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Shelly, Jessica, and Becky were captured by the Paladonic Knights. With midnight rapidly approaching, will they be able to escape, or is casual teen sex more fuck madlen after hookup night a worse fate in store for them? = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 10 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = miyaa khalifa xxx sex adam = = = Before It's Too Late The air swirled around Shelly as hands flung her into the cell.

Striking the back wall would have hurt a lot less if she could have shifted into a shield. Her metal surface would have clattered against the cement floor instead of her shoulder. Instead, nausea swamped her as she attempted the change.

She felt too weak to crawl to a corner and vomit. It took most of her strength just to turn her head and spew what little remained in her stomach. "You need to stop pushing yourself so hard," Jessica soothed her. "I have to at least try," Shelly panted. "If I don't push myself, they'll break me." "Do you know what's causing your problems with transforming?" Becky asked as she leaned over Shelly. The older woman was covering her mouth with one hand.

Shelly's vomit gathered itself up, pulling away from her mouth and the floor, and then flew towards the bars of their cage. A moment before the ball of bile struck, it fell apart and hit the floor. "Probably the same thing affecting your magic," Jessica said before Shelly could respond. Shelly knew that wasn't true, but she was too tired to argue. Whatever was affecting her had happened while on Marchosias's island. She recalled that strange dream, with that creepy old man.

Ever since waking up, holding any form other than her own was difficult, if not impossible.

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Then there were the voices. Or maybe it was only one voice? Something fought her when she changed, and she always ended up emptying her stomach.

It was her fault they were captured. Jessica had needed a weapon, but when she tried to shift, everything went wrong. How they knew where to set up their trap as Becky was dropping them off at the nearest portal, Shelly didn't know. The Knights were well prepared for them. "Were you able to find out what time it is?" Jessica asked as she helped Shelly sit up. This again? she wondered, but didn't say out loud. "No. Late, I think. I didn't see any clocks or windows, but I saw a lot of people yawning as they hauled me away." "Did they say what they wanted from us?" Becky asked next as Jessica stood and started pacing their cell.

"Or did you hear anything about how they're dampening my magic?" Shelly shook her head. "They're Paladonic Knights," she said with as much scorn as she could muster. "They want us dead. I heard them mention calling my dad. They laughed about it, as though we were some sort of joke." "Your dad laughed that we were captured?" Jessica stopped her pacing and stared at her.

"No," she shook her head again. "The guards laughed about us. Made some comment about running a pound for stray animals that they wanted to put down." "We have to get out of here," Jessica whined. "Soon. Now. At midnight&hellip. We—we just have to get out of here." Becky turned away from Jessica and met Shelly's eyes. "If your dad knows you're here, then all we have to do is wait.

He'll come for us." "Does he know where here is?" Shelly asked, hating the way her voice trembled on the question. "And even if he does, I heard them say they were ready for him this time. They said it wouldn't be like last time, and they'd finally get their revenge for their fallen comrades." Shelly felt the older woman pull her into a tight embrace.

Becky shook, and Shelly realized that she was just as afraid exceptional model shows off enormous ass and gets anal hole reamed the other two. This wasn't the first time Becky was captured by the P.K.'s, though she didn't know much about that event. Her dad liked to brag and tell stories, but he rarely ever spoke about his time as a prisoner of the Knights.

Whatever had happened, she knew it still haunted him to this day. Becky must have remembered her treatment by them as well. Shelly thought about pointing out that there wasn't much her dad could do. He was no longer the Generator. For all intents and purposes, he was a normal human. He wasn't exactly weak, but he was literally powerless.

"He knows the President," Jessica spoke up as though reading her mind. "I can't see her letting us stay here very long. We can't stay long. We have to get out of here soon. Before it's too late." Shelly ignored her as she went back to her litany. "Do you know what she's babbling about?" Becky whispered in her ear. "No," Shelly whispered back. "All I know is she hates being on Earth when the time changes to midnight.

No problem if it's one minute past, but she hasn't told me why." Something tickled Shelly's thoughts about that, but she couldn't pin it down. She was too tired. "No…" Jessica muttered from where she paced. "I can't do that. I won't. They're my… But I'm not… No." Shelly started wondering if her girlfriend had cracked. Jessica was usually so strong and confident. To see her like this now scared Shelly more than when the P.K.'s captured them. She pulled away from Becky and forced herself to her feet.

It took more effort to stand than it should have, and a few unlady-like grunts, but she managed to make it to her feet. Her head swam as she stood and her shoulder throbbed.

For a moment she thought she saw someone standing to her right. She faced the new person, but the spot was empty. She shook her head at her foolishness, but that was gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends mistake. She had to throw her arm out to catch herself as dizziness tried to swamp her. "Are you okay?" Jessica rushed to her side.

"Yeah," Shelly tried to wave her off, be her girlfriend continued to fuss over her. "Just got a bit dizzy. I hope they feed us soon." She glanced at where her stomach's contents painted the floor. "Or maybe not." "You need to rest," Jessica chided her. "And you need to calm down," Shelly shot back. "You're wound tighter than a Cyclops with sand in its eye." "Cyclops! Ha. That's a good one," a male voice called from outside their cage. "You fuck many of them in that evil world of yours? I always assumed they had terrible depth perception.

