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Busty ebony slut cherokee dass gets screwed hard
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This is a rewrite due to a big grammar error I made in the original. Tell me if I've made a mistake again, and I'll fix it, thanks :). "year 12 English class today" said Miss Ashcroft with a sigh, she hated this class, they always refused to work even when threatened with detention. "Don't worry, It's only for an hour" Miss Lane said in a comforting tone. "yeah, Brother and sister fuck drunk mom guess so, although I have a new pupil today to add to my misery" she Laughed.

"The German mature student?" asked Miss Lane "I've seen him around school he's quite imposing" "That's all I need! Another trouble-maker" Miss Ashcroft said with a tint of despair in her voice. The bell rang, and both teachers put their mugs down and walked off to their classes. Miss Ashcroft, was a very pretty woman she was 24, 5 foot tall and with B cup breasts, she had was quite skinny and delicate and had silky brown hair which she usually tied up.

She walked into her room and sat down, dreading the thought of having to spend an hour with her sixth formers. Five minutes later they came rushing in, a sea of noisy 17 and 18 year olds, all chatting and taking ages to it down. She scanned the room looking for this new student.

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"That's strange" she thought, there was no sign of the new student anywhere, "He must be late". The lesson began in the normal fashion, she wrote on the board while the students threw pens at each other and passed love notes around. There was a knock on the door, "Yes?" Miss Ashcroft asked. In entered her new student, he was huge! At least 6 foot 5" and with the build to match, he had dark brown, long, flowing hair and a large beard for a man of 23.

She was dumbstruck by his immense size, "A-a-are you Ludwig?" she asked "Saxon" he answered gruffly "Sorry?" she asked quite confused by his answer. "I prefer to be called Saxon" he clarified for her. "Oh, ok" she said, taken aback by the weird request The lesson continued as normal. Except, Miss Ashcroft couldn't remove her eyes from Saxon, his giant frame fascinated her, the way his chest heaved when he breathed and how his beard just made him look bigger than he already was!

He reminded her of the French rugby player, S?stien Chabal, who she had long fantasised about. While she was staring at him, the bell rang for a couple of minutes she was to busy staring at Saxon to notice, she awoke from her trance when mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani the students got up and started to bustle out of the room. She looked at Saxon when he left the room, she scanned him from his manly, mane of hair to his chiselled buttocks.

Her pussy starting to become wet.

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Once he'd finally left the room, she was left on her own and started to dwell on the events, "You're fantasising about a student!" she reminded herself " You don't even know him".

She got up and went to the teachers lounge to try and sort her thoughts out. Over the next week, she couldn't stop thinking about Saxon, she kept calling him over the tannoy system and asking him to do meaningless tasks like carry her folders to her rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories, or help him carry light boxes to the room across the hall. Every time he helped her she felt guilty afterwards, knowing that she was only doing this to spend more time with him.

At one point she pretended to not be able to reach something just so he would lift her up, she secretly enjoyed the physical contact between him and her, deep down she became upset when he put her down.

She would try other tricks like forcing herself to cry, so that when he came he would hug her to console her, "This feels so right she thought" while she sat their with his muscular arms around her, while whispering comforting wording into her ear. She felt so safe in his manly arms, and didn't want him to let her go.

The more this went on, the more worried she became, she knew that a lot of these situations would look very suspicious if anyone walked in on them. She was becoming confused, "He's almost your age" she though to herself, "he's perfect for you", then the rational half of her brain kicked in: "Your career will be on the line, relationships between teachers and students is wrong!" It was on the night of Halloween that everything changed.

Miss Ashcroft was at a party for teachers, held at a local night club. She was having fun, for the first time in ages. Dancing, socialising and drinking, all thoughts of Saxon where out of head and she was just letting her hair down. At midnight, one of the teachers from the computing department, Called Mr.

Cannow dragged her out into the alleyway without warning and started smothering her in kisses. "Jason! What do you think you are doing?" She screamed in horror, as she looked down at his hand which was slowly going up her dress. "C'mon Amy, I know you want it, I've seen how you look at me in school" he said whil kissing her on the neck.

Mr. Cannow was a very ugly man, he was about 5 ft 9", with thick glasses, greasy brown hair and a rather unattractive moustache. "Jason, get off!" she squealed as he was trying to undress her. She repeatedly hit him but this just turned him on further.

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He ripped off her shirt, revealing a pretty pink lace bra. "dressing up specially for me, eh?" he smirked. Saxon and his friend Thomas slutty ashli gets nailed in the kitchen walking through the town that night, returning from a game of late night soccer, with the school team.

Mr. Porter had forced them to come out late as punishment, after they lost heavily to a rival team. They both heard a scream coming from an alleyway across the road, darting across (and just avoiding an oncoming car) they stood at the alley entrance and saw Mr. Cannow very quickly removing his belt and you and forgive kaori maeda relapse of love to rape Miss Ashcroft.

"Amy, I'm gonna show you how real men make love" he snarled as he pulled his erection from his trousers, it was rather small at about 5". Saxon felt his body swell with rage, he ran up to Jason and grabbed him by the shoulder, Jason turned around in shock, Saxon brought the full force of his fist right across the assailants face, breaking his nose in the process, Jason fell to the ground blood spewing from his nose, Saxon lifted him up and kneed him in the stomach totally immobilising him.

After starring at Mr.Cannow for a while he ran up to, Miss Ashcroft, they both embraced and looked into each others eyes. She felt so secure in his bear like grip and without realising it moved her lips towards his, they passionately kissed, their tongues touched and felt the other, almost like they were making love!

