Kinky carmen takes white strangers cock down her experienced throat

Kinky carmen takes white strangers cock down her experienced throat
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I kept up regular visits to Jenny whenever we both could see each other, I'd walk in take my clothes off and she would suck my cock with her amazing milf mouth till I'd blow down her throat, she'd suck my cock clean and send me back home.

Not gonna lie this was new prons sex stories new prons dashi most amazing feeling, coming home after a long day of school and having your balls drained by the milf next door who was cheating on her husband for my young cock. I'd never broach the subject of fucking her pussy because I was too ecstatic being sucked off that I didn't want to ruin it but I started to feel bad that all she was getting from this was the enjoyment of sucking my cock so I started doing research and asking friends how to eat pussy.

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The mix of information was so confusing that I thought I'd just wing it and do what came to me naturally. Jenny had asked me to come over that afternoon so I finished up at school and headed home, placed my bag in my room and walked over to Jenny's. I knocked on the door and heard her jogging to answer it "coming!" She yelled, I was already rock hard knowing what was going to happen next.

She opened the door and scanned around to see if anyone was looking, grabbed me by the belt buckle and pulled me in. She closed the door behind me and pushed me back onto the door and started undoing my fly and belt, my cock was out and standing proud precum dripping within seconds and she was already licking every bit of it, my eyes rolled back and my body shuddered as the pleasure took over.

She sucked on my cock hard, I pulled her back by the hair on the back of her head and kissed her passionately. I stood her up and we continued kissing whilst walking backwards toward the sofa, I took off her top and she took off sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck. I slipped my hand into her short shorts and started to play with her pussy, she was already wet and began to get even wetter.

"O.oh my" she exclaimed in a hush tone, I knew she was enjoying it and I knew I was doing something right so I continued. I pushed her onto the sofa, my cock still raging hard in front of her face, the look of enjoyment on her face at being man handled by a younger, stronger man just confirmed that I was doing everything right, I pulled off her short shorts and began to kiss the inside of her legs, from her knees down to her thighs, she was moaning in delight as I got closer to her pussy.

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I gave her one kiss on top of her sexy red panties (which matched her bra) and looked up into her eyes Which were staring back into mine, her face was flushed red and she had the most sexy smile on her face. I slowly removed her wet panties while I continued kissing around her pussy, once they were off I went for it, I started licking around her swollen pussy lips and took a second to admire it.

She had the perfect pussy, you could not kendra lust spied on while masturbating she had ever had kids it was the tight "innie" sort of pussy, and she tasted amazing, I started licking her hole and then worked on her clitoris back and fourth and she was moaning in ecstasy as I lapped up her pussy juices. She leaned forward and grabbed me hard by the cock and pulled me up off my knees and pushed me into the sofa next to her, she rolled up onto of me and slipped my cock into her pussy, without a word.

She kissed me at the time and once I was in my mind had melted. My cock was currently rock hard and inside the most beautiful milf in the world, her pussy dripping with my saliva and her wetness, the warmth that engulfed my cock was overwhelming, I had to stop myself from cumming then and there. I held her down in case she started riding me, any movement right now would send me over the edge, I continued kissing her, I reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

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We were now both completely naked and I was balls deep in her cunt. She pushed me back into the sofa "I'm gonna ride your cock till you cum inside my tight pussy" she said staring into my eyes with lust. She did as she said she would and began to ride my cock slowly at first, her tits bounced as she slowly picked up pace, I had my left arm around her waist and my right hand was fondling her tits, I moved it up to her neck and put some pressure on her and began to thrust into her matching her riding movement to get deeper.

We were both so into the moment, fucking each other with everything we had, she picked up pace, then I picked up pace. She slowed down then i slowed down, we were in perfect harmony thrusting and riding I could feel myself crawling over horny female lp officer bounces her milf pussy on top edge, she knew it too and began riding faster and faster and I followed suit and thrusted faster with everything I had, my balls tensed up and I was going to cum.

Her back arched and she did not let up riding, she was moaning more and more and I finally came deep inside her milf pussy as she screamed "I'm . I'm cuh-cumming!!" I could feel myself filling her with my teenage baby batter as she stopped riding me and started to twitch and moan quietly, we stayed in this embraced position kissing each other's bodies as my cock continued to fill her and her pussy continued to twitch around my still hard cock.

"That was amazing" I said looking into her big brown eyes. "I haven't cum like that in so long, amazing is an understatement" she said as she kissed me on the lips.

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She slowly got off me and my dick made a sloshing noise as it came out of her pussy, my cum dribbled down her thighs as she began to pick up our clothes. Suddenly we heard the door unlock, oh fuck. Her husband was home. The smiles we both shared turned to wide eyed horror, I grabbed my clothes and put my undies back on, I kissed her once more and bolted out the back door and jumped the fence and into safe land, my own house.

"Hey honey, how was work?" I heard her say just as I slipped inside the house, "It was good babe, it smells like pussy in here, have you been masturbating?" Her husband replied. I couldn't help but smirk, I wanted to scream back "no she has just been riding my cock and I came Inside her" but held my tongue, I had a shower and collapsed into bed as I heard my phone vibrate, I checked and it was a message from Jenny "That was way too close, but worth it.

Let's do that again next week!

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Can't wait to ride you again and again xx" I could feel my cock getting harder as I read the message and smiled. My neighbor was my becoming my own personal cum dump and I was loving every minute of it.