Go for your cunt and get your armpit instead. Am I right? 'Course, I heard all women from that place were sluts. What does it take to get a little action, huh?

I'll bet you've never had a human like me before." Shelly faced the large man as anger boiled up in her. Jessica stopped her before she could speak. "Don't. He's trying to rile you up. He wants an excuse to come in here and beat on us." Shelly wanted to ask how the woman could know that, but stopped.

Of course. It was homemade 3some hard fuck tube porn. All she had to do was think instead of react, and she would have seen the same thing. If only she wasn't so worn down.

Was she getting sick?

"Heh. Too bad," the man scoffed. "I guess you don't want a real man between your legs." He grabbed his crotch through his pants and shook it at them. "A real man wouldn't need to taunt three defenseless ladies," Becky replied in a calm tone. "You might be surprised what a little respect would get you." "Respect for three evil sluts? What on God's green Earth would make me think to give you respect?" "The Pillar of Light doesn't like you using his name like that," Becky said as though talking to a little child.

"Your Pillar of Light doesn't concern me," the man cleared his throat and spat at Becky. He must have terrible experience spitting, as most of it dribbled down his stubbled chin. "But you'll be meeting the maker soon enough. As soon as your foolish husband comes to save you&hellip. Oops. I've said too much." By the way he smiled and covered his mouth, Shelly knew he'd said exactly what he'd meant to and he chortled. "What do you have planned?" Shelly demanded. She stepped closer to the bars, but Jessica stopped her before she could get too close.

"Oh, I really shouldn't say," the man grinned at her. "But maybe if you said please?" She knew he was taunting her again and refused to give in. "I'll say please when you marry a harpy," she replied.

"Oh? You've met my wife?" He cackled at his own joke. Despite herself, Shelly felt sorrow for any woman married to this man. His laughter went on far beyond what his joke warranted. When it finally wound down, the three women were giving him incredulous looks. "You know… Because she's just an evil woman.

She's not really a harpy. I couldn't debase myself that much. Oh, come harmony wonders she wants him to cum inside. That was hilarious." Imbecile, Shelly thought. Jessica squeezed her shoulder and faced the man. "If women are so evil, why are we still alive?" Jessica asked with a sneer.

The man spat again. This time the spittle traveled further than his chin, landing on his armored vest. "The Grand Meister has a trap laid out for the Betrayer. When he shows up girl masturbates for her boyfriend on the webcam you, we'll be ready. We learned from his last visit. His dragon form won't catch us by surprise this time.

We've been practicing on dragons." This last part he said as though imparting sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob great secret.

Shelly almost snapped that her dad couldn't change forms anymore, but stopped herself. It wasn't widely advertised that Lyden Snow was no longer a Generator. It would be better for their enemies to over think things, than know everything. The man licked his lips before looking to his left and right, then leaned in closer. "Is it true what they say about his wives?" The women looked between themselves, not sure what the bastard was asking.

"You know… That they know a thousand ways to please a man, and will do anything for a good fuck." Shelly almost choked on hearing that statement. She knew her dad had a crazy reputation, but didn't know that his wives did also. "Only a thousand?" Becky asked as though insulted. "I haven't really counted, but I'm sure it's a lot more than that.

Of course, it takes a real man to give a good fuck." What the heck was Becky doing? She couldn't seriously be coming onto this slime-ball.

But as she watched, Becky sauntered up to the bars, almost close enough to touch them, and started chanting. Shelly didn't know a lot of magic, but recognized a spell being cast. "Well, I can assure you, I know how to give a good fuck. Especially for three little sluts." Shelly saw confusion on Becky's face, but it was quickly masked. She put one finger in the side of her mouth and swayed her hips as she looked the guard over. "If you think you're good enough, why don't you see if you can satisfy us?" Becky purred.

"Show these little girls what you're capable of, and maybe they'll want to join in." Shelly realized what the woman was doing, and decided to join in on the act, though her stomach churned at the thought of this man touching her. She cupped her breasts through her clothes and shook them. She didn't know why men liked it when women did this, but there was no mistaking the gleam in the guard's eyes as she jiggled her flesh. The creep licked his lips again, and Shelly knew he was getting excited.

She wanted to throw up. "I'll bet a big knight like you would know all sorts of tricks to take care of three dumb sluts like us," Jessica joined in. It was pathetic the way the man started bouncing on his sweet teen swoing her blow job skill as he scanned the hallways.

"Damn straight I do," the man was almost cumming in his pants by the look on his face. "The shift changes at midnight. I hope you're ready for me then." Before anyone could respond, the man turned and charged down the way he'd come.

"Damn it!" Becky swore at the same time Jessica cursed, "Fuck!" Shelly understood their statements, though it was a surprise to hear Becky use profanity. Her dad wasn't the biggest fan of using such language, and all his wives respected that.

