Asian squirters toys from her horny stud eager to make her cum

Asian squirters toys from her horny stud eager to make her cum
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 24 Cindy Travels to Arizona For Fun During Cindy's time working at the Harley dealership, they decided to put in a whole new computer system to track everything. Since this was to be a whole new set up, they wanted to send her to be trained on the system. She came home and told me that she would be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona for four days the next month. I dropped her off at the airport and told her to have fun.

She gave me a devilish look and said that she would. I wasn't too keen on having her gone for so long and tried to find things to kill my time. On the fifth day I headed to the airport to pick her up. I was waiting for her at the security checkpoint. When I saw her from a distance, I noticed she had a bounce to her step. She looked like she was able to spend some time out in the sun.

She walked up to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I loved the feel of her body pressed against mine. I loved the smell of her hair; I loved feeling her tits pressed against my chest and the way her butt fit nicely into both of my palms.

But what I realty loved was when she broke the kiss, leaned into me and whispered in my ear…"I have been a bad girl." I pulled back from her and looked her in the eyes and asked if that was true. She peered at me with her big blue eyes and nodded her head. I almost didn't want to wait for her bag, but knew that she would eventually tell me all about it. We stood waiting for the luggage carousel to deliver her bag and I tried to get some details out of her.

She just kept smiling and told me she would tall me on the way home. As we drove home, she began to tell me all about her trip. Of course there was the boring part about the computer training. She told me how the training only lasted beauty has sex with stranger girlfriend homemade 1:30 every day, so she was able to go to the hotel pool.

She told me that she didn't think to bring a suit with her, so she had to buy one while out there. She couldn't wait to show it to me. Of course I kept pushing for details about her being bad. Finally she said that there was a bar nearby the hotel that had live bands so she would head over there after dinner and have a few drinks while dancing to the bands.

The second night she was there she happened to notice a really sexy guy who was out there dancing with a couple of different girls. At one point she noticed that he was staring at her and during the alexis amore interactive latin lover break, he walked over to her and introduced himself as Randy.

She told me he was taller than me and had sort of spiked up hair. She said he had on black jeans and cowboy boots. He offered to buy her a drink and they talked for a while until the band started up. He pulled her out onto the dance floor and really got into their dance. At the end of the night he wanted her to go back to his place, but she wasn't too sure about that, as she didn't know the area or anyone around there. She told him she would be back the next night and hoped to see him. The next night she showed up at the bar and within minutes Randy had located her.

He then spent the next couple of hours showering her with compliments and flirting heavily with her.

She liked how easy to talk to he was and she found herself flirting back with him. Japanese moms realism teaching son said he was really starting to turn her on and thoughts of getting him somewhere alone were in her head. Soon he asked if she wanted to get out of there and head somewhere private.

She took his hand and led him out of the bar. Once outside he pulled her up against a wall and planted a big kiss on her. She said he pushed his crotch against her and she felt his hard dick pressing against her. He wanted her to come back to his house, but she took his hand and began walking across the parking lot in the direction of her hotel.

She said that once they made it up to her room, clothes began to fly off of them. They were both so hot for each other that their first fuck happened with her sitting on the desk in the room and him stepping between her legs and giving it to her hard. She told me they spent the rest of the night fucking all over the room.

Randy happened to be one of those lucky guys that could keep a hard-on even after he came. She told me that he spent the night there with her, and several times in the night she felt him poking her in the butt with a hard cock.

Not that she was complaining. They fucked again in the shower in the morning and her offered to take her to breakfast before she had to head home. During breakfast she said that he was a little disappointed that he didn't have more time with her and would do just about anything to be with her again. She jokingly said to fly her back out again so they could have more time. He jumped at the chance. She told me that she got his email address and they were going to keep in touch.

I joked with her about her new "boyfriend" in Arizona, but you better believe that I was thinking about the two of them together as I fucker her that night. We used her adventure in Phoenix for several nights' inspiration in bed.

Over the next month or so, she kept in contact with Randy and even had me take some sexy pics of her for him. She had one blown up into a poster for him to put up on his wall.

One night she came to me and told me that he definitely wanted her to come back out to Phoenix and spend a week or so with him. Of course, anyone who shares their wife with others knows that sometimes you end up with a complete jumble of emotions when something like this occurs.

Do you let her go? Will he fall in love with her? Or worse, will she fall for him? Will she come home? And on and on. Fortunately the greatest emotion is the fact that you are so turned on by the situation that you can't wait to send her out to get fucked. That's what I did. Randy had sent her a plane ticket to fly out on a Thursday afternoon. She would spend over a week with him and come home ten days later, hopefully with a lot of great stories. We spent the time leading up to her departure, shopping for some new clothes.

Including some new bikinis as he had his own pool. I could only imagine what he would think when he saw some of the hot little bits of cloth she bought. On the day she was to leave, I took off from work and we spent a couple of hours in bed that morning, slowly making love and getting excited about the trip. She rode my dick as she told me how she planned on getting all the dick she could handle from him.

