Big cock facial for two horny brunettes nl

Big cock facial for two horny brunettes nl
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I grew up in at the edge of a fairly small town. From my house, 2 blocks to the north was marshland, 2 blocks west was fields, mostly corn. In my neighborhood there was a group of 10 of us who would play together. We played various games depending on who's turn it was to choose.

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Everything from different sports, to war games, to fashion shows, but everyone's favorite was night games. We played almost every night while we were on summer break. The kids ranged in age from 8 to 14, I was 10 at the time. I was always one of the faster more athletic kids, but couldn't quite keep up with the older kids tattooed amateur gf anal rammed in pov the group.

We played different night games, but the most common were kick the can, and hide and seek. I remember one summer night very vividly. We had played a few games already. It was Maria's turn to choose the game, she chose hide and seek. When we started playing, Maria told me to follow her, she had a good place to hide.

I followed her to her house, she opened her bedroom window and said "Come here, I'll give you a boost." "We can't go in, it's out of bounds." I said. "We aren't going to stay long, I just need a drink." "Ok but we have to hurry." She gave me a boost, then followed me in.

She told me to sit on the bed while she went and got each of us a can of grape soda. Maria was the oldest of our neighborhood group at 14. She was only a couple of inches taller than me, and was very pretty. She had dark hair and dark eyes, and I think she was of Russian descent.

Sometimes she would tan in her yard with her big sister. Whenever I saw her out in that little bikini, I would always spy on her. She had small breasts and a nice little bubble butt. I guess you could say I had a crush on her, but it was more like an infatuation.

While we were drinking our grape soda, she pulled out a toy chainsaw that when you pulled the string then pulled the trigger, it would vibrate.

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I finished my can of soda, threw the can away, then sat back on the bed waiting for Maria. She put the chainsaw on my neck, and pulled the trigger. "I just cut off your head." She giggled. Then took the chainsaw and put it on my leg. I remember it tickling but it felt good. I laughed a little as she pulled the string back again.

This time she put it farther up my leg, far enough that it vibrated my balls. It tickled a little but felt really good. I instantly got hard. I remember her kind of staring at the tent in my pants, and I was getting embarrassed. She pulled the string again, put the chainsaw right on my hard dick and pulled the trigger. "Timber!" she laughed. I was embarrassed but really turned on, so I just sat there and didn't say anything.

She pulled the string and again put it right on my boner. I was in heaven. I knew as much about sex as you could learn from hardcore porn. I had found my parents stash and had been watching and masturbating since I was 8. In my head I thought this was just like the start of one of the porn scenes.

"Can I see it?" she asked. "I guess so." I said and started undoing my pants.

I pulled it out of the pee hole in my underwear, and she just stared for a couple seconds. Then suddenly she reached over and pulled my pants and underwear down. "Can I touch it?" "Sure." "Lay on the bed." She said, and I followed her instructions.

She took off my shoes and finished taking off my pants and underwear so I just had a shirt and socks on. Maria got really close to it like she was examining it, then reached over and grabbed the end of my dick with her thumb and first finger and lifted it to get a better look.

She let it go and it slapped against my stomach. She laughed and did it a few more times. It felt so good. Then she rubbed her whole hand and palm down the length and started playing with my balls. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I would have done anything for her at that moment, as long as she just kept playing with me. When she was done with my balls, she grabbed my hard cock in her hand and started giving me a handjob.

I could have died in that moment and been happy. The moment didn't last long before my dick started to twitch. "Did you just cum?" she asked. "I any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn so." I answered. "That was fun, we should do that again. Now we have to go, I bet they found everyone by now." I quickly put my clothes back on, we jumped out the window, and were found quickly in the bushes behind her house.

We didn't get another chance to play hide and seek until a few nights later. Maria told me to follow her again and I knew what was going to happen. I was hard before we even got to her house. She boosted me in the window, followed me in, and without saying anything pulled my pants off.

When she saw I was already hard, she pushed me on the bed, and without warning wrapped her lips around me and started sucking me fast and hard.

I came in seconds. I don't know whether she didn't know because nothing came out, or whether she didn't care, but she just kept sucking. It was almost too much, but I wasn't about to stop her. Shortly after I came again, but she just kept going. Moments later she two teen hotties chase orgasms on camera moaning and twitching herself. I couldn't see her because she was off the edge of the bed, but she had her hand down her pants, and came right in front of me.

As she was cumming, she finally let me out of her mouth. I just stared at her as she was cumming. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. When she was finally done, she just looked at me. We were both breathing hard. "That was awesome." I told hairy step mom fuck stepson hard. "Yeah." was all she could manage. After a couple minutes she said "We have to go." "Can I see your boobs first?" I asked.

"No. I'll let you see my bra and you can touch them, but you have to hurry." She lifted up her shirt and I could see her black bra with white lace around the edges.

I reached out and touched a real boob for the first time. It filled my 10 year old hand but was probably really only a b cup. It only lasted a few seconds before she said we really had to go. I was happy, but was hard the rest of the night playing games. The next time we had a chance came a few nights later. It was a lot like the last time. She pulled off my shorts and started going at it.

This time though I was determined to watch her masturbate. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and watching her devour my dick. I could see her hand going inside her shorts and she started rubbing very fast.

It matched the pace that she was sucking my dick at. I reached down, grabbed her boob, and gave it a little squeeze. She moaned and I came immediately. She took her mouth off my cock. I was a little disappointed until I noticed she was taking her shirt off, quickly followed by her shorts, then her bra. She had amazing tits, firm and small with dark little nipples that stuck out, She knelt in front of me again wearing only her white panties, and started going down on me again.

I couldn't believe my luck. I watched her rubbing her pussy as she was sucking me off, and I came again. She didn't stop this time, just kept going.

I reached down and grabbed her boob again. I squeezed it, she moaned, then I started rubbing her nipple in my fingers. This made her moan again and she sped up the pace on her pussy. I could smell her now. The smell turned me on so much I came again.

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As I was cumming I didn't let go of her nipple, I think I might have pinched on it pretty hard and as I was cumming she started to cum. It was very sexy watching her twitch and convulse. When she finally stopped she looked up at me and we both smiled. "That was amazing." She said. "You are so fucking hot." I said. Almost immediately she moved her face to mine and name beautiful blonde star pornstar penetration and starporn me.

She climbed on top of me, with nothing but panties, and me with nothing but a shirt, as her tongue was dancing in my mouth. As we kissed I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my dick. It wasn't long before I was cumming again. This was my first kiss and still one of the most erotic of my life. Before long we decided we had stayed too long and went out to find everyone else.

We couldn't find anyone and decided we stayed too long and everyone quit, so we went home. That was the last time we played night games that summer. I was looking forward to the next time with Maria, hoping it would lead to sex.

About a month later Maria's parents sent her to live with her grandparents because they caught her in her room with one of the other neighborhood kids. I never saw Maria again, but still think about her. A couple months later I overheard my parents talking and said she was pregnant, that was why she was sent away.