Lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends

Lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends
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As she walked into the club, She caught everyone's glance, Looking so sultry and so sexy, As she went to the floor to dance. She wore a dress with plunging neckline, Which accentuated her breast, The skirt clung halfway up her thigh, She oozed confidence.

Was this really Jen, The girl I do adore, Dancing so provocatively, In the middle of the floor.

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The men soon flocked around her, Like honey to a bee, Would she go through with this, Or would she quickly flee. One man danced up close to her, And quickly pulled her near, She looked at me and I mouthed the words, "Enjoy yourself, my dear" A smile now on her face, She danced up close and tight, The thought going through her head, "I can do whatever I want tonight" As that thought ran through her mind, The stranger grabbed her ass, And pulled her close to him, As they continued to dance.

She felt something poke her, It was hard as a rock, The only thing she was thinking was, "That must be his cock" Without any hesitation, She grabbed it with her hand, And as she felt it through his pants she thought, "Wow, this is grand" The only though in her mind now was, "I must have some of this", And without an invitation, She moved in for a kiss.

My fantasy was coming true, Right before my eyes, Jen with a stranger, My fantasy realised. She led him to a quiet seat, And straddled him right there, As I moved for a better view, To see how they would fare.

She pulled his cock from his pants, And with a hungry glare, She moved her mouth to his cock, And started sucking him right there. The stranger threw his head back, On his face there was a smile, He enjoyed what was happening, But he'd enjoy it more in a while.

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Jen moved her head up, And moved her thong to the side, And pushed his cock into her pussy, She didn't miss a stride. As she moved up and down, There was a look of pleasure on her face, Then she moved her lips to his, For another passionate embrace.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, As I watched from the sides, My sexpot Jen on a strangers cock, Pure pleasure in her eyes. As he grabbed her by the hips, I knew that he was near, To blowing his load deep inside, The girl I hold so dear.

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As she moved faster on his cock, I thought I heard her moan, I knew right there and then, She was about to have an orgasm of her own. Then it quickly happened, He came with all his might, And blew his load deep inside, Her pussy that is so tight. At that moment she came as well, With a scream that filled the air, She was so lost in the moment now, She did not care who was there.

As she moved off his cock, And sat down by his side, She whispered something in his ear, And he looked at her and smiled. It was then I saw her hand, Reach under her skirt, She removed her thong from her legs, Just like an expert. She handed him the thong, As a memento of their embrace, He put it in his pocket, And they went their separate ways.

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Jen walked right over to me, Her face still flushed and red, "Take me home right now" she said, "I want to fuck you in our bed" I never will forget that night, As a fantasy came true, When Jen fucked a stranger, And enjoyed it so much too.