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Chicks have sex with men interracial hardcore
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>>>>>> We were up early for our flight, flying first to Los Angeles and from there to Honolulu and our oceanfront hotel at Waikiki Beach.

Oahu isn't my favorite island, but once Rosie had told me that her grandfather's brother had perished on the USS Arizona I knew we'd spend several days there. The Arizona Memorial is extremely well attended so we left the hotel at 7:30 a.m. for the naval base at Pearl Harbor.

The line for tickets wasn't long, but we still had a two-hour wait before we could board the tender to the Memorial. We spent much of the time in the small museum and the rest outside enjoying the views and the balmy weather. Finally, our time arrived and we boarded for the five minute ride. I noticed that many others, like us, wore the flower leis we had received either at the airport or at the hotel.

The mood was suitably somber as we walked straight to the list of those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom where she found her relative's name. Hand in hand, we said a silent prayer and lowered our leis into the water. Seeing the outline of the ship still holding the remains of more than 1,100 brave sailors was as moving as it was eerie. Twenty minutes later we were back on land. We spent most of our time at the beach where Rosie teased me about my pale skin.

Any tan I may have picked up over the summer was long gone by January. Rosie's Mediterranean skin handled the sun relatively easily, but my ultra-fair Irish skin was prone to burning severely and even blistering.

Rosie made sure I had plenty of SPF 50 sunscreen on every exposed part of my body. Of course, I was more than happy to reciprocate on her even though she jokingly called me a lecherous pervert every time. We stayed on Oahu for three days and nights before catching an inter-island flight to Kauai.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian chain and, in many regards, it's the most beautiful. But, if you want to swim in the ocean there's only one place to go—the south shore near Poipu.

The eastern and northern shores are loaded with sharp and dangerous coral. We stayed at the Sheraton in Poipu Beach. Our second day there I drove Rosie up to Hanalei Bay where the movie "South Pacific" had been filmed decades ago. We boarded a small boat for a tour of the Na Pali Coast where deep green fluted mountains appear to rise straight out of the dark blue sea.

Rosie was clearly impressed with the sheer beauty of the area. After lunch we drove to Princeville where we sat along the shore path to watch the big wave surfers. The trade winds blow non-stop all the way from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands. Here on Kauai there is an offshore reef about a half mile out that catches the waves, causing them to compress and increase in height, some as much as sixty or seventy feet.

Surfers are towed out to the reef by jet-skis, although personally I thought they were all crazy. Rosie made me promise on the drive back to our hotel never to even think of doing anything so reckless. The next day I drove us back to the airport for a helicopter tour of the island. It was great to see the Na Pali Coast from a different perspective. Of all the islands Kauai, the oldest, and Hawaii, the youngest, are the best places to tour by helicopter.

Hawaii was our next destination after four days on Kauai. >>>>>> Rosie's face told me she was having a blast on our honeymoon. We were making love two to three times every day and were still finding time for sightseeing, swimming, and everything that vacationers can do in our fiftieth state. "I suggest you keep a sharp eye out the window when we land. Kauai is the oldest island, but Hawaii is the youngest and it shows.

You'll see exactly what I mean." Rosie leaned across the seat to kiss me quickly then returned her gaze to the small window. A few minutes later she looked back in shock. "What is that, Steven? It looks like some barren desert, only black." "You'll see plenty of that here. It's lava. In some areas it's hard rock and in others it's more like soil, but black and barren it is in most places." We picked up our rental car and were driving north to our hotel, the Marriott in Waikoloa, and passing mile after mile of mostly barren lava fields.

It's not the best hotel on the big sweet looking teen dancing stripping masturbation amateur, but it's up there and the shopping mall just across the street has plenty of decent restaurants and shops.

She licks the cum from his body has a beach on a bay that's extremely safe with conditions similar to those we had at home in Long Island Sound. We spent one day driving south past the city of Kona to Volcanoes National Park. Adorable gals holding dicks in both hands a really interesting place where you can see the effects of the active volcano closely, but safely.

Rosie picked up the odor of sulphur coming from the many vents almost immediately. The gas is poisonous and can form a strong acid when it comes into contact with water so some areas of the park are banned for visitors. We visited the museum and the overlook of the awesome caldera. A slight detour on the way back took us to Volcano winery. It was interesting and tasty even though Rosie restricted herself to grape juice.

I asked them to ship a case to my office, knowing that Joyce would hold them for my return. The following morning we were en route to Hilo's airport on the eastern side of the island for a helicopter ride over the volcano area. Watching the lava run into the sea where it solidified as the heat formed huge pillars of steam was fascinating then we flew to what the pilot called a "skylight." It was a hole in the top of a lava tube where we could see the red hot lava flowing and we could feel the terrific heat even though we were more than fifty feet above it.

Too soon the flight was over and we returned to our hotel for a leisurely afternoon at the beach. Two days later we flew to Kahului, the capital of Maui. Of all the islands I love Maui best. Our hotel in Kaanapali was an hour's drive away.

"Don't forget what I told you about the hotel here, Rosie." "I remember; it's not five-star, but we have it because we'll be close to the snorkeling site and the ocean where we should be able to see the whales. I hope we can." "I'm sure of it. I've been here twice in January and I've always been able to see plenty. Why don't we stop for snorkel gear on the way to the hotel?" Rosie agreed so we stopped at the Cannery Mall just north of the old whaling town of Lahaina to get our gear from Boss Frog.

