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Johnny sins hard fuck tired
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As a couple they had often talked about developing their interest in S&M. Sue enjoyed a little pain and bondage and Max enjoyed dishing it out. They had both enjoyed their sessions with other couples and had fantasised about going further, about Sue being taken to a proper S&M club and being given to an expert for the evening while Max watched and at last an opportunity had presented itself.

Max found himself in conversation with a man and the talk had drifted on to sex as it often did and had ended up on S&M. Max had expressed some interest in John's experiences and John quickly picked up on it and invited Max to bring Sue along to a private session. In his enthusiasm, Max agreed then found he had the job of persuading Sue to go along with it.

He was encouraged by her apparent keenness to do it so he made the call to get details of the venue and times. John explained that Sue would have to put herself totally in their hands to do with whatever they wished and that they would ignore any attempts from either of them to call a halt. Once she turned up, that was their agreement to hand her over to the group for the night with no reservations at all. Sue thought about this and as she knew Max really wanted it, she agreed to go ahead, albeit now with some butterflies in her stomach at the thought of being handed over completely to strangers in an S&M group.

On the appointed evening, they arrived at the address and were welcomed by John. Sue was treated with great respect, her coat was taken, she was given a drink and the conversation put her at ease until she noticed Max being taken out of the room. John told her that the evening would now commence and that whatever she said or did, they intended to carry on regardless with slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome plans for her.

He hoped she would enjoy it but that was incidental to their pleasure. He took her by the hand and lead her into another room, this one done up as a dungeon with shackles on the wall and various items, like a well fitted gym.

In the meantime, Max had been taken into another room where he could watch through a two way mirror but could not interfere or take part. He could hear everything through a sound system but could not be heard. He later found that there was a full sound and vision recording system in operation which would clearly show Sue agreeing to give herself regardless and also showed him making a similar agreement so they could not complain afterwards.

Max watched as two men stripped Sue totally naked. They were both proud of her body. She was slim and lithe and very sexy.

Pointing to her pubic hair, John told her "the bush will have to go love." With that she was tied against the side of a vaulting horse, her back to it, hands held along its length and legs spread wide and her ankles tied to each leg. A man came in with a bowl of water, a razor and a can of shaving foam. He used scissors to trim away the bush then splashed her hair and covered her mound with foam. Using the razor he carefully shaved her clean. Sue enjoyed the sensation of being tied, helpless while being shaved.

She enjoyed feeling him hold her lips to one side as shaved close to her cunt, moving her thighs further open to get right round her cunt until she was totally smooth. They then brought a facecloth and cleaned her up so her skin was pink and smooth.

The first pain she felt that night was when they put aftershave on her freshly shaved mound. It even dribbled down into her cunt lips and she yelled as it stung her. This caused them all to laugh as she struggled against her bonds. When it had obviously eased off, John approached her and she saw the riding crop in his hands. He slowly played it around her nipples which were hard and stiff then he raised it stud fucks couple of babes julia reaves sharply flicked it across each nipple, again making her yell out.

He then set to, cropping her breasts, working carefully on one then the other, concentrating two wild twats tame a one eyed monster hardcore blowjob a particular area. Max watched as his wife's breasts showed the welts then the bruising from the crop.

Her sobs quietened although John was still cropping her. The man with Max explained that the women reached a point where the pain almost went away after a while. The skill of the man working on her was to know how far to go to reach this point, keep her there for a while then move onto another area and start the process again. "Some women can be amazingly tough you know - its almost as if they are in a fight not to give in to us.

Makes it a really good session then and I think Sue might be one of those - I hope so!" Sure enough, Max saw them untie Sue and then move her to the centre of the room.

A trapeze like swing was lowered and her wrists were once again tied to it, her arms stretched apart. The trapeze was raised and she was stretched up, hanging from it. Another rod was brought in and her legs were pulled wide apart so her ankles could be fastened to the rod to keep her legs held open. She was able to keep her weight off her arms by going up on tip toes which made her calves and buttocks taut.

John and the others moved around her body, running their hands all over her. They admired her taut muscles, her breasts, raised by her uplifted arms, her back and buttocks taut from being tensed. They swung her round so her back was to the mirror and John then used a light whip on her back, working his way down to her buttocks. After a while of this he changed back to his crop and used the crop on Sue's buttocks so he could direct the blows more accurately until once again, her struggles began to cease.

Now they turned her round to face the mirror and the trapeze was raised so her feet were off the ground. Her ankles were unfastened and there was a man holding each ankle, pulling her legs wide open and lifting them just a little. John stood in between her thighs and he was handed a tawse, a strip of leather about two inches wide. He slapped it against the palm of his hand as he stood there and it made a loud slap. Max watched, mesmerised, as John kneeled between Sue's thighs and raised the tawse then brought it down with a loud slap against the inside of her thigh.

This was a very sensitive area for her and she really yelled out, begging him to stop but he continued slapping the insides of both her thighs as his friends pulled her legs wide open. He then nodded to them and they lifted her a little more. Max thought he could guess what was to happen next.

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He was right. John brought the crop down against her cunt, making her yell and twist, almost pulling free and the men holding her legs open.

They really struggled to pull her legs back open again and line her up again for John's tawse. He tawsed her cunt a few times, each time making her yell very loud and Max wondered about the noise but was told the rooms were sound proofed for obvious reasons. The men next held her legs apart but moved them back and under her so she swung towards John face first, legs held up behind her. This made her breasts hang invitingly before him and again he worked on them, this time with the tawse.

