thought to myself as I crept back to my room.

Only that would happen in a dream. I thought. But I was wrong. I woke up remembering what had happened last night, my cock began to stir as I pictured my mothers delicious pussy being hammered by the purple dildo. “Andy!” she called.

I walked downstairs and breakfast was on the table, she had made pancakes. Pancakes are very unusual for mom, she never makes me or my sister breakfast.

While I was eating the phone rang, I picked it up and it was my mom's best friend Lisa, “Hey kiddo, can I talk to your mom? I bought her a present yesterday and I wanted to see if she liked it.” I gave mom the phone and kept eating, I sat there thinking.

The dildo! That was the present! Holy crap! Mom went outside to talk to Lisa so I raced up to my room to listen to what they were talking about. I picked up the phone and heard: It's great, I can't believe how good It was! Mum said. Yeah, I've had one of those for a month now, it was rated 5 tough oral stimulation in hot pose pornstar and hardcore at the Sex exhibition, you know why I bought it for you don't you?

No, why? Said mom, Because of those dreams you have been having about Andy, if you're not going to give in to your urges I figured a sex toy would ease your pain a little, giggled Lisa. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, what did this mean?

I earnestly kept listening. Actually.after last night I want him even more said mom, Oh, know my opinion on it, my mother taught me how masturbate with her own vibrator when I was 12 and guided me and my younger brother through our first fuck when I was 15 and he was 11.the way I see it you may as well keep it in the family just like I did said Lisa. Hmm. I think I will let him fuck me.but only when he is ready and I really don't want to be the one coming onto him.

Just leave yourself in a sexy position asleep, or pretend to be drunk and flirt a little hinted Lisa. Maybe, he's just so young that's all said mom.

My mother trained my little brother into a sex machine, we used to share him 3 times a week, imagine what you can do to Andy its just the 3 of you living there, i'll bet you will get Sweetheart asuna langley takes his load down the hatch in on it too, I've seen her looking at her brothers package Said Lisa, Mom laughed and denied it, they exchanged goodbyes and hung up. This phone call was the pinnacle, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It was Monday and I had told mom I felt sick so she let me stay home and went to work. I waited 20 minutes after she left to take Sarah to school and go to work and entered her bedroom, I opened her panty draw and pulled the dildo out and the “Adult Entertainment” bag out, I opened the bag and inside I saw the small bottle which turned out to be lubricant, and two porn videos, I put one of the videos on mom's TV, it was called “Anal Academy” I sat on the end of her bed watching the porno with my cock in my left hand and mom's dildo in my right, I put the vibrator part of the dildo against the end of my cock and turned it on, It felt like nothing I had felt before, my knee's became weak and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

I sat there for what felt like 10 minutes with no vision and all I could hear was a woman screaming on the TV as her ass got nailed, I finally came. It was the most violent and pleasurable orgasm of my far. I cleaned up the mess and put everything away where I found it. I went into my room and had a nap at about 10 in the morning after my session in mom's room and woke up at 1:30.

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I walked downstairs into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and sat at busty slut gets nailed in a threesome brunette big tits table.

As I ate my mind wandered back to last night and I started getting another hard on so finished my sandwich and started walking back to mom's room to use her vibrator.

I got to the top of the stairs and saw her door was closed, I didn't remember shutting it but I thought nothing of it. I opened the door and my mother was sitting at the foot of her bed completely naked fucking her cunt with the dildo, I was dazed when I saw her and she froze when she saw me. I remembered back to the phone call and decided to go all in. We both said nothing for over 10 to break the ice I said, mom, can I eat your pussy?

She looked at me, smiled and said I've been waiting for this for 10 years, as I walked over to my mother I took my shirt off and my pants got on my knees and with my left hand I separated her two lips so her clit was protruding outwards, I sucked and licked it furiously. She moaned and yelped. As I sucked her clit I worked two fingers in and out of her cunt.

She pushed her hips into my face, fucking my face with her cunt. I couldn't handle it any more, I stood up, pulled her up and sat her down on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open.

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“Fuck me Andy, Fuck me.put your cock into my fuckhole” she pleaded to me, I plunged my cock into her, it was the most amazing feeling ever, the temperature and texture of her pussy was the greatest feeling of all, I started slow and worked my way up, faster and faster. As I was pounding her cunt she was saying “fuck your mommy, fuck your mommy,fuck your mommy big boy” She came and I felt her pussy juice surround my cock and her contractions brought me over the edge and I came in my mothers cunt.

We lay there both sweating and spent. She sat up and we kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, she lay back down and closed her eyes and said “I saw you using my vibrator”.I laughed and she giggled and drifted off to sleep. I lay next to her under a sheet wondering what would become of our family of three.