I just had to complete the rental agreement when Rosie told me she wanted to go to the pharmacy next door. "I'll meet you there, okay Steven?" I did just ten minutes later. "Are you okay," I asked. "Never better, darling…never better. Let's go. I want to angel allwood and dakota james shared boyfriend on the couch to our room." I mia khalifa sex storys andhra sex storys a kukui-nut lei from my carry-on as we strode into the lobby of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel.

That told the staff that I'd been there before. With all the four and five-star hotels in the area why would I want to stay here at a hotel that was no more than three?

First of all is the location. It's only about two hundred yards from Black Rock, a lava outcropping that's well known as one of the world's best snorkeling spots that can be reached from the beach.

Second is that the oceanfront rooms are only fifty feet from the beach and maybe twice that from the water. Sitting on one of the balconies it's really easy to see humpback whales as they breach or even just surface and blow. Sometimes they're really close to shore. Finally, KBH advertises itself as the most Hawaiian hotel and they are. The staff is really friendly and peni fack vs penis fack. They run all kinds of lessons on Hawaiian stuff every day.

The lobby and xxx story xd com japan are a bit old-fashioned, but the rooms have all been refurbished. Besides, don't I have the original old-fashioned girl for my wife? Of course, our room wasn't ready. We went to the restrooms to change into our bathing suits and then we strolled across the huge lawn, finding lounge chairs under one of the numerous old trees.

"This is great, Steven. I won't have to worry about you burning. Let's just remember to put some on when we go to the beach." "Yes, Mom," I said with a grin. Rosie joined me in laughing. "Next thing you'll be telling me you want incest." Suddenly, she stopped her kidding and lowered her voice. Clearly, her words were for my ears only. She looked around, but there was only one couple near us and they were at least forty feet away. "When do I get my period, Steven?" Her voice was just above a whisper.

"On a Thursday." It was true. I'd never heard of a woman whose period was as predictable as Rosie's. Every fourth Thursday like clockwork it began. I had been concerned initially, thinking that our weekend would be ruined. Rosie, however, never had cramps and was hornier than ever during it. "On a Thursday, between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, but we're five hours behind so it would probably come sometime in the early morning between four and five a.m." I repeated.

She nodded as she continued. "Do you remember when I had it in December?" "You know I don't keep track of stuff like that. I don't know any guy who does. Sometime in the middle of the month, I think." "I'm surprised you remember that much. It was on December 12th so that would mean I should have it when?" I did the math quickly in my head—nineteen days in December and nine in January would mean Thursday, January 9th.

"Thursday, January 9th." Now Rosie was grinning wildly as she said, "And, what is today's date?" Now I did have to think. We were heading home on the evening of the twenty-fifth and we were in Maui for nine days so…"January 17th." I sat there dumbfounded while Rosie continued to grin like the Cheshire cat.

Then it hit me like a foul ball to the head. "Oh my God…you're late! You're never late! You're like a clock!" That's when she dug into her purse, pulling out four white cylinders. They were in my hand before I realized that they were home pregnancy tests and they all said, "YES." I was out of my lounger in an instant. My hands found Rosie's head and I pulled her to me for what I thought at the time was the kiss of the century.

Hell; it was the kiss of all time! Rosie whispered in my ear when she broke it. "I'm taking the top as soon as we get into the room." There was no way in hell I was going to argue. We applied sunscreen to each other then walked hand in hand down the beach toward Black Rock, our masks and fins under our arms. I thought I had loved Rosie before, but it was nothing in comparison to how I felt now.

We walked into the water and I helped Rosie into her fins and mask. I'd learned back in July that she was an excellent swimmer, almost as good as I was. We swam together through the crystal clear water toward the rock, marveling at the abundant variety of colorful fish. We were about fifty feet from shore when we saw the big dark shape in the water. There, not more than ten feet away was a&hellip.

I know you're thinking shark, but it wasn't. It was a hot babes enjoy a rock solid boner sea turtle almost within arm's length as we approached. I'd seen them here before, and that's not all. I'd come alone a few years ago and had seen a big moray eel out around the end of the rock. It appeared to have just eaten; there were tiny bits of what seemed to be a fish floating in the water and they were being eaten by a school of smaller fish.

We snorkeled for about twenty minutes before Rosie told me she was getting cold. We turned around and a few minutes later we were on the beach, our bodies warming quickly in the bright sunshine. I led her back to the hotel lobby where we picked up our key.

A few minutes later we were in our room; naked and in bed less than a minute later. Rosie pushed me back until I fell onto the comforter.

She moved me around until she was sure I was comfortable then she pounced. I had to chuckle at Rosie's aggressiveness. There was nothing "old-fashioned" about her behavior now. She began by rubbing her breasts and nipples over my chest, eventually pushing one into my mouth. I suckled eagerly as I gripped her ass tightly with one hand and her head with the other. Rosie pulled her nipple from full sey xxx story propech mouth replacing it with her lips.

We kissed for several minutes, swapping spit, while she actively humped my thigh. Breaking the kiss, she rose with an engaging smile.

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"I'm so happy, Steven. I don't think I've ever been happier, but I don't think we should say anything until my doctor confirms it. Is that okay with you?" Instead of answering I pulled her down for another long deep kiss. Rosie lifted her hips during it and trapped my cock between her legs.

A few seconds later I felt her velvet vise stretch tightly around my pulsing dick. I knew too well how much Rosie loved to ride me. She loved the freedom of motion and the sense of control; I was sure she had missed it terribly while we were trying to conceive. Rubbing her clit wasn't necessary, but her orgasms were even more intense when she did. That's what she did now and as she did she bent my poor cock into positions I never dreamed even existed. Not that I was complaining; her frantic movements drove me crazy with love and lust for my wonderful wife.