He slapped them from the side and across the nipples then had her turned round for a final session on her buttocks before he signalled to the men to lower her down. As she was lowered to the ground, they held her while she was unfastened and she collapsed into the arms of the men who had done this to her.

they were now very gentle with her, holding her and comforting her but Max could see that they were cupping her breasts and sucking them as part of their comforting so even now they were getting their pleasure from her.

He enjoyed seeing her in this helpless state, slumped in their arms as they groped her. John reached down to her cunt and worked her lips open then slipped his fingers into her. He wriggled them around inside her and brought them out and held them up for all to see.

"She smal boy pussy boob tass anty in bus vecina legis negros 1 really soaking wet lads - she obviously enjoys it despite her yelling" - they all laughed again at this. Max watched as they fastened her to the vaulting horse again, this time facing one end so she was bent over it, her arms pulled forward along its length and her ankles fastened to the horse's legs so she was held open but not pulled as wide open as before.

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Now the men had stripped off and stood behind her, waiting to take their turn with her. John was first and he bent his knees to get his height right to push his erect cock into her wet cunt. He wriggled his hips as he adjusted himself to her position then pushed up into her. Max saw Sue's body judder with the shock sexy cock sucking scenes with hot anna anjo John's rough thrust into her and then watched as he banged into her with deep, regular strokes until his strokes speeded up and he tensed his buttocks as he shot his spunk into her.

Another man took John's place and repeated the performance, filling her with more spunk so that Max could see it dribble down the back of her thighs. The next one complained that she was so wet he could not feel her, her cunt being full of juice and spunk, so he pulled his wet cock out and Max watched as the man stood behind Sue and carefully pulled her buttocks open while the ropes on her hands were loosened to lower her so he could get into her arse.

He pushed fingers into her cunt then used the slippery fluid to wet her tight hole before leaning his cock into it and then pushing hard against her. Sue felt the hard, thick cock against her arse, felt it at her rim then felt the pressure as he pushed against her then slipped into her tight ring and past the muscle ring to slide deep into her arse. She screamed with the pain as her arse was stretched wide open but as he fucked it it seemed to lessen. He also stroked her hard until he climaxed, this time she felt the spunk, feeling much hotter, shoot deep into her arse.

The man shouted as he came in her and the others all cheered him. Sue was then untied and lifted off the horse. She was wobbly on her legs and they walked her round a little to get the circulation going properly. Max could see the spunk and juices dribble from her cunt and her arse. It was dribbling down the front of her thighs as well as down the back. He watched them take her to the gym rails along the opposite wall of the room. Once again she was fastened up to the rails, this time her arms were fastened, outstretched as usual, then her legs were stretched out, almost doing the splits and fastened to the rails so she was hanging there, open to John and the tawse he held.

John started on her again, this time working from her breasts to her thighs and finishing up working once more on her cunt. Because she was soaking wet with juices, it stung her more than last time and she sobbed and yelled, begging him to stop but, as promised, he ignored her cries, working on her until he had finished.

She was then lead to a chair where they sat her down. Her legs and ankles were fastened and her arms were tied behind the chair back after a strange bra had been fitted to her. It was like a bra but instead of cups it had two metal rings, through which her breasts were roughly inserted so they hung through, the rings being against her chest. The rings were smaller than her breasts which were squeezed and compressed in order to get them through the two rings.

Rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories hung through the rings as John pulled up another chair and sat beside Sue.

He got out a length of cord and wrapped it around her nearest breast, starting where the ring was round the base of her breast. As he wrapped the cord around her, it constricted the base of her breast and made the rest of it swell as he squeezed the base more and more, the cord wrapping around her and gradually squeezing more and more of her breasts so the rest was forced into an ever tighter swelling.

Her nipples swelled and the end of her breasts were rock hard with the build up of pressure. John flicked his fingers across her nipples and the rock hard breast and she yelled with the pain.

"I think I'll try the tawse on your tit now - it should be incredibly sensitive by now" he told her and she almost wet herself with fear. The pain was incredible when he simply flicked the tawse across her swollen breast and she rocked in the chair to try to get away from him. Instead, he repeated the exercise on her other breast. The man with Max said "I bet you've never seen her tits like that have you?" This was true - they were squeezed at the base and blown up at the nipple end with the pressure of the cord until John undid the cord.

The pain as the blood flowed again was almost worse than the tawse but he rubbed her breasts and kneaded them until they were hanging back in their usual shape.

"Nearly finished now Max" said the man with him. "Just one last fuck for her then she's all yours again. She's performed well - I hope she comes back. I'd like a go at her myself next time." This time when they unfastened her, they moved her to the centre of the floor where one man lay on his back.

"Sit across him and put his cock up your cunt, quickly" she was told. She squatted down across him, swung one leg over his body and reached down to open her lips and guide his cock into her cunt as she lowered herself onto him.

He wriggled and pushed himself deep into her, making her adjust herself to take his length. He then grabbed her breasts and pulled them down to him, making her move down with them and John positioned himself behind her. He pushed her further down, leaning his weight onto her shoulders to push her close to the first man. This made her bend right over so her arse was presented to John, as he had intended, and he then pushed into her.

As she realised what was happening, she once more screamed out, much to their pleasure, and was then fucked by the two men, one in her cunt and one in her arse. The man with Max asked if he had enjoyed the session and Watch this sexy eighteen year old beauty had to admit that he had, although he knew that Sue had been given a lot more pain that either of them had envisaged. He had enjoyed seeing her helpless, being taken by these strangers, used for their pleasure only.