Sabrina banks her ass plumped on dick pornstars and hardcore

Sabrina banks her ass plumped on dick pornstars and hardcore
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Hi. My name is Jessica. In high school, I was a normal, regular girl; I was about five-foot-seven with a toned body, shoulder-length auburn village xxx proni full sex stories, light white skin, c-cup breasts, and a plump, round, ass.

I'm not trying to brag about my attractiveness, because there is something about me that makes me completely sexually undesirable to guys: I've got a five-inch penis. Because of this "deformity," I never dated in high school, never had a boyfriend, never even kissed a guy. I did have a few friends in high school, but none of them knew about my penis. They just assumed I was weird or shy for never wanting to date anyone. So, instead of focusing my energy on that, I spent my time jogging or going to the gym.

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I never wanted to get buffed up like those bodybuilding women; I wanted to keep myself as physically attractive to guys. I dont cute chick knows how to suck a dick why, given my predicament. I guess I was hoping to be so attractive to guys that when I found the right one, he would be able to overlook this abnormality.

It wasnt until I was a sophomore in college that I finally had my first kiss and first sexual encounter. * * * It was late August, and my sophomore year in college had just begun.

My roommate this year was the same as last year, a girl named Stevie Page. During our first year, we became really close friends, almost close enough that I had even though of letting her in on my secret anatomy, but always decided against it.

She was a little taller than me, almost six-feet tall, tan skin with long brown hair, slender but not as toned as me, small breasts which were barely more than handfuls, and not much of an ass. She might not fit Victoria's Secret's definition of a supermodel, but I thought she was still attractive. She was shy about her body as I was, and didnt like wearing form-fitting clothing, usually settling for t-shirts and slightly loose jeans, despite my insistence that wearing something more figure-flattering would help her with the guys.

Our dorm was a normal dorm, I guess. We had a twin bed each on each side of the room, a dresser and night table by each bed, and one closet next to the bathroom door. Also, our dorm was on the fourth floor of a four-floor dormitory, which gave us a great birds-eye view of the parking lot and the building in which the radio, tv, and journalism classes were taught. One August evening, I returned from a jog around the campus, which is a routine I started the year before. I unlocked the door and entered the dorm, hoping to be alone so I could shower and change out of my sweaty, tight t-shirt, white sports bra, and loose-fitting mens gym shorts.

To my dismay, the shower was already running; Stevie public agent busty horny lady gets fucked in the woods for cash showering. To pass the time, I opened my top drawer, pulled out an mp3 player hidden under a stack of denim pants, and started untangling the earbuds that I knew I neatly wrapped around it the night before. After a minute of detangling, I raised the earbuds to my ear, but stopped as I heard a voice from the bathroom.

I couldnt make it out, but I recognized it as Stevie's. I silently stepped to the door and put my ear to it and listened. I heard moaning interrupted by the occasional "yes!" and "God!" Finally a few moments after hearing what sounded like "Oh, God! Oh God!" the water turned off. I immediately quietly moved to my bed and put my earbuds in my ear, but didnt turn my player on.

After a few minutes, that felt like ages as I waited on the bed, the door opened.

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A fully naked Stevie emerged with a red towel balled under one of her arms. This was the first time I saw her whole body, her tan uninterrupted by tanlines. In that first moment, I saw her damp body, wet hair, perky little breasts, and an unerect penis! As soon as she saw me, she screamed in shock and embarrassment"oh my God!" and covered her penis with her towel as she ran back in to the bathroom and slammed the door.

I quickly tossed my mp3 player on my bed and ran to the door. I didnt try to open it, to let her keep her privacy. I listened to her sobbing for a moment before I knocked gently.

"Stevie." I paused for a moment before knocking gently again. "Stevie, can I come in?" "No!" she cried "It's ok," I tried to reassure her. I listened to her sobbing for a moment "Please, it's ok --" "It's ok that I'm a freak!?" she interrupted I sighed and knew what I needed to do.

I felt really bad that I had embarrased her like this. But I was also excited that I was not the only girl on campus like this. And also, I felt a little arousal when I saw her lily rader shares dick with mom cory chase body in all its glory, with it's perfections and flaws. "Stevie," I said gently. "I know you're embarrased, poonam ki chut mein ddlund I want you to know that it's ok.

I wont tell anyone." "I didnt want anyone to know about this, not even you!" "Are we not friends?" I asked. "Yeah," she responded quietly, not crying as much anymore.

"Well, now that I've seen one of your secrets, I'd like to show you one of mine." I heard soft foot steps coming another black webcam model showing off her pussy the door, and Stevie emerged, red-eyed and red-faced with her towel wrapped around her waist. "What can you tell me that would be worse than this?" as she pointed to her penis hidden under her towel. I looked her in her eyes and pulled my gym shorts down past my ass, then letting them fall to the floor.

She looked down and saw my penis and gasped. She looked back up at me. "Oh my God! I- I dont know what to say," she said in shock. I smiled because I didnt know what to say either. We were standing before each other, her with her body naked from the waist up, still damp from the shower, and me with a tight shirt and sports bra and shorts around my ankles. This had to be the most awkward moment in the history of awkwardness. Then Stevie's hand moved to cover up the bulge under her towel. I looked down and laughed "I thought you took care of that in the shower?" Her face blushed.

"Oh, God," she said embarrassed and looked down. Immediately, I was overcame by some emotion. I dont know if I wanted to comfort her or if I was just overcame with lust.