We moved together, every thrust intended to bring us the maximum in pleasure, both along the journey and at our ultimate destination. I knew Rosie was excited, but I never thought that she would cum explosively after only two or three minutes.

Her slight body shook wildly as one huge convulsion after another ripped through her body. Even without conscious control her body continued to work my cock as I drove into her ruthlessly, often lifting her bodily from the bed.

Initially, way back in the spring when Rosie had first made love with me I had been afraid of hurting her—of pushing my larger than average cock into her cervix. I'd had several women before Rosie complain that I was hurting them through my wild thrusting. However, Rosie thrived on it. The harder I pushed into her slender, but strong, body the more she loved it.

Thinking back, I realized that one of the keys for us was waiting until we knew of our feelings for each other. Any two animals can fuck, but only human beings—and even then only some—can make the same kind of beautiful love that we were experiencing now. I was lost in Rosie—lost in body, mind, and soul—as she came repeatedly on my cock.

I'd masturbating at work risky cumshot office cumshot tube porn experienced anything like it and I was thinking that she hadn't either other than the last time I had licked her. I was careful now. Protecting my love was more important than cumming. I could always do that tomorrow, or even later tonight. However, Rosie felt the change in my motion.

She leaned down first to kiss me and then to whisper, "Please, Steven…I want to feel you explode in me." I drove up forcefully twice before my balls clenched alessa savage in my stepdaughters secret brunette big tits close to my body and my cock swelled. I felt as though my insides were being ripped from my body, only to pour out through my cock. Six times long thick ropes of white-hot semen flew into Rosie's womb.

I relaxed at last and Rosie fell onto my body. I held her like I'd never held anyone in my life. We remained in that position for almost half an hour before Rosie began to stir. "What happened to you, Rosie? It seemed that you were having one orgasm after another and my groin is drenched. You didn't just squirt. You flooded me." Rosie responded with a giggle. "That's exactly what happened, Steven. My first came on really fast. I know I was really excited about being pregnant and being so much in love with you.

When my second came it just stayed with me. Then I saw that you were slowing down. I needed you to cum, Steven. Thank you." Rosie laid her head on my chest and she was asleep less than a minute later. >>>>>> Rosie woke around eight that evening. We showered quickly and half an hour later we were dressed for dinner. We ate at the Tiki Terrace, KBH's restaurant, sitting on the open air terrace where we could enjoy the nightly show.

Tonight it was a trio that played tunes from the forties and fifties. Sex appeal legal age teenager sweetheart kneels I led Rosie to the dance floor where she molded her body into mine. We stayed at our table after dinner to enjoy the music.

It ended at ten amateur real girlfriend fucked hard and deep was just as well. The temperature had dropped and the wind had increased. We were actually cold as I led Rosie back into our room. We slept that night with the sliding glass door open under thick and warm blankets. Plus, we had our love to keep us warm. (Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.) We returned to the Tiki Terrace for our included breakfast buffet early the following morning.

There's plenty to do on Maui and this morning we were heading to Haleakala. Maui is composed of two volcanoes that form Maui and West Maui, with a broad valley between the two, thus the nickname, "The Valley Isle." The trade winds funnel through there at speeds that can approach hurricane strength.

I'd played golf on my last trip, starting with a steady wind of 25-30 mph and ending somewhere between 55 and 65. Hitting a ball into that wind was almost impossible. The main part of the island was made up of Mount Haleakala, the top of which is a very popular national park.

Driving up the side of the mountain involves a lot of back and forth combined with a number of severe u-turns. Once we had parked we walked up to the Visitor Center, more than 9,700 feet above sea level and then out to the volcano's rim. The Visitor Center has exhibits describing the origin of Haleakala, the rocks and minerals that can be found there, and detailed descriptions of the local flora—plants that are found nowhere else on earth.

Looking down into the caldera has always reminded me of what the moon must look like. It's barren, a light grey in color with several small craters visible from the observation area. There are several hiking trails, but not girl masturbates for her boyfriend on the webcam us.

We weren't prepared for hiking and I wasn't taking any chances with Rosie's health. Air pressure at 10,000 feet elevation is exactly half of what it is at sea level. People faint around here all the time. Something else people do here is show their extreme stupidity. The entire viewing area is enclosed, but only with split rail fencing in some parts. There are always fools who insist on standing on the other side of the fence, and some are stupid enough to let go of the rail. I read in the local newspaper a few years ago that a woman lost her balance and fell more than half a mile almost straight down.

Of course, she was dead by the time park rangers reached her. Rosie and I were content to stay where we belonged. Turning around we looked out over the ocean toward the islands of Molokai and Lanai. Even at this great height we could see humpbacks breach and blow. No wonder I loved Maui so much.

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We stayed for about an hour before driving back down to Lahaina for a late lunch. Lahaina is an old-time whaling town that dates back to 1802 when renowned King Kamehameha declared it the capital city of his Hawaiian kingdom.

Its roads are narrow and parking is usually a bitch unless mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 is willing to pay for the privilege. I always use the municipal lot at the south end of the commercial district. We found a burger joint with decent food and an outstanding view overlooking the harbor and were back at the hotel an hour later. Rather than go to the beach we stayed in, sitting on the balcony—what they call a lanai in Hawaii—scanning the ocean with our binoculars for signs of whales.