If the man had come in then, they could have overwhelmed him and escaped. Midnight was also the time Jessica feared, though none of them knew why. "We need to get out of here sooner," Jessica whined as she paced their cell.

"I don't understand why it didn't work," Becky stared at her hands. "What was that spell supposed to do?" Shelly asked. "I know I got it right." Becky shook her head and looked up to Shelly. "It was supposed to drive his libido into overdrive so he couldn't think straight. I've felt it firsthand, so I know how hard it can be to think when under its influence." "It seemed to work for the most part," Shelly offered, remembering the hungry grin on the guard's face as he'd left.

"No, it should have driven him wild with lust," Becky refuted Shelly's statement. "Somehow he resisted. My magic is weaker than it should be. I can barely cast any spells at all, and nothing seems to go through those bars." "I don't think he had enough brain cells to resist any spell, much less that one," Shelly offered.

"Do you think he had some kind of protection? Like the Daughters of Respite?" Becky seemed to consider that for a moment before shaking her head. "No, I didn't even feel the spell take effect. It's as though magic stopped working. The two groups must be working together, though they've rarely trusted one another in the past." "Is that even possible?" Jessica asked.

"Completely stopping magic, that is." "I don't see why not," Becky offered. "I mean, the Daughters are able to make themselves all but immune.

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It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that the Knights might be able to block magic in a certain area." "He did say they were ready for Dad," Shelly realized with horror. "If they have magic blocked or weakened everywhere…" "Then whoever comes to rescue us will be in some serious trouble." Cold dread wormed through Shelly's bones. "They'll be expecting magic to work, and when it doesn't…" "All the more reason we need to get out of here, now!" Jessica was panting in her desire to leave.

"What happens at midnight?" Becky asked with narrowed eyes. "Do your glass slippers come off and your carriage turn back into a pumpkin?" "What are you talking about?" Jessica asked with a perplexed look on her face.

Shelly realized that with Jessica's childhood, she probably had no idea who Cinderella was. "We'll just have to wait until the guard returns," Becky said, ignoring Jessica's confusion. She glanced around their cell and grimaced. "Never thought I'd find a man like that so attractive after so many years with your father." It was Shelly's turn to be confused. What was Becky talking about?

The man was a pig and a slob. There was nothing attractive about him! "Yeah," Jessica piped in, rubbing her ear for some reason, "I can't wait to see what was making that bulge in his pants.

It looked good to me." Shelly glanced between the two women, perplexed by their change in behavior. Had they been drugged somehow? Some invisible gas getting pumped into the room, perhaps? Or had Becky's spell backfired? She checked herself, and felt no desire except for escape within her. Certainly no attraction to that guard, or any desire to do anything with him. "I'll bet he knows how to please three women at once," Becky replied as she smiled at Shelly.

She could tell that the smile was strained, but couldn't figure out what was going on. Why were they saying things that Shelly knew they didn't feel? The guard wasn't around. There was no reason to keep up the pretense&hellip. Unless there was.

Shelly cursed as she realized that their cell might be bugged, or that a camera could be watching them right that moment. She itched to look around. Was someone sitting in a control room, watching and listening to them? Their cell wasn't well lit, but with modern technology, that didn't mean a camera couldn't see them. She tried to remember what they'd talked about. Had they already said too much?

"Um… yeah. I'll bet he's, uh, got a nice piece of meat in his pants." Shelly cursed at her terrible acting. She'd done fine when there was someone right there, but having to fake it with her step-mom and girlfriend made it a lot harder. "I think we should decide who gets him first," Becky said, waving the other women to her. "No sense in fighting." Shelly squatted down next to the shorter woman and saw her tracing something on the floor. No mark was left behind, but she got the hint.

As Jessica joined them, they made plans, i want my aunt tsuck my little cock loudly making lewd comments about what they were going to do to the guard when he finally came back. Despite herself, Shelly started to get turned on as they planned. The thought of a nice stiff prick plowing into her rapidly dampening pussy was distracting her from coming up with an escape plan. It'd been a long time since a man had pleased her, hadn't it?

Then she recalled who they were pretending to be wild pumping for lusty twat masturbation smalltits in. She couldn't suppress a shudder as she imagined him doing the things they were saying. Her libido dropped, and she was able to focus on their plans again.

"I hope you ladies are ready to do all those things you've been talking about," she heard a key scrape in the lock behind her as the guard spoke. She stood top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar hardcore looked at her fellow captives.

Jessica and Becky gave her a smile before the latter stepped forward. "Oh, we are," Shelly's step-mom assured him. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and started to lift up.

Shelly's attention was drawn to her girlfriend. Something seemed off about her. In the dim light, she couldn't be certain, but she thought she saw a shimmer surround her. Jessica groaned and held her stomach. "That's right, bitch," the guard laughed in Jessica's direction.

"You're so horny, I don't even have to touch you to make you start moaning. I'll bet your cunt's already soaked and ready for my fat cock, you slutty bitch." Shelly was disgusted by the man's behavior, but worried over her girlfriend as well.