She said he was a great lover and really knew what he was doing. I kissed her goodbye at the airport and wondered how I was going to survive the next week. She only called me twice mom get son see xnxx the week and it was torture wondering what was happening.

When she arrived back in town, she looked like one very well fucked woman. She had a golden tan and her hair seemed to have lightened some from the sun and the pool water. She also had a very big smile on her face. Knew that there would be a lot to tell and I waited until she was ready to tell it all. She began by saying that Randy had met her at the airport with flowers. That was a good touch. He then drove her back to his house, pointing out some of the sites along the way.

She said he lived in a nice big house with two other young guys. She met Cal and Kevin and said they seemed like nice guys. She felt a little embarrassed, as here she was, a married girl who had flown across the country, to spend a week having sex with a guy she barely knew. But they made her feel at ease. Cal had fixed a great meal and they all ate together. After they ate, Randy gave her a tour of the house and showed her the pool. He said they were having a small pool party the next evening with some of their friends.

He then showed her his room and where she could put her things. She said she needed a shower and would be back out in a little while. She told me that she had packed a lot of different sexy lingerie and wanted to really look good.

She put on a sexy cream color and baby blue bra and panty sat. Then topped it off with a cream colored silk camisole that just barely covered her butt. When she opened the door, Randy was lying back on the bed, shirtless with just his jeans on. She said that she could tell he was very happy to see her choice of lingerie.

They spent the next several hours getting familiar with each other's bodies. And she told me that she basically had to tell him no more. They had the whole week and she wanted to be able to walk at the end of it. She fell asleep with a smile on her face. The next day he asked what she wanted to do, see some of the sights or head out into the desert? She told him that she would rather spend a leisurely day around the pool, especially if there were a lot of people coming over that night.

She also wanted to start on her tan if people were going to see her in her bikini. He was cool with that and made them breakfast before heading out to vacuum the pool. She went in to change into her bikini and decided to wear one of her new ones before any one else came by later. She put on a tiny white one that crossed over her boobs, barely covering her nipples and then connected to a bottom that was cut almost down to her slit in the front. Not really something to wear in front of her grandma, that's for sure.

When she came out, Randy couldn't believe his eyes. He apparently was very impressed. The spent a couple of hours both in and out of the pool and after she had him rub sunscreen all over her body, she decided to do the same to him. When she got to the waistband of his suit, she pulled it down and wrapped her slippery hand around his dick. She began to stroke him until he was nice and hard, and then she stood up, pulled her suit bottom to the side, and lowered herself down onto him.

She told me that their house was on the edge of the subdivision and there was not too much chance of anyone seeing them. She bounced on his hard cock for several minutes and was in the process of cumming for the teen wants to be banged from the back interracial missionary time when the back door opened and Kevin walked out!

She tried to jump up and off of Randy but he held her hips and told her it was all right, and to just keep going.

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Kevin walked out and plopped down into one of the other lounge chairs. He told her not to mind him and to just keep doing what she was doing. Of course once the initial shock had worn off, she said it was really hot to keep bouncing on Randy as she looked over at Kevin. I asked if Kevin joined in, but she told me that he just sat in the chair and watched, drinking a cup of coffee. When she came she said she noticed he had a pretty big bulge going on inside of his shorts.

That night at the party, she met a lot of the guy's friends and had a great time. At one point in the night, one of the girls that were there came up to her and said that she was very lucky.

She asked her why and the girl told her that most of the other girls there had been dying to get with Randy but he would always blow them off. Cindy said that made her feel pretty good and spent the rest of the night with a smile on her face. She did notice Kevin checking her out several times and would blush each time they made eye contact. The next day they spent hiking at a place called Camelback Mountain.

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She said Randy kept making jokes and kept calling it Camel Toe Mountain. She was wearing tight white shorts and she told me he kept checking along the way to make sure she actually had a camel toe. They did manage to sneak off the trail at one point and she was able to get her lips around his cock for a nice blowjob.

Unfortunately there were a lot of people on the trail and they couldn't go further. She said that during the days that followed, she would hang out at the pool most days. Randy had to work a couple days but Cal worked at a local hospital and he was off during the days when Randy was gone.

Of course my mind immediately began to come up with all sorts of sexy scenarios involving his roommates. I asked if anything happened with them and she sheepishly told me it had. I guess during the week she had begun to sunbathe topless as Randy said it would turn him on for her to do it and tease his roommates. On the fourth day she said she and Cal were hanging around the pool and she asked if he minded if she took off her top.

Now, he is an all American male and told her he had no problem with it. She did and leaned back to let the sun warm her nipples.

She had on her sunglasses and watched as Cal kept looking down at her tits while talking to her. She told me that it really turned her on.

As they were talking, Randy called home to check on her. Cindy told him that she was teasing Cal and it was making her horny. Randy told her she should really tease him and have him put sunblock on her. She liked that idea and when she went back outside she handed Cal the bottle and asked him to rub some on her back.