We weren't disappointed. Sometimes they're extremely active as they were this afternoon. It was hard to figure out where to look next. Rosie was understandably thrilled. One of the things I had learned about my bride on this trip was her keen interest in photography. I had what I considered a good quality compact from Nikon while Rosie had a Canon digital SLR with a multi-purpose lens that worked all the way from wide angle to extreme telephoto.

She sat on the lanai that afternoon with the lens out all the way, taking dozens of photos that she shared with me later. We quit around seven to drive into Lahaina for dinner. There are several excellent restaurants that overlook the harbor and the smaller islands of Molokai and Lanai. They're almost always shrouded in heavy clouds at this time of day, making for a beautiful view at sunset. It was dark when we returned to the room to lie on the cool bed.

"I'm ready for something else I've missed, Steven." She rose to remove her top and shorts. That was my first clue that she had omitted both bra and panties this morning. "For an old-fashioned girl you sure are daring…and naughty, too. No panties…tsk tsk." "I just wanted to be ready for you at a moment's notice.

Now, let's get you naked and then I plan on swallowing your cock. Would you like to do me, too?" I shook my head as I laughed.

amereka xxx alura dr mer the pope Catholic? I've missed eating you as much as you've missed me. Say…I just had a thought. Think you should try phoning your doctor? There's a five hour difference so they should still be open now." Apparently, Rosie agreed; she was on the phone just seconds later. When Rosie had moved in with me she also decided to change most of her doctors.

I knew that Nadia had been a big help to her, especially in finding an OB/GYN who was close by in Huntington. Rosie explained that she thought she was pregnant, asking for a late afternoon appointment so I would be able to join her. "Ten days from today at 4:30. Will you come with me?" "I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll send Joyce a text to clear my calendar and that reminds me of something else, but it can wait…until after." Rosie giggled as she climbed onto my body into a perfect 69.

Tasting her juicy cunt was wonderful, but doing it while holding tightly on to the magnificent globes of her ass made it perfect. Rosie's hands were busy, too. One held the base of my rock-hard cock while the other rubbed my naked balls.

What an incredible feeling! I must have been doing well by her, too. She came really quickly and had three by the time I spurted into her throat. We slept extremely well that evening. >>>>>> We did everything that vacationers can do on Maui with two exceptions. Rosie saw no reason to take a snorkeling trip when we had excellent snorkeling just down the beach. Also, I refused to consider biking down Haleakala, a relatively popular pastime, but not for my hopefully pregnant wife.

We did take a trip to Hana, a town on the eastern side of Maui. There's nothing worthwhile in Hana, but the road there is spectacular. I could have done it myself, buying a CD to use as a guide, but a CD can't answer questions and I knew that the ride back in the dark could be harrowing. There are more than a hundred S-turns and dozens of one-lane bridges on a road that had literally been cut into the side of the volcano.

We were up early for that trip, returning well after nine that evening—Rosie with more than a hundred new photos. The following evening we went out for an early dinner at Kimo's, a very good restaurant on the Lahaina harbor, so we could spend a few hours souvenir shopping for family and friends.

There are plenty of shops along Front Street in Lahaina. They have similar but not identical items for sale. We bought silk shirts for our fathers, Harrison, Nick, Michael, and Joe although Rosie balked when I picked out an especially garish shirt for Harrison.

Later, I kind of tricked Rosie with the idea of pearl earrings for our mothers, Nadia, Andrea, Natalie, and Anita by leading her into Maui Divers. We'd been past the store several times and I had stopped to look at their display as I pretended to window shop. We walked in, going straight to the display of earrings. I knew what Nadia, Andrea, and my mother had and she knew about her family.

Some, I knew, preferred studs while others liked whatever the hell they call those earrings that hang. We bought a variety of black and gold pearl earrings and I smiled secretly when Rosie held several up to her ears, trying them out for size.

"Let's take a look over here," I told the saleswoman, leading her and a very confused Rosie to the case that held numerous strands of pearl necklaces. "Let's see this one," I said, pointing to what had to be the most expensive pearls in the store.

"Steven," Rosie whispered, "They're too expensive." I chuckled. "Too expensive for you," I asked with a grin. "I don't think that any such thing exists. What do you think," I asked the saleswoman.

"I'm the wrong person to ask," she said as she laughed. "I work on commission." Even Rosie had to laugh at that. "Why don't you just try them on? We don't have to buy." Rosie looked at me as though I was crazy, but she did agree. A few seconds later that had an exquisite strand of South Seas golden pearls around her slender neck.

They looked beautiful on her. I only prayed that she hadn't seen the price tag. She also tried on a strand of black pearls, but the golden ones were clearly better.

Her skin color seemed to make their luster greater. I could see the regret in her eyes as she took them off. "Got any matching earrings?" Rosie looked at me in shock. "I thought we were just looking." "We were, but they look so incredible on you…as though they were made for you. Consider them another wedding present." She gave me a look that I'd only seen a few times, when I had really pissed her off.

"What do you mean—another?" "Well…I have another at home waiting for you, but don't ask me because I'm not telling." "Did it cost as much as these pearls?" "No! Absolutely not!" I wasn't lying; it didn't cost as much. It cost more than three times as much, but I didn't tell her that--not now, anyway.

So we got the earrings for our female friends and family and we got the necklace and a set of pearl and diamond earrings for Rosie. However, she put her foot down when I suggested a $2,500 ring. My bill came to just over $28,000. Rosie's necklace was more than twenty. I guarantee that I got some very special old-fashioned loving that night.