That hadn't been a sexy moan, but a pained groan. This wasn't part of the plan. Was whatever Jessica was worried about at midnight have something to do with her groaning? "I want you first, big boy," Becky said to the guard as he stepped through the bars. He turned to say something to her, but before he could utter another word, or close the bars, Becky struck. Her right palm slammed into his armored chest. She followed up with a jab at his throat, but her first blow had knocked him back a step, and her second barely hit.

Shelly was concerned for Jessica, but knew that their plan was in trouble if Becky fought alone. She didn't know how well her step-mom could fight, but she suspected the filthy guard knew a fair amount.

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Shelly launched herself at the man's back as he turned to face the short older woman. She had experienced a number of fights and battles, but always from the weapon's point of view, and never as the fighter. Landing on the man's broad back, she tried to punch and kick, but felt like a baby wailing against an adult. "Stupid whores," the guard bellowed.

He reached back and grabbed a handful of Shelly's hair. With a powerful tug, he pulled her from his back and she landed on the hard ground, knocking the breath from her. "I'll teach you the proper place for a woman." Shelly rolled to her feet, her side on fire again. She faced the man in time to see him knock Becky to the ground.

Where was Jessica? She was the fighter. Becky and Shelly were supposed to distract the guard, so Jessica could take him out. Another glance in her direction showed she was on the floor, doubled over in pain. She wasn't screaming, but the sounds coming from her throat sounded inhuman. Shelly couldn't be certain in the dim light, but it almost looked like the woman's hair was turning white.

A glance back at the guard showed him ready and confident. Beyond him, the door to their cage stood open. It might as well be old maharashtra marathi aai fucked little boy free sex story watch solid wall for all the good it did them.

Shelly moved, trying to get behind the man, but he turned to keep them in his sight, backing closer to the door. She stopped, not wanting him to get any ideas about locking them back up. Thus far, the guard hadn't pulled any weapons, and a quick glance showed he didn't have any on him. He must have disarmed before coming to them. If she could transform, they might still stand a chance. If only magic wasn't weakened.

If only she was still able to transform! Something was wrong with her ability though, and couldn't figure out what it was. She remembered watching her brother train to fight, and recalled a few of her own lessons as a kid. She knew the moment Becky tried to strike by the way her feet moved. Shelly launched herself at the guard, jumping and kicking. If they struck at the same time, maybe one of their attacks would get through. The man twisted at the last moment, avoiding Becky's fist and grabbing Shelly's ankle.

Shelly found herself pulled through the air as she slammed into Becky and they both went down in a heap. As far as escape plans went, this one wasn't happening. "Oh, yeah," the guard chortled.

"I like to watch a little girl-on-girl action. Hopefully it's better than your fighting skills." Shelly pulled away from Becky and tried to regain her feet. Her head swam, but she focused on the vulgar man. She had to take him down. They had to escape and get out before a rescue was sent for them. A rescue that she knew would depend on magic, and thus end up failing.

Becky tried to get to her feet next to Shelly, but fell back, clutching her head. Jessica was still on the floor, her hair seemed to glow a soft white. Is that what she'd been afraid of happening at midnight? A little pain and a dye job? It didn't seem right, though. Was whatever was suppressing magic affecting her differently?

She didn't want to be insensitive to her girlfriend's plight, but they were in some serious trouble without Jessica's help. Shelly would have to ask her later. Right now, she needed to get them out of here. "Wouldn't you rather suck my cock than fight me?" The man laughed. "Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem beating uppity women, but I think we'd both enjoy a good fucking a lot more." "I'd love to," Shelly sneered, "but I'd hate to take that job away from your mother." The man growled and charged at her.

She managed to dodge his first blow, but didn't see his knee coming for her gut. Air fled her lungs as she doubled over. His thick fist connected with the back of her head a moment later, making the world flash white as she struggled to remain conscious. "You're not doing so well," a new male voice ravishing model presents massive butt and gets butt hole pounded. Shelly tried to find the source of the newcomer, but her eyes wanted to roll back in her head instead of focus.

She felt hands pulling at her shirt, removing it from her. She tried to fight back, but a hand slapped her face, making the world spin again.

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"If you don't get up, he's going to rape you. You know that, right?" The voice was calm and reasoned. It was one she'd heard before, but she couldn't think. "I…" she trailed off as her bra was torn from her. "You want this, slut?" the guard laughed. "Here, take it!" Something bumped against her lips. She tried to pull away, but the guard gripped her hair, and yanked her back. "Suck it, bitch!" She opened her mouth to protest, but his filthy meat bumped the back of her throat first.

She gagged, and even though she thought she'd emptied her stomach earlier, bile rose and spewed from her mouth and nose. "You stupid, fucking, bitch!" the guard screeched and slammed her head down. "Now's your chance, young lady," the other voice stated. "Stand up.

Fight him." "I… can't," she muttered as she rolled onto her stomach. Her head throbbed and her throat burned. She couldn't focus on anything. She worked to get her hands under her naked torso, but felt too weak to push herself up. "I guess I'll have to do this. Mind if I borrow your body for a moment?" Shelly tried to respond, but something… She didn't know how to explain it.

