Merry legal age teenager bounces on a rod

Merry legal age teenager bounces on a rod
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Tara AKA Janice and I both looked at each other with ashen faces.

Greg didn't notice, thankfully. If he had known that his fiancée was a porn queen who had sucked my prick on several occasions, I'm not sure how he would have reacted. Instead I said "Nice to meet you Janice. Greg has told me so much about you." We all sat down in the family room, the two lovebirds on the loveseat and I sat across from them. We spoke about their plans to marry by the end of the year.

Janice would be finished her education by then and she would hopefully be working for a law firm. Greg had been doing well as a stockbroker and they would buy a house, marry and then move in there after the wedding. Janice and I tried to act casual as if we never laid eyes on each other before. That wasn't easy for me to do given I saw her up close and personal when I recorded a couple of movies she starred in, Gangbang Women In Heat, and its sequel.

I had looked at her luscious pussy and watched other men eat her cunt and fuck her among other things, wishing it had been me.

Tara managed to act like she never saw me before that night, as well. Finally they left, after Greg had me promise that we would start acting like family and see each other regularly.

I couldn't tell him that would be uncomfortable for me now due to Janice/Tara, so I reluctantly agreed.

Good to his word, Stunning beauty shows oversized ass and gets anal fucked called the following weekend and invited me to his house for dinner, Janice would be cooking. I tried to tell him I was busy but Greg wouldn't take no for an answer. I brought over a bottle of expensive wine and I was surprised at how freely the conversation flowed and how much laughter there was that evening.

We all had a great time. I saw a busty blonde ho gets her anal fucked by many big black cocks interracial and pornstars side of Janice that night. I was getting used to thinking of her as Janice. She wasn't the temptress. She was a fiancée in love with her husband-to-be. I was the jealous, yes jealous, future brother-in-law. The more I got to know Janice over the course of the next couple of months, the stronger my attraction grew.

She was intelligent, had a wonderful sense of humour, and was kind and considerate. Her beautiful tits and suckable pussy were icing on a cake I longed to eat. I kept reminding myself that she was off limits. One day I got the call to start shooting a new movie called Lusty Woman. The synopsis was a professional businesswoman interviews a young black stud for a job opening as her secretary. She flirts with him and he says he really wants the position. Before you know it…&hellip.well you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

He gets the job and he serves her coffee with his own unique brand of cream. Her off-hour adventure in the movie includes a gangbang. I showed up at the studio and set up for the taping. When introductions were about to be made, as was usual on a new film, in walked Janice. We were both taken aback to see each other. Being the professionals we both were, we performed our jobs to perfection.

Janice entered the office set wearing a lilac business suit.

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Her long slender legs looked so sleek and sexy in those 6 inch black high heels she wore. Her long blonde straight hair was wrapped in a bun and her large nipples on her huge 38DD tits rose to the occasion. Braless, they protruded out from the blonde girls lips print on butt tube porn silky blouse she wore underneath the slightly ajar jacket. The handsome dark skinned man knocked on the open door and introduced himself as Clay.

Janice told him to come in and had him sit down on the chair facing her. She sat on a high backed chair while she asked him some questions. She asked Clay to close the door. Janice checked out his ass as he turned to shut the door. Seated back down again, Clay stared at her bountiful tits as his cock bulged, trying to get through his pants. Janice stood up and stepped over to the front of the desk. As Clay watched, she lifted herself on top of it and continued the interview.

Her legs were purposely opened and she wasn't wearing any panties. He got an eye-view of her glistening cunt and she stared at his growing member. Janice opened her legs wider and asked, "If I hire you, will you do ANYTHING I tell you to do?" Clay nodded. "Prove it," Janice said, pointing to her pussy. "Eat my cunt." Clay followed orders VERY well. He got off the chair and darted right to Janice's pussy.

He got on his knees, lifted her skirt and lapped up Janice's savory juices. She moaned as he licked her gushing slit and sucked her swollen clit. I could smell the aroma from her cunt in the air. It was intoxicating. He licked and I shot, both the scene and in my pants. Janice kept cumming and cumming and I made sure to capture it all, as it streamed down her legs. It was a sight to behold. "You have the job," she breathlessly said to Clay, not quite recovered from her climax.

Janice's mouth widened to get Clay's humongous black teen eager to make her own sex tape inside. She devoured as much of it as she could but even an experienced woman like Janice couldn't deep throat that entire oversized piece of meat. She did her best, which was quite impressive. I thought to myself that she would have no trouble getting my cock down completely. I quickly dismissed that thought from my mind, knowing I would never have her glorious lips wrapped around my dick again.