The kiss felt like it lasted for hours, even though it was only a couple of minutes. "I'd better leave you two to it" Thomas smirked, while backing away. Amy was too lost in passion (and alcohol!), to really think about right and wrong at this point. She paused for a moment before summoning the courage to say: "Do you want to come back to my place?" she said in a rather seductive tone. Saxon looked into her eyes, knowing that there was no other place he would rather go that night.

He barely managed a nod. Amy just smiled back at him. He lifted her up, carrying her like a husband would do to a wife on their wedding night. Her arms rapped his neck, she looked into his eyes and let out a sigh of bliss, she knew this was the night when all those fantasies she had for months would come true. After Saxon drove them back to her house. She got into the shower to wash off Jason's horrid smell.

Saxon sat down on the sofa and waited for Amy, just thinking of her made him erect. Minutes later, she came out of the shower room naked, and walked seductively towards him. "You are beautiful" Saxon murmured all she could do was giggle. Saxon pulled off his shirt, revealing his fantastic muscular body, hairy chest and Mjollnir hammer pendant. "Wow" she thought to herself, admiring his body and becoming wetter by the second. He then removed his socks and trainer slowly in order to tease her, knowing what she wanted to see.

Slowly he removed his jeans and boxers, revealing his cock. She stared wide eyed at it, it must have sexrani mukharji xxx story in at least 10" and was fairly thick too, she slowly started to stroke her pussy at the thought of fucking this beast of man and his beast of a cock!

He picked her up and flung her onto the sofa in pure lust, he towered over her and looked into her eyes, she felt so cherry ferretti face fuck pornstars and hardcore, this is the way she always imagined it to be, his dominant, masculine form directing the way the sex would go.

It was so much better than her last boyfriend who was always afraid to take control. He stroked his hands across her elegant face and then began to suckle on her nipples, she moaned, "Oh God!" she thought,he was doing a fantastic job.

He began to finger her pussy while he did this, making her quiver in delight. Moving his mouth down, he flicked her clit with his tongue while fucking her pussy with his fingers.

He increased the speed of his tongue and fingers, causing her to moan louder, she came, splashing cum into his beard, she couldn't help but giggle. He smiled at her, wiped his beard then got up. He held his throbbing member and stood there admiring this goddess of a woman, she reminded him of Freyja herself, with her flowing hair and perfect, delicate body.

He could no longer take the anticipation and moved his erection to wards her pussy entrance and rubbed it along her lips. "Fuck me Saxon!" she screamed as she looked at huge penis placing his hands on her breasts,he slowly moved his cock into her pussy, fucking her with care, "God, she's tight!" he thought to himself. His cock filled her up and she felt stuffed. Starting to increase the speed she moaned, as his lance of a cock impaled her causing her to buck and cum.

She pulled her legs up giving him more room to manoeuvre, he played with her breasts skilfully and pleasurably causing her to moan louder still. He was now moving at a very quick pace as he hammered her pussy causing her to screamed: "That's it Saxon! Fuck me hard! Make my fantasies come true!" This filled him with even more sexual excitement!

knowing that this beautiful women had fantasised about him made him fuck her harder.

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Both of asian centerfold gets rammed hard by her horny stud groaned in pleasure, he moved forward to kiss her, their tongues locked again, and she came again at the sight of him towering over her.

"I'm gonna come!" he grunted his eyes clenched in ecstasy. He quickly got off her allowing, Amy to get to her knees and suck his huge cock, it felt so good in her mouth, she licked the eye, and moved her tongue down the slit and tried deep throat as much as she could. She moaned causing the vibrations to pleasure his erection further. He drew out so only the head remained in her mouth and blew his load. She was taken by surprise at the force at which he came in her mouth, nether the less she swallowed it, noticing that it had a resounding taste of beer, he must have been drinking she thought.

She looked up at him her doll-like blue eyes glistening and he smiled down at her, looking content. He lay back on the sofa and let out a sigh of satisfaction, she lay down next to him straddling his chest with her delicate fingers and feeling the hair with her finger tips, looking at him with those sea-blue eyes again.

"I love you" she managed to whisper He hugged her and kissed her forehead. Before he could say anything back, there was a bang at the door.

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They both picked up towels from the rack next to the fire and ran to the porch, Amy's eyes widened in horror as she saw Mr.Carrow standing there smirking. "Jason!" she exclaimed. "had a nice night tonight have we?" he said in a mocking tone "What do you want?" Saxon bellowed, preparing to launch himself at the scrawny computing teacher. Amy held him back. Jason ignored Saxon and flashed them a photo on his phone of Amy giving Saxon a blow job, "I wonder what the governors will think about one of their teachers fucking a student?" he grinned.

Amy stood their speechless. "Jason, please" she begged as her eyes filled up with tears, "this is my career at stake" "come to my room on Monday, and we'll discuss an arrangement" he said in a sexy mila bangs with two bi dudes tone and walked to his car blowing a kiss at Amy.

"let me hit him" Saxon said through gritted teeth, but Jason had already driven off. both of them went weak at knees and slumped onto the sofa, Amy putted her head in her hands and started to cry, Saxon put his arm round her. "What are we going to do?" Amy sobbed "We'll think of something" said Saxon, trying to sound re-assuring but knowing deep down that they were both in serious trouble.

To be continued. I hope you enjoyed the story, I appreciate all criticism of structure/grammar/language etc, I'll happily make a rewrite with your suggestions.

I'll also make a part 2 if you liked this one. Again, I apologise for the bad English