When I woke up the following morning it was early—early enough that the sun hadn't yet risen. Normally, the sun's reflection off the ocean made the room bright enough to rouse us from even the soundest sleep despite the thick drapes that covered the sliding glass door and despite the fact that we faced due west.

This morning it was Rosie's hot wet mouth on my cock. "Is this on the old-fashioned list?" "Oh yeah, it's right up there on the top; well, maybe not at the very top. That's reserved for making love with you. This is a close second, though." She laughed as I scooped her delicate body into my arms to turn her around over me. She gasped as my first lick with the broad of my tongue ran all the way from her clit to her tight pucker.

"I'll bet this is pretty high, too." "Oh God, yes; tied for second…maybe higher if you lick my asshole again." I did, lingering several seconds this time. Rosie's gasp evolved quickly into a long feral moan. She stopped sucking on me and even moved off my chest before kissing me deeply. "I never thought about doing anything there, Steven, but when you licked me I almost came on the spot.

I'm sure I would have if you had done irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly just a bit longer. I think I want you to fuck me there. Will you…please?" My voice was just above a whisper as I replied.

"I have to admit, Rosie that I've never done it." "Not even with Sheila? Didn't you tell me that she was a real slut?" "She was and she probably still is, but her butt was strictly off limits. However, I want you to know that her best still pales in comparison to yours." Rosie began to giggle.

"Steven, you are such a liar, just like when you said you liked my breasts more than those big tits we saw in Vegas." "I wasn't lying then and I'm not lying now. The difference is that I love you. I'm in love with you. I wasn't in love with Sheila. I liked her a lot, but I doubt we were ever going to get married. She was convenient. The more I think about it, 'convenient' just about sums up our relationship and you should know by now that I've never found huge breasts particularly appealing.

I like mine with a firm feel to them and high sensitivity in the areolas and nipples…kind of like these. I love these." And then I proved it by taking her hard nipple into my mouth. Rosie moaned again. She was just so sensitive and so receptive. I nibbled on her nipple and ran my tongue around her areola then switched to her other breast. My middle finger found her cunt wet and, once it was coated, I moved it to her anus. Her body shook suddenly, wracked by an immense convulsion.

I held her tightly until it ended then she kissed me. Hottie in red dress sucking in fake taxi was ferocious, like a tiger with its prey. "I think I need to do girls from bjgivers com know how to handle a cock tube porn little research when I get back to work, Steven." That reminded me of something I had begun to say a while back, but forgot when I was sidetracked.

"Speaking of work, Rosie, what do you want to do when you have the baby? Do you want to continue working?" Rosie leaned down, her cheek rubbing against mine, before speaking in the lightest whisper. "If I do that, Steven, I'll probably miss his or her first steps or when she first says 'Dada.' I hate the thought of our child being raised by some nanny or some day care center. I'd like to quit if that's okay with you." I turned my head so our lips met. We kissed with a passion even we had not yet reached.

"Know how I feel now? I agree completely. It might be different if we needed your income, but we don't. You know that I took $200,000 in salary last year and I had a profit of $900,000. That's why I gave everyone an end-of-year bonus.

I still cleared more than $700,000 and I expect to do better this year because I'll have Jeff and Marv for the full curvy legal age teenager knows how to engulf dicks. I'd even consider expanding further if we had more room. I've had to turn down a few cases and I hate to think what could happen if I picked up a major case, like a murder." "Wouldn't that be good?

You'd have a lot of billable hours, wouldn't you?" "Sure, but that also means that I'd have to turn away a lot of other potential clients. A murder trial takes up a tremendous amount of time. Let's talk about something else. We are on our honeymoon, aren't we?" Rosie took the hint well, spinning around on my torso into the perfect 69 position.

We spent the next twenty minutes teasing each other with long slow licks and gentle kisses until Rosie began to fall apart--her motions uncoordinated and erratic. These were always the signs of her onrushing orgasm. Hopefully, my hard cock in her mouth would stifle her scream. I was sure that everyone in our wing of the hotel would be sleeping soundly at this hour. I was also praying that Rosie would retain some level of control so she wouldn't bite my cock off as it hit.

Luckily, she addressed both concerns, allowing my pulsing dick to slip from her mouth as she gripped the blanket and pulled it to cover her mouth and swallow her scream as she thrashed her way through a prolonged and massive orgasm.

She was really out of it so I pulled her up to my body along with the blanket. Sleep returned to us almost immediately. >>>>>> We had a late night flight home so we relaxed all day at the beach before using the hotel's complimentary hospitality room to shower and dress. A light dinner in Lahaina and we were at the airport in plenty of time for our flight. Rosie found a porter to manage our bags and to find the two boxes asian masseuse cindy starfall fucks her client in bathtub Maui Gold pineapples we'd bought to bring home with us while I returned the car to Hertz.

The huge plane took off only a few minutes later than scheduled. Rosie and I had told the overbearing first-class attendant that we wanted to sleep—skip the meal. I had just reclined my seat to almost horizontal and closed my eyes when I felt Rosie open my seatbelt and climb onto the seat with me. She pulled the belt and closed it just as the attendant approached.

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"We're fine," I told her. "Please just throw a blanket over us and wake us before we land." I continued when she gave me a look that showed her confusion. "We're honeymooners; we like to be as close as humanly possible." She smiled and turned away. A minute later we were covered with one of their cheap and light blankets.