When Clay finally shot his big load down her throat, there was so much cum that she had a hard time keeping up with it. Somehow she managed to swallow every drop. What a woman, I thought to myself.

The customary fucking scene was next, after a lunch break. Clay's hot rod rubbed against Janice's beautiful pussy lips, teasing her mercilessly. "Please fuck me," Janice begged. "I need you to fuck me, NOW." Clay rammed his immense black instrument into her wet white cunt. Pounding it in and out repeatedly, Janice's hips rhythmically met his thrusts. Janice shook and had an intense orgasm all over his prick. When he pulled his cock out, her pussy juices, dripped down his cock.

Slapping his dick against her face, he told her, "Lick your cum off, baby. Lick it clean." Janice, his new boss, did as she was told. She grabbed his tool and swirled her moist tongue all over his prick, leaving it spotless when she was through.

Janice managed to be in good form after another break. She was ready for the gangbang sequence. Janice didn't take care of my cock during any of the breaks, the way she used to.

I went to the washroom during them and took care of my bulging member myself. I had no trouble shooting off after witnessing Janice at work.

Surrounded by 10 eager studs on the set representing her home, she managed to satiate the whole gang. She seemed to really enjoy having sunny leone xxx story mp3 downlod her holes filled at once. Her ass, pussy and mouth all filled with throbbing dicks using her to pleasure themselves. The other hunks jerked their cocks off while they watched.

They waited for an empty hole while hearing all the fucking and licking and sucking. Some blew their loads all over her face while others waited to spray her tits or cum inside her cunt, ass or mouth. They called her slut, whore and every filthy name they could think of as they filled her with their sperm or shot their semen all over her. When they were all done, she was covered with cum and looked very much the slut they called her. The shoot was complete. We all said our goodbyes and left.

Janice and I never talked about porn when she and Greg and I got together. The months flew by and sure enough Janice did graduate, with honors no less, and landed an attorney position at a prestigious law firm. She retired as a porn star and settled into her new job.

She seemed quite content. Greg and Janice bought their horny brittany wants a backseat fuck pornstar and brunette home as planned. They were to move in after the wedding. The wedding preparations began and I was asked by Greg to be his best man.

Of course, I accepted. He would never be told how much I had grown to love his fiancé. Everyone had a task to do for the wedding. I had to organize a bachelor party. The problem was that Greg wasn't exactly a social butterfly so he had few friends. I decided I would have to invite his coworkers who never even met Janice, otherwise there would be embarrassingly few guests attending.

Invitations were sent out and a respectable amount of RSVPs came back accepted. Friday night at 8pm the invitees for the bachelor party started arriving. Music was playing and the guests were mingling. I went out to get some soft drinks and beer that I realized I had forgotten. Greg was great about it and told me to go, things were under control.

I left. I returned to find a DVD playing on Greg's big screen TV and the guys heatedly chanting, "Fuck the slut" or "Take it all baby" things like that. I couldn't see what movie they were watching until I got closer to the TV. "OMG," was all I could utter when I saw Janice's face being sprayed with cum in the gangbang scene.

There stood Greg, dazed. His eyes were wide with astonishment at what he just witnessed. He looked pale like a ghost. "Everyone please leave," Greg managed to say. His coworkers, including the one who had obviously picked the DVD from among the pile I brought from my home, couldn't understand what had transpired but his few friends did.

They recognized Janice. I couldn't believe my carelessness.

I brought these DVDs to entertain the guests totally forgetting that Janice was xxx bp saxi girls anli some of them. His friends ushered his coworkers out and then left themselves, saying sorry to Greg as they exited.

I began to leave and Greg said "Not you. You aren't going anywhere." I stayed. "Did you know about this?" I nodded and he continued. "How long did you know Janice did porn? You're my brother. Why didn't you tell me?" he shouted. I admitted all to Greg. I told him about the movies I worked on with Janice. I left out the fact she sucked my cock.

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There was no need to make the situation kinky czech sweetie stretches her slim slit to the extreme worse.

He didn't ask so I didn't volunteer the information. "Go home," Greg told me and I didn't argue. I left Greg with a forlorn look on his face. When I got home I immediately called Janice to warn her. There was no answer so I left a message on her answering machine. I later found out when she returned my call that Greg had gotten to her first. She sobbed and announced that Greg called off the wedding.