It felt like her body twisted and compacted, while the world grew bigger around her. Her eyes focused, and she saw the guard swiping vomit from his crotch. Jessica and Becky were still august moxxy party slut girls enjoy sex in group scene video-11 tube porn, one groaning in pain, the other motionless.

Shelly's arms moved on their own, finding strength she didn't know they had and pushing her body up. Her lips moved, and she heard her voice, but had no idea what she was going to say, until it was said. "Hey, dipshit. Your cock is so small, you could use it to floss with." The guard looked at her, shocked for a moment, before his face turned crimson. "You'll pay for that, you fucking cunt!" "Your insults are about as original as your prick.

Small and pointless." The man roared as he charged her. Shelly wanted to scramble out of the guard's way, but she couldn't move. Her body refused to obey her will. The guard was fast, not that he'd been that far away from her anyway. She quailed, knowing that when he struck her, it was going to hurt. After her insults, he wasn't going to be kind to her body. At the last moment, she moved, but it wasn't by her command. Whoever or whatever had control of her, knew what it was doing.

She stepped to the left, her right hand lashed out and struck the man's shoulder. He stumbled a couple steps past, then spun and faced her again. Hmm. The reflexes of this body aren't what I'm used to, that other voice said.

It sounded like it was coming from within her. Then she recognized it. "You're that old man!" she exclaimed, remembering the creepy old man after the fight with Marchosias. She heard her voice as she spoke, but it didn't come from her throat. Watch who you're calling creepy, the voice chided her. I'm the dashing hero trying to save the damsel in distress.

"Save away!" she yelled as she noticed the guard coming at them again. Her savior wasn't fast enough to dodge this time, and she felt the impact as the guard slammed into her. Her body twisted and they tumbled to the floor. Somehow she ended on top, with one of the guard's arms locked between her ribs and side, and the other under her knee.

This left her right hand free. Her hand jabbed, knuckles first, at his throat. Her hand hurt from the impact of the blow, but from the bulge in the guard's eyes as he struggled to get free, it'd collapsed his windpipe.

Shelly's body rolled away and to its feet. "I'd leave you with a thought on the proper way to treat women, but I don't think you have enough space left between your ears to keep ahold of it." The guard's face darkened as he clutched at his ruined throat. He tried to crawl towards the still roxy isabella and alysa worlds most talented anal acrobats doorway, but Shelly's foot connected with his head.

With a sickening snap, the vulgar man's neck broke, and he fell to the ground. "Damn, this body is weak," whoever had control of her complained as they hopped on one foot, while holding the foot that'd killed the guard.

"You need to work out more, young lady. I'm all for skinny chicks, but I like them with a bit of muscle too." "Shelly?" Becky moaned as she sat up, holding her head. Shelly's body stopped hopping as control was shoved back onto her. She almost toppled over, but got her injured foot underneath her in time. It hurt to put weight on it, thick black cock way up hillary scotts ass dick not enough to stop her from going to her step-mom.

"Are you okay?" she asked as she helped Becky to her feet. "Just a little dizzy. Who were you talking to?" Becky asked. She held her head but spared a glance at Shelly, then looked around. "What happened?" "I don't know," Shelly replied to both questions.

"I think we need to get out of here. If anyone was listening to that fight…" She didn't have to say more. They moved to Jessica, and found her lying on her back, chuckling. "I did it. I stopped her. Heh, heh.

I hotty pays for invitation girlfriend and hardcore stopped her." "What's she talking about?" Becky asked, worry filling her pretty but bruised features.

"No idea," Shelly shook her head. She bent over Jessica and lightly slapped her. "Come on! We need to go." Jessica's eyes focused on her. The woman's hair had returned to its normal jet black color, though Shelly thought she noticed fangs before her girlfriend nodded and got to her feet. Shelly found her shirt, or what was left of it. It was torn up, but covered the important bits. The remnants of her bra were useless. Becky searched the guard's corpse, but it didn't look like he had anything useful.

"What happened to you?" Shelly asked as they stepped out of their cage. "I…" Jessica shook her head. "We really could have used your skills," Becky chided her. "We were counting on you doing the fighting." Shelly saw that she was going to end up with a black eye, if that bruise forming on the older woman's face was any indication. The Pillars wouldn't be enough to stop her dad from killing everyone in this place if he saw her like this.

Curvy redhead savannah fox rides hard cockes hard cock the way her body ached, she suspected she didn't look much better. "I'm sorry," Jessica said, full of contrition. "When he showed up, my body hurt. It felt like something was trying to rip its way out of me, using claws of fire." "You mentioned stopping a 'her,'" Shelly offered.

Jessica snapped her head to look at her. Was that fear? It was gone a moment later, making Shelly wonder if she'd imagined it in the dim light of the hallway. "Quiet," Becky hushed them as they approached a corner. They heard voices coming down that way. The words were too indistinct to make out. Becky peeked around the corner, and then faced them. "Only one guard. He's watching a holographic show. I think he was too absorbed in it to notice our fight.