It was enough. We awoke when we heard the announcement that we were almost ready to land at Dallas-Fort Worth. I helped Rosie wipe the sleep from her eyes with a few gentle, but loving, kisses and she returned to her seat.

We were holding hands as the plane touched down. Ten minutes later we were in the terminal searching for our connecting flight. We had a light breakfast, something that always seemed chancy to me. I rarely traveled for work so I had little familiarity with any airports, even those in New York.

Most airport food was, in my limited experience, several steps below most fast-food restaurants and that was none too good. We boarded our final flight less than an hour later as I sent a text reminder to the limo company. Sure enough, the driver was waiting for us just outside the security area with the two luggage carts I had requested. He pulled our suitcases from the carousel.

They went onto one cart; the two boxes of pineapples and our carry-on's went onto the other. I was a bit surprised when he used his phone just as we left the terminal, but all became clear when we reached the street. The man we had met was another driver who had helped out on his way home.

I tipped him for his assistance then joined Rosie in the limo's rear seat. The route from LaGuardia to Centerport is pretty straightforward—parkways all the way—so we were home less than an hour later. Rosie and I walked into the front door as I carried our bags to the bedroom. Rosie looked around, first in the bedroom and then in the kitchen as I put the twenty pineapples into the refrigerator.

"You're cold," I said with a grin. "You don't even know what I'm doing, Steven." "Sure, I do. You're looking for your other present. I repeat…you're cold." Rosie left the kitchen, walking to the living room.

"Colder…in fact, freezing." I took mercy when her face showed her frustration. "Okay, close your eyes and let me guide you." I turned her around three times then guided her by the elbows. I opened the door and carefully helped her down the stairs. "Are we in the garage, Steven? That's the only place where we have two steps. Besides, it's cold in here." "I guess there's no fooling you, is there?" Rosie grinned and shook her head, but kept her eyes closed.

"Okay, you can open them now." She looked at her present and then at me and then back at her new BMW X5. Then she pushed me against my car. "I thought you told me this didn't cost as much as my pearls." "It didn't.

I do admit that it cost a bit more." Rosie gave me the exasperated grin I'd seen a few times—only a gilf dirty feet in face no sound tube porn, luckily. "I have to remember that I'm married to a lawyer. Mind telling me exactly how much it cost?" "A bit over sixty-eight; your mom has your Toyota. I want to know that you and our baby will always be safe.

This has a lot of safety features your Toyota didn't have." "You're lucky I love it…almost as much as I love you. Can we go for a ride?" I opened the door, finding the keys under the front seat. Once Rosie was seated I found the garage opener and fastened it to the visor then I joined her in the passenger seat.

Rosie backed out and drove away, surprisingly slowly considering all the turbo-powered horses under the hood. She only went around the block before pulling carefully into the garage.

After turning off the engine she leaned across the console, pulling me into a long and passionate kiss. Breaking it, she spoke quietly but firmly. "Please, Steven—no more surprises.

I'm glad you love me so much that you want to spend a ton of money on me and take such good care of me, but I'd like us to be equals and make decisions together. I love the idea of getting presents, but a $68,000 car is a bit much.

Don't you agree?" I knew I'd surprise her when I replied. "No, I don't agree, not about this, anyway. Your car was five years old. Nowadays, that's like ancient history with all the changes in computers. I know you're a safe driver, but the same can't be said of everyone else on the road.

Just think about all the DUI cases Jeff and I handle. This car is bigger and heavier and a lot safer. You're thrifty and careful with money. If up to you, we'd probably not buy a new car for another three or four years, at least. I'm always going to worry about your safety, but I'd like to be sure you're as safe as you can be." Rosie looked up at me and said the only thing that really mattered.

"I love you." Then she kissed me and led me to the bedroom. "Sorry," she said with a laugh. "That will have to wait. We have a lot of laundry to take care of." She laughed again when I frowned. An hour later we had a load in the washer and another in the dryer so Rosie pulled down the comforter and began to pull my clothes from my body.

Rosie had me naked in less than a minute and herself a minute later. I tried to hold it back, but a brief chuckle escaped my lips. "Now that's what I call old-fashioned efficiency…and perfect timing, too." I pulled my naked wife into a tender embrace as we kissed, our tongues dueling tirelessly. Our lips were still locked together when I lifted Rosie easily and carried her to our bed. She pulled me over her, lined us up, and a second later we were one.

There was something spiritual about making love with Rosie. There was the physical elation, of course, but there was so much more. I had fucked my share—hell, probably more than my share—of women, but with Rosie we were really united—physically, mentally, emotionally and totally.

Rosie lifted her legs and I took the hint, placing them carefully over my shoulders. I knew that she would explode in ecstasy very soon. This position always brought me into contact with her ultra-sensitive Adorable girlfriend cant live out of receiving hot cumshots hardcore and blowjob, bringing Rosie delicious blonde gets nailed with a machine sweetest and most exhausting orgasms that went on and on.

She began to shake after a minute as I pounded her relentlessly. She may have been a delicate little flower, but she loved to take it hard. I'd learned early on that I couldn't arabian and turk tube porn Rosie too hard.

It just wasn't possible. On and on we went with her orgasm growing stronger and more powerful with my every thrust. Eventually, my body could take no more. Semen gushed from my cock in long torrents of the slick white substance just as Rosie seemed to exhale every scintilla of breath.

As she did she squirted, covering my abdomen as well as our sheets in her ejaculate. I lowered my body to hers, supporting myself on my elbows while planting tiny kisses all over her face, neck, and shoulders.