Of course when she turned over, he had a great view of her exposed butt. He started on her shoulders and spent a long time rubbing it in. She told me that she began moan and told him that it felt great. Then she asked him to do her legs because it felt so good.

He started at the bottom and moved up across her calves and then onto her thighs. She wondered whether she had a wet spot on her bikini bottom from being excited. As he moved up across her thighs, she told him not to miss her cheeks.

He filled his hands with lotion and began to rub them. As he did she began to rotate her hips and press her clit into the chair. At that point her asked her if she was enjoying this and she told him very much. She then spread her thighs open a little further and he took the hint and slid his hand down across the crotch of her suit. She felt him press his fingers into her and knew he could feel the heat coming off of her.

She looked back over her shoulder and told him that her suit was in the way and to take it off of her. He hooked his fingers into the sides and pulled the tiny piece of cloth down over her hips and then down her legs and off. He immediately went back to stroking her with his fingers and soon had one buried deep inside of her. She told me that as soon as she felt him enter her, she started to cum all over his hand.

He continued to nasty brunette sucking cock in home video in and out as she came, and she soon was climbing that peak to the next one. At this point he had slipped another finger inside and also used his other hand to begin tickling around her butt. He pumped her harder and harder and just as she began to cum, he bent down and began licking her tight little butthole with his tongue. She told me that if any neighbors were home, they heard her screaming for sure.

When she came down from her orgasm, she said she turned over and had him stand in front of her. She yanked his shorts down and his hard cock popped out, bobbing in front of her face. She then took him into her mouth and began to repay the favor. She told me he grabbed her head and began to pump her harder, almost choking her at one point.

Thankfully he was very excited and came in only about two minutes. They both collapsed onto the chairs and caught their breath. I asked her if she fucked him and her reply was, "Not that day." I knew there would be a lot more to hear.

She told me that on the second to last day there, all of them had eaten dinner and were wondering what they were going to do. Randy suggested they head out to a bar but the other three said they were not up for going out. Cal suggested they stay home and watch movies as he had an early day coming up.

They all sat around and began to watch a movie. Randy of course was having a hard time keeping his hands off of Cindy and knew that both Cal and Kevin were watching out of the corners of their eyes. He kept trying to stroke her pussy through her shorts but they were in the way.

She wanted him to continue so she excused herself and said she was going to go put on something comfy and would be right back. She was trying to decide what to put on and finally decided to just slip on her short silk robe.

She felt naughty going out there wearing nothing underneath. The guys all looked up as she walked back in the room and she could see approving smiles on all of them. As she sat back down next to Randy, he wasted no time in getting his hands back on her body.

In short order they were making out in front of the other guys and Randy had untied the belt to her robe. She knew it was probably not hiding much, but it felt so good that she didn't care. Randy undid his pants and pulled his rod out and held it for her. She said she grabbed it and began stroking it. When she looked up, both Cal and Kevin were watching her. Busty brunette housewife ryder skye take cock in pov naughty america stockings said it really turned her on having them watch.

She decided that she was going to have some real fun and while looking directly at the other two guys, she bent over and took the head of his cock into her mouth. As she began to give Randy head in front of his roommates, Randy began to slide her robe up her butt, exposing her to them. He then ran his hand down and found that she was soaking wet. The movie seemed to be forgotten as Cal and Kevin found something much more interesting to watch. Randy began to talk out loud to her, telling her to suck his cock and asking her if she liked doing this in front of his friends.

She answered that she loved it. He then asked her if she wanted more cocks to play with. She told me that when he said that she almost came on the spot. She looked up at him and asked if he was serious? Then looked back at the other two. They were both nodding, waiting for her reply. She then stood up and slipped off her robe and said it was time to really party. She bent back over to get Randy's cock back into her mouth and soon she felt two other sets of hands on her body.

Cal got down on the floor and began to lick on her tits while Kevin began to play with her wet pussy. She told me she lost track of who was doing what to her after that, but said the best part of the night was when Cal and Randy slipped both of their cocks into her wet pussy at the same time.

The three of them spent the night out in the living room where they had all passed out from exhaustion. Cindy said that she really felt it the next day and climbed into Randy's bed to sleep for most of the morning. When she stumbled out to the pool later on, Kevin and Charming doll is presenting her opened narrow twat in close range were lounging around and asked how she felt.

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She said she felt amazing, but was a little to sore for a repeat performance. They both laughed. Cindy spent her last night there with Randy alone. They had a long slow fuck and he wanted her to stay there longer. She told him that couldn't happen, as she had to get back to her real life and me. When they left for the airport the next day, Cal and Kevin hoped she would come back out to see them again. She kissed them all goodbye at the front door and Randy drove her to catch her plane.

As you can imagine, her adventures in Arizona added a boost culeando con mi novia despues de clases made and home our sex life. Hearing about all the fun she had never failed to turn my cock to steel. She kept in touch with the three guys for sometime, however once it became clear she wasn't coming back any time soon, their interest seemed to drop off. She does look back to that week as being one of the best of her life.