If we're careful… Where's Jessica?" Shelly looked to her right, where her girlfriend was a moment before. The spot was empty. Fear pulsed in her as she moved past Becky and looked around the corner.

Jessica was on her hands and knees, crawling to where the guard was sitting at his desk. All he had to do was glance to his right and he'd see her. As Becky had stated, a holographic show was playing before him, and he was oblivious to the rest of the world. She wanted to scream, to stop her girlfriend, but she didn't dare make a noise. What was Jessica thinking? She almost screamed when Becky placed her hand on Shelly's injured shoulder and peaked around her. In the time it took Shelly to calm down and realize she wasn't about to be stabbed, and then to look back at Jessica, her girlfriend had reached the guard.

She towered behind where the guard sat. Shelly held her breath, not even daring to breathe. She knew Jessica was strong, and a talented fighter, but she was also weaponless. Of course, Shelly was weaponless when she killed the other guard. She'd spent so much of her life fighting as a weapon, that she forgot that people could be deadly with their naked hands. Her foot still throbbed from kicking that bastard so hard.

She was often sore after a fight, but at least as a sword, shield, spear, or whatever, she was made of stronger stuff. If Jessica made any noise, Shelly couldn't hear it over the holographic show. She stood behind the man for a moment, her eyes transfixed on what was on display. Shelly couldn't make it out from her vantage point, but she could see that it had grabbed Jessica's full attention. "Why doesn't she strike?" Becky whispered. Shelly shrugged her shoulders. It didn't make any sense to her either.

One quick movement and it would be over. They could escape before her dad or anyone else arrived. But Jessica remained frozen. Shelly ground her teeth in frustration. She didn't dare go after her girlfriend, but didn't know what she was doing, either. "No!" Jessica gasped. That single word was clearly audible. The guard jumped and spun, falling out of his chair as he reached for something on his hip. Shelly moved to get to her, but Becky gripped her shoulder and held her back.

Her instinct was wasted as Jessica blurred into movement. The guard grunted and struck the floor. Shelly pulled out of Becky's grip and ran down the short hallway. As she rounded the desk, she saw the guard on the floor, his neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

Jessica pulled a pistol from his hip, and checked to make sure it was loaded. "What were you doing?" Shelly hissed at her girlfriend. She was upset, but not enough to yell like she wanted to. They didn't know if anyone else was around, and it wouldn't do to call a bunch of guards down on them. "We're in trouble," Jessica said and pointed to the holographic display. "Or rather, they are." Shelly looked as Becky came up next to her.

What she'd thought was a television broadcast was a security feed. She recognized most of the people she saw, but that's not what made her heart skip with terror.

The security feed showed the inside of the Orange Bubble. She had no idea how the Paladonic Knights had managed to get a camera into the Orange Bubble, unless they did it after capturing them. But then, how did it get back to her dad? The car was untraceable and had an intelligence of its own. It wouldn't allow anything to harm Lyden Snow, or any of his family. Did it know that there was hidden camera inside it somewhere? Her brother moved into view of the camera, and she let out another gasp.

He'd changed since she'd left him in the hospital. Not only was he whole and healthy, but there was a glow to him now. She didn't know what it meant, but Areth's plan to help him must have succeeded.

She looked at the image, trying to spot the fairy, but she wasn't in the viewable area. Shelly wished she knew how to move the camera, but there were no controls. "We're about fifteen minutes away," she heard her father say. The camera turned to him, telling her that it was mounted on someone. It had to be well hidden to not be observed by anyone in the car.

The volume was low, but this close they could hear without any problems. "Does everyone know what they need to do?" Shelly searched the area, frantic to find some way to warn him that they were being watched. She had no doubt that this display was appearing before many other Knights in the area.

They would know what Lyden's plans were, and know how to disrupt them. Without any magic to aid them, her father, brother, and the rest of her family and friends would die. "We've been over the plan numerous times, dear," Brooke said she loves rubbing their private parts while dressed her spot on the fountain. Brock was next to her in his mechanical legs.

"I still think you need to stay back here. You're not…" Brooke looked ashamed for a moment before forcing the words out. "You're not the Generator anymore, and can't fight them. If you die, they win." Lyden's face grew hard. No, not hard, exactly. Diamonds were soft by comparison. She'd never seen that look in his eyes before. Her father was beyond angry. She felt her knees grow weak, almost pitying anyone who stood in his way. "They have my daughter and one of my wives, not to mention Shelly's girlfriend," Lyden said with a voice full of anger, sorrow, rage, and determination.

"They have gone too far this time. They will pay. I won't lose anyone else!" "I understand how you feel," a four-armed woman spoke up. Shelly recognized her immediately.

Mandy was with them. She remembered when Eldon and her had dated. Shelly spent many hours away, to be outside the girl's influence. It wasn't that Shelly was dishonest, but having no choice but to speak the truth was terrible. "But the world can't lose you, Mr. Snow. You're too important to the people of the Shadow World." "They can go to hell for all I care," Lyden spat.

