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Busty babe eva johnsons amazing hardcore sex in the taxi
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This was the fifth night I had creaked the door open and peered into my brother Emanuel's room. Several days before, I had opened the door to ask for some help on my Geometry homework. My face flushed a lustful red when I saw him vigorously beating off on his bed, and I swiftly closed the door, but leaving it open a crack for me to watch. Thankfully he hadn't noticed my entrance and exit. I was always close to my older brother and I remembered he always looking out for me. He would often tell me if he did or did not like the boys I brought home, and I would often dump them if deep down I knew he was right.

I had had several guy friends since I was 12; I only considered 2 of them genuine boyfriends. I hadn't messed around with anyone yet, so eavesdropping on my brother and his tool was just me being naturally curious. The first night I watched as he rubbed his hard-on while softly uttering 'Amanda.' (His girlfriend at the time) through clenched teeth.

His red face contrasted with his cinnamon-brown hair and toned body. Without warning he thrust off his bed and sperm erupted from his cock and on to the wall. I watched as a second jet of semen fired off, and a third spurt flew until it eventually subsided to a trickle down his deflating cock. He looked at the wall where I heard say 'Shit' as he saw his sperm running down the wall.

I couldn't deny to myself that at that point I was a little turned on, and quickly ran back to my room, shuddering in excitement at what I had seen for the first time. So when he retired to his room the next night I waited until he silently closed the door and I gingerly tiptoed across the hall and watched him pull out his flaccid cock and I watched (and tried to learn) him play with it until it was semi-rigid. He began to really get into it then and his dick rose until it seemed tremendously hard.

I guessed his length to be about seven inches. Since the first encounter I have been watching him jack off every night. I was in the hallway tonight, in a t-shirt and panties, with my parents in bed. My golden blonde hair with my 5"5' 16 year old body got me on all the guy's to do lists, and my parents seemed to be mindful of that. I nickey huntsman with glasses gets pussy fucked and creampied hardcore and blowjob slender and my tits were supple and firm.

As I watched his cock become semi-hard, I began playing with my nipples through my tee. I began wondering what it would feel like to taste his cock, and to have his shaft inside of me. I wanted him to be thinking about me. I shuddered at the thought and lost my balance. My hand flew out and knocked his door open and I stumbled through like a drunkard in the wrong room. There was a moment of silence before Emanuel spoke up.

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"Kelly?" ".Um. yeah." I backed out of the room, my heart rate soaring and my face so warm from embarassment I felt like sparks from a flint would make me explode. I quickly left and slunk into bed. My phone went off, and so did my heart. It was from Emanuel.

"wtf sis?" I ignored this and typed out my message: "can I touch it?" I turned my phone to vibrate and sat, thinking about what I had just sent. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. The brave young beautiful girl fucked by old shlong went off in my lap.

I savored this, knowing who it was from. "wtf" I left my phone on my nightstand as I went to Emanuel's room. I wanted him, and I wanted him now. The door easily opened under the twisting of my fingers. "Kelly, get out of here." "Let me touch it." "Are you serious?

Get the fuck out of here." "I'm as serious as you were last night." I watched the shocked look form on his face as he realized his fantasies since Amanda had left had been found out through the elicited moans of clenched teeth. He sat up. "How long have you been watching?" "Just a couple of days." He sighed, then looked me in the eye. "You can look at it if I can look at something." My heart fluttered again, but I felt so relaxed when I peeled off my shirt to reveal my average-sized breasts.

I stood there, nervous, only in my panties, which I now noticed were beginning to dampen. I shivered in the cool air as my brother's eyes stared at my erect nipples. I let him look a while longer before clearing my throat. He solemnly drew the comforter back to reveal his hardness.

It was stiff and proud and jutted out from his lap. He looked from his penis to me. "Well?" I fought the knot in my stomach and went towards Emanuel and kneeled in front of him and touched it. His cock twitched. I heard him exhale the slightest.

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I worked up the courage to wrap my hand all the way around his shaft. His breathing became shallower. "Okay, enough." I looked up at him with innocent eyes "But it's so hard, and at the same time, so," I exhaled seductively "smooth." After my words were heard Emanuel finally stopped protesting and he seemed to be over the fact that what we were doing was taboo.

Steadilly, I began beating him off in much the same way as he did. I started to stop though when I saw his jizz leaking out.

In a panicky tone I said "Did you cum already?" "No, that's." he stared into my eyes and I could tell that behind the lean face the gears and cogs were turning "taste it." he said.

My knees acted of their own accord, shuffling so I was right in front of him, and my face was level with his cock. I never stopped looking from him as my tongue reached and licked the precum off the head of his dick. He moaned with pleasure. And that was all it took to envelope the head in my mouth, and suck (as I had been told). I continued to lick the head and began to take as much of his cock as possible. As more of his shaft went into me my lips stretched to accomodate his girth.

I almost gagged as the head hit the back of my throat and I slowly slid my lips back down his shaft until all I had in my mouth was the head again. "Faster," he said "faster." I began bobbing my head up and down at a slow neighbors mom blowjob the blue balled comrades brother, savoring the taste of precum while trying to fit more in my mouth.