I can't say that I was shocked by the news. I tried to comfort her but Janice was inconsolable that evening and for the next few weeks. She seemed to get better after that.

I asked her out for dinner and she accepted. At first she spoke about Greg almost nonstop. I merely wanted to comfort her during this trying period. Things changed after a few weeks. Our talks were less about Greg and she began showing more interest in me.

Eventually Greg's name didn't come up at all. We started doing all the regular things couples do and she admitted she had begun developing feelings for me. I told her how much I loved her and she seemed happy to hear it. I was on cloud nine. The only dark cloud was my sibling. My brother rarely called me anymore and he never asked about Janice.

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I didn't tell him that Janice and I were dating. What was to be gained? He would be hurt by the revelation. Janice and I finally started having sexual relations.

Unlike the men who fucked her on camera, I caressed her smooth soft skin and her luscious hair. Our kisses were loving and our tongues danced together like two partners perfectly in synch. We made love with each touch of our bodies bringing us closer. Making her moan with pleasure was what I craved. I didn't care about my gratification when I was with Janice. Slurping her cum after I licked her to orgasm, gave me more satisfaction than having my cock sucked by the most experienced cocksuckers and I had been with the best.

Not that I objected to Janice giving me a blowjob. There was something about watching Janice looking me straight in the eyes while her lips engulfed my prick. She knew how much I loved her taking my cock deep down her throat while she was on her knees so she did that often.

Janice also knew I had an exhibitionist side to me like she did so we would sometimes take drives at night. When a driver would get close enough to our car, we would make sure he saw Janice leaning over sucking my dick as I fingered her wet cunt. Her blouse would be open and her tits exposed so the driver would get to see those beauties and crave licking them. Drivers practically drooled watching me finger fuck her slit.

I fed Janice her pussy juices and she would suck them off my fingers after I shot a load in her mouth. I loved the look of envy in the voyeur's eyes. Sometimes I fucked Janice with hard long strokes inside her needy warm pussy. I would take her from behind as she leaned over the sofa or bed, grab her hair and a tit and fuck her until she came.

Sometimes her ass was the lucky area serviced. We both loved anal and licking that ass of hers made her moan even louder than when my tongue filled her pussy.

I loved plunging it in and out of her not-so-tight asshole and for fun used cucumbers and other fruits and objects to see how much she could take. It was amazing watching her ass letting in huge inserts. We participated in some 3somes or orgies for variety, both of us knowing it was merely an enhancement to our sex lives.

We were both happy that we were alone together afterwards, reliving our experience as we fucked. Our sex lives were far from dull. When Janice and I made love, it was the best sex Quinn wilde field day fuck snapchat nicolexgray ever experienced. The strokes varied from gentle to harder and my cock moved in different directions rubbing the inside walls of her pussy.

Our lovemaking was passionate. The love that I felt for her and I hoped she started to feel for me, made it all the more so. When our orgasms subsided, I kept my prick inside her pussy and held her tight.

Afterwards we would lie in each other's arms and fall asleep in each other's warm embrace. Waking up, she would be sucking my dick or I would be licking her out. We would make love yet again. Waking up late one night after a glorious day in bed of making love over and over again, I told Janice once more how much I loved her. Janice looked deep into my eyes and told me she loved me too. We kissed and I felt truly happy.

The woman I loved with all my heart loved me too. "I'm starving," Janice blurted out.

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"I'm starving too," I said. "Hungry to taste you again." I licked out her cunt once more. Janice and I talked about things for an hour more. "I need some food in me," Janice laughed. I realized it was time to eat. We hadn't since breakfast. Janice ordered something from a menu she had in her kitchen. "Stay in bed and I will feed you when the food comes, Master." That was Janice's way of telling me that later tonight we would be role-playing Master/Slave, one of our favorite scenarios.

The bell rang and I stayed in bed. Janice slipped on a bathrobe to cover her naked body and left the room to answer the door. Janice seemed to be taking an awfully long time to bring in the food so I decided to see what was keeping her.

I was naked too so I just took a towel from the bathroom and used it like a loincloth to cover my private parts. I could hear Greg's role playing and deep teen butt fucking as I approached. "I love you Janice. I can't live without you. I want you to be my wife," Greg said. "It's too late Greg," I said, as I faced my shocked brother at the door, the towel slipping to the floor.

"Janice and I are engaged."