I stepped forward and hugged her. "It's ok," was the only thing I could thing to say as I squeezed her. What shocked me was when she squeezed back even tighter. As my head rested on her shoulder and my arms wrapped around her bare back, her hands moved lower on mine and pulled me closer, bringing her penis in contact with my me. I was shocked, but at the same time, my erection grew quickly, and my hands moved down to her towel.

I knew I was physically stronger than her, but I couldnt fight myself. My heartbeat was racing and my penis was screaming. I looked up in to her eyes. "Wh-what's happening?" I said nervously as my hands grabbed the top of her towel. She tried to back away after sensing my uneasiness, but I held on and pulled her back. I looked in to her lust-filled eyes and confessed quietly "I've never even been kissed." "Neither have I.

I've been too afraid of letting anyone finding out about me." Our faces moved in closer until our lips met. Our tongues fought as we held each other, our hands exploring each others backs. Her towel fell to the floor as she moved me backwards toward her bed, and I stopped when my calves touched the mattress.

She pulled her face away from me as she put her hands on my shoulder and then pushed me backwards on to her bed. I look up at her naked body, breathing harder than normal, and my heart feels as if It's going to burst out of my chest.

She climbs over me, bends down, and begins kissing my neck. I wrap my hands around her as she sucks on my neck. Her caressing is driving me insane; I try to pull her waist down so I can grind my penis against her, but she resists.

"Take your shirt off," she orders breathlessly. I hesitate, and she started puling it up. We both take it off, quickly, and within a few more seconds, my bra wand shirt were piled by the bed, and she was lustfully looking at my breasts.

"God," she breathed as her face fall down to them and landed in between them both. As she kissed and licked between my breasts, I held the back of her head with both hands. As she moved around my breasts, sucking and kissing, she brought her crotch down to mine and we began gently grinding on each other's penises.

She slowly pulled herself back up and began kissing and licking down my belly to my pelvis, having to kneel on the floor. As she kissed around my unshaved penis, she looked up at me and said "baby, you need to shave" and went back to kissing around it, which was driving me crazy. I answered breathing hard, "Well, I wasnt expecting a blowjob!" With the work blowjob, her mouth wrapped around my penis. "Oh shit!" I exclaimed in shock as she bobbed up and down.

I tried to sit up and grab her head, but she lifted from me and looked at me. "Roll over," she demanded. "Wh-why?" I questioned. She looked me in the eyes as she put her hand around my penis.

"Because I want to explore every inch of you." I looked at her, and felt reassured by her eyes that I could trust her or maybe I was so horny that I would do anything for her to make me orgasm. I rolled over and waited for her next move. After a few tense moments, I felt a tongue on my left ass cheek. She licked up and down and kissed it all over before moving to the right one as I squirmed and giggled. "Do you like that?" she asked and went back to licking and kissing.

"It tickles," I giggled.

"You've got the most beautiful ass I've ever seen," she told me as her hands pressed against the mattress and she crawled up over me. She brought herself down on top of me, her penis against my ass, and whispered in my ear "If there's a next time," she continued as she started grinding her penis against my ass. "Oh God, this feels good," she moaned. She started grinding harder. "Baby, if there's a next time," she breathed in my ear as she grinded, "I will make sure I have some lube.

I wanna get up in your ass so bad." I couldnt believe what was happening. My roommate and best friend at college was grinding her penis between my ass cheeks. I wanted to orgasm so bad, but I wasnt sure how on my stomach.

I reached under myself and grabbed my penis and began rubbing and massaging it as her grinding got faster and she breathed harder. She put her hands on my shoulders and began grinding harder against me. "Jessie, baby, oh, God. I'm teen slut fucks teacher for better grades to come, baby!" She grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and leaned back and let go of my other shoulder.

"Fucking God!" she said, almost screaming, as she finished bucking and semen splattered on my back. Her breathing began to slow as she let my hair go. She leaned down to me and whispered in my ear. "Oh, God, I'm sorry! I lost control of myself." "So my ass is that amazing?" I laughed. "Oh, God, you've got no idea," she panted still out of breath. "Well, I'd like to see if your ass as orgasmic," I said as I started to lift myself up. "What do you mean?" she smiled at me as she got off, picked up my sweaty shirt off the floor and wiped off my back, then tossing it back on the floor.

"Lay down on your belly," I said and pointed to the bed, and she did as I ordered. I was too horny to kiss and lick her body as she did mine. I straddled her and began grinding my raging dick between her ass cheeks.

It wasnt as plump and round as mine, but it was firm, and her cheeks felt good wrapped around my penis. As I grinded, I grabbed my breasts, closed my eyes, and moaned "mmmmm. This does feel good." "I was beating off to you in the shower.

You're so fucking hot, and I've wanted you for so long," she confessed as she squeezed her cheeks against my penis As she spoke, I squeezed my breasts harder and, getting closer to orgasm, I grinded harder.

"You can have me whenever you want, as long as I can have you," I told her as I bent over and put my hands on the mattress near her head so I could grind harder.

"Stevie," I whispered breathlessly. I'm about to come. "Mmmmm, Stevie." "Come on me, baby. Come on my ass." I tried to hold myself back as long as I could, but I couldn't hold it off forever. I started bucking my hips. "Stevie! Mmmmmm, Stevie!" I moaned as came between her ass cheeks. After my orgasm subsided, her ass cheeks loosened up their grip on my penis.

Still straddeling her, I kissed her the cheek and whispered in her ear "That was amazing, Stevie" "Just wait until next time," she said and smiled. I kissed her cheek one more time, "You better have something amazing planned. Now, I've got to take a shower." As I got off of her, she told me, "You better not beat off to mia khalifa take off her clothes in there."