"I love you," I told her, but to no avail. She was totally out of it. I turned off the lights and covered us with the blanket.

Holding Rosie tightly I hoped we'd fall immediately asleep. >>>>>> We didn't. Flying through five time zones meant that our biological clocks were all messed up. The time in New York was 1:00 p.m., but in Hawaii it was only 9:00 a.m.—time to get up. Even an abbreviated night's sleep couldn't help us. I tried to lie still, but soon Rosie was giggling. "I know you're not asleep, Steven. Why don't we get up and go to the market. We need food; there's nothing in the house." I reluctantly started to rise, but Rosie stopped me, kissed me, and whispered in my ear.

"Look at it this way—I'll get some practice with my new car, but I'm going to park so far away from the store that it will never get scratched." Damned if she didn't, too. It was late afternoon by the time we had returned home and put all of the groceries away. I suggested she phone Nadia to see if they wanted to go out to dinner, knowing that Harrison would readily agree if I volunteered to buy. Rosie drove and I could see the wheels turning in Nadia's head when she saw Rosie's new SUV.

"Wedding present," she told our friends, "among other things, but you'll have to wait to find out about them." We had a wonderful time, as always, and invited them to a "welcome home" party the following Saturday.

Before returning home we gave them a pineapple, but only after explaining to Nadia how to cut it into chunks. We'd left Maui on Friday night so we could arrive in New York on Saturday morning and give our bodies a chance to acclimate to Eastern Time before returning to work on Monday morning.

We had also made arrangements to visit Rosie's parents on Sunday afternoon. We brought several pineapples for her parents and brother and sister, holding their real gifts for the following week. Rosie's parents had warmed to me almost immediately and I found that I liked and respected them just as easily.

Sal and Carmella were wonderful people which came as no surprise considering the kind of person Rosie was. They "oohed" and "aahed" over Rosie's car and thanked us for giving them her Corolla. They'd been able to sell Carmella's car and pay off the loan. She only used the car to go to church and to the stores so the Corolla was a great match for her. Carmella brought out a brown paper bag with all of the wedding cards and checks and cash neatly arranged.

Each card had been opened and the guest's name(s) and addresses were printed on the back along with a notation—"$100 check" or "$200 cash," depending on the gift. The names were important for me because a card with "Bob and Mary" on it told me nothing, but "friends of Sal's at work" told me a lot. I hugged my mother-in-law in thanks both for all of her work, but also for the great meal she served us.

We left fairly early, pleading jet lag, but convincing no one. We showered together, as always, and climbed into bed naked savoring the skin on skin sensations we loved so much.

Rosie initiated our first kiss and then nature took its course. We made love slowly and lovingly, spending the better part of an hour gently moving together. It was an exquisite evening until we eventually brought each other to thunderous orgasms. It was all I could do to hold my Rosie in place. She squirted three two glamour chicks getting hot at the bar and I thought that I'd drowned her poor pussy as my balls emptied into her.

Looking down I realized that we could never sleep in this bed. The sheets were sodden between her juices and my jizz. I stripped off the blanket, laid it onto the floor, covered it with a large fluffy towel from the bathroom then deposited my wife, covered her with another towel and folded the rest of the blanket over her. I used yet another towel to absorb whatever remained on the mattress cover.

Then I remade the bed with clean sheets and carefully placed Rosie onto it. The comforter I threw over her and I finally climbed in with her. I swear she was still unconscious when she snuggled up to my body. I had no trouble falling to sleep—none at all. >>>>>> Rosie and I cut up four pineapples for my staff and hers at the library then we drove to the diner for breakfast. No more omelets for me, breakfast these days was either oatmeal or cream of wheat, either melon or grapefruit and a single cup of coffee.

We kissed briefly then she drove away in her wedding present and I followed en route to my office. I anticipated that the day would be chaotic, but that would prove to be a gross understatement. People were after me from the second I walked in the door until well after one in the afternoon. Then Joyce closed my door and told me that three police officers had been in to see me last week. "They're from Suffolk County and I'm pretty sure it's about this." She placed a manila folder onto my desk.

In her typical efficiency mili jay is so beautiful and horny had cut numerous articles from Newsday and printed out several from online versions of the New York Times.

They described how four-year veteran of the Suffolk County Police, D'Anthony Jones had shot and killed a sixteen year-old boy by the name of Enrique Mendez. Not surprisingly, parents and neighbors described Eduardo as a model citizen and outstanding student. There had been an uproar from the Hispanic community that had led to an indictment for second degree murder. That didn't surprise me.

District attorneys are elected officials who have been known to bend to the public will, especially in an election year. The Suffolk DA was up for reelection this year.

I also knew that any worthwhile prosecutor could get an indictment against any person for any so-called offense at any time. I asked Joyce to send Geoff in to see me. I reviewed the information although, not surprisingly, he was totally aware. We finished just before my 2:30 minha linda esposa que delicia comer o cuzinho vocecirc quer. The officers identified themselves as representatives of the Suffolk County Policemen's Benevolent Association—the cops' union, in other words.

We had spoken for more than an hour when they asked if I could meet with Patrolman Jones tomorrow. "I'm sorry, but I can't. I've just returned from my honeymoon and I have to take my wife to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. We think she might be pregnant. However, I will gladly see Mr. Jones on Wednesday morning. We set a time of 10:00 that morning and I blocked out the rest of the day.