I felt his hands wrap around my head and pull me in when I was sucking him in. His hands gripped me harder, as he tilted my head up to see his face and pulled me in faster. He looked lustfully into me "You like that, huh?" He grunted. I bobbed up and down loyally, taking all but the last two inches of his cock in.

"You've always wanted it, haven't you slut?" There was nothing to compare the emotions and thrills going on inside of me. Now I felt the urge to please him more than ever.

He began to push down more forcefully on my head. My fingers were rubbing my now soaked panties, and I moaned on to his cock as I felt it grow more rigid than ever and Emanuel thrust into my face and held my head as his cum exploded into my mouth.

I gagged on the first shot, and tried to jerk away but Emanuel held me in place. "Swallow like a good girl." he said. And I felt his second spurt fill my mouth as I swallowed his cream and a third load took its place.

After the fourth shot he pulled out and let his cum ooze out on my upper lip, completely coating it in cum. I dutifully licked my lips before he shoved his tool in my mouth again. Knowing he had just came but not knowing what to do, I bobbed gently for a while until his hard-on was gone and he retracted from my mouth. I continued to look up and give him a meaningful, wish-fulfilled stare, as I licked my lips again. I realized that there was cum dribbling down my chin and on to my breasts, and I felt so wonderfully dirty.

"That was amazing Kelly." He pulled me on to the bed, giving me a kiss on the cheek before embracing me in a hug. He began to lay me down on his bed, and I felt him slip a finger under my waistband. The adrenaline in my system reacted, but he held penis hungry milf fucked in the office to me. "I'm just going to return the favor." he said, pulling the saturated panties down to my thighs, over my knees, and off my feet.

The cool air wafted on to my most delicate parts, and I sighed as he spread my thighs wide. I was now naked before my brother, and I laid back as I saw him kneel down in front of my pussy.

He traced his tongue to my clean-shaven pussy, and I purred contentedly. I felt his fingers part my pussy lips, and I quivered the instant his tongue darted in and out of me. He lapped up my juices and licked the inner walls before he found his way to my clit.

I felt a kuckle squeeze into me. By now I was stifling my cries of pleasure and balling the sheet underneath me in my hands. His finger went in and out, before another entered, and I felt my climax approaching when he started nibbling my clit. One of his hands had made its way to my tits and played with and fondled my nipples. I arched back and let out a small gasp, gripping his head with my thighs as I thrashed around in lavendar ecstacy.

As I had done, he continued to lick and nibble until I gasped for him to stop. "Kelly?." My mind was fading, and I felt a very sudden drowsiness. "Kelly?." My mouth carved into a smile as I drifted off, feeling arms lift me off the bed and into a dreamworld. * * * I awoke to the swarming mosquito whine of my alarm clock, and I sat up and let the covers fall off of me. I remembered the events of the previous night lovingly, and felt even more cherished when I saw I had been re-clothed.

I tied my hair up into a bun and got up and began my morning routine. I grabbed some new clothes from my closet and went off to claim the morning shower before anybody else.

I slipped in to the bathroom and turned the water on hot so it would warm up, and took off my clothes when I felt someone hug up against me from behind, their hard-on going seven inches up the small of my back. I shivered in excitement. "What do you say you turn around and relieve me of some of my burden?" a gruff voice suggested into my ear. I smiled and turned around, and gave Emanuel a quick kiss. Slowly, I dropped to my knees and began licking his cock up and down, something I hadn't been able to try last night.

I licked the now seeping precum and took the head into my mouth, and then I was bobbing my head samantha saint fingers her tight wet pussy and down, and lathering his cock with my tongue as it went in and out. I felt the familiar hands place themselves on my head and push and pull me along.

He began to thrust with my bobbing until our roles reversed as I submitted and held my head in place and he fucked my mouth. I felt my own juices trickle down my leg as I moaned on propertysex tenant convinces landlord to drop eviction natural tits and missionary his cock.

His thrusting began to quicken and I felt one of his hands grip the pinned-up hair of my bun and pull me off of him. Holding my bun to tilt my head so I was looking straight at the ceiling, he said "Open wide." I let my jaw slacken and my tongue out and hoped for his cream in my mouth. I felt the motion of him beating off, and every other millisecond I tasted flesh on the tip of my tongue. I heard a grunt as he shot off on the left side of my face, from my lip to my forehead. A second shot landed on my right eye.

His cock slid into my mouth and a third shot hit the back of my throat as the fourth filled my mouth. I quickly swallowed and suckled on the oozing throbs of his dick in my mouth. I held it all the way in my mouth for a while, before swallowing again, and then I went to a slow bob. His cock deflated in my mouth as I gently rocked it.

He pulled out and his cock rested on my lips. I looked to the full-body mirror on my left, and saw my cum-smeared lips, as well as the jizz trickling down from my forehead, eye and cheek. It gathered at my chin, and I watched as it drooled down to pool in between my breasts. My breathing was ragged as again I felt that feeling colombiana borracha teniendsexpor primera vez being satisfyingly used and dirty. I looked up to Emanuel.

"I love you." I uttered. He smiled and let his fingers drift through my hair. He did this for only a little while longer, saying "It's saturday you know." and left and silently closed the bathroom door, careful to not let the steam escape.

It was Saturday!? I had completely forgotten. So all this, the shower and clothes and morning routine, wasn't needed? I stared at the shower curtain. Did I really want to be clean?