He walked over to the fountain near Brooke and picked up a small golden statue. Tears formed in his eyes as he spoke. "I won't lose anyone else. I lost Lisa years ago to them, and thought I'd bloodied their nose enough to teach them a lesson. Their actions recently have shown that they can't be taught. They are a cancer of hatred in the world. For too long, we have been content to let her first black cock deep up her ass grow, thinking they were ineffective.

This last attack only means one thing. War. It is not a war I am willing to lose. I will not lose anyone else! No one! Am I clear?" The car was silent for a moment, before Eldon spoke hd teen double fist suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft. "You won't dad.

I'll make sure to bring them all home. I won't let you down. But that's no reason for you to join the fight. Stay here. Coordinate from here. Let us be your hands and eyes. You can't run the fight from the middle of it." "When the Outsiders threatened our existence, I didn't stay back then," Lyden faced his son.

Shelly was surprised to see Sheldon keep gazes with their father. She didn't know if she could have in the same situation. "I went out and killed them. I fought. I won't stay behind this time, either." "That was different," Sheldon held his ground. "You had your powers then. You don't now.

I understand how you feel, Dad. They have my sister, my step-mom, and Jessica. If even one hair on their head is hurt, I'll destroy them all myself." "How will you do that?" Lyden demanded.

"You can't change anymore. You're locked into that one form." What did he mean by that? Shelly wondered, but had no way to ask. Did it have something to do with his glow? Had they both lost their ability to transform at the same time?

All questions she would have to ask after they escaped. "Because I had a great man teach me the importance of fighting for what's right from the time I nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer a little kid," Sheldon grinned. "Because I've trained for this my whole life. My form isn't what's important. What you helped teach me is." Eldon's words seemed to get through to their father, and he bowed his head.

He cradled the statue in his hands, and wept. "I won't lose anyone else, Son. You hear me? Don't you dare die out there. None of you can, or I… I can't lose anyone else. I just can't." Brooke folded him into her arms and held her husband. The camera turned away from them, and focused on a man Shelly didn't know.

He was dressed in black tactical gear and looked right into the camera. "All of our forces are ready to move on your word, Commander. Just give the order." "As soon as this car stops, we move," an unknown female voice responded. Shelly knew that whoever had control of the camera was the speaker. Whoever it was, they were a spy. It explained how a camera was able to get into the Orange Bubble. It had been carried in. And because of whoever she was, the Paladonic Knights knew her father's plan and were waiting for them.

"We need to go," Becky stated, making Shelly jump. "They have no idea what they're about to get into." "Did the guard have a cell phone?" Shelly asked. "Maybe we can warn them?" "No," Jessica said after searching his pockets.

"Just this I.D. badge, keys, and some gum. Want some?" She was already putting a piece of gum in her mouth. "No, thanks. Any idea on how to get out of here?" She asked. Both women looked at her like she was an idiot. Of course they didn't know how to get out of here.

"Well, in that case, I say we try that door over there and see where it leads." They looked at where she pointed. Becky shrugged and they started in that direction. Unfortunately, that door opened onto a closet. The next one opened sexually bored puma swede cheats on her hubby with a younger man a hallway that looked similar to the one they'd just left.

"Aren't these places supposed to have fire exits clearly listed?" Becky complained. "How are the guards supposed to know where to go in case of an emergency?" "I rather doubt the fire marshals ever get down to investigate this place," Shelly replied as they headed pack robado a madre soltera ver completo aqui gt a third doorway.

This one opened onto a stairwell. "He mentioned me," Jessica said as she took the stairs in front of Shelly. Becky brought up the rear.

"He was worried about me also." Shelly felt her gut twist. She remembered Jessica's words about still liking Sheldon. She debated for only a moment before responding. "With Mandy there, he had to be telling the truth. He must still care for you." Those words cost her more than she would ever admit. "What do you mean?" Jessica asked. "Mandy has a way of forcing those around her to be absolutely honest," Becky responded.

"I felt bad for her parents, before her dad died. Do you have any idea how often we tell children little lies as they grow up? Quite often it's to protect them and shelter them from a world that they're not ready for. Mandy never got that. She grew up fast. Sometimes we wish for the truth, but all too often, a little lie is easier to deal with." No one spoke as they topped the stairs and saw a sign reading, "B4." They had four more flights of stairs until the ground level.

Shelly was worn out and her foot and shoulder throbbed, but her dad was right. They couldn't lose anyone. With a determined sigh, she placed her foot on the next step and continued climbing. * * * * Shelly's legs felt like rubber as they reached the door marked with a simple "1." Big dick young teen anal fatherly alterations door had a window in it. Jessica looked out, followed by Becky. It was all Shelly could do to stay on her feet.

She wasn't used to this much activity. If only she could have changed forms and been carried. At the least, it would have offered them another weapon, or even a shield. With the block on magic and her broken ability, that was impossible. "Two guards walking this way," Jessica reported. "If they come through the door, I'll take them out. I have an idea on how to get out of here." Shelly stifled a groan as she moved behind the door.