I called Geoff and Joyce into my office once they had gone. "Joyce, I want Joe Mullin on this Mendez kid ASAP. I want to know everything about him. Geoff, I want you to do your own research and to collate everything we get from Joe and his staff. I want everything that the police and DA have, especially any video from the car or a body cam. I'm leaving now to follow up a lead of my own." "I wish you wouldn't, Steven. You're going to see that gang chieftain, aren't bitch hd big tits and blowjobs with cumshot whipshandcuffs and a face total of cum, Joyce…I am.

He owes me a few favors and he told me when I got him off that I could cash them in. I'll see you tomorrow morning." They left the office and I was only a minute behind them.

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Just last year I had defended a local gang leader who had been indicted for attempted murder. The DA's case was mostly circumstantial. My client had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and already had a conviction as a juvenile for a violent crime. At trial I was able to break down the eyewitness testimony.

Most people don't realize that eyewitnesses are almost always worthless. Brooklyn chase i like my donuts filled with cream often spoke to law students at Fordham and one of my tricks was to have someone run in with a gun and steal my wallet and watch.

Actually, it wasn't someone—it was usually Geoff who thought that playing the bad guy was a real rip. Once Geoff had gone I asked the students to describe the thief—height, weight, hair color, complexion, clothing, shoes, what kind of gun. If the class had thirty students I'd often get at least twenty-five different descriptions. One time a student described the gun as a rifle. Another time I had Joyce act the role of the thief.

Everyone identified her as a man even though Joyce's chest is 35-DD. Wyandanch is an interesting place. Surrounded by highly affluent almost lily white school districts, Wyandanch is an almost totally black community that has more than its share of problems.

Located in a dilapidated house just a block off the main road was the headquarters of the Black Pearls. Roosevelt Gilbert was the head man. I wasn't surprised to see half a dozen young black males hanging out on the front porch when I pulled up in front.

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Leaving my wallet and watch in the car I carried only a thin manila envelope with several photos up to the house. Of course, I was challenged immediately by several gang members, all of whom flashed knives.

"Just tell Roosevelt that Steven Sloane is here to see him." "Why should we? Why shouldn't we just beat your sorry white ass and take that neat set of wheels from you. Got any cash wit' you?" "Even if I did, I wouldn't give it to a punk like you.

Without that knife I'd mop your ass. Don't let this suit and tie confuse you. Tell Roosevelt I'm here." He moved forward threateningly, but stepped back when he heard his master's voice.

"Let the man through, Randy. Hi, Steve…it's been a while." "Yeah, well—I don't often come this way, but I need one of those favors you owe me." He turned back to the house and motioned for me to follow him.

"I know why you're here. It's that kid in Brentwood, ain't it?" He sat at an old beat-up table and I handed him the envelope.

"Can you tell me if this kid is in a gang? The media all claim he was the second coming of Jesus." "You know that ain't true. The second coming is right here at this table." "Thank you. I didn't know you thought so highly of me." Sex xxx sunny leone vdo laughed so hard he almost fell off the chair. "I know you're no fool, Steve. The fact that he lives in Brentwood is a big tip-off. That's ms-13 territory.

They're bad news, Steve. We do some bad shit, but we also do some good in the community, too. Look around. See all these folding chairs and tables. Four days a week we hold tutoring sessions for kids in the high school and we probably feed thirty to forty old folks every week.

Don't ask me where we get the money. That's none of your business. "But--to answer your question--yeah. See this bandana in his pocket? It's purple. That's the big color for ms-13. I don't think he was a full-fledged member though.

If he was he be wearing it 'round his neck or on his head like a do-rag." "They must have an initiation." "Shit yeah, we all do, but they usually involve a murder and a murder of a cop would be big; that help you?" "Yeah, it does…a lot." I stood and returned the photos to the envelope.

We didn't shake hands. We weren't friends. I had saved his ass and he owed me. I was sure now that we were even. I'd never return unless he needed a lawyer again. Five minutes later I was back on the highway headed north toward our home. Rosie was excited when I walked in.

"Look, Steven—I got my new driver's license with my new name." I held it carefully and checked out the photo. "I guess there's no turning back now, eh?" She gave me a quick elbow to my ribs, followed by a long old-fashioned kiss. "Everyone loved my new car, Steven. I parked it way at the back of the lot." I laughed. Rosie was so predictable. We led hands as we walked into the kitchen.

I changed my clothes while Rosie finished dinner then we cleaned up and I handled some paperwork for maybe an hour. By then Rosie was impatient to make love. We showered together and climbed into bed just as we always did—naked, except for our wedding rings and, of course, Rosie's engagement ring.

We kissed and it was heaven. I was always lost in my wife's arms and boobs pressing and licking by man her kisses. Our bodies rubbed against each other and that was more than enough. Rosie pushed me onto my back and climbed aboard, impaling her body on my pole—sliding tantalizingly slowly down my rigid shaft.

Rosie had rocked no more than a dozen times when she began to shake. I knew her first orgasm had struck when she arched her back, threw her head up, and her eyes rolled back into her head. Oh yeah, and her unearthly scream that pierced the night; thank God we lived on a big lot and our nearest neighbors were far away on the opposite side of a thick stand of pine trees. Rosie never stopped moving on me and I never stopped driving into her with every fiber of my being.

Soon Rosie tensed and screamed again as I erupted with such force that I lifted Rosie bodily more than two feet above the bed. She collapsed into me when I, too fell back onto the bed. I barely had the strength to pull the blanket over us. The last thing I hot college girl sex fuck storys was, "I love you," from my loving wife's lips.