Her body ached. She needed to get some rest, but getting out of here alive was the top priority. Sure enough, a couple moments later the door opened, and a well-armed guard walked through. Jessica waited for the second one to step into the stairwell before springing her attack. She moved with a liquid grace that would have saved them a lot of pain had she been able to act in their cell.

Both guards wore heavy black vests with helmets, but Jessica knew where to strike. She jabbed the second guard in the throat, cutting off any warning or yells he might make, before gripping the first one's helmet and snapping the neck. By this point, the second guard through the door was on the floor, gasping for breath. Jessica kicked his helmet with the heel of her foot, then slammed her foot down on his exposed neck.

He shook twice, then went still. Shelly shuddered at the ease with which Jessica killed the two. She was strong and graceful in her movements, but also calm. There seemed to be no emotion in her eyes as she killed. Shelly had never noticed it before, having been preoccupied as a weapon every other time they'd fought together. It sent a chill down her spine. Jessica must have seen something in her look as she dragged the bodies away from the door.

"It's either them, or us," she said and put a hand on Shelly's shoulder. "If they weren't the scum of the Earth, I might regret their deaths, but they chose to be what they are. I won't shed a tear for Paladonic Knights. They deserve this and so much more." "You've dealt with them before," Shelly realized out loud. Jessica looked at her for a moment, before shaking her head.

"Help me get them undressed. Like I said before. I have a plan to get us out of here. We're walking out the front door." Looking at the guards, the plan became apparent. Becky was too short to pretend to be either one, but Shelly and Jessica were about the right height, if not necessarily the right build. With the added weight of the armored vest, pants, and helmet, Shelly didn't think she'd make it far before collapsing, but she was determined to try.

"Remember," Becky warned them as they looked out the doorway, "you can't speak. All of the Knights are men. If they realize you're women…" She didn't need to finish that statement. Shelly tucked a strand of Jessica's hair back into her helmet and stepped back to look at her. "How do I look?" Jessica asked, holding her arms out to her side and turning around.

"You're too beautiful to pass as a man with the tinted visor up," Shelly replied. "We'll both have to have our visors down, in that case," Jessica grinned. Shelly returned the grin at the unsaid compliment.

She took a deep breath and came to a decision. "Look, Jessica," she began to say. "If we don't make it out of this—" She was cut off as Jessica leaned in and kissed her. There was just enough of an opening in their helmets for their lips to touch, but not get passionate.

After a moment, Jessica pulled back. "Don't say it," Jessica told her. "We'll make it out of here, and you can tell me then. We'll make it out of here together." Shelly wanted to say something sweet back, but her eyes brimmed with tears, and she choked on her emotions. After a moment, she just nodded, and they turned to Becky who was smiling as she watched them. "You two remind me of a younger me with Lisa," she said, then shook her head.

"Right. We need to get out of here. I'll pretend to be your prisoner. It won't work well, but if there is any talking needed, let me do it. I hope you both know how to walk like men." At Becky's words, Shelly realized how foolish this plan was.

It would never work. She had no idea how to walk like a man. They would get caught as soon as they walked through that door. This was suicide. It— The door opened and Jessica led Becky out into a well-lit hallway. The walls were white with false lighting overhead. The floor was a checkered white and black.

Shelly remained frozen for another second, then dashed out to catch up. No one was immediately around them. She tried to think about how a man walked, but couldn't pull it up. "Think about how your brother walks," Jessica whispered.

"Just swagger like him." Shelly had no problem pulling up a mental image of her brother strutting around. There was a cockiness to it, which seemed to come naturally to him. She tried to emulate his movements, incorporating them into her own. Her movements were hampered by her clothing, and she felt claustrophobic in the helmet, but she tried her best.

"Less hips and more shoulders," Becky offered. Shelly did as instructed, and though she felt like a fool, she got nods of approval from both women. As they approached a corner, they froze.

Men were running through a cross-hallway, heading to their right. They had their rifles in their hands and looked ready to use them. The last one stopped and looked at them.

He had some sort of rank on his shoulder that looked bigger than what either woman was wearing. "You two! What are you doing with the Betrayer's bitch?" the man demanded.

Becky was the first to react. "It won't work! Just because your Grand Meister thinks that seeing me will make him grow angry and do something stupid. My husband is smarter than that! He'll know it's a trap." "Shut up and know your place, woman!" the man snapped at her before turning to Jessica and Shelly.

"Well, if it's the Grand Meister's orders, you'd best be about it! Come on. It looks like the Betrayer will show up to the east. I know just the spot to take her where he'll be sure to see." Shelly looked to Jessica, but couldn't see her face through the tinted visor.

They had no choice but to follow, or give up the ruse. She wondered why they called her father the Betrayer, but didn't have time to ask. He'd never betrayed anyone, so far as she knew. They followed the man down the hallway and through a set of double doors into the late night air. They were just in time to see chaos erupt.

Their rescue had arrived before they could stop it.